Professional talented japanese MMA fighter and popular YouTuber Mikuru Asakura against american unbeaten boxer Floyd Mayweather with nickname “Money”. Exhibition fight in open weight took place in Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan on September 25, 2022. Spectacular boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Mikuru Asakura (Japan) vs Floyd Mayweather (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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That's cuz you more with Love Had that the good I the B you tell me it's Over never going To walk out ladies and gentlemen it is The money Time sorry not Sorry talking back when I had get on Floyd Money Mayweather in the Red Corner Joe Ferrar Alongside Damen Brown here about to make It to the Ring I don't do no My dog got a shot likey had to get ASAP ASAP I have to be no Charlie him back When I never had a car Ke it's always a show it's always man Makes his way to any ring around the World 50 and O figuratively as he makes His way once again to Showcase his skill Set ladies and gentlemen look at that The fact he's walking down a ramp that's How he walks Around Thaty Undefeated never been Beaten I don't know Joe I mean you know He did save four the last one was quick And he'd like to go the distance this Time so I yeah wearing the Big 5 that's An impressive jacket I want to know Where does the ENT uh they all just hang Around the side of the

Ring you know not just of Japan but the Streets Everywhere this man is a super St it's Uh it's it's quite an incredible um Record to have in professional Boxing nura Chang that Tonight Miku Asakura Floyd Money May weather instructions to both Fighters as they get ready for this Exhibition match the last time Floyd May Was here Mayweather was in Japan it last 2 minutes and 19 seconds canura take This further Floyd wants to put on a Show he's always putting on a show it'll Be interesting to see what asakura does You would assume that if he pushes the Pace measuring the Distance D Asakura nice body shot nice body shot by There body shot There center of the Ring Asakura winging that left hand sure he Can see them Coming nice JB by Asakura me with it of course saying that Didn't Hurt ooh nice nice yeah a bit of Showmanship there too Joe from asakura Throwing his hands in the air saying

That body shot didn't hurt and fun so Far both guys going to the body Floyd to Make sure he keeps those punches a Little Higher Jo with this One is that both these guys fight It round one has come to an end asakura Smiling ear to ear Damen Brown remember This guy never seen his street fighting Videos the least fought in The Outsiders Organization now headlining super rizen Yeah in and out nice there too with the Jar and then cross to the body time Mayweather doing the same thing both Guys just going to the Body SEC that first round I mean so far It's every an exhibition bout both guys Letting some shots go not Side no doubt his heart's racing as well He closing the Distance Floyd's pushing a little bit More Forward there was a big big Reaction Oh by Floyd Mayweather raw Hand yeah me I think he let go at the Right time Tom Bas got Around whether he's trying to bite him Into something or uh whether he's Actually him to throw waiting for the Right opportunity to land another One being backed into a Corner he's tur this into a phone booth Fight asakura not backing down right

Hand left he rocks Mayweather pushes his Head and he lands a left there Mayweather smiling against here asakura In the Distance maywe you saw this the last Time Mayweather was in Japan here with Mukara right now for his opponent just Coming out there throwing body shot by Floyd oh is it low No ba says no that Wasow keep going there that last shot oh They right hand landed by Floy left hand Landed by a score left landed by Floyd Oh he drops him as the bell Ring it's over the referee has said that Is Enough Power by Floyd they want to see that how That one punch landed and I'm sure it Was more of an accumulation of would be Surprised though there was a body shot There was a body shot that landed in There that delayed reaction that Eventually took it let's take a look at The action here Daven look it's the there's a body ship That was the first Round beautifully of shots Landing I Reckon that one there Joe overhand right And then he follows up from here right On the Bell boom I reckon it was the Earlier right hand that did the Damage you could see asakura's eyes Rolling the back of his head once that One landed had these moments you know we

See the Finish there right hand side Almost around the Ear that left hook might have done a Little bit of damage as well But asur didn't take a backwards step For two r he pushed forward against the Best Ever well whether yes oright to call Damian an honor and a pleasure to call Let's take a look at the action here Damen it's the there's a body ship that Was the first Round his fair sh shots Landing I reckon That one there Joe overhand right and Then he follows up from here right on The B boom I was the earlier right hand That did the Damage you could see asakura's eyes Rolling the back of his head once that One land as he Lands

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