Professional american middleweight boxer and WBC champion David Benavidez with nickname “El Bandera Roja” (“The Red Flag”) against american top ranked athlete Kyrone Davis with nickname “Shut It Down”. Fight took place in Footprint Center, Phoenix, USA on November 13, 2021. Spectacular boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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David Benavidez (USA) vs Kyrone Davis (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight, HD

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Crowd they want without a doubt to see Something special you see that Benitas Has the height and the reach introducing Karan shut it Down Davis Davis [Applause] Bides okay fellas Main Event room both These trunks are a little bit high right In here I want you to obey my commands Touch them up and bang it the Bell it is Our main event David benovitz this crowd Is out Of Phoenix Chiron looking to stun the World we are underway a referee in Charge is West Mountain make your case to be an opped Super midweight champion of the world Now let us not forget Ben is a two-time Super middleweight benitz when he was 14 15 years old would go to Big Bear California as a child there's a right Hand by Benitas was over 220 lb there's A right hand connecting by Ed of his Brother Jose Benitas Jr but I think he's Trying to go ahead that a draw as his Brother got against him Manuel Tores in Our ring think he knows that Davis is a Mover and he did is just absolutely Astounding as There's a right hand Popping Tyron Davis right hand Connect right to the body by

Aidas left hook by tyon [Applause] Davis good jaff B by a right hand by Benitas right to the body by [Music] Benitas TI cha there by Benitas as Benitas walking down Chiron Davis and Davis throws a right hand on The midsection of benitz that ends the First this ground right here I want to Try to score a little bit more points if You can all right Edwards he goes listen Tyron Davis David benites and I like That Steven Edwards was pretty on 16 That is the the equivalent of a feeling Out round Coes combined there's a right Hand that found its destination by Benas and Banda Roa as a minute has come off the clock Here in the [Applause] Second Coming up on the Midway hood off the Ring that could be dangerous there's a Right hand by benitz Kon Davis 70 Seconds left here in the second but DAV There's a right hand over the top left Hook that was blocked by Ben double jab up by the 24y Old Final 25 seconds now benov is letting His hands go Davis spins on and now he's Looking to crowd benas I don't actually Mind this there's a right hey look I'm

Not scared of You and now chance of David and look at This hand speed being displayed tyon Davis shrug them off a left toe fight Benus the action picking up here as we Head towards the Third Connect percentage dve is three of 17 a 177% connect coming forward with that Jab and now he steps in with that a big Straight like a left Hook there's a right hand followed by Left hook but answering B there's a Right to the body perfectly placed by Ben here's a left Uppercut partially blocked by Davis Followed by a left hook answering back Is Davis right on the line right on the Line there's a right to the body of Ir left hook by Davis over the Midway Portion Here Comes Benitas he's pressing Davis against the ropes there's a right Hand but Davis shrugs him off FR Shoulders upper body and that's going to Benefit him against a big strong Methodical like fighter like David Benitas the physical strength of Tyron Davis might be influen a ha think get Surpris him there's a left hook Partially block the right hand Connecting by vavas followed by a left Hook and now benav is unloading upon Chiron Davis there's a right In

By that ends round number [Applause] [Music] Three take a look at that left hook to The body by [Music] Benovitz the end of the round by Benitas That right to the body By benovitz and look start throwing that Right hand around his guard right you Still box with your brain but I want you To try to win this Round 62 for a 25% connect presentant Davis eight of 51 for a 50% connect Percentage like the movement by [Applause] Benitas there's a right hook by benovitz To drive Davis to the perimeter of the Ring right Hand and you heard Steven Edward say you Heard him another lap talk by Kiron and A jab by Davis but back comes benav left Hook to the body followed by a right He's chop super middleweights benav Obviously in his fourth round Midway Portion of the fourth a left hook to the Body followed by right up stairs back Comes Davis referee in charge followed By a right hook and now benov is looking To unload Davis might be in in trouble Davis with his back on the ropes to how Can you not love This and backing up Davis but Davis Unloading Ben says okay yeah I'd like

This all right Upp the action heating up Un questionably as Davis bar what a Fight left hook by benitz benovitz is a Savage now big shot by Ben cut Davis is Hurt Davis might be ready to go down a Right B but another left hook how is Davis Standing oh my goodness a left hook what A fight but back comes Davis a Tremendous battle of wills here in the Fourth a [Applause] Fourth all right okay and let's take a Look at this action I mean this was just Evan Flo David benovitz but look at this Big Titanic shot and a left hook bang How Davis off the fifth round for David Benavites you know benavites is looking For that covered stoppage there's a left Took by benovitz took by benovitz and Now he is pounding away upon Kiron Davis Just a full OPP the Wilmington Delaware Native look at aidas go so tough he's Durable showcasing his dexterity here in Phoenix and hostile territory that are Echoing here in Phoenix a left hook by Benitas they love big Right Hook by Benas followed by left Davis languishing On the ropes he might be hurt now ton of Power from Benitas a big shot that Missed by Benitas Davis is one tough c a big right

Uppercut my goodness but Davis ha [Applause] It hooks Uppercuts Changing there's a right hand on the Left side of that face of Davis good jab By Benitas benas B Jabs in unison Followed by a right hand now under a Minute to go here in the fifth benid is Unloading but back comes Davis go he Goes it's work there's a right hand by Benav another right hand Benitas looking To pour it on there's a right hook to The body by Benitas followed by a left Smashing right into the Face keep him up keep him up up final Moments of the Fifth and that [Applause] Ends Can you win this round for Me and we take a look at bang there's a Left right on the chin of Chiron Davis Take note of stepen Edwards the trainer Of Kiron that is a smart and astute Trainer trainer in Steven Edwards Looking out for his fighter in Kyon Davis to even more competitive Power Punch is landed through five 93 of 193 For Benitas and a right hand smashing Right into Davis Davis and this could be Problematic again look at this Combination punching as benovitz looking To throw but look at those he's got to

Show something otherwise his trainer Will stop the fight it is so hard to Keep up with these punches cuz Benitas Throws Benitas looking to close the Show all right to the body followed by An uppercut by Benitas looking answer Back is Davis vavas 80 seconds left here In the sixth followed by a right hook And Davis talking to Benitas a big left Hook by Benitas another left hook Followed by benitz now is really Starting to punish Davis SE offensively this is just Mindblowing by Benitas Ben body at 16 big left hook by Benitas he stepped followed by a right Look at that left hook to the body by Benitas another left hook upstairs by Benitas he is absolutely Benitas Benitas Unloading on Davis of the six some work As Davis getting hammered on the ropes Look at this Davis looking to retali They will stop the Fight look at David benovitz who Is Benz looking for the Finish benovitz Looking to finish off the action and now Benitas has Davis against the we are on To the seven the left h look Davis going Backwards get look at this offensive Output Bavitz but back comes Davis Davis is so Tough oh my goodness and Davis with his Back on the ropes Ben aidz you figured One more combination would end it

There's a right uppercut and now they Are waving in they throw the tow and This one is over David Benitas stops Kiron Davis to remain Undefeated obvious disappoint but guess What Phoenix Arizona still Undefeated look at this he's got that Belt undefeated El Bandera Roa David Benz we're talking about about three of One thank You

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