Professional mexican most popular multiple world champion in four weights Saul Alvarez with nickname “Canelo” (“Cinnamon”) against brittis top ranked athlete and WBO champion John Ryder with nickname ‘The Gorilla’ . Fight for IBF, WBA, WBC and WBO Super middle weight belts took place in Estadio Akron, Zapopan, Mexico on May 6, 2023. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) vs John Ryder (England) | BOXING fight, HD

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Beat Daniel Jacobs he beat Zack Parker Officially he's been beaten once since 2017 and that was a very this week and He's not delusional he knows the Challenge in front of it but he believes He and Tony Sims have constructed Mandatory Challenger the gorilla John Ryder [Applause] [Applause] El protect yourselves at all times touch Cloves now man you're wel at the Bell God bless you both earlier today a new King was Crown in Great Britain best Days are behind him he in this division Here we go 12 rounds for the Undisputed Super middleweight CH I want to see how Much confidence Ryder has in that right Hook that's going to be the key punch For R he's going to get respect out of Canelo Canelo has basically been a Nightmare for British boxing 7 and0 Against British Fighters including 5 what scenes in gu of the heart for Those Entrances react en Counter we've seen this before from Canelo the he doesn't want to get Counters right hand for pelo backs John Ryder up against the Ropes you know Sergio you mentioned the John Ryder it's a smart JB that's effective

Against Divo of course has one of the Best Jabs in sneaking a defense good up Upper body movement he fin kind of finds Fights in a in a Weird not come through 0 and three in Challenges for the British super Midweight title statistics of course Because John Ryder would also argue that He beat Rocky fieldings in Liverpool as Well left blocks by Canelo step in left Hook to the body does Sergio that I've Seen on tape is that when he throws both Of them are actually assessing the Situation they're assessing the speed And the dis with it Ryder's definitely Focus and he's always coming back with a TR semi big Ryder's coming back right Away like you a couple times this week Sergio ryer is willing unleash or unload On three or four com combinations when Fight getting out from the south paw STS To his right that's been the only Effective punch by Canelo so far Left Sal is back fighting Inar with the first time of the throw That's a beautiful thing to watch got Blood coming out of the the Canelo Landed just a moment ago opened up the Nose of John Ryder and that is gushing Bloods P knows are Bleeding body shot from Canelo let's see If he steps on the gas here closer and Closer R's doing a good job dipping to A oh again that one

Scores Ryder's a lot less effective when He fights off his back foot his best Moments against Daniel J that's one of The things that I wanted to see if Ryder Was going to start backing up Canelo Then he was going to stand a chance Continue to do damage especially when Riders back against the Rope that's one Of the best weapons [Applause] Against extending that [Applause] Jab that's a good chopping right good Chopping see Ryder keeping that left Glove up high he knows Canelo wants to Score see them going to work on the Corner of John Ryder Sergio but I'm also Knows that he ultimately ends up Dominating but over the last couple of Rounds we've seen ride or really start To take Lands a hard body shot Ryder's coming Back with a quick counter it's nothing Big but it's stopping not only coming Out of your nose but it's going inside Your Mouth sneaky Uppercuts he needs to throw to win some Of these rounds half the fight get Daniel jaob so he's shown he get strong People all the stuff that surrounds the Ring does that just kind of fade away or Always the tunnel vision good body shot See that body shot's been n since the

First round he's going to eat one he's Got to give One now it's Canelo working the jab as His gloves are covered in Blood his crowd trying to Rally behind Canelo as he [Applause] Had can see between rounds the last two Rounds John Ryder's having a very Difficult and the worst thing you can do Sergio is to try and blow the blood out Of your nose that swell your Leg the foot positioning has been One good shot by Canelo right there he's Having a hard time he should be going Forward like uh Chris said earlier oh And a onew and that just sa Ryder is Looking at his Corner he's thinking About it he's not sure he wants to get Up looking at his Corner oh in front of His hometown fans 50,000 strong they Taste blood they would have see him get His finish Here Canelo right hand from Canelo Ryder just looks a [Music] Mess with that jab but Canelo landed a Clean one two right hand of Ryder then Straight down the pipe with that right Right hand beautiful right hand right There Nice left to the to the body you can see That canelo's trying to set up set up

Right for Chall who that right hand was blocked But it still knocked Ryder off kilter a Little John Ryder's got some wobbly legs Right [Applause] Now Yes he is and and every time Canelo Tries to do anything he's coming back [Applause] With those right hands a lot more Probably should we expect [Applause] That [Music] Just [Applause] Two and he Smothers Canelo see that he Smothers Canelo and gets on the inside Say what you will about Ryder but well Not only that but he's he's naturally Bigger fighter and he's been hit by Bigger men so he's still the smaller Fighter coming Up yeah Ryder's Foundation still doesn't Seem quite right does it no it does not Double the amount of power shots landed For Canelo the John Ryder nice jab there from Ryder B Ryder fighter right There up aut it's all about for both These Fighters in favor of Canelo Alvarez I Give John Ryder a lot of credit hanging

In there after taking last time is John Ryder Well a win's a win but uh I would I Would like to know if his wrist if his Wrist is uh got to find a way to get on That F front foot and push Canelo Alvarez back make him [Applause] Fight he's loading up on that right hand Blocking because he still feels he's Doing damage with This I tell you what that has been doing A good Job yeah there hasn't been uh a lot of Movement pretty much just stand in front Of Each right handell and another one boy He's winding those up like he's an Outfielder trying to throw someone out At home plate yeah he Is yeah I was asking R to do it in a way That wasn't draining for him he said I Don't like Heat good moment there for R they trip They Tri they trip good call by the Referee And Ryder again not he has strengthen His legs and he he he wants he wants to Out of your legs you have to get up like That you got to pick yourself up but That takes leg [Music] String Up good start to the round here for

[Applause] Ryder Ryder having some success [Applause] Good shot there by Canelo partially Blocked by R oh that right hand got Ryder off Balance Again yeah that rocked him that's one Lighter I'm telling You oh boy he sees the referee so close He's got to stay busy 10 seconds to go Big overhand right That amazing heart from John Ryder Absolutely shot that I've been catching Ryder and her this showing incredible Courage Smothers at attack but hooks Like that have been catching the Attention of a Canelo so much heart and Will kind of throw hops in to throw the Right hand the crowd buzzing with Anticipation but like we keep saying Ryder the heart on Ryder is pretty oh It's an effective move as we said Against Canelo was about to say South to Get hit with the jab it's just not a big Part of John Ryder's Repertoire good round here for Ryder right hand picture perfect for Can Nice Chris he just doesn't even hide it there [Applause] [Applause]

Comes block [Applause] Shots how do you have it scored heading Into the last round I've got it 106 102 In favor credit he has really come on Over these last two rounds really Proving that he's not just here I said This was going to be a respectful State Busy fight strong South po out Rider you Don't get The Knockout but you're still Going to get that Work from these nearly 12 rounds with Canelo Alvarez is that he's still fast He's still strong and sharp as he's been In years past well the question now will Be to be a fighter like Canelo but that Jab is just impressive the foot is Impressive the way he Canelo urging him Come on he wants Ryder open up but Ryder's not giving him that anytime that He wants to get nice right hand from John Ryder 30 seconds here we Go 12 Round moral victory for John Ryder a lot Of heart a lot of courage his Performance i' give it that not he would Have finished him off like Canelo would Have done done that Prev you see Canelo Alvarez loading up On these rights right Hands the middle part of the fight but After that Ryder came back that sneaky Uppercut Sergio fight but the second

Half start land a lot [Music] More Ryder really can't take a Punch Took advantage of those body Shots and still the Undisputed super middleweight champion Of the World [Applause] Sao a

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