Professional american welterweight boxer and title challenger Mario Barrios with nickname “El Azteca” against american top ranked athlete and WBC champion Keith Thurman with nickname “One Time”. Fight for WBC Continental Americas welter weight belt took place in Michelob Ultra Arena, Las Vegas, USA on February 5, 2022. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Mario Barrios (USA) vs Keith Thurman (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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Las Vegas the tale of the tape Keith Thurman is the established welterweight In this bout bario new to the division But bario Maro Bario one Time Thirman and referee in Charge okay fellas trun gentlemen I went Over the fight clean at all times left To both of you touch them up We're going to learn a lot in this first Round Keith Thurman what are you looking For in round one well number one I mean He's an athlete now this this Keith kman Is somebody that wasn't coming up from 140 right he's always been a strong Welterweight show no question ring he Had to maneuver a lot when he fought Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia wonder if He has that in him tonight I don't see Any flaws yet I can tell you that on the Other hand bario is a smart fighter Different punches right hands hooks he's He's got his own power but Against body shot there by baros able to Get out of Harm's Way that's so I say He's a skilled guy the jab there from Baros yeah barus is using his range Moving he got touched at the very least Moving up a weight class so may protect Him a little more regardless Thurman is Not going to let it distract we intense Because it is the law in Vegas if both

Fighter there's nothing that can break It unless you get hit now Thurman Starting to throw the left hook because He jumped in with won this round missed With it but he sees something there with The left hook ready to go but Thurman Was Landing a hook there on bario he was Landing straight right hands on Pacquiao Before in this first round although he's Now finding the range on Bario's face Well and he's pretty you know he's Gotten pretty good at Pacquiao so oh Yeah starting to move mariio back right Hand it did that's because he wasn't Expecting it and when you're not Expecting the punch your uh head Moves see that left hook he's looking at Time that hook he's see something but Although baral before throwing that left Hook so Mar hook landed by Thurman no Question look Bario at Big opportunity for Mario baros Coming up and he's going to be more Dangerous he believes Mario just threw Some nice body shots and then came up The Middle with a left uppercut and it Landed and that jam showed the effects Of that fight of course it was a dropped Him in the last what was it the last Round I think Brian I think it was theth round and There would be a little rust there he Got hit with a couple punches you can See it kind of that he's not getting hit

Oh there it is that's H yeah out of the Body baros did a little wobble there he Got caught that's that right time before He lets his punches go like there that Hook landed from Thurman land his jab as Well earlier he's able to counter his Shots and able to bend Down oh missed with that right Hand Here's that jump hook and that landed Right there on the nose and eye and Cheek and squatting coming out of that Springing out with that left hook on Top wink was one of the best fighters in The World in that J good sharp combination There 136 179 2113 all in favor of Keith Thurman the left side of bario and Landed a couple of nice shots yeah I Think that was a three-punch com yeah He's feeling his he's right tell go to The body go to the body then go to the Head and there that was a nice see That's what left uppercut right Hand whacking with the right hand that Right hand landed full 5' 10 rangy with The shoulders again but Keith Thurman Possibly 5'9 very muscular wter yeah That was a nice three- punch combination Uppercut right hand left hook something It's not been fighting every 3 months Every 6 months he's been gone a long Time to question and wonder I know Shawn Porter was talking about that yesterday

Had to see him in here Deny that it's just to what degree oh Left hook he's on shaky feet another Hook off the side of the Head K Thurman's bario really wobble if He gets it with another couple good ones And he drew blood on him as well Joe he Old Keith Thurman coming through right Now I think he looks better than ever to Tell you the truth I'm going to tell you Something Ari's had a great outing here It is bam that right hand and that Really uh knocked baros there there's That left hook to the temple bottom line Is is he sees that it was not a good Round for bario last round telling a Certain story Larry Hazard how do you Have it score hey I got I Got nice left uppercut from bario like I Said he's got coming from the the nose Of Mario faros he got hurt hard on that Hit to the Body Hit to the head as you See there's blood on the side of his Face turned around with ferocity and Came back and tried to turn the tables On there can still throw punches but That's what he has to do he has to throw Punches right now with the combination To the body bario moving in right hand To the body as well got to be wary of That trying again with a little snap Hook on all Keith Thurman here through Five there's that hook that fell short But what a right hand of the body which

Kind of doubled over again Thurman Followed up another left hand that one Landed out a jab but see Thurman had Already made that turn on him and here It is another you know round it looked Like he was getting close yeah he means Business right now he looks looks very Very ready for comeb Back Fight paros tries the combination 8 not Easy tries the counter right hand you Know I think a lot of people could learn How to do 800 very good counter puncher Tred to counter with that hook yeah the Bario through the right hand that's an Old of Fighters Ed that De La Hoya was Really great at it and so was corales But uh for the length of uh where bario Is that's a good point show cuz remember De La Hoya when he was on the way up Before he got to snap hook was a thing Of beauty yeah if you touched him with The right hand on the Flor 135 right Yeah 511 and and that's what really Started the rally all time final minute Of round six yeah you SE Keith Thurman Slide off the ropes there he does that So naturally if you're watching this Fight and watching these rounds you Might be wondering I wonder what Shawn Porter thinks of this given that he was In a very good to go to Kate and Shawn In just a moment after this round final Baros strong enough willful enough Confident enough to not get blown out

Punches yeah it was but look what Thurman did he just he covered up he Closed up the middle on him the Uppercuts didn't work and now oh oh and He snaps him back again bario getting Ding let's go On so people at home want to know what You're thinking Sean what are you Thinking Go the Distance in this fight It's a brilliant performance by Keith Thurman I think it's a matter of if Keith Thurman or not I've seen a few Moments where I feel like he could have Have you seen Keith's face during this Fight I think he definitely wants to put Very close Keith Thurman even when he Was the champ had close fights with Shawn Porter had close fight with Danny Garcia not a big Edge there and even sea Against Thurman and baros has got to do Something we're in the seventh round Right now of a 12 round fight um a Different box who would wait for that Catch it and come back with a punch Again I wondered about the legs from Keith Thurman at the age of 33 took a Close look but didn't administer any Type of warning Kenny Baylor one of the Great ref right he's invisible right Joe I love it well he's been around so long He knows how to rep he's a threat to Spence Crawford or ug he's going to have To be able to use the upper echelon well I I think that's in his nature is to

Move strike hurt you you know he's not a Guy that's just going to sit in a pocket And try to you know war with you able to Move his head and Thurman out Landing Baros in this round as well 12 to four Baros is getting a little desperate you Know you're trying to get that that that Shot that's not there sometimes you that [Applause] J A Hook landed there kind of a hybrid Hook uppercut try with the right hand There's some puffiness actually in both Eyes so baros has been able to touch him At the very least round you know when he Was getting when he was trying to get Warmed up into the fight and then by any Of what's going on right now and you Know he needs to act like that he not Only stained level a straping hook from Thurman Look at bario coming the first one Wasn't there but the second one wasn't There either but he going to be there Tonight baros there with a long right Hand and he's got to change things and Out touched see I just want to put it Larry hazard's score card official score Giving every round to third to get in This type of shape oh there Is his leg goes back like I he's looking To land that right drove him back bario Trying to recover IID and looks like Maybe something on the cheek as well Hard right hand by K

Thurman yeah it would have been a Different fight yep Thurman still with The thump baros tries to answer back Thurman Thurman his mouthpiece is coming Out exciting stuff look at baros got Keith bman in the corner must he Actually took it out and put it in his Hand he's just getting a breather I Think bman got that mouth piece put now It's out bario sensing this is an Opportunity trying to there in a right Hand r is you can't stop put the mpie Until the action stops and that's what Kenny baile I I'd like I want to see the Replay look at that that's a nasty cut On his through this round this is Earlier in the round when Thurman was Having his way this is where Thurman Landed that right hand right right on The temple again now he throws A sh yeah some sort of going to win it On points he's got to he's got to hurt Thurman put him down he's got to hit Thurman and that's both things are hard To do but he Did it's easier said than done though Yeah no question th Thurman's very Evasive and Smart yeah you can see it too Brian Thurman is trying to get closer tonight Short though in a lot a lot of times now Getting countered by bario couple good Jabs right There hey that's round nine TI it out

Yeah I mean sometimes you can't be in a Whole weak body and a weak chin so You just don't who likes it to the body Yeah nobody likes it to the body that That that's why you teach guys but that Was a hard one shot from baros in that Eighth round turn of Keith one time Thurman again at one point the Welterweight champion weather taking Over and now back at the age of 33 well That is clearly the way to get to Keith Thurman right hand Thurman and a hook on The way back and now drills him with Another stacked as well I mention Welterweight might still be the top Division lightweights Baros off Thurman's hip is important 33 Years old at 147 lbs able to move and Keep himself in [Applause] Position says that's your round maybe It's just trying to encourage his guy uh Look it wasn't a blowout eight in favor Of Keith Thurman able to land that nice Hook and there's the right Tim cheum Dave Mor Steve weissfeld to have a good He he saw he hurt thurm into the body He's Landing some stepping back and Resetting get close get the pressure on Him follow him cut the ring off and keep The punches you know what keep using the Jab head movement you you you you touch Him when you can and take it and go Because you're you're 10 Rounds ahead

Right now and plus if you have baros Lunging ahead then he'd be putting Himself into danger me too I I would Probably be encouraging my guy whether Right WR you know What more than two body punches in any Round so he was able to take the wind Out of Thurman with that one shot in the Eighth round it's hard to hit a guy with A clean body shot when they're a moving Target right now and that's what Thurman's been all night Crawford that That's a different question well you Know what if he needed to get back you Know you can't expect Perfection whoa that was nothing Thurman Out trying to land breathe breathe Breathe breathe breathe the return of Keith Thurman former Welterweight Champion he's won most every single Round to this unnecessarily but if you Get him on the ropes don't they're both On opposite sides of the spectrum those Two thought we don't understand Keith Definitely understands what again he Said if you do get him in that position If you get him on the ROP good shots By as long said every pitching coach has Told him don't walk this guy but don't You want I think that's what you're Saying I got you J I got it bario coming In now he Thurman out however unlikely That would Seem touch right hand counter Hook by

Thurman and he really rocked Thurman now Still got a lot of time minute and a Half there's a hook landed flush and Then a body shot Thurman he knows when To come forward he's landed some nice Clean drastic It I don't know if it's going to happen It doesn't look likely performance Trying to land some punches here not Necessarily go for a knockout but Just look he's made it competitive with The left hook could he finish this mat Face all marked up swollen again the Former welterweight champion of the World coming back and making a statement With a win here Final 5 Seconds bario Wobbled somewhat look firing back to the Very end good effort by baros great Effort score about 117 to 111 David Keith one Time the Thirman the judges had it 10-2 or 93 Keith Thurman wins going away beating a Very


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