Professional american heavyweight boxer Kelvin Price with nickname “Price is Right” against american most effective heavyweight puncher and top ranked athlete Deontay Wilder with nickname “The Bronze Bomber”. Fight for WBC Continental heavy weight belt took place in Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, USA on December 15, 2012. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Kelvin Price (USA) vs Deontay Wilder (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Says we take a look at the tail of the Tape the uh height and reach of these Two fighters extraordinary here in Los Angeles California at this time we Present our next special attraction time As sponsored by Corona Extra laesa Masina and at largest 4G network AT&T Rethink possible and is sanctioned by The WBC president Jose suan undefeated 10 round of boxing for the vacant WBC Continental americ the Red Corner Wearing blue trunks with white trim Fighting out ofing Kin Price Right fighting out of the blue Corner in this 10 round Championship Attraction ring [Music] Deon Wilder we got a mouthpiece in there yes Sir Mouthpiece gentlemen is listen to my Commands touch gloves God Bless great Corona the referee prospects Deonte the bronze bomber Wilder the Least experienced the only one to medal In fact he was the last us boxer to win Went 29 and five as an amateur Undefeated as a pro 25 and0 with 25 Knockouts with six wins by way of Knockup but in terms of physical Attributes almost mirror IM refrigerator Well Wilder has 15 first round KO so Don't go to the refrigerator he's going

To reverberate through the whole Arena both men want to control either Deonte Wilder or The Undefeated Brian Jennings are the top American prospects Right now and it's been Turning Heads Across the pond Allan you know very well I'm talking about the 68 undefeated David Price tyon Fury and Wilder they Talked about the F Wild Wonderful match Well the heavyweight division these days Really the land of giants Fury at 69 the Two-headed monster the clitch Vladimir At 66 so a lot of uh tall trees aren't There any aren't there any point guards In the heavyweight to land the overand Right a couple times and just barely Missed he's throwing a a non-committal Jab Wilder's been stalking but not Really throwing a lot of Points sixth fight of the year for Wilder came out of nowhere to surprise People and now he is a wildly popular Figure back in the state of Alabama he And his manager andain JD's literally there's Wilder's body With a couple of right hands a bit of a Feeling out process here in under 45 Seconds left and again price connects to The body with that right hand he really Has a tendency pulie to keep that left Hand very low and and Wilder known for That ferocious right Hand there it seems like both guys a Little bit tentative on the offense

Price is getting off a little more but He's not Wilder when he does throw Commits a little more but he's not Getting off much so probably have never Been in the ring with a guy that big as Each other for Wilder has really been Moved along slowly as the heavyweight Division price considered a step between These undefeated Heavyweights well Sunday starting at 9900 p.m. it's the season finale and Others as well both have some issues Don't they to work through both in Trouble at these two undefeated Heavyweights will try to work through Their Issues price comes Forward there's a you know in our first Uh match uh this one a little different In round one it's a slightly different Tenor than the Angulo uh we got of there Ended up hooking up with Roy Jones a Senior in Pensacola Florida trainer for Many years played in the CBA with Roy Jones and he said you hook up with my Dad if you want to get in boxing and he Did right hand just grazes the chin of Price as we go on Here he seems in shape maybe he's been Playing basketball in the meantime Apparently his big win was against Tor Hamr uh in 2010 hyr of course went on to Win the prize fighter in in England Years in fact and they were supposed to

Meet this past summer it's taking place Right here right now as Wilder sticks Out the jab nice uppercut a moment ago By by Price like it doesn't seem like either Guy's gotten really into the fight There's a bit of awkwardness good right Hand there by price but it seems like Again like I said in the first round Find the Next Great American heavyweight The last one turned 50 this year of Vander hollyfield too recently trying Price trying to tag Wilder backs up and Again they come in close two heavy Weights 25 seconds Left the klitsch goes he Impressed the brothers while helping Them in in training camp in fact was Told heavy weights they've ever seen Although the fans here in Los Angeles Restless with the lack of Action all right Jim Gray punch I th is Going to there's going to be a meaning For it and um you know we going to win This fighting style as well so yeah I Might be a lot more patient and a lot More smarter in there on Twitter Ali s Staying up very late in England getting Ready for air Khan KH the youngest uh UK English boxer to win medal in the Olympics that you know he went across The Atlantic 2 oh oh there it is price As the referee administering the count The right hand delivers just like that

Deontay Wilder his 26th knockout in his 205 a slow start but Uh unbeliev would use the jab as a Rangefinder and boom uh it's walking Away from a homer he knew what happened And he's used to that feeling yes that's His 26th knockout so he he's experienced This he heard a few booze from the crowd The round before but this young man the Bronze medalist in the Olympic Games Bombs away for the bronze Bomber what a Shot must never get old to hit guys like That huh perfect right hand reason why He's 25 and0 with 25 Knockouts he has That equalizer what a right Hand in his career he's received better Sparring than the opponent helping would Use the jab as a rangefinder and boom uh It's walking away from a homer he knew What happened and he's used to that Feeling yes that's his 26th knockout so He he's experienced he heard a few booze From the crowd the round before but this Young man the bronze medalist in the Olympic Games bombs away for the bronze Bomber what a Shot must never get old to hit guys like That huh perfect right hand Jimmy lenon Jr to make it Official You don't get hit 1 second at Round Number three [Music]

Deont [Music] Wilder let's go to Jim Greg would use The jab as a rangefinder and boom uh It's walking away from a homer he knew What happened and he's used to that Feeling yes that's his 26th knockout so He he's experienced this he heard a few Boo from the crowd the round before but This young man the bronze medalist in The Olympic Games bombs away for the Bronze Bomber what a Shot must never get old to hit guys like That huh perfect right hand give him the Praises when they receive him but not Only do I give him the Praises when I'm Up but I also give him the glow when I'm Down would use the jab as a range finder And boom uh it's walking away from a Homer he knew what happened he to that Feeling yes that's his 26th knockout so He he's experienced this he heard a few Booze from the crowd the round before But this young man the bronze medalist In the Olympic Games bombs away for the Bronze Bomber what a Shot must never get old to hit guys like That huh perfect right hand give a shout Out to claressa Shields the first American woman to win a boxing gold at The 2012 Olympics let's go to Brian

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