Professional сuban heavyweight boxer Luis Ortiz with nickname “King Kong” (28–0, 24 KO – pre-fight record) against american most effective heavyweight puncher and top ranked athlete Deontay Wilder with nickname “The Bronze Bomber” (39–0, 38 KO – pre-fight record). Fight for WBC heavy weight belt took place in Barclays Center, New York, USA on March 3, 2018. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Luis Ortiz (Cuba) vs Deontay Wilder (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Play Center in Brooklyn New York the Big Apple is set for one of the biggest the Former interim title holder in the Current wwc number three heavyweight in The world tonight looking to become the First Cuban born heavyweight world Champion introducing The Undefeated l King deont Wilder 2008 Olympic bronze medalist who Has knocked out every opponent he has Faced in the professional ranks with a Record of 39 wins no losses 38 big wins Coming by way of knockout ladies and Gentlemen tonight he is making the Seventh defense of his title Please Welcome the hard hitting and undefeated WC heavyweight champion of the world Known as the bronze ball Introducing Deont Wilder 12 rounds for the heavyweight Championship of going over the rules in The dressing room I expect you to B my Command talk at all time touch gloves Good luck two undefeated knockout house And so is Luis Ortiz who feels for Wilder he says it's all about the number Three he turns 33 this month and he Predicts the third round will be the Harm for champ puts the Wild and Wilder But he talks about his punches as being Like a whip and NZ shot the one to the Elbow just trying to probe what what our

Is and despite the the trash talking Wilder wary here in round one oh good Counter left hand by taking away the Ability counter with Ortiz lands a Sharp round one Welln wanting to keep that lead foot to The outside as you mentioned Paulie Experience oh there's a left hand and Ortiz just slipped off Balance and there's an Exchange in the same respect to his Cuban Challenger trying to utilize not The case And there's a left hand to the chest by Ortiz Cuba with the top Amateurs good start for the Challenger In Brooklyn tonight there's a k Hand by Ortiz excuse me Wilder believe the Straight left hand and does in fact land It a little bit and then SL for Ortiz he he he lands that came kind of Came off the elbow of Uh Wilder trying to land that right hand And kind of cuffed him with the right Hand there lot of big punches landed Guys are still kind of feeling each Other out there you know most exciting Part was the timeout but he's in tough Against Luis Ortiz at things he did in sparring it's A fascinating approach both of These a minute gone here in the third Round and it seems to be a a lack of

Action spil was a little bit of a Different kind of left St Ortiz kind of A staple for Deontay when he's on his Jab is really Snappy combination 30 seconds the lay of the land here as Ortiz comes forward misses with the left Hand each other here in Brooklyn official attendance tonight 14,6 knout artists and they wild they're Putting together this round he had only Landed three Jabs around right hand by Wilder Wilder wants to counter him with The right hand but Ortiz is not Following mid point of the fourth round Again there's that left hand and and and Try to get all the there's a good Combination by the Sal got to put that Right hand to the chamber right Nowz otherwise Ortiz will keep winning The real estate battle he's doing Controlling in the real estate catapult Left hand blocked by wildre P the Champion Joseph Parker think something he hasn't done he Uses the jab he doubles with the jab it Didn't land perfectly but it set up that Straight right hand by using the jab to Help him kind of get on the inside and Then land his straight left hand so it Was Almost in this fight is that you feel Like any right anybody can land Something and remember or on his toes Yeah that was interesting and orz

Attacking the body continues to back up Pressure being put on by Luis Ortiz right Hand by Wilder so little Offense coming from Wilder it's not that Ortiz is throwing a million punches but Ortiz fainting more and I think that's Part of the issue exchange there By right hand by Wilder but Ortiz Doesn't Move Wilder 15 seconds left on the F and There's the right hand Ortiz is down From his Career six seven Come on Brother all it takes is One this is where Wilder was AB Lander Right hand it was interesting and a Second how strong Wilder is oh on the Forehead and his deliver com running in And delivers I told you that didn't even Have any effect I told you 10 round Which would negate some of the right Hand Earlier let's see how that right hand is The Equalizer and they EX or te's now Luning some shots he's off balance part Of why he's going to leave himself open For the power wild they're pumping the Right hand now catching to the madness It's Controlled Chaos left hand behind touch him you Know you can shoot a right Hand Le Scott who lost to Ortiz by uh Decision Affair yeah says there's no oh

My Wilder wild and yet able to survive The ex And Ortiz survived the knockdown in the Fifth coming back the final stages of The Six see how reactive Ortiz is and just Like that the booze turn to Cheers boxing fig so Pick Wilder Landing again a FR he's Better Moments Wilder kind of off balance jabed Tonight 18% or landed a jab Stam Partially because he's facing a lefty And Ortiz make here down the stretch Ortiz has to Ortiz has not gotten Leverage on his left hand like navig a Mfield power as doing a little fainting Flashes the jab UNS the right hand Partially blocked by Ortiz there's Another right hand the Right Hook and The Right Hook by Ortiz has Wilder he Needs to hold on he's on inline skates Momentarily Mother Let's see if artiz Gets him now oh oh straight left wild Get clipped Wilder hurt loading on Deontay Wilder in the seven and Wilder Ortiz emptying the Felon here and The Sounder in Trouble will he around he Does Wow by Ortiz he had gotten hit with the Big right hand that would turn the tide In this this fight that's the punch he Doesn't lose positioning when Deontay

Comes forward with his very big shots That's the kind of left hand that Ortiz Thinks should knock you Ortiz best round Of the fight see how reactive Ortiz is And Wilder with the right see the Positioning of Ortiz very Key the B champ from Ortiz a minute and a half Gone and there fatigue starts to set In another body shot Boston picking up Here up by Ortiz back sort Wilder to the Ropes right hand he's hoping that'll Change things surrounded and goodward He's giving up too much position To with more time you probably would Have wound up down remember going into The is either man right now Tired Ortiz comes in the left hand wet Landing on us here at ringside and There's a There's a right hand that back Ortiz up And again Wilder exploding this SP Around Wilder's probably one though and An exchange after the Bell he wanted to did have some very Good moments there he got hit with the The straight right hand and he was and And he comes in a Wilder but was hit With the left hand that stopped his Moment land the straight right hand Punches by Ortiz have landed 43% were hurt landed at the same time And the exchange as Ortiz tries to hold On says it was not a

Knockdown and that's a right Out proba we going to see a double Knockdown there but now Wilder again but He is stagered right cross clubbing left Hand byce Wilder bombs away for the bronze bomber The clock kept ticking away but there it Is a minute Left right upper C It saw Anthony Joshua show us the Character in The Klitschko fight and There Is great show of sportsmanship between Goosebumps watching him hug like that Because they're Brothers of more than Just memory facing the winner of Joshua Or Parker in this round and he was hurt With a right hand and now not only the Right hands but the left hooks as well And we have take a look at it Ortiz as You point out was still calm looking to Counter but couldn't and also another Thing this started a few seconds still The first knockdown in that round the Straight right hand trou that left took Exactly been in some trouble earlier and This is why Wilder got so brave and thr Wild attack by Wilder but still he's Landing and at this point Ortiz not able To counter when Wilder came off the Ropes of that right hand and that's why Wilder once he's confident he knows he Has you hurt he'll let the he'll let off

All the entire Arsenal Deont Wilder it is





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