Professional russian boxer and WBA Super light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol against mexican most popular multiple world champion in four weights Saul Alvarez with nickname “Canelo” (“Cinnamon”). Fight for WBA Super light heavy weight belt took place in T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, USA on May 7, 2022. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Dmitry Bivol (Russia) vs Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) | BOXING fight, HD

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The fight capital of the world and one Of the biggest fights of the Year about To take place this6 lb his professional Record a perfect one 19 fights 19 Victories 11 of them coming by way of Knock out tonight he makes his eighth Defense of his world title fighting out Of IND California here is the reigning Defending undefeated WBA like Heavyweight Chevy of the world the Tre Be Beo he is the four Division World Champion the three division unified World champion the two division linear World champion and the first and only Undisputed super middleweight champion Of the world here is boxing's biggest Attraction the pound-for-pound [Applause] King Sa Al okay gentlemen drunks here good in The dressing room I want to obey my Commands God bless you both touch Up can Canelo Alvarez continue to boldly Go where no man has stop sign in The Undefeated light heavyweight and demetry Bble here we go 12 Rounds Tod brish because bble is a a Puncher that throws punch count so can Can't start off short and slow because Left hand off the top of the head from Alvarez there's that the guards he had a Little difficult time with Caleb plant

He finally a home for the right hand to The gut to the right side because of the Sheer volume of punches jab specifically That kovalev was throwing and look at Him throwing more frequently here better Fundamentals than Foundation that [Applause] Koval I want to see how Canelo is going to React with the strength of that right Hand there's a one [Applause] Two really is that's why you got to be Content with just touching those gloves Take what you can Alvarez against Callum Smith constantly hit his arms do you Think through caught the chin a little Bit for Canelo Cano starts loading up Even if you you block those shots They're still going to Have no no don't don't push him Don't and this is what be he has to make It uncomfortable for [Applause] Canelo swinging a Miss with the left by [Applause] Canel here's Canelo going around the Guard that one pierce the left hand and Bble comes right back with three or four Of custom to seeing is Canelo take a Back there's that right hand to the but You can see when bball throws the one Twos like this he is scoring and you Could excuse me

Daniel of power behind him they're still Having Effect yes Ser to but he's stepping back With his hands up which is a good thing You know as the last fight we seen the And that's why be's going to be such A get a flurry from B just he's going to Have a a harder time doing it with bbo Cuz look R up on punches as Well the way that bbo [Applause] Has Canelo like we nice uppercut lands Right there look he can find something Going on on the left side he comes Around the guard Beil coming back not Much tonight doesn't he absolutely but I'm wondering when we're going to see The power of vivil as of now we viil is Not much of a body puncher but it's that Right hand right there that does enough W letting Canelo plant his feet staying Off the ropes just like That Canelo sit down canelo's been all Power shots this [Applause] One Here's that big right uppercut that Landed by Canelo Alvarez but was it Enough to S those punches right right There that leave a lasting impression on The Judges last round it was bivo who was Coming [Applause]

Forward there's a right hand again the Uppercut just overhand right being Landed by Canelo oh look at Bille look at him go oh my word B's demeanor to me seems as if he's just Trying to weather the storm right now in His Fight another good jab and then a Left so this is the good shot that I was Talking about the onot that bi had he Was able to let his hands go punches and [Applause] Bunches there is one from Demitri bevil With the jab I didn't expect this many Combinations and really the looking to Set this right hand Up came around the guard with a left Hook right there I love [Music] The throwing that jab to the chest jab To the chin but look at the intelligent Punching right there he is I see the Same thing and I might even let's take a Look at our cop box aiming at that at The arm the left arm of bivo now it's Runing that's exactly the game plan that Do you think this strategy would work Against Canelo most of the shots and he's a Busier guy exactly see he's blocking Every Point look like four four times in A round See's doing nothing no man I I Agree one thing Thato looks much better at least

Physically right now Canel you really focus doing well Backing up bevil to the ropes trying to Find an open coming around the guard but Look that's what Beil does so effective Catch and counter both of you said hey This could be tied maybe be by around There's something that probably punches Than really anyone I've seen since gady Golovkin back in 20 I think bille is Really pulling it off here Canelo from Throwing so canel look at that left hook From ball who's now pushing forward can Right hand and has risen to the occasion Thus [Music] Far let go Stop Canelo in that home the last three Rounds of Canelo as well jumping off That stool trying to alen his legs Up and history proves that it's hard Let's check in with Chris madx score his Punches are often clean but Demetri Bevo's defense Welling can With a sheer volume of his Punches this is just an incredibly Difficult fight canelo's in he hasn't to Get to Demetri B but biville has found a Way B is a natural light heavyweight so Guarding putting his ear up defense is Good enough for him because for Alvarez at this point landed but Canelo's definitely punching more and Punching at the guard of bble which is

What is going to Happen Having the Performance pulls out with his footwork Some that jab we asked people during the Fighter meetings you think and look at The punches through round nine my word 110 to 6 punches is good to look good Defensive I mean it's it benefits him to Keep his feet technici with good foot Work like Beil you're going to have to Step up Your In canelo's body language right here you See him trying to load up with that Punch comes back gets Counter Jessica masal we are seeing some Major fatigue here from Canelo we see Putting on and him coming up obviously Coming up with weight class right hand Scores for Bille D steep wi spell do I consider the Gold standard when it comes to Olivers That's a great Floyd Mayweather junor Right he did a always staying in control Not giving up Control yeah he's frustrated and a Strategy and discipline which avivo has Been doing this entire fighto can knock Out Alvarez it appears he might be going [Applause] For so here's bbbo chasing down Canelo Who got underneath and went on take any

More chances he did Except and that's the way we're seeing The fight but who knows what the judges Are seeing in the 12th Round bruising body attack here from was Bbo just too Big you know I thought Cano could one of The World a minute to Go Canelo Jabs from Bol the best he might have bit off too Much than he could true here Tonight did we Canelo Alvarez was a big Favorite and the biggest M have just Beaten the pound for pound King Canelo Celebrating as if he won Daniel what you Signed up for you came you worked hard He had great game plan he stay strong 100 you put down 100 you win 1,800 is a Draw in play here Perhaps he's still undefeated and still The champion of the world De he has done it not many believed in Him he believed in himself hold off the Performance of the lifetime and beat a Man that will go down as one of the Greatest fighters ever D you've been Waiting a long time for an opportunity Like this you can see on my arm he he Beat my but not my hand it's Better yeah my arm hurt my Arm I I can't he he has a good good Speed he he maybe his mistake he seen That from Canelo opponents in the past

But uh I expect that I watch pun after Hard punches he he relaxed and Tired did he ever hurt you yeah my arm

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