Hello and welcome back to Sunday Vibes where today we are running through our awards for 2023!

Does Haaland, Bellingham or Messi deserve to win Player of The Year, could Unai Emery pip Simone Inzaghi and Pep Guardiola to Manager of The Year and is Xavi Simons or Gavi deserving of the Breakout Star Of The Year!

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14:56-23:59 Most Improved Player
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27:40-34:11 Player Of The Year
34:12-43:30 Game Of The Year
43:31-49:04 Breakout Star Of The Year


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Hello and welcome back to Sunday Vibes One and all we've got a massive surprise For you it's a real treat joining me and Mikey today we've got Belinda who you Might recognize from our world cup Content about a year ago y Belinda how Are you I'm good welcome back to Football daily thanks for having me it Feels it feels an honor to be back here Uh in the in the famous setup so yeah Looking forward to it absolutely Pleasure and just uh just to explain to Some of the viewers you work at Sky Sports don't you you work in the Football team yeah yeah you're working Late night on Chelsea Newcastle Chelsea Newcast obviously Chelsea got the last Minute equalizer so we me had to stay a Little bit later to finish the work off So it's not too bad I can't complain a Big big game big occasion so love it Love it and I think actually quite a big Occasion Mikey because Belinda I think Is our first ever Liverpool fan has Features the on football daily which is Crazy it's mad that is an honor yeah I Mean yeah it's it's pretty it's pretty Mad how one of the biggest clubs in World football don't have a haven't had A representative on football daily uh And I've been reminded of it so many Times but by my Liverpool supporting Mates who are um pretty convinced that There is an anti- Liverpool agenda kind

Of go throughout like football daily um Which you know uh given that you know Most people think that most Chelsea fan Think most Chelsea fans think there's an Anti- Chelsea fan agenda despite two Very prominent Chelsea fans having been On there um it's a lot of rubbish but at The same time it is good to have a Liverpool fan on balance out today Shamelessness yeah I've got an inkling Of of of yeah one at least one Shameless Liverpool thing you're going to bring up Uh which I'm not looking forward to but Uh you we all we roll nice love it Actually I was thinking about that you Know in the current ERA of foot daily First Liverpool fan but Lawrence McKenna Used to be on this football daily about 10 years that was yeah the first in that Was even before the days of Jo H well Exactly way before so yeah the first of This iteration anyway today we are Talking about because it is Christmas Eve I think this is coming out on so Happy Christmas everyone that's watching And it is coming towards the end of the Year coming towards the end of 2023 so It's time to be reflective so we are Going to do our football daily awards For 2023 and we are going to kick off with Our manager of the Year award now we Don't necessarily have to agree but it'd Be nice if we came to some sort of

Agreement Mikey why don't you kick us Off who is your manager of the year for 2023 drum roll please I don't think I Don't think there's I think it's really Obvious for me I think well it's not That obvious because Pep Guardiola did Win a treble this year so we can't Discount that and job he has generally Done at Man City over the last few years Is incredible three in a row as well in The Premier League City very much still In the title hunt this season I know They've been in poor form recently but Um who knows by the time we're this goes Live they may be Club World Cup Champions as well so huge huge year for Pep Guardiola But has he I just think unai Emory I Just think unai Emory's had a better Year in many respects I think he's done A more impressive job as a manager you Know pep you know what he did last year Was kind of set in place over a number Of years what unir has done in 12 months I just can't think of a manag a club Turnaround as as massive as it you know His his win rate at Villa is 62% that's Kind of you know that is almost Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool levels um and Throughout his career the only the only Club he's done better at in that sense Is PSG when he you know had mbappe and And Neymar at his disposal um and when He took over at Villa 12 points from 13

Games in November 2022 they were level On points with Southampton and Leeds who Are now battling out for you know a Playoff spot in the championship um that Was only just over a year ago um and by The time everyone's watching this Villa Could be top of the league depending on What happens in their game against Sheffield United depending on what Happens in that Liverpool game against Arsenal Villa could genuinely be top of The league in one of the most Competitive title races we've seen in Years you know against you know the best Arsenal team we've seen in years years Against one of klopp's most impressive Liverpool sides against a Man City team That yeah won the treble last year even If they're a little bit out of shape at The moment um so yeah I just can't Really see anyone better like the amount Of players in that team that he's Improved you he's done it also you know This season Viller are flying despite Tyron Mings their Captain being out Since the start of the Season that that You know well documented home form which May have gone up to 16 wins in a row I May be jinxing this they may have lost 3-0 to Sheffield United doubt it um so Yeah that's my case for unai Emory I Don't know whether you two have anyone I Mean what were you thinking on this I Mean to be fair you set it up and then

Rubbished it cuz Mineola I literally my top line is it's Hard to argue against the treble winner And I mean it is hard it is hard well no But you did it well so like I think yeah It was Alex Ferguson and klopp the only Managers to win the Premier League in The Champions League in English football And English Club and then he joined that Elite group of managers uh again coming Up against a different kind of title Rival in Arsenal and didn't even phe him And his city Side literally just rubbish Them so yeah they're facing some Adversity right now but I don't think Anyone doubts that they they won't be in This title race come the new new year And this is just a new challenge that Him and his side will rise up to and Yeah I I I feel like um emry I've been Convinced to be honest but yeah I had Put go I think it's a fair I think it's A fair shout to be fair I mean just on The title R while we've got you Belinda Liverpool what are you thinking I know We've got this huge Arsenal game Obviously you took Pace last night as You're watching this but are you do you Think Liverpool are right in it do you Think you've got a good chance yeah it's It's I feel like at home we we feel Pretty invincible and I feel like you Know against every team in the league I I'd want us to win at home it's when we

Go away from home and it's a bit more Difficult a bit more sticky I wonder What this team sort of got about them And in recent weeks you know late Winners against Palace and grinded out Wins against Sheffield United they've Shown oh no they can they can dig again So in that sense I'm I'm happy we're up There in terms of coming into the season We all thought this would be the Transitional year we bringing in the new Midfield and let them settle but we're We're right up and around there at Christmas so we could be top on Christmas day as well and we'll just see How it goes we see how it goes obviously We've got January is usually a tough Tough time for klopping his side Especially with afon this year so we'll See what it goes just let's enjoy the Ride I like it I like it it has been a Fascinating title battle so far I think Helped by City having this drop off post Treble and I wonder why that whether That's slightly affecting my thinking I Actually did have pep down as my first Choice as well didn't even think of unai But it is a really good suggestion given Where they were which I don't think Actually reflects that well on Steven Gerard either to be honest how much of a Mess that that Squad was in when he took Over other candidates I also thought About simonan zagi uh won a second

Consecutive copper Italia at Inter Milan I mean finished third last year but Reached the Champions League final uh You know thrash their Rivals Milan in The semi-final that was really really Impressive dominating sria this year I Mean I know the points gap between them And juuve isn't absolutely massive at The moment but in terms of General Levels of performances I think they're They're chalk and shees right now to be Totally honest uh also thought about Luchiano spalletti winning that title With Napoli first one in 33 years that Was really pretty special but then did Step down at the end of that season so What from May onwards he hasn't been Managing a club then took over Italy and It hasn't gone swimmingly for Italy so Far I think they've got three wins in Six games under spetti took a nil nil Draw against Ukraine to qualify for Euro 2024 but she went with pep as well just It felt wrong not to go with him for Such a unique achievement but if you're Going calendar year January to December I think Em's a very good shout as well So who are we happy to Belinda you get Ultimate Say do you know what you argued it so Well you get a you got to swat you going To be sweat oh I don't want to get Cooked in the Comments get hat I don't

Hate God yeah let's go emry then Calendar year calendar year with pep Like the one the one particularly Impressive thing about pep is I think That really sets this year apart not Just the treble is that the fact that he Was able to like switch things up with City this year in a way we haven't seen In a while so I think I know yeah They're both they're both very worthy But yeah thanks for going with Emory I Like it very generous we're not really Scoring this but it's one not to Mikey If we were right let's move on to wonder Kid of the year now the stipulation here Was they had to be 20 or under and we Couldn't include Jude Bellingham because He's the obvious candidate deserved Winner of the copper trophy absolutely Exceptional at Real Madrid I don't think We running out of superlatives for him I Think I saw the other day he's already Equal I mean he's got 13 League goals so Far I think Steven Gerard topped that Twice in his career at Liverpool which Does just put into perspective how Special he's been for Real Madrid so far Uh but let's talk Wonder kid of the year Except for Jude Bellingham Belinda I had Jamal marala good sh uh again like I Looked at his numbers for last season And 12 goals 10 10 assists and I think He would have been 19 as well for part Of that season so to do that to

Establish yourself in the top five League at that age for a big side like Bayern Munich is just is just yeah Wonder kid things and moments maketh the Man or in this case the Wonder kid and To have the the Bundesliga winning Moment on the last day in emphatic Fashion they had was just incredible and I think that's my my case for Jamal Maral I don't know how how well it's Been going from this year but I think That's what you get when you're a kid Coming through right you're allowed to Have bit dips in your form and whatnot So yeah I think if if we're going Jude Bellingham aside I think he's your he's The next understudy yeah I think he's Been brilliant particularly in the first Half of last year so so the early stages Of 2023 I think he was absolutely Exceptional maybe has slightly faded at The start of this season but as you say You know Leroy sane coming to the four Harry Kane coming to the four in that b Side as well he's just kind of finding His feet there I still think he's an Absolutely phenomenal player his ability To dribble with the ball it always looks Like he's about to lose it as well but He just about keeps it under control He's such a a fascinatingly sort of Unique player to watch Mikey who are you Throwing into the I think m is a really Good shout I actually we originally when

We was Ching about this we went for Under 19s and then and then I looked Around and then I was like actually There's not that there's not that big a Choice out there so we changed it I Realized that I forgot to actually look At 20-y old players but the two I've got Here I think are still good shouts I I Think masal is probably probably edges Them um thought initially Evan Ferguson I think needs a sh out for for his you Know form for Brighton this year you Know six goals in the Premier League Last year six goals this year had that Great Patrick against Newcastle at the Start of the Season as well he looks Like a real yeah he looks like a Superstar in the making doesn't he and Those 12 goals have all come since uh Since New Year's Eve 2022 so um so they Have they so yeah it's kind of come full Circle in that sense would you say you'd Like a bit more I don't think he's Scored for quite a while he also just Hasn't he also just doesn't play quite Does he um and that's fine you know he's Only just turned 19 this year I believe Um so yeah I had him down but really Actually my my my actual shout I think Would be Gaby again you know he's been Around a while but like for a player who Only turned 19 in the summer to be so Integral to Javi system at Barcelona He's their top presser he's you know he

Play he can play you know in the forward Line as well um he really makes that Barcelona side tick um which you know Given the influence that player pedre's Had on it in in the past given that you You have levandowski in that side um Given that you had like Usman demele in In in pretty good form at points last Last season at least uh before he left Um I think speaks volumes like I think You know is I think also you know it's Telling that Barca have been in pretty Bad form since he's been injured I know They weren't amazing before that but They've really gone down a level again I Think since that ACL injury and Obviously it's a it's pretty tragic that He's he's probably going to miss the Euros as well um given that was going to Be his you know probably his first real Big tournament um in terms of the stat His stature within that Spain team so um So yeah that's a shame uh so yeah I Think I'll go with gavy for my candidate That sense over Evan Ferguson I thought Of M as well I thought of zy Emory but I'm actually going with Florian vers Lusen like because he was literally Injured with an ACL injury until about January time and then came back and I Think l were 12th at the time ended up Reaching a Europa League semi-final uh I Think he ended up with around 10 goal Contributions in all competitions in the

Back half of the Season uh Leverkusen Ended up finishing eighth and then this Year he has taken his game to a Completely ridiculous level and Leverkusen as we film this are still the Only unbeaten side in all competitions In Europe's top five leagues they've Drawn I think two out of 24 games They've scored 77 goals and Florian vers Has been the best player and I think It's the the story line along with Probably Herona uh this season it's the It's the most captivating storyline in European football right now by Leverkusen I think he's been absolutely Superb you know his his technical Excellence in tight spaces uh his Finishing I don't know whether you guys Saw his goal at the weekend the sort of Impudent chipped finish he's been Absolutely Sensational uh I mean eight Goals and 11 assists in 22 League games It's very difficult to argue with and I Think he's been better than muala this Season so far uh and I think he's been Better than Gaby this season so far Because gav's had that injury so maybe There's a little bit of an element of Recency B in it because he probably Wasn't as exceptional as muala in the Back half of last year um but I think For a candidate right now I think it's Difficult to look past him who I mean Who are we ultimately going for I think

It's between it's between your two it's Between you two isn't it Miana is it Because I really like Gaby as well Though Um I think I'm slightly swayed by verts I'm yeah I'm slightly SED by vers I Think it's see I'm SED by recenty bias As well I think if msala had been a more Integral even if msala was just getting More game time in that Bayern Munich Team this year I think that's I that's What swings it it's just that vers you Know as has kind of been the main man Even even though he wasn't you know Quite as electric last season he was Still very decent um but that's not yeah That's not to discount from Masala I Think it it was like last season I think Masala would would win by a country M Because he was just like you know Throughout last season he was he was Brilliant but yeah um it's just a bit of A shame that he hasn't Hasn't had the game time he probably Deserves under um under tickle this Season yeah let's give it to ver give And yeah but I'm making a prediction ver Is going to be one of those players we Say for the next like five six years I What Wonder kid what star boy he is Absolutely absolutely absolutely I think There has been some links with Man City Recently uh it's that de bruy Replacement I know I know uh or maybe

It's just Twitter talk but it would be a Fantastic link up right let's move on to Most improved player why don't I kick us Off on this I actually not too happy With my suggestion because it makes it Sound like he wasn't a good player Before 2023 I've actually gone with Laro Martinez which is a little bit of a Cheat CCO because I mean his goal return Over the last three completed Seasons 14 17 and 21 in the league alone so you Know he's always been an exceptional Player but I feel like coming into this Year he was under a little bit of Pressure because he'd come off a pretty Poor World Cup by his standards H scored In six appearances I think it was Julian Alvarez out shining him eventually Displacing him as that partner to lonel Messi up front or at least the focal Point of their attack and then you know At the back end of this year he you know Got to the Champions League final but I Think he only scored two goals in in the Champions League and it was really Lukaku's form that kind of steered them Towards a very respectable finish in SAR In that CER Italia so he he had a good Season last year don't get me wrong but I think it's just the way he's taken his Game to new levels so far this season I Mean 17 goals already and four assists In 22 games in all competitions he's Been absolutely exceptional by far the

Best player in Syria this season Absolut Pressing monster his link uput plays now Really good and the fact he's having to Play with a new strier strike partner Rather in Marcus teram after that long Established relationship with Lukaku Came to an end with Lukaku going to Roma And he's just become the main man and There are links with Premier League Sid As links with Real Madrid the guy wants To sign a new deal he doesn't want to Leave inter man anytime soon and I think He's been absolutely exceptional so far This season I mean only Kane mbappe and Jessi have scored more than his 15 leag Goals to date at the moment uh and I Think he's been absolutely brilliant but It does feel like a little bit of a Cheap because as I said he was a very Good player before 2023 so Belinda I'm Intrigued by your suggestion for most Improved so my one it's a player who was Good like he was Premier League Established there's no doubt about it But I think he's going to end this Season with like potential to be maybe Player of the Year in terms of the Season and that player is deam rice oh Nice because for me I think so he took He was captain of the West Ham side that Got the European glory and like I think To do that at the age of years is Already a like fantastic thing for for Him and his for his TV and being the

Whole midfielder I think in that side as Well it's like such a key part of the Pitch to be the main man in and he has To dominate he has to win the ball he Has to play be good on the ball to play It forward he has to link up the defense To attack there's he he's integral to so Much of of what that West Ham side did Then to get the big move to Arsenal and To step up I think that's the next thing It's like he's constantly had questions Asked of him this year and he's Constantly answered them with and passed A test with fine colors and Arsenal he's There's like certain signings are Transformative and I think they could if Arsenal win the league I think that's When we'll look back on and say that was The sign like van dke and Allison you Exactly like that yeah like it'll be Like yeah he was the one who took them From the side who was challenging but Didn't really have get them over the Line so no he was he was that guy so for Me that's how I've like ranked my improv This I've tried to like yeah he's he's Been absolutely exceptional I couldn't Agree more Mikey did you take it more Literally for like a I took a bit more Literally like a proper Improvement cuz I think me and Lind went with players That were close to world class yeah I I I've gone I mean I do like I think yeah They're they are both good chat I think

Laro I've always thought has played at a High level so I don't know if I I don't Know if I'm that on board with it Although he is having the season of his Life so like I do I do get it um rice as Well to step up at Arsenal is yeah is is Huge um I've gone for um Anthony Gordon Um I just think given that he you know There was a lot of chat around his move And the price tag of it from ever since A Newcastle I thought a bit unfair um I've said that before I think like you Know if you're an English forward and You're promising then I think 40 mil is Is pretty much a base base level that Team a club should will end up paying Especially a club that has Champions League Ambitions as Newcastle did at the Time obviously there had well just been Knocked out of the champions league but Um but you know made the top four last Year and I just think given that he was Yet playing in a very dysfunctional Everton side at the time we weren't Really able to see his best on a Consistent Basis lots of you know yeah had a lot of Doubters in in the Press among football Twitter among fans self included yeah Like Anthony Gordon was yeah his stock Was pretty low um and I think that's you Know that that can weigh quite hard on a On a young player you know especially in The Premier League where you know

Scrutiny just never stops um and I think First of all I think you know he's done A a great job to to prove those STS Wrong this season especially given he Only got four starts last ter you he was Very much behind Joel Linton and um Alan Sam maximan on that that left hand side For Newcastle in the second half of last Season and you know how was you know or The club in general were you know bold Enough to be like no you know this left Hand side is going to be different from Now on you know Alan maxand doesn't fit You know the profile of player that we We need in this position um however they Still went out and signed Harvey Barnes Who everyone probably thought was going To be um the the first choice and he Wasn't you know even before that injury Which has kept him out since what September um Anthony Gordon was the First choice on the left wing I think Barnes only had one or two starts at the Start of the year um and you know six Goals and four assists Later you know Newcastle in an injury Crisis I I think he's Pro like aside From maybe Bruno G I think he's maybe Been newcastle's best player this season He might have been the best left Winger In the league so far like that is pretty Amazing um and yeah not only just down To him I think again it's another Example of how Eddie how has um you know

Done a brilliant job at Newcastle like To be able to take a young player who Had a lot of pressure on him uh coming To Newcastle you know coming from a Relegation threatened side um coming From a side which yet didn't really have Any kind of attacking patterns at all um And to now be yeah one of the main men At a at a team that was you know Competing in the Champions League up Until last Week and also pushing in really big Performances in the Champions League as Well um I think was really really Impressive so yeah Anthony Gordon would Be my shout for this Belinda I think as Good as rice andar Martinez have been For for the actual really sticking by The category yeah I think I think Anthony Gordon is probably more the most Improved that's fair do you agree yeah I Was just I was thinking so then like do You think his goal scoring just like Output is the main trait that he's Improved or is it is there other Elements game I think it's overall Performance yeah I think I think um and And again it could be recenty bar Because really really what you'd want is Like a player who you know had a Terrible 2022 and then like came in and Had an amazing full year Anthony Gordon Didn't have an amazing you know second Half of last season like he he didn't

Really play enough and yeah didn't Impress that much but um yeah I think It's just his own overall play like Especially I think it's especially in The in this Newcastle side which is Still managing to keep Pace despite Probably having more injury problems This time than any other team um you Know that Midfield has been you know all Over the place in terms of personnel has You know has has managed to hold its own Still but given that there's been a lot Of change around him given that this Team is yet not at the level that it Should be Personnel wise um yeah I just Think Gordon has has dragged Newcastle Through periods of games and I I think For a young player like him I think That's that's quite impressive yeah but I don't know I'm I'm quite easy like I Think the step up that Dean rice has had To make in many ways is more Impressive because he stepped into an Arsenal Midfield where actually he's He's kind of got to do more than he did At West Ham in some ways that's what's Mad is that like you know he's kind of Just been put in there in his bit you He's kind of just been given license to Be the kind of the thrust of that team Which is pretty crazy and do more Defensive work than he was doing at at West Ham as well and he's become Instantly a leadership figure and

Scoring goals and scoring goals premier League title so I think I think the the Dean rice shout is also is also pretty Big it's like it's I didn't I wasn't Drawn to to someone like him when I Originally thought about it but in terms Of like someone who's had to step up um For sure de R is a good shot I think a Lot of West Ham fans might be a little Bit frustrated being like he just didn't Get the respect he deserved because he Was playing for West Ham whereas now He's at Arsenal part of a title Challenge everyone's kind woken up to How good he was I actually think that's A bit unfair because I think he's he's Been dominating Twitter you know TV Programs for for years to be be honest At West Ham I think everyone was Incredibly excited about him performing Really really well for England oh Belinda you get ultimate say Anthony Gordon or or rice well you can't because I'll pick my own my own watch out yeah Do you got to go between the two I think Because I gave Anthony Gordon more stick I'm going to go with Anthony Gordon um I Always thought rice was exceptional but Rice is a very good shout as well uh Right let's move on to veteran of the Year so these players have to be over 32 Belinda who's your veteran of the year So I've come full circle so I was on Football daily year ago during the World

Cup I I think there was a clip that did Bit well with me talking about Antoine Griezmann okay so he is my vet shout he He he is 32 though so I don't know he Has to 32 counts yeah he's got this Season so far I think it's like 17 goals And four assists which is just insane He's just become uh the joint alltime go Top goal scorer for Atletico Madrid so He's established himself there and like I think just the The Comeback he's had You know he's had lows in his career in In a few seasons ago and he's come back And become their key player again and I Think to do that at his age and to not Give up to be relentless to be ever Present and Ever Green is is really a a Testament to him and he's played Striker He's played on the wing he's played Second Striker he's played 10 and I Think he's even played eight a bit this Year so he is a master of that third of The pitch that attacking third and I I Just love a player like him who the Football changes football becomes more Physical football becomes faster or Whatever and he just gracefully takes it In his stride and and plays the game his Way and never looks off the pace and for Someone who's vertically challenged like Myself it's it's nice someone like him Who's a smaller guy but he's still Elite At so many attributes so that was Beautiful I couldn't agree more he was

Actually my suggestion as well yeah was On the same page I think also you know This guy is going to be Atletico Madrid's top goal scorer maybe by the Time this video even goes live He's also Fourth on France's all time list as well I think there's only jiru HRI and mbappe Ahead of him uh being like did Des there Was that amazing run of I think he Played about 50 games in a row for France he was picked pretty much every Single game the keyman he had an Exceptional World Cup I know that Doesn't count in 2023 uh but his he's Been pretty much faultless for you know Season and a half now and yeah as Belinda says plays in a number of Different positions looks world class in All of them one of the most complete Attacking players in in World football I Think and I totally agree with you you Know he took some Flack for that Lis yon Video and he took some Flack because he Wasn't lonel Messi at Barcelona but the Guy aside from a a slightly subpass Spell at Barcelona has been pretty Faultless for over a decade now ra Saad Then atti then that dodgy spell at Barcel and then back at atti where They've you know fully reaccept him Because it did take quite a lot for the Fans there to reaccept him after he did Go to Barcelona so I think it's an Excellent showout Mikey who's your vet

Um I actually had a few here I think I Made the mistake of actually only Putting into who Scored over 32 which I thought would Include 32 year olds but yeah so I went I've only had 33 and over players I Think but um but I think yeah I think Griezmann probably is the one I think Griezmann if it wasn't for that World Cup would probably be the shoe in for Most improved as well but obviously did Have that Amazing World Cup was also Pretty good at at letti in that first Half of the season but really came Really came alive in the second half um I had a few like Kieran trippier I think You know has had an excellent year Despite the last month being pretty Dodgy um ilkai gundan I think you know For especially second half of the Season At city um Luca modri although you know He's been his performances have probably Been out sha by by Jude Bellingham this Term but second half last season Brilliant Kyle Walker as well at Man City but yeah I can't argue with Griezman the numbers are just there AR They I Googled the def of Renaissance And it was the Revival of European art And that is griezman Bind this used to become Belinda and Griezman upper tree this is amazing okay Love it right we've done veteran where Are we moving to next we should we go to

Player of the year yeah the big one Player of the year I think we might all Be in a well let's see let's see know uh Belinda kicked off first last time Mikey Who is your player of the year for 2023 You know we we didn't allow him for Wonder kids and for good reason I've put Jude Bellingham for Player of the Year Okay yeah uh um I think there I think There are some other shoutouts certainly A spec certain person at Man City I do Feel like I've gotone a bit anti- Man City on this I've not picked pep for Maner of the year I've not picked Holland for Player of the Year it's not It's not the bias I just I think maybe I'm just a little bit bored like I think I'm just maybe a little bit bored and I Just Think for what what Bellingham has Achieved this year is remarkable um a Little bit like rice at Arsenal you like Bellingham going for from Bia Dortmund To Real Madrid and just being Real Madrid's best player player it's just Ridiculous like and I think you know I Think it maybe maybe I've picked him Slightly because of my own perceptions I Thought when Real Madrid signed Bellingham in the summer I did not think In any way that Bellingham would have The kind of impact that he's had I still Thought that raal needed a top class Striker I think most people did to be

Fair um I wasn't unique in that but I Also wasn't sure whether Bellingham was Going to just step into that Midfield And dominate it straight away like they Still had Modric in amazing form they Still had Cruz who had a great season Last year you know kaminga had a Brilliant season last year and was going To be kind of reintegrated into that Midfield um fedy Valverde you know great Goal scoring from form from Midfield Throughout his Real Madrid career um so He was stepping into what was already The most exciting Midfield cohort in World football um and angelosi literally Changed the system that they played in Order to get the best out of him and What 17 goals and five assists in all Competitions this time or at least in The league and Champions League this Term he was brilliant for Dortmund last Season as well like I do think that had He been fit enough for those last two Games of the Season Dortmund probably Would have won the league like Especially with the leadership um you Know that he brings um on the field um That Never Say Die attitude that Willingness to be able to call out his Teammates um yeah like I think he has Had a really remarkable year um and yeah I just can't I just can't quite look Past him um but Equally earling Halland has you know

He's not been bad as he not being too Bad not being too bad I mean I mean yeah B one thing I'll say about Bellingham is Bellingham has undoubtedly had a better 2023 24 so far than than I think that's Think we're factoring into maybe it's The last four months is putting too much Weight on this but then he was Bundesliga player of the year yeah um And I actually thought he I thought mual Was better than him in the first half of The year but Bellingham definitely Really stepped up in the second half Before those injuries before we get into Anyone anyone else Belinda who did you Go for well so I'm being Shameless Here I just assumed everyone was going To argue Holland so I was going to shout Out Alison Becka ni Player of the Year Said she was a lipo I'm being Shameless I'm being Shameless w wow but like There's okay so he's been the best in in The world in his position for the for The calendar year in my opinion like not Just is his like save percentage in the 99th percentile but he's active as well You know with Liverpool's high line There's that there's times where in Possession he's actually having to come Out and be a false Center back in Possession the way where he's picking up The ball with his feet and having to Play out um and Liverpool are in a title Race this year because of him you know

There's do you think he's been your best Fan yeah yeah because better than Salah Yes because there's it it happens more Often than not there's a game where at Nil nil at 111 he has to make a big save Like it's it's probably if if we play Every four games it probably happens Three times out of every four so he he's Always crucial in every every result That we get um and then even last year When Liverpool were not good and Everyone fell off in the Outfield he was The only player who was consistent and He consistently stayed at a level Despite everyone else dropping off so That that's why I've G him as my player Of the year I like because of how just Consistent he's been over the year Obviously football is a Cru Game and his Biggest mistake came in that Real Madrid's first leg CHS League game but There's a few other Shockers in that one As well yeah so that team wasn't that Level but like I know it's like it's When we're talking about this type of Title of Player of the Year it's hard to Give it to a keeper when the team hasn't Won a title or trophy but like it's not Been because of him yeah like if any if If three of the other players in in the 11 could be at his level for the entire Season that Liverpool team would won Would win trophies yeah yeah so yeah I Think it's a I think it's definitely

Worth a shout to be honest I think maybe Tagen was almost as good as him last Year as in last season um but obviously Had his injury wasn't as good before his Injury either as well I mean I just Think it's very difficult to look past Earling harand to be honest I mean it Seems almost silly to make the to go too Much into it but I mean he broke the Premier League goal scoring record 36 Goals actually smashed the Premier League goal scoring record scored 11 in The Champions League he scored five in One game and people talk about you know That he didn't score after the was it The last 16 or the first leg of the Quarterfinals I believe as if that I Don't think that really takes away from From what he did last year I think he Was absolutely exceptional I think he Scored in 23 Premier League fixtures um That's that's pretty insane um and yeah I ended up with over 50 goals Surprisingly you know creative as well In terms of his assist numbers were Pretty solid as well nine assists um and Yeah he hasn't started as well this Season uh was a little bit off it in Terms of his finishing I think a lot of Big chances missed but then a lot of big Chances missed last year he just makes He makes passes into opportunities he Makes opportunities into goals like you Can put the ball anywhere near him and

He can pretty much get a shot off um He's pretty unique and I think scoring 50 goals for a team that wins the treble It would feel wrong I really wanted him To win the Batton door because I think He's only he can only have he can only Really win it every other year because It's so weighted towards how well you Doing in an International Tournament and At the moment it doesn't feel like Norway are going to you know they're Struggling to qualify for them let alone Dominate them so I think it I think we Should give it to Highland yeah we Should we should give it to all Right yeah that's fine that's fine fair Enough I mean bellingham's got a very Good chout for the if Belling Bellingham Carries on in this form he's got a very Good chout for the for the balandor um Next year to be tou honest I think he's Been the form for player at the start of The Season by by distance to be honest Right let's move on to one of our more Nisha categories Game of the Year 2023 Very difficult to do this if you work in Football or even if you watch football There's so many games every year quite Difficult to pick one out but Belinda What did you go for a so there was this Small game in March at anfield where Liverpool beat Man united by seven go to mikee is going To walk off

Sat oh you know what that was really Good was that your funnest afternoon Yeah because you know what it was my Birthday that yeah not that day but that Week and so I was I had a birthday meal Planned anyway that evening and L soon As the game finished my brother was like Can we just like cancel the meal and Just stay and watch all the postmatch Analysis no we did go out to but we we Recorded it and came back and watched it Later oh so yeah no you know after the 5il the year before away from home at Old Trafford you kind of think that's Never happening again that's once in a Lifetime stuff this is Peak Peak Football as a fan it's never going to Get better than this then it does you Can score seven especially because it Was like six in one half as well I was Watching the highlights that the other Day mean one just before half time I Yeah gak half time and then yeah like Nunes gets two as well Salah takes his Shirt off again clean sheet as well bro Fernandez asked to be subbed off Apparently like have you eradicated that From your mind Mike I suppose probably Isn't your game of the year I think no But like I think but I think I think What's really interesting about that Game though why actually is like Probably one of the most significant Games of the year is that like United

Haven't really been the same since you Know like it came at a time in that Season when United Were on balance had been a better team Than Liverpool generally speaking That Season they just won the carabel cup um They went into that game thinking this Is probably the first time that we were Going to anfield in a long long time Where we could actually get a result Here like I remember thinking like that Like United could even win at anfield Like and I haven't thought that years um And then for that to happen um and I Don't think it was necessarily you know Like I don't think Liverpool had I'm not Even sure how many shots Liverpool had They certainly didn't have as many shots As they did in that nil nil the other Night um and that's not to say that they Weren't better because like Liverpool Were you know shooting a lot from Outside the box in that nil nil but um It was like it was a bit of a freak game Like everything Liverpool hit went in There were like more mistakes in that United back line than than there had Been before that and I think like Psychologically I think it did have a Big effect on that United Team like United were not the same team after that For the rest of the season they Obviously haven't been anywhere near Where they were at kind of halfway

Through last season this term as well um So yeah I think in terms of like a Seismic game a seismic game I think it Is I know it's only like a league game It wasn't like a a cup knockout or Anything um but yeah like I think it was A really really significant result um Did you and one that and and and I guess The same for Liverpool as well you know Liverpool ended up you know ing the Season quite strongly you know have have Got into the season really strong as Well um I I've gone for Chelsea 4 Man City 4 that was fun um I just think Again like you say duges there's so many Games I forget most of them watch so Many I forget most of them I was even Trying to like remember who scored in This game so I can't really go into too Much detail with it but I just think Like I can't remember a game this year In which the quality was so good like And I think like this is the thing like As much as you know as much as we do Love to hate on Chelsea this in this on This channel uh when they're doing badly Um like Chelsea I think this season have You know have been a lot better than That they you know then their position In the table suggests I was looking at Like Nicholas Jackson is like top 10 Strikers in Europe for like non penalty XG like it he he has actually had like a Pretty fine season so far seven get lot

Stick seven goals and I know three of Those came against Spurs in that Absolute freak game and that what that What's funny about this game it came so Soon after yeah that that Monday before This game it was that Chelsea 4-1 Spurs And everyone was like oh my God that's What football's all about it was you Know just absolute chaos like couldn't Take my eyes off it that Chelsea Spurs Game I could absolutely take my uh Take My Eyes Off it like it it was like it Was chaotic but it was also kind of like I I wasn't it didn't Thrill Me In in That way it was just it was just like Tottenham are defending with a high line Like despite everything Chelsea are like Actively choosing not to defend set Pieces like it was just it felt like I Don't know it it felt like what it just Generally felt like watching like mates In a park and um and it was um and and That can be entertaining but it just Didn't I don't know it didn't get me Chelsea four Man City four the amount of Twoing and throwing in that game like The the quality that that Chelsea showed Against a really good man city Side the Fact that Cole Palmer scored that Penalty in the last minute like I don't Know yeah there there wasn't a moment in That game where I wasn't glued to it and I just thought yeah like it was it both Provided goals and it was like quality

Throughout it was like actual quality Football throughout um I thought yeah Both sides were super super impressive Um yeah the fact that City thought They'd won it later on and then hadn't Like it just yeah it kind of had Everything a lot of narrative had a lot Of narrative um whether it will yeah I Don't know whether like it is as Significant as that 70 though but like I Think yeah I think that's just the game I was most insan by this year Sterling As well was the other goal scorer yes Yeah and yeah St yeah of course get the Former Club and yeah had a great game so Um so yeah what about you digs I went For a game last season back end of last Season it's the game that I most I think I most funly associate with the treble Winners it's when they beat Real Madrid 4-0 at the etti had we were actually Watching a clubhous five I believe and Uh where we yeah film Sunday Vibes uh For everyone that doesn't know I'm sure You guys do know and it was probably the Most complete performance I've ever seen From a man city side under under Guardiola well under any any City side To be honest I thought they were Absolutely faultless from start to Finish and people forget that in the First leg de bruy scores in the second Half to equalize after to finishes Junior puts Real Madrid ahead but it was

Quite an even game I think for long Stretches of that and it felt like de Bruyne's moment really in that Champions League campaign after so many Disappointing you know moments in the Champions League in big games for Belgium was really that equalizer at the Burnout and then in the second leg at The aad they absolutely annihilated them From start to finish and it was a strong Real Madrid side was still you know they Were the champions league holders at the Time after beating Liverpool uh still Had Karen benma you know obvious Obviously they didn't have Jude Bellum Etc but this was you know a side that Were had won what their 14th Champions League the year before beating Man City In the semi-final with two late goals And it felt like anything could happen At the EAD could Real Madrid use that n To get over the line once again could City finally get through to another Champions League final after so many Disappointing defeats in semi-finals and Yes they could and Bernardo Silva was Absolutely faultless I think de bruy Ended up with two assists and you know It led up to a final which was a bit of A dull Affair but that was the game that I'm going to remember the Champions League Buy in that year and it's Probably the game that you know I'm Going to remember that city Side by I

Thought they were absolutely superb so For me that was the game of the year it Wasn't particularly close um but it was Certainly dramatic and I remember as Soon as the final whistle went it was The first time that I'd really seen Twitter unify to talk about the 115 Charges they were like whatever we've Just witnessed isn't legal so we're Going to we're going to like we're going To mention that to try and bring them And I was like it's a bit Petty because The5 Chargers existed 90 minutes ago uh But you could just you know what T is Like Etc they were willing to drag People down but for me that was Game of The Year what do we what do we what's Our veric then I think it's tough um I Think Liverpool man united was Definitely dramatic I don't think it's The Champions League one just cuz I Don't think it was a particularly Memorable Champions League season in General that's not any shade on City They obviously won a treble was Memorable for them the second half of The draw the other side of the draw Wasn't particularly high quality Was like napol didn't do that well in Their quarter final against Milan Milan Was wasn't a great Milan side I think They finished fifth INRI and they Reached a semi-final so I kind of get What you mean about the Champions League

What what do you reckon then game of the Year I might have to go with the 70 to Be honest just because just because it Did it did have a really big effect on On on this year I think um and when People you know I think that that's the Result out of all of these that will be Probably remembered the most maybe That's just because Liverpool and United Fans are like have both very big fan Bases and maybe we're being a bit Premier League bared here and to be fair I think like this season let's not Forget I think that nil nil between Liverpool and man united was only the Fourth nil nil of the entire campaign Like the Premier League this season has Been crazy maybe it's because of longer Games May tier defenses and injuries but Like there have been a ton of really Entertaining high scoring games in the In the Premier Leagues this season so Like I feel like we've probably maybe Done a disservice to like you know Brighton Nottingham Forest you know Which was a great game you know there's So many there's so many great so many Great fixtures that that have taken Place um between kind of like the more Middling uh teams um so I guess it's Quite like top six uh' been quite top Six P haven't we they will they will be Four n four fours in in the future you Know that how many times is Liverpool

And man united going to beat each other 7 nil there we have it I don't know it's Happened quite a few times with recent Years with Liverpool crashing man united Linda has spoken giving it to United it Was pretty it was pretty seismic as I Said earlier right breakout start of the Year Mike let's hear from you on this I Don't know whether you've got a couple And then Blinder and me will pick from Your your but um I've got a couple and They're both you they're both shout out Of the Belgian pro league because They're both former Union San gilois Players uh one of whom will appeal to You duges uh Victor bonface great Suggestion I think he is he has really Been a breakout star this year I think He probably is actually the breakout Star of the Year for me I've got another Another player down but he's not had Quite a good season this season 13 goals Eight assists in the league in Europe For lusen we've obviously spoken about FR Inver already they're having a Brilliant campaign but last year 15 Goals and nine assists um in the league And Europa League for un on sanil was he End joint top scorer in joint top scorer In the Europa League with Marcus Rashford he was Um uh the boly uh well going on to this Season sorry he's been voted the Bundesliga rookie of the month for four

Months in a row which is just ridiculous I don't remember uh them ever doing it Like that really but um but yeah fair Enough um John Jo Kenny once won the Bundesliga rookie of the month when he Was at Shel John Jo Kenny um but anyway Um yeah he's just he's just been Absolutely brilliant and and I think you Know he really has a breakout St because Before that move to um to unon sanul was In 2022 he'd only scored 13 goals across Four years at Bodo glimp so like did his ATL twice man so like to come back from That and to first of all Step Up In You Know what is an increasingly competitive League in Belgium um and then to step up Again under jabbi Alonzo to you know Like I I know he's not like for lot of Replacement but to you know when they Lost a player like Musa dii in the Summer and to come in and take that Center forward slot and you know show The all round game that he has I think He's yeah I think he is definitely my Choice my other choice was going to be K Matoma but I don't think he's had as Good a 23 24 season like last year Absolutely like he was basically my play Favorite player in the league probably Still is my top three favorite players In the league to watch absolutely um and The fact he's now rated by the football Observatory or valued by the footballer At 80 million euros speaks volumes for a

Player who only cost them three mil in 2021 but um but yeah I think Bona for me Don't know have you two got any I had One down I went with a guy that had only Played 11 professional G games before The start of last year and then exploded Well exploded at the start of 22 23 and Has just carried on in 22 in 2023 rather And get my years model up Javi Simmons Okay yeah I mean huge Wonder kid you Know Barcelona PSG talked about you know Since he was about what 14 13 on Twitter Um but yeah went to PSV on loan last Year ended up as the aais top goal Scorer over 20 goals in all competitions Bought back to PSG then loan to RB liip This season uh and he's been absolutely Superb at leig already uh only appender Has been involved in more League goals Than him uh which is 11 um younger as Well than Victor Bonny face which is I Think slightly more impressive but then Has had more of a footballing has he Turned 21 yet or is he still only 20 I Think he's only 20 okay cuz I mean he Would be he would be would have been a Great shot for Wonder kid I probably Would have picked him to I knew I had Him down for um Break outar um but yeah He I think he's been absolutely superb Maybe slightly faded in the last few Weeks compared to you know his start at Leig but I think he's been pretty pretty Good and leig are in for a big year next

Year I mean they've got that huge tie Against Real Madrid in the last 16 which I think they've got a decent opportunity In given that alaba's now done as the ACL middle Tower's out with an ACL cis's Out with an ACL or at least some serious Injury CTO um so yeah they're pretty Thre threadbear in defense and liip have A load of attacking options and they've Been a little bit inconsistent they're Still recovering from anunu leaving Gavardo leaving Uh Belinda's probably new favorite Player Dominic sabosa leaving as well um So I think he's done really really well To at times carrier life side and Provide so much entertainment so much Quality so those are the the names in The Hat Belinda you get ultimate say I Really like that Simmons shout cuz I Just hadn't considered it at all but That stat of the four months in a row he Got rookie of the month award that's That's another real that's break that's That's breakout Star right there isn't It yeah that is literally the the Criteria we are so yeah I'm going to Give it Bonn I like I like it no worries No worries Belinda you're actually my Break hat star of 2023 so this episode Of Sunday Vibes and your love of Griezman in particular um but guys that Is all we've got time for on Sunday Vibes for this week and actually giving

Belinda some props you guys also at home You're all are are stars of the year Because it has been you know a Challenging year at football daily Particularly the last few months as you All know and you guys are really stuck By us so we really do really really Appreciate it and look forward to 2024 There's going to be loads more content From myself and Mikey and hopefully Belinda as well uh and numerous others On this channel as well so it's going to Be a good one uh anything else you'd Like to say Mikey before we wrap up for 2023 yeah um there will be one more Sunday Vibes on New Year's Eve um Shooting that in about two minutes time Very soon um so yes so stay tuned for That um yeah you know if you celebrate Christmas Merry Christmas um if you Don't then just you know hopefully You're having a holiday anyway and Having a nice little winter break um so Yeah and and yeah as said thanks so much For for sticking by us and um and still Appreciating the content and everything Nice nice lots of love from us bye happy Christmas






































































































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