Professional japanese boxer and undisputed bantamweight champion Naoya Inoue with nickname “The Monster” against puerto rican top ranked athlete, olympic and IBF champion Emmanuel Rodriguez with nickname “El Matador” (“The Bullfighter”). Fight for IBF bantam weight belt took place in The SSE Hydro, Glasgow, England on May 18, 2019. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Naoya Inoue (Japan) vs Emmanuel Rodriguez (Puerto Rico) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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This is for the right of fight for the Muhammad Ali trophy Emmanuel Ro next Monster in these parts you never see him You see to rec of a Destruction Here his Music first time in Europe first time in Britain first time in Scotland rated the big if I wasn't here Some said you T make J I think I would Have K fighter anyway he's a Unreal Fighter fantastic very exciting I'm Looking forward to seeing him here in The [Music] [Applause] Fles the [Music] L Super Series bantamweight finals Sanctioned by the British boxing board Control Smith and Mr Bernard cornley and The international boxing Federation Rodriguez Noah Inway R lad you both know the rules Let's just have a good motion at all Times all right just gloves keep it Clean Rodriguez Puerto Rico In Ina from Japan in the sparkling Shorts Rodriguez getting things done Quickly and Carl we have to watch every Single second we having a look Rodriguez Started coming forward uh new the but is

Pretty Interesting step forward and getting That jab in hand as well know a all% Knockout ratio he's won all 17 15 Knockouts it's not good ratio of heav With he's uh very excited to see what he Brings tonight B Rodriguez in my opinion Is his tough as effected did it is off His feet big right in way early on Rodriguez took it it on his gum shield And came back with a flurry of his own Toe-to-toe action first round Spectacular oh then almost a macho Battle in these first 35 40 seconds good Sinking shot to the body from Rodriguez In8 in a way technique and his leverage He throws that left hook it's it's and Personal it's a it's a real thing of Beauty he gets so much lever and that's I think why he's got the knockout ratio That he has took a good counter there From Manny Rodriguez been a good startop from Rodriguez and there's that right comes Forward [Applause] Oh big shot to the body in Way Big Shot Very excited about that last minute Opening round it's been fascinating Heavy bombs have landed already that's a Low one from Rodriguez I think on we go That's the way it should be Carl yeah no It was lower but it was an accidental One and in a way just want to fight on

Good Rodriguez has the air of a man who Is used to being on his feet we Anticipated in the build up to the fight No apprehension at all from Rodriguez And he's done well in this opening round Never know might even got it on the Judges cards I don't thanan Rodriguez Has has done okay hasn't looked out of His dep but the the more scoring solid Punches have come from and and I think He's left of the round though Manny [Applause] Rodriguez back we go with the [Applause] Ina just to remind you a huge support Staff with him big Japanese media hero In their Country now that's a right hand that Shifted a few and it he punches equally As hard with his r as he goes with the Danger sh which is left but the right Hand delighted to be sitting alongside Another one in you Carl Frankton proper People second round off we go keep an Fine fighting background he's worked Exceptionally hard as well for this Fight and he's and gone in from inway This is a a fearsome FL and he's down He's got him with a left for the first Time in his career Rodriguez in the Second counting the corner right above Us he'll dust down he's ready to go Again his Rodriguez Here Comes inway oh He's got it to take much more than that

Surely Rodriguez he's shaking it he's Up get your gloves up in way waiting two Minutes to go J this is unbelievable from the way Third time he's gone down rolled over Over Rock to the core another count it's Over Michael Alexander waves it off in The second Sho Sho Japanese likes out a man Justifiably so we wonder what would Happen when he came out of Japan we Wondered would he be able to re punch His landed Rodriguez shuddered here is The first knockdown Carl that was a great pry well to get up There from That a what a shot and and that big long Left to and hit him right on the Chin unbelievable power for 118b oh and McDonald that that left took is so good And it's so long and so precise and so Hard but in the finel who has an equally Good left hook I cannot wait to see the Final against him in need I'm just Looking at Rodriguez and he done well to Get up the referee stopped the feet but He wanted to continue that you know Rodriguez is a pro PU a to I've seen With my own eyes sitting as close to That was a real trck to watch well They'll talk about it for many years Well the fanatical fight fans here in Glasgow Scotland in just two rounds Absolutely Sensational what a talent and

What a privilege lights out for Rodriguez he's in way the mini Mike Tyson what a fight of punches landed Rodriguez shuddered here here is the First knockdown Carl that was a great shot well to get Up there from That a what a shot and and that big long Left and hit him right on the Chin unbelievable power for 118 lb oh And McDonald that that left took is so good And it's so long and so precise and so Hard but and he don't want to get up the Referee stopped the fight but he wanted To continue that you know Rodriguez is a Proud Puerto Rican I've seen with my own Eyes sitting as close that was a real Tra to watch well they'll talk about it For many years will the fanatical fight Fans here in Glasgow Scotland in just Two rounds absolutely Sensational what a Talent and what a privilege car car FR That's an absolute SL wind I I seen that Fight before Han said a 50 punch is Landed Rodriguez shuddered here is the First knockdown C That was a great shot well to get up There from That a what a shot and and that big long Left to I hit him right on the Chin unbelievable power for 118b oh and McDonald that that left took is so good And it's so long and so precise and so

Hard but in the final who has an equally Good left hook I cannot wait to see the Final against him in the needle I'm just Looking at Rodriguez he done to get up The referee stopped the fight but he Wanted to continue that you know Rodriguez is a proud Puerto Rican a top I've seen with my own eyes set as close Seconds of round number two referee Michael Alexander steps in calls a halt To the contest his opinion Manny Rodriguez in opposition to continue Therefore the winner progressing to the Wbss final and the new ibf bonwe Champion of the World NOA in [Applause] Way

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