Professional argentine lightweight boxer Jesus Marcelo Andres Cuellar with nickname “El Jinete” (The Horseman) against american most effective lightweight puncher and top ranked athlete Gervonta Davis with nickname “Tank”. Fight for WBA Super feather weight belt took place in Barclays Center, New York, USA on April 21, 2018. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights. Share and Subscribe! Jesus Cuellar (Argentina) vs Gervonta Davis (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD HIGHLIGHTS #Cuellar #fights #Davis #boxing #knockout #fight #knockouts #usa #MikeTyson #HD #ko #tko #kos #highlights #hl #boxer #fighter #sports #tank #argentina #mexico #sport #motivation #lightweight
And let’s take a look at our tale of the Tape you see the 9year age difference I Stand correct it 9 years is the age 12 Rounds of boxing for the WBA super Featherweight championship of the World hey S Quar Take Davis to the center okay man you’ve Already received your prebound Instruction WBA super featherweight Championship of the world has on Asus Quot the former champion at 126 looking To become a two Division World Champion Fast rising star javante Davis who is Looking to keep his record intact in Another world title and we are Underway as you see that b so that is Something That the game plan obviously for Quad Davis and keep him off Balance ability of Davis but it will Certainly have to come into play here Tonight play center was his victory over Jose pedrasa when he won the world title 15 a victory over Jonathan Okendo so neither man Davis is looking to doubling up on the Jab as well as Davis he needs to be his way in and put Javon Davis off balance but the thing With that you have to be conent of at All Times nice straight left hand and Momentarily stopped bot in his Trot Answers with the right hook Davis with The right hook to the body that think he Was hurt from that right hook now Davis Is going great shot and Davis knows it 65 attack in a way that was sort of out Of his element out of the game plan very Solid round and a straight left hand Blasted with a shot from Davis another Straight left hand backing up the Argentine opening round here at barklay Center between javante Davis Andquot Take a deep Breath it is right here that jab is the Key Baby when you Get there you see the lovely sub so some Interesting instructions out of the C of Davis they want him to stick and stab on Qu sh Manny Roz wants to see qu shot Double up on the jab and also focusing On the Dante Davis Javante Davis having a very solid first Round a shot seemed to be a step slow And Davis sneaks in that straight shot To close the distance because at Distance Dante Davis is so not as Willing to come forward and straight out He goes that put great shot on the Deck Super gets up Davis bringing into the Night of as who’s Quan in a br fashion Shot still seems to be hurt Davis knows He has him Hur a right hook to the body By the 23-year-old out of Baltimore Davis loading up a straight left down The Center a number cut by Davis boing Don Shot earlier in the round a straight Left that connected off the right side Of the scull Rad coming forward that in the third Round oh big straight left hook was Momentarily paralyzed in his tracks 10s Tes the canvas for the first time Tonight round two’s in the books a very Big Round relax Relax Happ straight left boom right on the Right side of the rib cage is look at The by our camera here as to the canvas Bad came in Davis boom a straight lap H Right on the chain of for 10 12 I stand Corrected it may not even go a shot Doubling up on his jab to get on the Inside he’s going to try need was very Honest with him as the say we need to Get to Davis before this fifth this Fourth and fifth you are fav a 10-9 Round is what I had for Davis and then The second round obviously by three Points early another straight left hand Connecting number cut and looks to be May and a nice left uppercut by Davis they’re both exchanging hook Right Hook by Davis I don’t know if quad wants to get This into being a fire fight with Davis But Mor he needs to close the gap Instead of he will be picked up all Night Long and when quot sits down and punches To go to the body with a straight left And also it has been the constant jab That we’re seeing out of the Baltimore Native a nice left uppercut asan up and Nowan is backing up his back against Right body and Davis puts him down for The second Time sa sa And 32 seconds Davis going on the Le qu Shot visibly and Davis close it out and Win another world title look at this Power and this one is over he’s once Again the world champion and the future The B of more favorite ear to ear and That was a clinical destruction But my goodness what a Performance from J sh Camp Between manager and trainers nonetheless Javante tank Davis is the WBA super featherweight Champion Davis that straight left boom And you saw a delayed reaction qu Shad Hit by transpire a right hook to the Body and look at jonte Davis sit down on The blows go was a right hook to the Body by the flight and here is another Look at it look at the my goodness what A right hook to the body by javante Davis he got so much leverage just Continue to tee off on qu shot knowing That he had him hurt that was the second Knockdown literally emptied his tank and That would be all she wrote for qu shot A right hook on the button glancing Power and the accuracy uppercut followed By a right hook and bch he’s a world Title in the building where he won his First world championship here at the Barlay Center the sense of Agation he is so talented and he Demonstrated his Brilliance here tonight Now the WWA super featherweight champion Of the world J Vante Davis

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