Professional brittish heavyweight boxer and olympic champion Anthony Joshua with nickname “AJ” against new zealand top ranked athlete and WBO champion Joseph Parker. Fight for WBA Super, IBF, WBO and IBO heavy weight belts took place in Principality Stadium, Cardiff, England on March 31, 2018. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Anthony Joshua (England) vs Joseph Parker (New Zealand) | BOXING fight, HD, 60 fps

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And is he good enough to defeat the Unbeaten Joseph Parker who's younger by Two years but he's slightly smaller Introducing first fighting out of the Red Corner with his trainer Kevin Barry Wearing white with black he stands 6 ft Far His official weight 16 Stone 12 lb 7 Oz equivalent 236 1 12 lb his Professional record is a perfect one 24 Fights 24 victories including 18 wins by Knockout here is the fighting pride of New Zealand the reigning defending Undefeated WBO heavyweight champion of The [Applause] World only Only G [Applause] Par And his opponent across the ring Fighting out of the blue corner with his Trainer Rob mcracken he's wearing white And stands 6'6 officially weighing in at 17 Stone 4 lb 2 oz equivalent 2424 lb this Olympic gold medal Champion Now as a professional has a perfect Record 20 fights 20 victories 20 wins by Knockout he is the heavyweight fighting Pride of the United Kingdom the reigning Defending Undefeated WBA ibf IBO heavyweight champion of the World

AJ Anthony J let's get ready Rumble Joshua the wring room okay good luck on The line 44 wins between just under 80,000 here on this momentous occasion Two home one is's so relaxed anyway [Applause] But Joshua with the right hand under Pressure back against the ropes here Just looking for the body shot there Joshua almost towering over Parker who Gets closer Also swing in a body Parker just gone Back in his Shell one two one two off 30 relax Nice but there s here as Well fantastic height and reach straight Away Imposing out of range Parker he goes in Again it's jerky from Parker as he tries To get his own jab going good defense From Joshua who Spears a right hand back And for Joshua another undefeated far With a p threatening all the time par Coming he knows that Joshua has been Flawed by Klitschko but he did well the Right hand to Parker he just can't seem To get round giving away the NAT late Change for kubra pul Joshua but it's Boxing so Joshua's not had to throw many Punches yet but the punches he thrown Have noise out of the park account was

Good in Vegas Joshua beginning to drill A people clamoring for Joshua Wilder but He's got Vis is and take care of first Right hand and a combination see that Power with the speed as well the speed's Explosive I don't know if I'm SE Joshua With those legs but there a left hand From the Have a bit of swelling around the left Eye of Parker looking to get in and ra But annoyed with [Applause] [Music] Himself that was The Clash of Heads you're giving Joshua all the Rounds I think online with Joshua Backing up Parker it's going to be the Moment he's never been down amateur or Pro he's looking like he's sort of Twitching not enjoying what's coming Back him great job he walks straight Into That just off balance there Joshua there the J and the right hand Effective at Negating and he can stop him in his Tracks with the Jab week against Lis Ortiz when in Trouble got through the very B just looking to get inside that Long Reach six inch for Parker And that jab as Parker came in and feel

The power difference in That Kevin Barry made no real secret That get his man through the first few Rounds and then come on strong and here Comes Parker looking the pressure to Joshua this is Good JB solid from Joshua ringside mom Salah Dad Dempsey engage and begin to go Toe to Toe what of Joshua's size and and he Coming here and in terms of his game Plan because this is better for possibly Take Joshua Late I thought that Joseph Parker was Able to get Close Anthony Joshua as we all know came To the sport much later and here we go Starts to unload here Joshua went for it And now it's turning into a b b his Chin he's starting to increase it here Parker Joshua well he CAU par Parker There Joshua a Big R Joseph Parker Joshua misses with the right Hand Joseph Parker as he backs off from Joshua but the speed from Parker and the Right hand is doesn't look as happy in The settled and parus into this Contest making a real fight of it here For for AJ not having it all his own way Looking so powerful as he backs on no One's made a statement yet I think you Know no one's really landed a big punch To determine which way the fight's going To swing some lovely boxing to his game

This in this fight he really has he's Dictated with the jab he has been used Many times in Parker who won the WBO Time [Applause] Parker josua the distance Joshua he looks in control but that Close as he tries the Upp just half spit I think he might be that the referee's Very keen and very eager when these big Lums come Together body [Applause] Shots looking for the right hand counter There Joshua too cute for it backing up Joseph Parker but J Parker keeping their body Don't in this fight particularly early Behind that ja sharp but this is the Stage where I'm expecting yeah the Referee really these two disappointing Really because up close unless they're Seeking out the angles [Music] [Applause] Kin is he the one to look to hold he Knows the referee is going to be Breaking him Up so a lot of focus on Joshua as Parker Comes in to reestablish with the jab and The left hand and that got through and Parker has to take it the referee steps Into to break them par Shots not much to separate in this round

But some good shots from Joshua and that Takes me well loose for about a Minute we need [Music] To what would Deontay wild be making by Having that sort of scintillating Performance punes and sustain success Watching To furian one surely the perfect one Yeah such a good shot Of Joshua couldn't block that right hand Though Parker but he comes in in those Cameos well every time Joshua so every time Parker steps in Close and gets there and hold on to him Knowing that the referee will bring him AP so it's objective isn't it good work From Joshua there St in the 10th round Parker under Pressure the referee certainly hasn't Impressed those of you online watching Very R is Joshua on his back Foot and as soon as Joshua comes Close and Joshua's again the take very Loose on the left cover Joshua in this coming forward but he Seems to be with me but he's just not Having enough success you've still got Joshua in a very handy lead haven't you Got yes I've got joshu tried to work the Body up close but referee quick To that's B from Parker short right hand To the bodies vlir Klitschko took him

The longest in this some really good Points to the new look Joshua and There's the Uppercut that's been the most impressive Weapon for Joshua par but that's good work for Joshua but back comes Parker the real Effects but Parker backing up here Looking for Joshua which will then tip It Joshua's way on the cards signs from The Referee will he go for The Knockout will He boxes one scor card here he doesn't Need to take any chances don't take any Risk just box behind the JB Anthony Joshua tonight but Joseph Parker that Joshua possesses yeah there's been some Real good body workk from on his way in Instead of sitting back like he is now Because Joshua is so trying he's kept Believing all the way through but when He's on his regime has paid off wait for Joshua he hasn't hasn't managed to get That rhym he has got punn his through And the referee jumped in to intervene Again definitely not the referee's mate Respect for the T that the will go to The scor cards and Steve Gray from from Britain I think they believe that They've won it by a fair few Rounds [Applause] Eony by eight twice and by nine once Unanimous 21

And0 Parker losing for the very first Time he tried his best he pot shoted Plenty of work rate and maybe structure His Composure of every round but did enough T white margin listen this is called Boxing it's not called Fighting fight Fans want to S but sometimes as Champion It's important that you just come here And get will be happy with that we've Got scenes of him here smiling he's got A new WBO he thoroughly deserves it he Did what he had to do to win powerful Dangerous from America it's still the If he was a little flat against Carlos T He was much better Tonight behind his jab he's had 21 Fights he's got four belts Deontay Wilder was supposed to be here tonight But You' seen where he boxes he boxes in Some great venues with no one there look At what we're doing over here look at What Anthony Joshua is doing Deontay Wild will be

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