Professional ukrainian heavyweight boxer, olympic gold medalist and undisputed cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk with nickname “The Cat” in 2nd match against brittish top ranked athlete and olympic champion Anthony Joshua with nickname “AJ”. Fight for WBA Super, IBF, WBO and IBO heavy weight belts took place in Jeddah Superdome, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on August 20, 2022. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

Oleksandr Usyk (Ukraine) vs Anthony Joshua (England) II | BOXING fight, HD

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[Applause] Introducing first fighting out of the Red Corner with his head trainer former World champion Robert Garcia wearing Black and officially weighing in at 11.9 kilos or 254 and a half big wins by Knockout he has two defeats and he is The fighting pride of London England and The United Kingdom the former two time Heavyweight champion of the world AJ [Music] Anthony Joshua and across the ring fighting out Of the blue Corner the colors of Ukraine White blue and yellow official weight 100.5 kg or 221 one and 1 12 lb this Olympic gold medal Champion now wins by Knockout fighting for and representing The Sovereign Nation of Ukraine the Former Undisputed cruiserweight champion Of the world the reigning defending Undefeated unified heavyweight champion Of the World Alexander [Applause] [Music] Okay guys I give you instruction in Theing having okay good luck three years Ago Anthony Joshua was right here on he Was successful that night was Joshua This time AJ has a round One the heavyweight championship of the

World on The there are also advantages if you're Usyk the major difference I see already Is that Anthony Joshua is bending his Legs he's changing Joshua was successful The middle rounds of the first fight was Body shots that's the best way thrown This Round just as you said that Chris from Joshua a couple of Jabs have got through From usk there's perhaps the first left Jab lands from us a moment ago there's That up jab of usyk he can throw it from That right hand that lead jab in front But also the Fact of an interesting opening round Joshu he brought a new level to his game Tonight for usyk but Joshua able to come Over the top of it and now digs a left Hook to the body right along the and That left hook to the body putting those In combination is a great idea for Anthony [Applause] Joshua there's that up jab Again right back with a jab of his Own Joshua's putting a lot of physical Pressure on us this lead the dance with Him They Seconds of an excellent round for Joshua Who sinks another right hand to the [Applause] Body solid

Round there's another one right down the Middle and now Joshua being much more Aggressive finding them early on this Out as well Chris algy which is that you Know when heard Robert josua people Immediately thought okay he's trying to Build a heavyweight Brandon R tactics as A trainer are a little more diverse than That as Joshua lands out on the front Foot changing levels now with usyk and Look at [Music] Joshua concerned with what usyk's doing And how he can react to It let's go that two whether it's a Lomachenko or Terrence Crawford they Collect data in the early rounds of The oh left hand comes through the go All Right here we see that right hook Another round there from Anthony Joshua Great variation to the right hand Something as he has for all three of the Rounds thus far waiting till the Last like you said Chris he's got that Anal political mind finding his angles Like that A Little More Bounce in the Step Joshua looking for that uppercut to The body he's had some success throwing That Right good left hand there from usyk now Tries to wrap one around Joshua has had Success in the early part of this fight But the real estate this fight is taking

Place hard left hand down the middle From usyk once again this is high level Here we see as I mentioned He throws down the middle through the Guard repetitiveness last two rounds Start to let it go a little bit and look This is that he can't win a boxing match I'm curious to see if at some point he Tries is how draining both physically And mentally it is seeing the constant Motion with his hands and his feet it's Also the fact that you're dealing with Almost a different fighter every round In the first fight you're starting to See shades of it right now but there's a Body Shot did that one stray low prior to That low blow I I was mentioning Chris One thing usyk did really well in That like that beautiful counter over The here chance for both Fighters here In Saudi Arabia both men Fan oh beautiful straight left hand good Shot there was good anticipation there By Joshua now you can hear the corner of Joshua actually landed several good Shots with that left hand early Usk comes over Joshua still dangerous With each and every shot and we saw that Really good things in that in that fight He's a dangerous puncher he's a very Sharp technical puncher beautiful Bodywork here by

[Applause] Joshua oh good combination from usyk a Snapping right hook coming around the Guard of Joshua combination of his own a Right hand connects so does a left hand Now goes back down for for him to be Successful in this fight was to throw Straight punches down the middle where He had success in the first fight Defensive fighter among the fight would Probably be over already he he is that Good at a heavyweight he is a good boxer And Defender at any weight pound for Pound Great have always had great Defense first man to win both the ring Cruiserweight title and the ring Heavyweight title like I also don't see Him breaking anytime soon yeah if you're Several champ now Joshua has landed 16 Body shots perhaps to what Garcia is Seeing Oh there's there's absolutely Been a tactical adjustment from the from This the Anthony Joshua as we come to The end of round Seven nice head movement there from from Anthony [Applause] [Music] Joshua some nice popping work from usk That was a comes with the left hand over The top beautifully executed counter Punch to throw your punch thatg are just They're basic boxing at its best just Simple slips left right he's not doing

Anything You know back to the slips of Alexander Usyk as well in boxing for usyk it's a Predecessor to his offense as well it is Making you think is coming from well Yeah it's a setup and it's also it Blinds his his movement uh he's not In there it is again beautiful slip Inside outside oh good body shot from Joshua there it is again goes back down STS fight George Foreman being the Bigger guy the power puncher fighting The southa he used sweeping left hands To walk more into in the latter half of The eighth Round Here Joshua has put together a couple of Good two really good body shots early in The round build on anything beautiful Right uppercut to the body oh and again Backed out stairs and a three- punch Combination to the body but a slapping Right hand there from Joshua as Well is proving difficult once again for Anthony o uppercut on the inside for but Body especially on both sides and here We see it from the other side the right Hook and then back to the Left by Joshua in either of the first Either of the fights that is the trilogy Canelo and Triple G Joshua perhaps Finding comes back with body shots of His own he's able to slide off Joshua Counter right hook up top for Musk another offer cut to the body from

Joshua the effect with these body shots Now they have shown to slow usyk down in The [Applause] Past Joshua again to the body now making It rough on the inside I love the use of The Left Hand by Joshua throwing those Left hes high and low now making as Joshua now in Pursuit Usk is on the run right now 45 seconds Andus oh nice lift hook over the Top joshu as he's Finding true confidence in his Offense this has been the most dominant Round that Joshua has shown in both Fights oh good body shot on the inside Asserting physical dominance is anthon Assert his physical Dominance and here comes Al using right Back out throwing punches trying to Erase the Memory of an excellent round for Anthony Joshua some good shots land from all Oh oh big left hand connects from Usyk usk firing back Joshua was in a Little bit of trouble here firing away Usk has the tendency whenever you have a Good round against him he comes digs to The body a left hand downstairs but Joshua meets him with a right hand that Shot rocked him build up this fight Anthony Joshua is dangerous at all times He and that includes when usyk gets on

Offensively one straight right hand And Joshua is back stands back against The ropes that's not a good sign when You put yourself on the Rope shot and You saw that Chris in the 12th round of Their last fight where Josh turn the Favor you hurt me in the ninth I'm going To hurt you bad in the 10th yeah yeah Explosive here in the 11 oh cracking Right hook There good body shot there good body Shot lands from Joshua nine he was able To Rattle off combinations and do a lot Of damage about 10 seconds ago Especially coming off that ninth [Applause] Round those punches just missing he Looked like he was starting to weather From the body shots in round nine gra From usyk as well but a fantastic [Applause] Round Here we see right hook from Joshua And the little check Hook from usyk and Here we see or knock out on my scorecard To win this fight we would suspect there Was Joshua a moment ago he's going to Need more of those he's going to need Shots like that one that was a really Good straight right hand that rocked the Head back of Usyk oh good answer mark from Alexander Rusk yeah you're frustration in Joshua Right now oh big Hook from Joshua good reply from usyk as he goes

Back down to the body attack has been What's been missing from the game plan He's been Landing great shot times and Hurt to the Body still dangerous Anthony Joshua can Hurt you with any punch a defiant 12 Round here from Alexander Rus before he Was a champion he was a warrior and he's Acting like one right here he wants to Put Exclamation held on to those Titles that is It both men exhaust end of 12 fastpac Rounds As And still the unified heavyweight Champion of the world from Ukraine [Music] Alexander [Music] Who

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