Professional kazakhstani middleweight boxer and two-time world champion Gennady Golovkin with nickname “GGG” against canadian top ranked athlete and IBF champion David Lemieux with nickname “The Demolisher”. Fight for WBC interim, WBA Super, IBF and IBO middle weight belts took place in Madison Square Garden, New York, USA on October 17, 2015. Spectacular boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Gennady Golovkin (Kazakhstan) vs Daniel Jacobs (USA) | BOXING Fight, HD

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D little tape for G Golovkin against David Lemieux it's now or never for Golovkin as he himself and his opponent Across the ring fighting out of the blue Corner with his head trainer Mark Ramsey With 27 K's in three rounds or less from Montreal kic Canada presenting the Reigning defending Ibf middleweight champion of the world Madams and M [Music] David L introducing first fighting out of the Red Corner with head trainer AEL Sanchez Standing 5' 10 and a half with 17 Kos in Three rounds or less and he is 120 Consecutive fights by Knal he's recognized with having the Greatest KO percentage in mid Middleweight championship history from Caragan to Kazakhstan and California USA the reigning defending undefeated Interim WBC IBO WBA middleweight champion of the World genady Triple G Go Good even gentlemen you both see the Instr everything below the letters here Is going to be low tap it up here we Gos that seen this is the mosten triple G's date the official attendance in the Garden tonight and here we

Go any one punch could end this fight at Any moment Two fighters because Lemieux Isn't much of a jabber he Works Lemieux reaching with a body not Letting Lemieux In That jab make him negate that First box as he's Landing his jab and L Hasn't landed much of anything keeping Him back jab right Hand out of the fight early by backing Him up with that jab making him fight Uncharacteristically of himself you see The amazing number already from KY box He's landed more than 20 Jabs in the Round he has to load up on the Home Run Left hook he's done it right hand to the Body by Goin hasn't really tried to get Close another body shot for Len but all In All over with the J okay very good work Very good work Okay his relationship with Russ anber And BR in Ramsey and the general Consensus lemie trying to be more Aggressive in this round lands a jab and Gets in landed 26 Jabs in round one Which is simply Colossal of course we knew that though y He's out class by hook the first body Shot from Triple G will be interesting Too look at the jab right Hand trying various ways of trying to Get past the jab hasn't managed to do it

With any he's not missing it's not a Normal jab Golovkin throws kind of like Koval's jab it snaps left took Lance for Golovkin jab Lance right hand was Blocked but knocked lemie back a little Bit Anyway Almost seems to me was able to roll it With his shoulder and make it glance off And the question will a coming in body Shot by Golovkin right hand lands right Lands again knocks Lemieux into the Ropes left hook for Golovkin right hand Lands again phenomenal [Applause] Accuracy has never had to fight at this Pace before in his life I guarantee You hard right hand by well if the first Round was good this one was even [Applause] Better you need to block him or go Defens make him think outside inside Okay deep Breath lemie is trying to box load up Against Golovkin to at least give Yourself a chance to land something Big the best time for to make bad Decisions Matthew mlin was quite Articulate by the Jab got for his first title defense There's lemie trying to do it the right Way coming wants to try to win it and He's earned a lot of respect from coming Slowing like water body shot jab began

Jab began with that Jab a very calm David Lemieux agreed With us in the meeting yesterday his Amateur career is much deeper and Prolific than mine it's my job what he Realizes he's going to get hit in way so He's saying almost I may as well Left Hook both Landed then we land the one we Want constantly working off that jab Attack with the right hand then it's Just a Jab jab to the face J punching harm so That lemu can't land a big punch on him And he can attack lemu first because Three rounds so far it hasn't Gennady Golovkin who has clearly wonder what You're doing and then we'll pick out the Moment at which you're going to land the Big shot you said three to nothing 30 to 27 genady you may say is totally stupid Youing me he's walking in and he's Getting blasted by murdering I I mean if I were fighting uh Golovkin so far maybe Lemieux had a plan coming in and the Middleweight division average five times The average of What middleweight Fighters throw with the jail and that Definitely is a game Changer and talk about getting hit there Was the left hook and lemie is hurt and Here goes Golovkin looking to finish already in

Round up the middle left hook again And and the Canadian star is hanging In according to Hoy yeah he's an even Bigger underdog now and it prompts Harell Letterman to say for instance I Don't even think Lemieux has a Plan Uppercut what Round Okay To he throws a beautiful left hook while Blocking a beautiful left hook at the Same Time lovkin has thoroughly dominated the First four rounds there's a Mouse time he does that Me which is working perfectly landed Some power shots in the last round on The aspect of a potential gradual beat Down but of course Again hard right hand for glovin haven't Said his name [Applause] [Music] Yet hard right hand by Lem best punch of The fight so Far vicious body shot with the right Handin punishing Lemieux for hit his Feet are always spre always set to Accept one side or another and your feet Will always be solid Underneath was Down first knock down of the Pike and Lemu is few seconds left in the

[Applause] Round that was only the second time in By Marco Antonio ruo Shot okay better than that okay did you See what Happ Okay Triple G just like uh chocolatito Head head Then followed by a beautiful Body shot left by saw him going down but This was a bad punch I would that punch That's right you did get disqualified For Thatal might have got banned from boxing For That but for Golovkin there's no tells You golovkin's mentality here he knows This is the fight that is only the Second time in his career he's tasted The canvas there's another h upkins you Backs into the Ropes shin and that momentarily Shook Up Now AMU starting to throw was to the Wind increasingly and as Roy said Earlier it may be too Late Liu lands another coming into Harm's Way and giving Golovkin the Chance to land power shots also There's somewhere Montel is watching do That that's why I said we good good now I Thought seen that was a good body shot By by uh lamu just then though might Have been low but it was a good idea Yeah it was a wonderful idea more Hitable after scoring a knockdown when

He's following out just who Is another big left took lands for Lem By itself uppercut for lemkin catches Him coming in with the Left oh good up a right hand uppercut to Punctuate the round try to PCH even more David okay Breathe round seven begins we're halfway Through the fight Harold his eyes I mean You know it's hurting his vision and I Beautiful left jib right hand Combinations he gets an extra point for The knock down in round number four you See that Lemieux is regarded as model Handsome that hair is important to him That haircut is important not at all Good hook by Triple G right hand by Triple [Applause] G and ruining his Concentration supposed to do good body Body sh by left and then another [Applause] One hard right hand by Golovkin is hurt Against the ropes turn sideways Corner another light right hand lands Not Hard but out of respect hard to imagine There'll be a premature stoppage he's in The fight but he can't get away from the Jab try to have your blocking position Okay once he send you twice to to be Back corner between rounds watching him Trying to figure out whether there's a

Reason to David still goes a lot of us never Expected lemu to last his driving not Only surviving but having Chances with Those big punches that he's throwing all Of that is a form of respect for David Lemieux's punching punch landed against The fighter in a sense that fighter guy He's fought Exactly good right hard left Hook good right hand by Lemieux but the Upper cut by Golovkin drives him back Into the ropes the body shot hurt him Again mismatch beat down and the Mew Earned this date tonight he beats by Gennady golkin yes it was is there a Middleweight out Theref IBO WBA interim WBC middleweight champion of the world D genady gady Triple [Music] [Applause] [Music] G Smashing Point Sports Academy on Locanto
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