Professional russian boxer and WBA Super light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol against brittish top ranked athlete and title challenger Craig Richards with nickname “Spider”. Fight took place in Manchester Arena, Manchester, England on May 1, 2021. Spectacular boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Dmitry Bivol (Russia) vs Craig Richards (England) | BOXING Fight, HD

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Candy my dad's Algerian grew up in a Shanty National Record 16 victories one Defeat one draw and nine wins coming by Way of knockout here is the former Southern area and the reigning British And WBA Continental light heavyweight Champion fighting out of Crystal Palace London England Craig Spider Richards Richards of he wears the charcoal with Maroon trim he scaled 12 stone 6 lb 2 oz His professional record a perfect one 17 Fights 17 victories 11 wins coming by Way of knockout tonight he makes his Seventh defense of his World title Fighting out of St Petersburg Russia Here is the reigning defending Undefeated WBA like heavyweight champion Of the world the MRI [Music] Beil so Howard Foster taking charge of This one you can see so but one thing I Did hear him say is they're going to try And keep it at range try work off the Approach so into the first is scheduled For 12 white and black he is the Challenger Richard's boxing out Of starts getting some shots off Richard's just looking to try faint with The front foot there and use that just Throws the right hand Jabs and then Hooks off it been caught on the guard

But as I say it serves a purpose it Makes bival think it occupies him and It's got some decent snap to it too Bival again just looking to There's that lead hook though there from Bball you watch his Front Richards looked for a left hook to The body for the first time a few Seconds ago just just working with that Jab doubles up on the jab and then looks For the right hand Biv though with good Decent opener this for craigg Richards Left to the body there from Bival trying to pressure him trying to Force the action a little bit more but We spoke about with the feet he's Looking to hook off that Jab I' see a bit more head movement maybe From Richards as well he's a little bit Upright i' see him just bit there Richards and bivol is looking for that Left now that up jab that may be Something that he's identified in that Opening Round Nothing is wasted every Second that you're in there you're You're trying to assess weaknesses that Left hand in the early stages of round Two be will throwing in the faints there You see Craig Richards trying to Parry With the right Hand and then you watch B try faint that Jab to keep that jab going to snap that Jab out but he he threw a bit of a lazy Jab there and Biv looked to come

Straight over the really quick two Otherwise bival will time it right hand Over the top there again from bival and He's just ratcheting it up in this Second round double jab followed by the Right hand never C too far away from the Center of the Ring always looking to Pivot around that front Foot seconds examples of that that left Hand which he's found the target with in The second round round three and that Was the that was the most efficient Punch for him mat in that because Richards with that jab with that Hye With that reach he you you control the Fight and B is is managing to to get Richards to to box each but that was a Nice right hand there from Richards Stepped in and threw that one executed It really well but bival just let his Hands go but Richards did well there his Defenses were good and then bival jumped On him tried to answer straight back Good jab there from Bivol pulling in out of range Looking for that right hand as well I Think that's the shot he going to look For to chop that right hand over the Jab fight here so far mat that second Round I thought was maybe slightly Ominous but he but he very much a chess Match going on in there though there's a Lot of Uh good defens of the hook there from

Richards on top of each other just Circling around each other in in the Center of the ring you say just looking To try and tease something out and I Think you're right looking for that Right hand but Richard is just steps Into the right hand but as he pulled out There he caught a left from Richard that Was a good left single shots B see them Coming he can time them but when Richards puts his shots together what Combinations distance so well as Demitri Bival does there is some real snap on Those shots when when he does land to Range getting that little bit close with His feet and even though The for One Two kind of reverse one two was a little Bit buzzed but Smith's he got very respectable power Just giving The the alternative argument the Alternative theory if you like bivol Just body with it that time Richard Steps in looks for the one two bival Rode it then came back with the left Hand there's that quick jab from bival It did land but you see how quick it Goes out and how quick it comes I can hear pet s that lovely right hand There left hook stepped in right hands [Applause] Together B just looking to try and let

His hands go right hand got through There a bit more ambitious but let's not Forget what a massive Step Up This is as He just gets on to the inside digs his To hands go here now he landed a couple Of good shots there good body shot good Right hand coun there from B suppose That's the danger F from Richards jab From bivol Richard just stepping in Again Manag to avoid but he's just making the Ball back up a little bit here he's Making him give a little bit of [Applause] Ground he's had a little flry in and he Just f it up yeah right you got let your Hands on him yeah Peter Sims encouraged In the corner there that right hand Conclusion of the round yeah was Definitely a better round that was a Lovely right hand there left to right Hand and he was letting his hands go More he standing there landed a few Uppercuts here okay he's blocking those More adventurous he was letting his Hands go more he was Taking Chances see Him Landing the shut there right Counter just Throw his way with but even if they have Then it's still it's still not going to Be going to be enough where I thought he Landed the better shots and more of them But I'm seeing it but I just I just feel That Craig just just held his feet in

Range drop that right hand closer and Closer daring Richards to To do something about it looks for the Left of the body there Rich there's a nice one two yes Partially block but again he's being Busy the right hand still got through The jab just moved the gloves and that Allowed that right hand to actually get Through clean it's hard to hit clean he Takes a lot on the gloves just as he did There he's probably going to be the guy That's going to get the the r of the Green it looks better again nice one too But of course people will again blocking These shots but he's he's a lot buso Just exploding out of the shell there Looking to throw his own right hand but Richards has been has been busy here Just slips Richards if he can finish it Well then then this is definitely his Yeah is a good round from Rich left to the body was a good looking Shot there just snuck it in round the Back of the elbow a 10c clap of foot Round 11 solid two three punches there From Bivol you can look at the the marking on The face there of Demitri Bivol He did Do sometimes with the way that boxing is Scored you can be competitive in every Single round that's better from him

There lovely double ja we were speaking A couple of rounds ago about how this is Operated out before and he's going to Emerge from this with an awful lot of Demetri bvol in the way that he has but On the flick side of that coin should Bvol have shown us more tonight that That's exactly what I've been saying He's competitive in the rounds but he's Not doing some people think he's the Best in the light heav division good Right hand there from him you know it Shows you how how minutes jab there from Bivol and and Richards again just slips That well and looks to try and get on Top of him BV trying to climb into that Left hand Rich is coming back with a Wide left hook left hand to the body There from he's happy to stand and let Them Go So into the final few Seconds ditri B defending his WBA Craig Richards ranked at number five with the World boxing Association and there goes The bell at the end of the fight Richards obviously pleads with that Performance at the end one that we have Got but bival throughout the Course He's still undefeated and still the WBA Like heav champion of the world and Still were the two words that he wanted To hear there Richards looked

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