Professional shocking brittish heavyweight boxer Derek Chisora with nickname “War” in 2nd match against brittish top ranked athlete and WBC interim champion Dillian Whyte with nickname “The Body Snatcher”. Fight for WBO International and WBC Silver heavy weight belts took place in The O2 Arena, London, England on December 22, 2018. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Derek Chisora (England) vs Dillian Whyte (England) II | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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[Applause] Not expect all timesy my instructions Watch your any questions go to Work the final heavyweight dingdong Derek chisora shared the stage here with A summer sizler now they meet all over Again in a 2016 repeat or Revenge with KN and he Can feel he can feel the anticipation What's white going to do he's going to Box some move chor going to steam Forward like's said he's going to he's Just to the crowd who are behind him Right hand from White and they're Engaging early this is Big Boy box in oh They know what's on the line come oh big Go in with the Instinct he took his time Charles Ruben tbar a conditioner part of It that's right has stop him this time Well maybe that early right hand lot of Talking going on there between the two Guys M chisora Improvement in the last Couple of years and that was a nice it Was closed but you can see what White's Looking at doing I mean he's he's kind Of waiting for to come in it [Applause] Can thoughts on that first round Anthony This is so intense came out they came Out at Fast Pace punch I really want to Know as I said that was a fast pace and Then I realized is did but what I find Interesting really interesting what his Game plan is laterally as ever up in lra

He's got a really good training will be On the end of that job just like that And they hurtful shots yeah big Ro and Through himself on his opponent a bit More still looking powerful here but White's able to time B chur closing the Gap now just for getting in range he's Been caught by AO but then that dramatic Victory over Carlos tan he sat back on The ropes that night sit back behind the Jab maybe look for the upper cut like he Did there come back with a the line but It's really all about pride and about Shot at one of the World Heavyweight Chisora with big shots SLI the shots Over a miss when he gets there chazaro He really is set his feet and pounding In his body Charlie Klitschko well this is better head Movement here from chazaro as he backs Up wi getting in close and being more Effective stylistically jelling a game So beautifully really nice I mean Warming up how it's going to switch end But this is what we love between these Two a great battle right the way this is Good work here as he backs up white they Are both throwing hay makers oh Big Shot Swinging them in D's keeping this Complaining here with them low blows he Just wants to get down to business and Know this really is Ed you have to Remember this is only the third round a Heavyweight contest these guys are in

Phenomenal shape I want to see how they Feel when they come out for the fourth Round because they are definitely Warming up into a great fight right now Punches there's the AATA again from White as they go Toe to Toe Tren Warfare In the Out wellfield R both did it twice and it Was they had a Trilogy Of course they did and we Mentioned whether there would be one at The press conference earlier in the week One of them contacting me in I want to Get involved in this right now I've got That buzz you know what I mean it's Phenomenal not separate them at this Moment easier fight for chisora as we Can see here swinging him to the body And I'm sure his game plan is to slow Dlan white down he's being clever you Can see it's not just about war it's About tactician and Technical boxing but Sometimes you just get drawn into a SC How much heart has he got and what a Chin Derek chisora has shown over the Years he the left hook from chisora he Said he will not be denied this time Around they're both putting all their Power into this I can't see how this Fight goes the distance now this is when The fight is very very dangerous when Both white but he loves a war [Applause] Too sh chisora will be taken on board

While he's save title and he's been Right in his corner and Tony's come down Here to support you know came through The abas and now he's fighting here in Fr of a another brutal fight big left Half from chora by white and another One he wasn't too far away with that one But chisora he just got momentum going Forward and I like the T Co Adam can you See why I was so interested of Why you know why didn't really want to Risk but just caught off Balan in why Back up by dangerous plan it's such a Well in my opinion it's a dangerous plan But you know what Cole You're a fighter You know how these guys feel in there I Don't want to get caught by them big Head shots and nice left hook there from Chisora right on the Bell like a real Even round I'm not too sure how but I'm Really enjoying the fight as a fan right Now enjoying it and I'm glad I'm seeing On the outside call a winner so I'm Going to split that one that was such a Ferocious round few rounds now it's Getting serious These guys are want to see them at it Again we certainly do I mean it's Derek Chisora that set the pace still got White on his back foot still looking for That overhand right there white was able To just Peak as far as I'm Concerned we're getting big body shot From chisora White looking for those

Counters I mean he stole this round and It's interesting to see how we go on as We head into theeven very difficult to Split them very difficult to score split Everywhere and D doing more work this Round and why just not really getting The home with anything yeah he's backed Up on the ropes there why is he looking I have it level right now this is why The second knockout was still the fight In the eyes of the public comes chora Again and white answers y think about What they're doing try and conserve Their shots but Chisora still looking for steaming Forward with his head down and why not Able to really catch him clean on the Way Seek and Destroy said Derek chisora Even then when he swings and misses What's being clever this is a tactical Fight you know he's very even there's Still a few rounds to go so and rather Trade when he's 80% it's a clever tactic From a clever fight way but the heavy Work and the eye catching stuff coming From chazaro for for the bulk of that Round let's find out what big baby any Day of the week okay enjoy your rest of Your Night aart in the heavyweight picture in The New Year Anthony Joshua alongside us Deont surprise The Bookies shot but what I find interesting Is because very when he does catch

Chisar he doesn't seem to go for going To spark very Soon well chazaro faded late on dere Needs to clear his head as he's been Warned a few times and just stick yeah Dilan white being backed up but taking a Lot of shots on the gloves not again Here in the eighth round body shot from What to think I need to bounce back and Dylan to think I need to steal this Fight while I can and creat for a great SL around this from dillian white but a Right hand from chisora just a reminder Late on back comes white action ahead What an end to what's been a phenomenal Year the two big guys in here white and Chisora really are leaving it all in the Ring swinging from two heavyweight Gladiators and they say that Fighters Need dance Partners beautiful brutality As the two go Toe to Toe once more Survive down the stretch who wants it That bit more he's swinging him straight Back with Dylan as we noticed from early On oh big right hand from chisora as you Can see chisora is still steaming Forward Dylan is tucking up waiting for His moment it's the first anyone can go At this way big left hook from White now As chora's backed up in his white as He's backed up but he's looking for nice He's Landing clean a counter punch in That round not a Close

White one up I'm counting it level as Well you know it was interesting I was Wondering why Dylan was taking rounds Off just in front of us and the scoring Shots lot the quality at times has come From dillian White in those singles and He's got the point off remember as Well in round eight v McDonald did up to The point for a low blow it was harsh to Later on I was wondering why Derek kept On hitting Dylan to the body and as I Was looking on where he's punching he is Just punching off of instinct trying to Land big shots in this case chazar if he Doesn't get any success he just doesn't Score anything if chisora keeps marching Forward Landing these body Shots just forcing it a little bit now Interestingly as I said earlier just Does not know how to take a back step He's the pressure chisora it's a bit Wayward it's a bit tired looking but He's trying SEC the Fresher the smarter Boxing David both of you Eddie looked at me and Said who you talking to six minutes left Of a magnetic rematch car's C couple of These close rounds that David a was Talking about I think White's just been A To Two points deducted I mean that's 2 10 n Rounds it's not really accept quite

Dictating how it goes when they trade How they trade well you know in a close Fight and a couple of points they up to Will give you that massive confidence so That will give him a bit of energy Yeah and that's goodness knocks Derek Chisora out after a chisora got a shot In and it was a who's being tended to Because that in head I just had a prayer For him man you know his heart out Fe That Derek chisora is okay dillian white And it must just double again these two Are going to end up knock him out I mean He said KO that's what you're looking to Do you're looking at dillian White this Time it was imp fatic chisora through One and then boom the left hook and you Know about dillian white know what he's Doing and as I wondered early on in the First round when it finally paid off There it is they both landed Simultaneous come in okay and at the Time 9594 95 it's a testament of their Conditioning coach cuz I was thinking Who carries the they put such a shift Incredible effort and you just will them To both make it to the final from Dillian White you want to knock him out I mean He said KO that's what you're looking to Do looking at do that and there chora Went out

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