Professional american middleweight boxer Ronald Ellis with nickname “Akeem” against top ranked athlete and WBC champion David Benavidez with nickname “El Bandera Roja” (“The Red Flag”). Fight took place in Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, USA on March 13, 2021. Spectacular boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Ronald Ellis (USA vs David Benavidez (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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At 168 lb former two-time 168 lb belt Holder David Benitas lost the one title After Reckless [Applause] Ellis [Music] David in charge now to give instructions Johnny Callis above all obey my commands At all time first command is right now Touch gloves when the bell rings come Out in box good Luck experiences is his 300th Professional Bout taking on The Undefeated David Benitz 20 the bell and round one benitz In the red with black and gold Ellis in The black with white trim and and of Course his nickname is a red flag but It's Ellis pushing the pace early Ellis Believes bring from Benz and I see the The the eyes you know locking Isis right Now before the the round Knockouts last One against Felipe Romero back in November 2015 so has the competition Been harder for benovitz to get the Early stoppages and it's Ellis right now Working on Benitas along the ropes Benitas the too at over 250 lbs started Boxing at 13 there's a left hand that Scores for Benz comination punching Offense going and of course in his last Fight Benitas missed weight but Ellis Missed weight in his last fight as well

Against Matt corob and corob may be the Most snake fighter in Boxing during camp for this fight yeah It's intriguing isn't it because that's The the man that Ben anyone in the sport I think the biggest Money Maker in the Game I'm pretty sure there are some 147 Pound I'm liking how Ellis is using his Jab you know it's in the beginning first First round this second round is lead Left hook by benitz and misses with this Tries to gauge the distance there's a Body shot by Benitas land Super middleweight division we haven't Seen evidence of that yet but he'll get That punch unlimbered before this Fight's done Talks by benitz that right Hand manages to sneak through the guard For Ellis but benitz now both of them Kind of fire fight that benas usually Loves and it's creating a little Excitement here in round two he says Alis back and he said there's a nice Left hook to the body and the right hand Instead of a a knockout in the ring he Actually gets more punch yes I would Rather love that those a Sweet Sound of These punches by benas on watch with Both men doing some things offensively Ellis has never been down as a pro Ellis Flashing the jab leads with the right And there's that hand speed counter Right hand a short right and there's Benitas beginning to avoid Ellis's shot

At [Music] Benitas uh and we see benovitz I viz I Mentioned that he lands more Jabs benitz Would be uh impressive uh Ellis missing Getting ready to launch his own shots And there you see the four punch Combination work at Big Bear the last Time he trained at Big Bear Cheryl Mamadov and uh some good Fighters that Made him battle tested Ronald G Gabriel Who he beat to win his title he was Knocked down in that fight the only time He's been down and of course he then Became a two-time champion against Anthony derell but now he's beginning to Put it on if we keep getting exchanges Like that it's going to be fun to watch But benid is now Landing some big Power Punches it's becoming so far really fun Fight to watch He's Landing most of them And I hear a symphony of leather here at The fight down moving Forward he's got to start going back to That instead of just moving Backwards that right put Behind there's a lead right Cross by David benitz backing up again because of Benas comes in with that left hook There's a counter right by Ellis under 30 seconds left in the third double jab By Ellis now leaning in and oh he almost Ate that right Uppercut both Fighters throwing round a

Great round for the former two-time 168 Lb Champion all right I talked about Hearing a symphony of leather You see what I'm Saying training ronal Ellis for some Time Ben is of course trained by Sam the Assistant really they've uh credited With getting Benitas in shape waight Again and of course Abner as Ellis comes Back with the right hand uh David Ben is Not the first B restrictions here at the Fight spere isn't the easiest yes And we'll likely see that again pass the Midpoint of the fourth round the ropes Trying To absorb this offense from benas and Ellis speaking of firing there's some Fire to the body by David Benz and in Many ways Ellis quit himself well wants To move up the pecking order and under 30 seconds left here in the fourth the Jab and there's a counter right by Benitas But we haven't seen that this right Uppercut by Ellis and then uppercuts on The inside by Ben and Ronald Ellis we've Come to the end of four rounds at the Fight Sphere nice and then once you go in Let's Attack I like what Ellis is doing sping A little bit to venid you know he he has Some thinking with that and great JB we

Got to go back all of us look forward to The days when we have an audience back In the Arenas but a fight like This great body work yeah clipped benas But then benas Chopping Ellis is thinking before he Throws his one two and benas trying to See where where to land the jab and then Go to the Body's Ellis puts himself on the road Eats a combination from benitz pivots And now Ben scores for benas the jab and New nice counter jab by Ellis and They're both Open good exchange here in the final Seconds of the fifth let's go to to me He want in an interview that he wanted To stay in 168 and make as many big Fights as you possibly could Before and there we see the good good Work from uh Ellis jab but it's always Been who goes in there and you know Always finishes with the combination get One of the best at 168 yeah you are Absolutely right remember Benz said he Would have him out before round six time To go round six but you you have to like The C the the the yes I'm loving it I'm Loving it and I've been saying this Since the last round I I be back and yet He is in the line of fire Benz putting It on him now with these body shots left Uppercut but Ellis is opener but Ellis There feeling the power of

And then trying To at the right distance here ad he is Ellis yeah he definitely is TE off he's Landing those inside punches though the Remember Ellis has never been down as a Pro and showcasing a we get into the Second half of This you Cannot see some examples of some of them And a lot of them were power packed as He got Ellis on the ropes later on even More success for him as he kept ripping Those right hands to the head of Ellis Who kind of turned in that fight Ellis Achieved almost perfect balance throwing 398 ja yeah he has a to land to right as Much as he wanted Ellis this you know Cornering him backing him up with those Inside punches those are the best ones Especially when you have a fight he Comes back with activity and he comes Back with accuracy and that's been the Difference to the body he told us and Now of course the jab in the body and Yet doing a good job of head Hunting increased the number of Jabs and I I like what Steve farhood said yeah Ben will let you you know throw a few Shots but he'll come back with something He'll come back with the Zone oh Beautiful Sol right hand by David Benitas 45 doing a little bit of following just You know uh Ellis instead of cutting the

Ring break step back don't punch Let you see him oh those are two Monstrous Jabs and he continues per Round than any other super middleweight And he uses the jab there to set up the Right hand some big Power punches Against Ronald Ellison follows up with The lead right hand so he just turned 24 Uh this December 17 I believe and um he He's got a lot of growing to do when He's doing he he's maturing I mean he Not easy and you know he he had all Those fake friends those people that Were just you know turning him even Though is still fighting back oh what a Left hand hook to the body out by what Does he do offensively wow there it is Again lead left hook and a right Cross that body shot hurt Him he's got to throw it again that body Shot definitely Hur uppercut another Uppercut another uppercut Now has held together and not gone down And he's still fighting back this Astonishing 30 seconds Ronald Ellis Maybe earned 20 seconds left in the Eighth and that was just landed a very Nice right hand it just didn't do Anything second of the Ellis finds Himself along the ROP not going to let you the concern About Ronald Ellis in that corner by the Ring officials is because of this I mean He took so many sh respect here for for

Doing what he can he's trying to equit Himself as well as could be expected and He has his he's taking a lot of Punishment and yet here he is Ali still Game in round nine yeah Ronald fighter Who's Superior to him and that's Abner Bened ring IQ on display as well the he Throws every punch with power it's not He said nice beautiful body punch there He's trying to go for it again but he's Not satisi satisfied with just the body Capitulate he will not go away quietly No yes but he know he still wants to Fight but at the end of the day I think Again the responsibility of the quarter And how much they care for their fighter Courage shabalala telling respect he is Earning respect as and yeah he's earning A beating as well from David benas it's The nature of the Beast don't want you To take those head shots you got to punt Fire are they keeping are they keeping Your hand Coming else has never been 12 rounds in His career he's been 10 uh benitz is 2 And0 over 12 almost you know right hand Is I want to call that jab a right hand Even though it's left The powerful one but in this case Benz Has both hands that are power Benz again Attack the Body you know David Benitas a lot of Times squares himself up but he doesn't Get hit in that in that posture a lot

Which is Interesting you know what it is I'm Sorry you know he's Landing based on What youve seen up to this point Abner I Think the only thing is cut off the ring A little bit more he left hand by benus Yeah you could almost forget to praise The Bodywork by Ben you know he's done a Superb job to the body as well and a kid Testament under 30 seconds left here in Round number 10 Ellis Corner wants him to of course The Basics on display courtesy of Bandera Roa David like they were going to go Well for Ellis he was using the by the End of the round it was benov can Landing that right hand Division and Well Ronald Ellis he's going to have to Dig and down deep as he's been doing Throughout the fight although Corner Does because they've warned him before If he continues to Take so this is Uncharted of course won Earlier this evening by knockout he was Ellis beat to win the Golden Gloves Championship So a big big win for Terrell kick off The night and a big display David Ben's Technique here in round 11 Abner is Hitting the body the head he is just Strainer watching very intently with Ellis pinned in the corner and now benav Is unloading on Ronald Ellis and Ellis

Theet indication that we're get ready For the end of this match man he is Fighting fire with fire and you got to Be careful he learned a lot from this Fight he showed a lot he showed hard you Know I'm saying he's not and that's You're absolutely right ad and in boxing Especially a loss is so devastating when Really it should be a more and more Learning Has Ear great by the refere is going to Fight it but what a what a performance By David Benitas and you know what Ronald delis and still undefeated El Bandera Roa David [Applause] Benavides

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