Professional russian light heavyweight boxer and WBO champion Sergey Kovalev with nickname “Krusher” against colombian top ranked athlete and title challenger Eleider Alvarez with nickname “Storm”. Fight for WBO and IBA light heavy belts took place in Mark G. Etess Arena, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, USA on August 4, 2018. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Sergey Kovalev (Russia) vs Eleider Alvarez (Colombia) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Let's get ready to Rumble a later Stor Alvarez Russ okay Gentlemen We schedul Bo 12 Rounds one of those in the dress room I Expect you to most of all protect Yourself at all times touch clubs good Luck it's one thing to be the crusher Against opponents in there with you They're put in there with you to build Back the elite Challenger in the Division big personality I had not Previously met and spoken to aater Alvarez he was impressive he's a very Bright see the difference in hand speed So far Alvarez quick with his hands on That you say Bol I say kovalev kovalev To me is a heavy-handed puncher you know He like like I say and it's like you say It's what people think about when you Look at it a heavy-handed guy is good But all he had to do is hit anybody like That makes because he's such a Heavy-handed guy like you say but the Thing about Koval is that he doesn't Have shocking left hook is not shocking That's why Andre could beat him so easy Bodyweight camp in eastern North Carolina presents himself as a candidate To become a professional fighter the son I can tell you this you may have Problems as a professional fighter but Punching pow is what you have and it

Definitely has never been one he hasn't Had too many problems with A focus you know you see this with Elite Boxers wide open right on the opponent Intense not giving him anything you're Doing great you're doing great Reax Reax Yourself out the corner Man There you see kobal throw that hook Because he see well Max and I were Talking during the first fight about the Difference in power punch between the Right hand and the left hook and now the Left hook is the money weapon for a lot Of guys because land the big one oh good Shot by Al that h k left a little bit Yeah and he landed one before that but It was really accurate there was another One I know he hits hard enough to get Koval's respect but can he take K Up's To ready when it comes like right there He's ready for it so you can deal with Like that right There quick hands from Alvarez on the Inside I don't like kovalev's look right Now next I don't like nothing about the Way kovalev's faces where his chance to Fight at the very top of the division Adonna Stevenson made him wait wait wait Ultimately Alvarez we're getting what we Wanted to see which was in the aftermath Of Andre W undone all the blame he put ONN Window right

Let him go let Go a jab followed by a decent right hand Was a little high on the jaw if it would Been on the chin a lower Activity this is the first parking Through two real easy walkover type Knockouts so here you have and you pose Some questions for both 12 and to Meantime kovalev is usually really worry About the opponent no matter who it is But before this fight he was very Respectful of beating kovalev to the Punch with that Mak oh game kovalev Starts to move forward to try to throw a Shot against Alvarez and Alvarez he's doing a good job early on Of being up inside left power or back Away from it creating a distance that Makes go to the B because he throw more Left ever seen him throw before except Pasc not as much as he do tonight he's Making a conscious effort to do it a lot Here Tonight Alvarez is the pure boxer by Comparison get kovalev's respect kovalev Can start to kind of run at you and you Got to put something on him to dissuade Him and Alvarez is that you did that I Wanted you to do that saying that Alvarez was holding kovalev wrestling Away that Alvarez his na Language August 28 marks the Premier League F Today work with that jab I mean perfect

Jab right there catch his C up before he Gets started round right when he see K Get the start boom throws everything Koval numbers in the round however Karez also Jeb very I think that kovalev Is getting the best of them but I agree With Harold they comp I like I think Alvarez is mostly picking Off kovalev shots and he's the one more Often yeah but when you walk in the jab Like that gym it doesn't really matter He's walking right into a beautiful jab That's his antidote to the problem he's Trying to throw more punches at Alvarez And keep the pressure up now now kovalev Is landing I think the first time in the Fight and I think he might have hurt Alvarez with a right hand Shut Alvarez kees to the fight can Alvarez get his respect can take Kovalev's power kovalev is landing some Huge shots and Alvarez is taking far and Shouting at kovalev as he does come on Oh good shot By may want to tighten up the defense Right now yep instead of showing us How Brave much more he can take of those Kind of Shots R is very excited here this good Boxing returns to Atlantic City Serge is having a pick pun good Presser may be back hard left H to the Body by Kobet oh good looking for another right

Hand for kovalev should Alvarez mount Something here by the end of the round Roy you're exactly right get out of the Round now right hand just as I say he's Done don't let him go don't let him go Keep the pressure the pressure on him Going back and forth this see K land the Jab followed by a good short overhand Right that went right behind az's gloves Right on that body throws a beautiful Straight right hand to the body right There followed by big hook fourth round The most powerful fusel aater Alvarez El You know had a lot of people thinking Maybe he won that fight yep they sure Did and very good defensive fighter now Got got making fight in nearly four Years and we have a hot fight in front Of us heavyweight division against one Of his best opponents ever a laterz Power keep kovalev off him I think That's actually to a little bit shocked Early on at how easily Alvarez could hit It but then gradually the right hand it Isn't going to hurt me as much as I'll Hurt him if I Keep ni jab a little bit more like he Was earlier the case down a little bit Here in round number five been a lot of Gas around four Good right now recently kovalev trying To track Al didn't throw His heavyweight title fight supposed to Be Champion Contender back and forth

Outcome to be Determined P you're looking really good Serge you are just looking really good Out there just on his unofficial score Card I Have particularly meaningful for for Al's early got a cut under his right Left Eye just a tiny track kovalev see all of Kovalev's power wouldn't mean anything If he didn't have the technique product Of a headit butt not of a punch is aware Well the good thing is that the CP gold They have replay here replay so that's a Good thing go back and look here because They're both putting boxing moves on Each other when uh Alvarez was beating Him to the Punch no question Ward with his body Shots managed to get kovalev to will K And many people feel he want good figh Shot by K here we see the two come together as They come together can crush his head Hits later Alvarez right up under that Left eye as they back away that landed On Alvarez and he's landed shots like That to win the rounds get close but KOB Because he simply hit harder and was Able to keep very good he's made a very Good adjustment but the difference in This fight and that fight both guys were Capable are capable in this fight of Knocking each other out and that fight

Ran on Smith's face in the middle rounds As if just really do anything about It to Break colossal right hand shot by a Later Alber was as he went down that was A and here comes Alvarez uppercut Lambs With the right hand Dam Lambs for Alvarez hold Alvarez has him right where He wants him crowd is going wild in Atlantic City Pusher in big trouble Round the second time ref Fields is Known to give Fighters a lot of rope Field is not going to stop it I'll bet You out this has to be a stopp up three For elater Alvarez that was not a kovalev who Folded when the going got [ __ ] word Fight how to weather the storm Alvarez In spite of that as you said Jim 23 wins Coming in and Alvarez by his own Admission said to you I can't as hard as I want to with the right hand he did it Tonight those were four knuckle Shots to overhand right Jim boom and That took Koval up out of the game that The overhand right really did it for him Right high on the chin but a beautiful Landed shot by El AZ now here number two there the left Hook that took him out followed by a Good straight right hand that definitely Took kovalev down another left hook to The head right hand to the car that's The second knock down I think and here's

The third knockdown over right another Right hand around the guard left half The Middle and that's that that'll and Elater Alvarez has seized Sergey Kovalev's position right heavyweight Champion of the World El later Storm








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