Professional american heavyweight boxer Chris Arreola with nickname “The Nightmare” against american most effective heavyweight puncher and top ranked athlete Deontay Wilder with nickname “The Bronze Bomber”. Fight for WBC heavy weight belt took place in Legacy Arena, Birmingham, USA on July 16, 2016. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Chris Arreola (USA) vs Deontay Wilder (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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6'7 weighing in at over 226 lb 30 years Old [Music] [Music] Now [Applause] Deontay Wilder coming in front of the Alabama fans and please coming the Greatest passing away this year as he Stands above a fallen Sunny Liston so [Music] Wilder the Nightmare Adola Deonte Wilder in dress room I want to remind You listen and obey my commands at all Time protect yourself at all time Fight Hard fight CLE good luck guys over 12,000 here at the Legacy arena in Turning into an international star Already Brian Kenny with Virg arola Doesn't have the body which is kind of New it's been a few Years it's great Division there's the right hand Mark Bran told me a few hours ago also world Champion knows boxing and knows how Important it is with deont to Chris in Certain situations here a slow round one We're going to stay right here in Birmingham live on Fox Corner C is Staying away from your right Hand jab triple jab right to the chest

Area Okay the determined look arola his Trainer Henry Ramirez and as we heard Arola J voice in Wilder's corner and Also Denny Garcia saying hey look the Right hand Up this morning at breakfast he has the LA gloves on now Chris is a la fan here State if I'm not mistaken but he's Raised in the bread and butter W can Stand back and snap out that long jab Well if you know he's squared to him He's not angled uh with his lead Shoulder and he's got his hands high so He's you could be sleep time I mean he Throws a far right hand from a long Distance with a t you cannot run through It you can hear the Thumpy but where he is at this stage in His career it could might not be enough Uh and Deontay touching go right Now arola gets Wilder the ropes Wilder Fires out a right hand and another but Arola moves his head open's cut ARA Seems to be cut already maybe from that One first right hand so the notes are Come on man you so you much no 6 years Delivering the beer lugging the beer Took a while before you become the Driver you first you've got to Lug the Beer and Wilder did that at a certain Point arola is going to have to think or Certainly big right hand from Wilder get Knocked down or get hurt he doesn't want

To play you rather just you know try to Get him Le no you're right and look you Got only what you can do as Ari now Tries to work in and we see look Wilder Didn't even like drill him with a hard Right hand and yet he was opened up Should be careful right here not play With Chris aroli he just missed a shot The fight there will be a Chance still Underneath those Wilder would not be Moving much Longer he needs to take this fight a Little chopping right hand and then a Hook from Wild St the idea that it's Moving like that let you gives you an Idea of the kind of power wild possesses You can still catch the punch and still Feel it yes sir That's round three look here as he Throws the big right hand Ooh was great reach they can pick up on It they can take the Punt think about it but I I think he Made the right decision you Know why fight somebody who's cheating You know Wilder says I insist on now He's this was great entertainment but Again these are heavy weights he needs To take it serious testing and that's The type of testing that actually Catching the athlete and that is Cheating exactly that's a blood and Urine test Wilder about holding Chris's

Head down then bringing alut but wow Arola again is getting more and more to The Body Chris trying to Lan That hard right hand get down goes Arola 2 3 4 5 6 Seven eight only a few seconds left but A hard right hand by Wilder and arola is Hurt back with another Hook that said Better as Wilder is putting on a show And arola is trying to survive right Here we see Deontay clear the space with His left hand you see clear the space Take a little step back with his waste You're put pressure on him keep up the Pressure every chance you get you heard Him with ja Over 12,000 Here nice jab as he steps Away and Again you know if he stays at that Distance mov here right he's looking Forar was no has been broken so often It's right there but he is making the Most of what he Has Arola taking right hands a little Better eat him up with his heel put him On his heels Chris when he stay when you Leave him outside he'll throw fast comin Real comfortable top arola still moving Forward trying to listen to his corner And get Wilder into the ROP you hearing

There in the corner do it again do it Again snaps out of beautiful T because Here now Alabama I don't know if he can Hear markand stop nobody Deontay says When he's on the road all he can hear is His Corner Deon Deonte it is tougher here he is loved Here in Alabama only 50 miles you're Winning every round stay focused he has To stay focused he's sort of L Chris Back into this fight and he better Qui There He Go good right hand nice Three- punch combination By and again hook I'd like to see Deontay keep it busy KN That short right hand Again as we end the Round back to his Stool we see Deontay having a great time Entertaining his fans in his home state Having a great time and fun with him to Entertain that's Great but he still has to stay focused On it out right that's better right There because also you're right daddy You know you're going to mess around he Pops a jab right off his head Right there he got he got on the ropes He land left Hook loads up with the hook and that's In real Power he's done good Call Henry M Ramirez says I want the Very great call from Henry Martinez to

Show 7 and0 he did his job Ariola did His best heavyweight champion of the World the bronze bomber Deonte Wilder Yeah

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