Professional puerto rican lightweight boxer Jose Lopez with nickname “Wonder Boy” against american most active light weight fighter and top ranked athlete Ryan Garcia with nickname “KingRy”. Fight took place in Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, USA on March 30, 2019. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Jose Lopez (Puerto Rico) vs Ryan Garcia (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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To be sold standing remotely here in Southern California it's our M main Event this is our tale of the tape Garcia just 20 introducing to you first Fighting out of the blue Corner wearing Tonight black trunks trimmed and gold he Weighed officially 134 lbs even in 24 Professional BS his record outstanding With 20 victories including 14 Knockouts Three defeats and one B Even the Carolina Puerto Rico here is The Wonder Boy Jose [Applause] Lopez and the cross the ring stands his Opponent fighting out of the Red Corner Tonight wearing red trunks trimmed in Black he weighed in 134 and half BBS This young professional is perfect in His campaign inside the ring 17 bouts 17 Victories including 14 big wins coming By way of knockout he is The Undefeated Light wa the fighting pride of Victor Bille California here is King Ry Ryan [Music] Garcia to be sold standing remotely here In Southern California it's our M main Event this is our tale of the tap Garcia Just 20 years [Music] Old little High I'm going to let him Work in here same thing here coach They're just a drop High m instru I just Want to remind you listen and follow my

Directions at all time fight clean Too can Ryan Garcia King Ry continue his Rapid or will the Wonder Boy Jose Lopez off the tracks for a crash and Burn upset here tonight Garcia in the Red trunks Jose Lopez and Ryan Garcia Fighting for the first time a newborn Daughter just last week Riley Garcia how Do you think that'll affect him well It's going to affect him in PS away Because not only is he fighting nice Double jab for Jose Wonderboy Lopez be how he handles adversity when He gets in real trouble which we haven't Seen you think Lopez is the guy that can Put him in some trouble tonight yep we Seeing a little bit aggressive by Lopez Now but you want to see a lot of that And he's not Reckless yes this is going To be a big test tonight for GR Here Lopez trying to get Inside even though he has he's getting An easy shot here everybody's going have To work for it both Fighters is knowing Knowing for good defense and that's what You see right Nowc his newborn baby daughter he has a YouTube show he's Inside which I love to see early in the Fight to warm his arms up to warm his Mind up as the fight goes on couple left Hands Landing there for Lopez who does Not appear to be intimidated at all from The

Flash going to show everyone that he's Going to be a pesty fighter he's going To be a pesty demeanor towards Garcia try to make those exchanges to Get something [Applause] In Back [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Combinations come because of more than One punch Ryan Garcia has been taught to Throw more than one two get [Music] In Eddie Roso speaking Spanish in the Corner Garcia does so there was a Translator there for Roso and Garcia but A nice flurry to end round one for Garcia Garcia got in the corner want to Keep his hands up the combination and That's what he's doing thr rapid Combinations defense Bernard and let me Tell you Lopez SE in in previous fights Where as long as he continue to pressure Garcia he can get some Punes Garcia started boxing at the age Of seven he wanted everything to rely on His own shoulders if I lose it's because Of me if I win it's because of me fight I have it split one round a piece but

You know Garcia has to continue Ryan has To continue to throw that jab from a Distance the fight close I think it's to His Disadvantage oh a good one two straight Right hand [Music] Lopez oh there one right on the a you See the distance of Ryan Garcia he's He's measuring with the left hand and Then he couldn't be in trouble as the Fight goes on I can tell you this this Is Extremely Loud inside this event Center 99% of the people here cheering For Ryan Garcia him Out has an old soul and a young body he Rolls with that shoulders not to get hit In that's a really veteran Move oh good uppercut Lopez red a little Bit he made Fly another right hand uppercut misses Lopez needs to put his and he's Down D so with great combination and not Stoping until he gets him [Applause] Down hey the end of the round the Bell Save them out of this [Applause] Round here's the first knock down when He got hurt earlier with the right hand But it was a jab set it up with the Straight right hand this started the Combinations sorry and then he got hurt Again and didn't go down yeah the second

Time it was the right hand but it was Accumulation of punches as we see right Now of the third time happened right There letting the uppercut land like it Did some concern now in the clz are they Going to stop it they do Ryan Garcia the Hke train rolles On no Hype looks good talks good got a fan Baby he's got the boyish looks just like His mentor out of his fights was this Continue to punch to the referee steps In that is a Tor move by a Wise Wise Coach no matter what angle you look at It you're going to see the same results What continue to throw punches even Though some punches is not actually hit Any Rocky undercard he gained a million Followers after that I wonder how many More he'll get after this knockout Tonight over Jose Lopez talking to the Doctors in the cornerman Jack Reese Saying that will do it no M gets the win For his newborn daughter Riley Garcia Born just last week short fight was this Is best performance this is impressive This is the best performance based under The pressure performance and that Poise From a 20-y Old I mean I'm a l Boomer I didn't start Looking like that continue to punch it To the referee steps in that is a Tor Move by a Wise Wise coach no matter what Angle you look at it you're going to see

The same results what continue to throw Punches even though some punches is not Actually hitting Rocky undercard he Gained a million followers after that I Wonder how many more he'll get after This knockout tonight over Jose Lopez Talking to the doctors in the cornerman Jack Reese saying that will do it no M Gets the win for his newborn daughter Riley Garcia born just last week Ryan [Music] Garcia I'll tell you what Bernard I Don't think this Arena

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