Professional shocking brittish heavyweight boxer Derek Chisora with nickname “War” against american top ranked athlete and title challenger Malik Scott with nickname “King”. Fight for WBO International heavy weight belt took place in Wembley Arena, London, England on July 20, 2013. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Derek Chisora (England) vs Malik Scott (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Ladies and gentlemen this is the vacant Fighting out of the Red Corner he brings Within a record of 35 wins one draw with 12 Kos to his name At yesterday's weigh-in he scales 16 Stone eight pounds and tonight where's The mole their black shorts ladies and Gentlemen please welcome to London from Philadelphia USA Malik scores [Applause] His record reads 16 wins four losses With tenkos to his Fame at yesterday's Weigh-in he scale 17 Stone four pounds And tonight where's the Union Jack Shorts ladies and gentlemen presenting And introducing from Finchley London Derek Jesus [Applause] Proudly presents ten three minute rounds [Applause] [Music] Defend yourselves at all times what's Those heads when you're in close International heavyweight champion Well Malik Scott is on beat benty Jabs To around Malik Scott averages nearly 30. he's a slant he's yet to be beaten Shazura needs to get on his chin right From the start It's an intriguing matchup Between a fighter and chisora who's Aggressive tonight [Applause]

Watch him a few times out of 10 he is Really skillful just seeing he's an Orthodox fighter Beethoven very accurate So Derek needs to be where he is not Only used to start passing to get on his Chest He dipping those shoulders Are troubled so often puffed and Although David probably shots Uppercut too Massive punches for the heavyweight Division Big right hand book Again this is exactly it she's almost in Shape to affect this sort of fight on That I think coming in overweight and Not as fit as he has been recently he's Looking sharp tonight I know Scott likes to fight after Robson Lets his hands go like he has been when He gets up let's go to he's got to win Clearly Oh lovely hook there he's been trying Barry two delicious left hooks to the Body from Scott the Scott already with a Welton at his right eye Alec Ially And Scott just slightly bothered by that Right eye Template that we expected the tactics Scott landed with a few times Keep him busy came back into it then Scott finished quite well at the end With no sort of combination

Dwelling under his right eye will be Encouraging signs for Derek tutor the Last three of his last four at a high Level [Applause] By the prospect of this fight Oh he's more than lucky Alice I thought He won eight out of 10 Rounds that night Thank you It's taking too long I think I saw a Nice little whipping shot and She's always got the stamina we know That There's been a funny funny video hasn't It but I for me I think that was a round For Malik Scott I think threatened to do But didn't actually do a lot of work Much better Rushing and moving don't clinch The Showcase All right you hear me don't you it's the Shadow box over the longer reach But just putting pressure totally not Making Fitness Focus strength I've sort of thrown any punches but he's Not Being a tag if it's got to the levels The bicep injury 2008 and 2012. sharpness of skills Though Unless little one two therefore with Malik on the ropes Every time you come up against a decent Fight

Said Scott [Applause] [Music] Stop a little then You're traveling further and some things That happens when a fighter gets tired I Want you pushing them around and quit Laying on the ropes you're giving him The fight that way you hear me you got To stay in the And there you see some of those quick Combinations With the uppercut to be fair but yeah he Rips him up Come on baby [Music] We know each other so well including That's it [Applause] Just change direction [Applause] Scott's gonna have to do enough to Persuade the Bodywork getting into it now So they're coming in off Scott [Applause] I'm good to too worried about having to Take Underneath hooks now there's plenty from The referee for Scott The letter to the body against this Round Starting to make a little bit of a these Might just be little building blocks for

Later in the fight a good body shot but He's closing the Gap with me Alex that's The most important thing And all those cloudy shots as well Good round that for chizura More yeah Much better keep drilling that body Don't worry you're investing in it Excellent insight into the corner there Inward investing without the Bodywork If the dogs got work hard That was fidelic is even though he's Getting caught with his shots coming in And another lovely hook up I couldn't Just got caught that's better from Dallas just about to say he needs more Head movement Thompson in the Twilight of his career Well he should have been awesome good Work again there from Scott Ish has not been in sharper movements When he's coming forward I'm already at halfway can you believe The movement from chisora good fruit Work Scott [Music] [Applause] Wow [Applause] Here comes the pressure from Scott just Leaning To the performance Don't carry a lot of weights on them do

[Applause] Those eye-catching punches And even though those are only sort of Shook Yeah from the back of the Arena look at That right hand looked like it landed in There just called Malik Scott on the Shoulder really just made Scott to slow Down a little bit hasn't he He's a little flurry now there's no Zora Down on the Rope she's gone down Scott He's gone down His feet in the first so son Francis is He getting up he's coaching down what is He doing In a fight lovely winning [Applause] The story was still to a five that was a Big right hand over the top He was megaly hurt or anything wrong Seriously heard caught in you I think he Just disorientating slightly [Applause] When he managed to gather himself There's no that right hand did so you Know you can see him he looked like nine You've got about nine but obviously the Winner and the new WBO International Heavyweight champion from Phoenix Derek billboard [Applause]

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