Professional philippine athlete, one of the greatest boxers of all time and eight-division champion Manny Pacquiao with nickname “Pac Man” against american top ranked athlete, WBA and WBC champion Keith Thurman with nickname “One Time”. Fight for WBA Super welter weight belt took place in MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, USA on July 20, 2019. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Manny Pacquiao (Philippines) vs Keith Thurman (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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First introducing to you first on my Right fighting out of the Red Corner Wearing red white and blue trunks Fighting out of St Peter's Boxing Club And hailing from Clearwater Florida he waiting at already 146 and 1 Half pounds he is undefeated please Welcome the longest current reigning Welterweight Champion the hard hitting Acclaimed and undefeated WBA welter Weight champion of the world introducing Keith one Time [Music] [Applause] Thurman and his opponent across the ring In the blue Corner really needing no Introduction the world over wearing White trunks with multicolor Trim as the distinguished boxing Senator The is fighting out of and proudly Representing the sangani prevence in the Philippines Tonight in his 28th World title Appearance here is the icon of the sport And future Hall of Famer ladies and Gentlemen please welcome boxing's Legendary and only 8 Division champion Of the world introducing the one and Only Manny Pacman [Music] Pacquiao On hand mannyo at his 71st professional

Bout Keith one time we are Underway round one schedu by a half a Mile but just landed a nice left Straight left hand on kman there's a Nice right hand but Pacquiao comes right Back most of the there's a nice Combination by Thurman he's going to try To get it back good right hand by Thurman he looks really confident Thurman 10 by Thurman so far Pacquiao at Six Manny Pacquiao oh down goes Th and let me tell you Manny Pacquiao Moved in with his legs and his hands and Caught fman Punch Ferman knocked down late in round One threw that left hand to the body and That right hook right over the top that Is used for years boy Pacquiao still has It at 40 years old he's still fast Quick with those legs throwing a Combination punching catching him he Rushing in right there boom and there's The hook that dropped him but preceded By a straight left hand to the belly Many times now now Thurman wasn't Probably terrible he got caught Square On the chin and went [Applause] Down more chances Manny from this Straight at you get out of the way yeah Because that's it like that right there Feet and hand Knock down of Thurman in round One a good right by Pacquiao from from

The other side if a judges look he's Going to think that Pacquiao is scoring Points on that that's true but the the Good thing is is that Thurman is off Your body he's throwing that hook so It's always best to keep whatman's Trying to do right Now the counter punching in Accuracy Got to be kind of a shot for her you Know man's Down foot and that Jabs following it and Really did stun growman for a [Applause] Second to nice Bobby sh when he comes Forward at you Now to 30 Seconds ring down in round three Schedule for 12 look I mean he's surprising me right Now I I can't believe he's 40 years old And still fighting like This let's check in with FR Andro thanks So much Freddy guys back to you all Right thanks H he's winning this round Thurman right now even though Manny's Never going to stop punching I think go Combinations and then not allow Manny Pacquiao to get back at him that's right So it's up for grabs at this point okay Thanks very much BOS oh right by Pacquiao Pacquiao again the Aggressor see what Pacquiao's doing

Right now he's giving him different Still in this fight right now and Thurman's loading up for that left hook So man's better be careful because Thurman's looking for that left Hook This is where Manny's really good he's Moving in with the feet while he's Punching at the same time and he doesn't So he's moving in with that feet making Adjustments catching you on the way back In this is round five schedule to 12 From the MGM Grand in Las Vegas had the Advantage ear over the first couple of Rounds good right hand that's come on CAU Pacquiao with the right if he keep Pacquiao on the defense like he's doing He landed a good right hand through and This is it he breathing a little bit Down the line yeah he's got his M we to G her husband here at Las [Music] Vegas oh Thurman but Manny's still Threading the needle coming right up the Middle a little left hand right uppercut He did that twice to him but he's not Really throwing any shots back that's When he should and this is still Powerful for Pacquiao that's that's That's scary right this is round six Scheduled for 12 Manny Pia tonight Pacquiao matches Mayweather with his 15 At the MGM you know this just looks like It's a Total Domination by Pacquiao yeah

I mean Thurman's not even stuff [Applause] In oh left by Pacquiao nickname is one Time I don't know if he's got one shot That could actually hurt furman's Team Ferman told us benti always told Him don't leave it up to the Judges this is Remember on don't usually do That effort for the next you know six Rounds here and try to or else oh by Thurman a nice jab by Thurman and then a Lead Left Hand by Pacquiao and and now This exchange here so oh good right hand Left hook by Thurman and Himself oh good right uppercut by Manny Bo those punches a really oh and a great Right hand by Thurman work in this [Applause] Round round seven here Keith Thurman Steps back and throws a overhand Right great right hand reacted to that We're going to see it Again and here we go and here you see Thurman scoring with a a a Quick and here's a quick right hand and A quick jab and once again we check in With our unofficial scorer Marcos vas Look at punches landed very Close right side from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas rounds 1 through four 5 through eight 9 through 12 for twice if he found it the second

Time a little bit and the third time Boxing history he's held 12 Titles nice right hand by thorman he Shouldn't be given up any ground he Should be stepped back well there was Nice of Step round one Minut nice combination by right Hook he landed a right hand and a good Hook said that he's got to get it back And even it up on the judge of Scorecards and that's what he's doing Right Now fights Pacquiao in eight of his last Nine Ferman in five of his Last again we check in with our Unofficial scorer Marco well you know I I don't disagree with those numbers Because Pacquiao wherever he goes he's Always either that or a punch but it may Have been a headbutt I missed It the Paco's got Thurman on the run Right now and he's got him uh he's he's Flinching a little bit but here comes Thurman with a good left hook not good Okay there you go but again Pacquiao Stepped back and got out of the Way Relax through more effective Punches well that's kind of slowed him Down in this round oh good right by Thurman that right yes he did and now Pacquiao oh left by Pacquiao seconds Round 11 Thurman scoring with a great right

Hand straight to the Target And Pacquiao's face was right There that being said Burmingham knows That Keith Thurman 21 years Later he will turn 41 in December Usually you know in Keith Thurman's Point of view he's going to try to do it But whether he's got enough Gas we hit the Midway point the only Knockdown came back in round One Knocking down ferit L right hand so he must have heard it as [Music] [Applause] Well oh c him with the [Applause] Right in favor of the Winner boxing's Pride to the Philippines The Ageless wonder the one and only Current WWA welterweight champion of the World Many Pacman [Applause] Paco


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