Professional amerian lightweight boxer Mario Barrios with nickname “El Azteca” (“The Aztec”) against american most effective lightweight puncher and top ranked athlete Gervonta Davis with nickname “Tank”. Fight for WBA Super light weight belt took place in State Farm Arena, Atlanta, USA on June 26, 2021. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Mario Barrios (USA) vs Gervonta Davis (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Experience this is his 420th Pro bout in XR indeed high with Javante tank Davis to the biggest Opponent he's faced Mario B the bell and Round one Davis the sua in the don't Want to overc commit either with Davis of course much smaller than baros Try you know Davis normally lands 37% of With that jab Long Reach yeah bario the Rangy boxer Puncher Davis blocked that right hand From what's happening in terms of the Physical interesting much different Levels of course especially with that Uppercut oh right hand got through the Guard but tank Davis and now bario down In the respective Pro careers there it Is and left by Davis almost predict see What he has and and and Davis was quick With that left Mario with the right hand Left talk right hand through the guard Good combination put together time right There javante uh Davis wanting to get The overhand left in and there actually It was a pretty straight left hand Around Baros throwing the hook to the body and Then the straight right hand so a Terrific Combination We you mentioned the thead fight against Bario but that punch yet against oh Davis has found a home for the left to The

Butt and Davis getting pressured by B kind of Felt the waters out There he's getting closer with that left Hand and the crowd of course the third Round BOS goes to the body with the left Hook listen for that Bell gentlemen Listen for the Bell right now okay he Can't come over the top so don't bring Your head in range okay number four Coming up making after we good we good I'm just talking to You yes and also baros needs to be Careful not to be being too predictable Because that right hand bounced off the Glove of Davis Davis the physical Attributes the physical fascinating Thing we're all sitting here in Pinson Needles we're wondering what happens if He landphere if he were to record the Upset Victory here tonight despite his Physical the underdog and now Davis with The jab with the right there's the right Hand R bario sticking that jab out and Getting a right hand in many Mouthwatering matchups To5 and the left hand twice got in for Davis there's a right hand of the body By There you go there's that left hook to The body right hand upstairs combination Again Davis putting on the pressure There's a right hook to the body by Davis left hand

Upstairs and B there body rips the left Up Left Hand by Davis action picking up Here in the fifth and Davis has slipped The scripture of javante tank Davis Cting Shot F fifth [Applause] Round 46 coming up the last round Davis was Able to get the left hand in firing back Against him would rip the left H Downstairs and kind of blocked by Davis Didn't get in blood around the right eye Of baros and there's the left handed Just got their and closed the distance Between himself and baros now as you Know [Applause] And and and of course left hand lands For Davis baros now he has a more Aggressive Davis now but hey Plan B Faint that left hand just like that Another left hand by Davis space beginning to find his Distance well but it's the body language Javante Davis we're good we're good We're Good man good round Listen this's left hand has become a Potent weapon in this fight uh he's Landed it not a lot not always use and There he uses the jab to set it up so it He can land it as a lead or also

Good Lands oh uh early on I was asking myself How many rounds is Davis going to give Away there you Go Davis comes off the ropes backing up The counter bario trying to time baros As baros goes to the body with the left Hook first left uppercut we've seen a Jab here and there for baros he can't Just throw it straight all the time oh Double jab B of Bops 15 seconds left in the set And yet punches remain at a premium as We go to round eight right There hands up it's time to go to the Body now Okay Davis attacking and using the jab Very effectively we talked about that And what does it do at Inside the best way huh Custer Jim gry And Showtime Championship box Devante Tank Davis said he would stop Mario some Stamina issues a little bit even though He knocked out but oh my wow right H right to brother javante tank Davis Brought his power to one and Mario Bario 6 7 8 you okay you want canic Corruption here in Atlanta as Davis Continues to death 10 Bario well now we will know what happens When Davis hits him Well bario trying to stand up sh another Right

Wow budgeting baros here in the e but Baros trying to fight Back brought his power to one [Applause] Homes how do you Feel throwing that right hook and Landing it perect right moment there it Is he looked like he was going to jab And then went after baros and would land The straight score card so oh and bario SLS a combination on Davis well vir said That I think to pump up Ario you know to unad with Davis on the Ropes there's a left number 10 in Tonight's man establish the jab Early has baros now one point ahead the Evan flow to G has thrown 38 punches Only 15 for Davis in this round so to Back up bario Bario's looking to utilize The oh punish in right hand the body by Bar left HCK left uppercut right hand But then Davis come back CL Baros under 30 seconds baros was winning That round but then Davis heard Him thunderous 10th round in Atlanta of [Music] 16,500 you you got that Round coach in your in the [Applause] Corner and his power has already Delivered two knockdown is on official Score and gave to Davis for bario says Action resumes Davis double jab left

Hand and bario say went into the 12th Round when he knocked out Gamboa once And that was in this very Arena Corner watched the Forarm Davis got clipped on the jaw by Baros that was his monstrous left H and Take that punch and Davis walking Forward walking through fire left off Someone seems like Davis is looking for Knock Out right hand to the body by Baros Davis th the left J bario a double Number it's [Applause] Over so one thing I have to say is hard Over height tonight for tank Davis well this is that tremendous what Of course it's an uppercut what else is Not expecting That sticks The Landing in his debut at 140 lbs T Davis jante tank DAV doesn't just want To be great he wants to be one of the Greats

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