Chelsea star Cesare Casadei joins us for our latest episode of Wonderkids, discussing his loan at Leicester City this season as the Foxes bid for an instant return to the Premier League under Enzo Maresca.

The Italian midfielder, who won the golden boot and golden ball at the under-20 World Cup this year, also chats about working under Pochettino during Chelsea’s pre-season tour, getting to know Jamie Vardy, and what he uses for motivation.

Thanks to the EFL and EAFC for making this happen!


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Hello I'm chesar kazai I play for Leicester City on loan from [Music] Chelsea tell us the first time you went Inside Sano it was two years ago I went In the bench with the first team for my First time with with Inter Milan it was A really great experience for me what Makes that stadium so special H Everything the atmosphere the fans And Everything is a very as you said special Stadium I think it's not it's not easy To play there because you have a lot of Pressures and he very big as well he Probably the dream of every every kid That starts playing football to play in Saner which Inter Milan players inspired You growing up Barela which was one of The greatest player at the moment in Inter Milan and I'm a midfielder and he Is a midfielder so I used to uh see him Playing and try to take something from Him did he ever give you any good advice Uh yes sometimes but I think the most of The time you have to learn just watching Them not in the pach they can talk to You you can speak with them but uh the Most of the time you have to take Something something in the peach you Know just watching them and just try to Improve what was it like representing Ing Italy at the under 20s World Cup and

Finishing as the top scorer and best Player it was amazing it was amazing to Play for your national team is always an Unbelievable feeling to achieve that uh The best player and Then but first it was a very great Experience that I will keep with me for All my life you talk to the Italians Playing in England Wilfred nonto yeah He's my friend he's my friend we grew up To together in Inter Milan and I talk to Him after the game against Leeds and Yeah we have a very good Relationship we are really good friends How easy of a decision was it to join Chelsea uh it was easy it was easy Because you know Chelsea is a very big Team is a massive club and when I had The opportunity I I didn't I didn't wait I just wanted to go as soon as possible What were your first impressions of England very r Very no it's a very it's a good country I like England I like to live here it's Different from Italy but you know uh you Need to get used to the to the country And then in football as well because It's different here there is more Intensity the the the play is quicker And you have to think about what to do Before and is more phys there is more Physicality as well which Chelsea Players made you feel feel at home I Think I've been lucky because now in uh

The Chelsea Squad there are a lot of Young players So uh I built a good relationship with a Lot of players there because we are like 20 21 22 someone 23 but uh so a lot of Players I have a good relationship with Almost everyone did maricio poino give You any advice before joining Leicester Did because I I did the preseason with Him in in Chelsea uh it was a great Experience he's a really good coach and I took I took some really good advices From him and in in those two three Months no less than three months two Months that I stayed with him I I Improved myself as well what's the best Thing about him as a manager he's got a Lot of passion and um he he gave that Passion to the Team and I I felt it I felt that passion Describe the championship in one word Intense toughest player you've faced in The championship probably against leads The the midfielder Kamar he was very Good what do you think of English Football fans they have a lot of passion As well And I I like it I like the crowd in England when they start shouting for Something or it's good it's good I enjoy Who's made you feel at home at leester The manager Eno Because I spoke with him Before anyone what's Enzo like as a

Manager he knows what he's doing and He's got a plan an idea and he works Every day to make us improve tell us About your match winning goal against Cardiff I couldn't have asked more for For my for my debut to be honest and it Was a really great feeling yeah where Does that rank in your career that Moment probably in the top yeah because I haven't scored a lot of professional Goals yet so that was my second probably What have you learned the most this Season so far the winner Mentality uh because to to keep going Every day you have to want more every Time how much can this Leicester team Achieve we can achieve everything we we Fight to win every game and obviously It's not possible to win every game but Uh most of the game uh we managed to do It and we are a really good team and I Think we can achieve a lot of things This year before you joined Leicester How much did you know about Jamie vardy ER I knew him as a player I didn't know Him as a as a person but he shows to Everyone to the youngest Player that we you we have to we have to Learn every day we have to improve every Day and so even for his behaviors he is A he's a legend what advice would you Give to any young Academy player right Now probably to to enjoy to enjoy the Game uh because that's what we are

Talking about is a game and obviously You can have passion and everything but You you still have to to remember that You have to enjoy because when you don't Enjoy it you will never get what you Want to to get you know what's the best Advice you've ever received tough Question Ser is there anything a manager Or a family friend has said any advice You live By uh yeah probably to stay humble and Keep working every day how happy are you With your eafc card no I'm not happy not Happy at all I still have to to improve A lot which bit in particular do you Think could improve um probably shooting 65 I can do better than that so your Overall rating is 66 in a year's time Where would you like that to be tough Question I don't know it it it depends On me So we will see we will [Music] See



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