Professional american lightweight boxer and undisputed champion Devin Haney with nickname “The Dream” against mexian top ranked athlete Antonio Moran with nickname “Tono”. Fight for WBC Inter, WBA inter and WBO inter-continental light weight belts took place in MGM National Harbor, Oxon Hill, USA on May 25, 2019. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Devin Haney (USA) vs Antonio Moran (Mexico) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Get ready to Rumble [Music] Tono [Applause] Moring out of the blue Corner his Opponent wearing the [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Drey touch him up let's go Is Devin Haney Mor stopped this hip Train in his [Applause] Tracks out of Mexico City Mexico vows to Walk Haney Down here we go Haney versus [ __ ] Todd Grisham Sergio MOA here Ringside nice onew to start things There's that hand speed Sergio Haney's been working with Floyd Mayweather lightning quick stuff from Haney Deon Haney told us from the Fighter meetings I'mma hit him with some Hot Stuff Haney extremely sharp with those Punches a little bit of a tricky fight On paper for Haney he told us this is the first time He's going to be at a physical Disadvantage de you got to chop him in The middle right there if you can't Reach the jab upstairs go downstairs hit

Him in the Midsection I don't Think defense is just as important as Offense absolutely the body attack as Well been a lot of comparisons between Dein Haney and Ryan Garcia in fact they Fought six times as amateurs you know They both like to fight as Pros as hany Lands a good one twoo the bigger Man Moran looks Bewildered little bit of offense there For Moran is to exit on the angles just Exit on the angles right going to his Laser right hand that I was talking About earlier the first one was Partially blocked but that one landed Right on the button Moran took it well Though well even though he's the taller Fighter Moran told us he went toide foam Booth type of fight able to get anywhere Near hany man when you're as sharp as Deon Haney it's going to be hard to get Inside CU you're always going to be Stuck in Guessing used to get his fights as a kid In elementary school all the time Finally his dad said listen if you're Going to hook him to the gym eventually They left Oakland moved to Las Vegas Good counter left hook there for p Throws an uppercut right to the that's What he told us he wants to work on now That he's evolving and maturing as a Fighter against the

Ropes you can see glimpses of what he Learned with that shoulder rope came up Short with that right hand just Beautiful know what to do oh nice lead Left took it well how well though He rolled with a shot he came back with The upper cair instead of the Chin but Moran not Intimidated from dein Haney and he set That up with Jabs he was coming up short With the jab and he made Moran fall Further oh another nice stiff jab to Show but yes a little bit really Aggressive very precise punching on Han's part and there's that jab again Shorter Man's fourth highest peak he feels like If it goes to the later rounds he'll Have the cardio Advantage good right Hand there by hany amateur Success Mor putting more pressure There's that right hand again elive Timing of the head movement downstairs Not going to Moveing anding you don't really want to Follow the head of the feet follow the What the waist on the chest but it was Moran who answered back look and there's That right hand again Antonio Moran's Doing the right Thing how fast the counters are coming Back from Haney so Confidence now it's Haney coming forward He caught him with the left hook right

Across [Music] The shots in the counters oh look at That one like that right hand right There he barely should the road came Back with a sharp very Accurate and there's that maywe the Shoulder roll right There MGM National Harbor brand new Resort casino beautiful for this Fight well Moran trying to make makes You second guess yourself but not from Nothing Moran is coming forward he is Throwing some punches just not Landing Clearly right there that's the best shot I've seen so far that right hand down Stairs that's the best shot i' I've seen Moran throw so far cuz he's not GNA nose bleeding see if that becomes a Issue Later there's a body shot on your Range the no which started the blood Flowing It was a straight right hand I'm sorry It was a left hook that started that Blood flowing truth because look when You're dealing with someone as elusive As Haney you just got to touch anything There's a counter shot just waiting to Happen just like that right there good Body shot there but uh the last one was A good round for w and a body shot sends Mor down he claims his foot was stepped On but that is going to be ruled up

[Applause] Knock looks to be 100% okay as he eats a Jab from that landed down stairs but if You notice in the replay they stepped on Each other we'll see that replay at the End of the round but meanwhile Haney and Stephanie in the F and I'll tell you What Todd ever since Mor no started Bling speed kills that's where power Gets translated from but right now you Can see the effects that he's having on Moran upstairs and Downstairs boy Moran's getting those Hands lower and lower Sergio it's those Body Shots boy hany is timing his shots to Perfection we are watching a potential Future Superstar here in De and now he's Turning the tables as Mor but is not Good oh the right hand for Haney he can S it here and is he going to run out of Time to Go this crowd can't T but it's the feet that I want I want You to watch there it is the left foot On Haney Right there right on the toe you can see It but when things are going that fast It's hard for the referee to see it cuz That punch did land right there in head Movement so right now just the jab and Keep it his most successful punch right There he threw it to the chest Deon Haney with 17 BR with five it's

Intimidating when you're dealing With good left hook a lead one from Haney then downstairs to the bottom this Line of fire from the 20-year-old Devin Haney you can See leave his head alone coming in the Taller six foot Moran and he's getting Out jabed by the power Jab break step back don't punch don't Punch all the great bodyw work may be a Product oh boy doing what we said wasn't Going to do going straight in on the [Music] Angle 29-7 and a power jab is you actually Want to land It there was a power left hook for Devin Haney second guessing yourself and That's when you land with speed good Body shot working so far we're past the Midway Point here I want to see from him If they want to get that knockout it's Going to be to the body hold him J of The body just like that and turn around Into the left hook with the left hook Catching him off [Music] Guard very there's that left hook right There sharp left hook with the right Hand one two and now Haney got fire in His i w hit Twitter Deon a walkoff home Run the dream continues and it was a Body shot That Knockout by Devin Haney incredible

There are after seeing that shot land From Devin ha you can see Antonio Mor Eyes Are Open that's when it gets really Really serious there caused that Overhand right to land it was a body so That right hook downstairs set up that Brutal and de boom right on the chin out He's hard to hit he's super fast and He's got that kind of one punch power Hard to hit de Haney 20 2 and0 with 14 Knockouts a halt to the contest without Counting the Dream [Music] Hany

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