Professional cameroonian heavyweight boxer and title challenger Carlos Takam against brittish shocking high skilled athlete Derek Chisora with nickname “War”. Fight for WBA International heavy weight belt took place in The O2 Arena in London, England on July 28, 2018. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Carlos Takam (Cameroon) vs Derek Chisora (England) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Chisora 9 to4 against Carlos [Music] T Derek [Music] Choring room you both know expect clean Break straight away when to your both Touch GL long rumored and now heavyweight Reality both com box both can dig who Has what it takes at this stage of their Journeys takam has had a full cap not The 10 days Notice and both down to work straight Away him get that jab going get a guard Up just early on because attam showing That he means business here St ha him Kind of personality and um there's a lot Of lovers here tonight for um chisora Which is nice to see big clubbing drama In the opening Round Here of chora Attack yeah chora needs to get his backs Off these arm just spin off the ROP Don't sit there taking these four Blooded punches because it's only going To soak energy out of him when he was Working with me inpiring a few years Back could maintain this for 10 Rounds If if if he can do this tonight deloy And again attack do this heavyweight Encounter big right hand she h on the RS And takam got to get out of the corner Because takam will happily oblig and Just keep working

Away exactly what we was hoping for an All out War jaora has thrown a couple nice Sneaky left HS to the body from the of Them in a tremendous ugly round here at The O2 everywhere there he's showing T There that he's brave enough tough Enough to sit in front of him but um I Question them tactics so early on Because to an head maybe um jaor is Hoping that takam punches himself out Out there early and you know if this Fight goes into later rounds you can't Afford to Chisora we thought it might Be when I started my attack through his Body so I noticed jaora did that in the First it's his all out aggression and His punch output that I I Str shot from Jaora he's going to really need to show Some heart here to get through these First six rounds well we've seen so much Of Derek No sleeping tonight he's right down to Business Big aat close and Personal some of the shot com chazar is Having a success about left fo but some Of his shots are getting through he's Landed the better shots The Better Body Shots the only person I've seen go Toe To Toe with tackan like this is Alexander Tak him when you take it down Left John Charles who's been with Derek

Chisora for 13 Years and he stood by I'm not surprised The good thing for chazar is takam isn't Maybe or maybe if it's good they do this Again and he's firing back and having His own success so if takam can't Maintain he could be hurt any moment Good job from more than one or two shots At a time is that what you did with com You have to hit him with three or four Or five punches in succession does take You out T maybe not have that one Punches and he's he's hitting t with Some good body shots he's start to get Derek chora T responds with the right Hand but he just shrugs it off the Finchley man T was good again it bounces Off Jazar who just dring himself on the Button but to kick jaora out there you Got to throw punches in Bunches that body that water border line You beautiful The cages and everything else but you Know what he in good fights Himself well takam being forced to back To maintain the pace if you're on your Back foot thr slightly low there he's Got full momentum now sorry chisora and He's put tack on his back Foot they're Landing they're having an Effect but if you want to get chora out Like he's trying to do but it's Entertaining for us watching so long may

Continue Fox ja he'll know that he's got T here Just under the show every bit have his Chin and toughness tonight if he could Keep it Going just occasionally the extra bit of Class from chisora here he's able to Just pick counter punches and sit back On the ropes and let tack work with very Little success press is getting hit with Shots but he'd be quite un comfortable On his back foot There I had Char I think he's doing What Electing to stand in between rounds and There was a Tired if I was him I'd take as much rest Inspiring Inspire inspiring with takam He seemed to do that but that was Howard Foster if he can maintain this pace Chora heavyweight can he's going to have To have breather at stages but Um but the good the good news for jazar Is you know I remember car and all of us Sudden he took a left hook and he was Knocked out so takam can be knocked out He's been knocked out before and jora's Got he's always got that punch like that Shot like that big right hand and a left From chora it's a good thing about the Heavyweight division any last quality Counters not thrown enough in this round To win it for me the attens are spending A lot of energy unless he starting to

Take more punches clean of [Applause] Punches that from defense very cute Soaking him up looking for the counter Ball far too much these Gladiators these Old boys have shown Us terrific session again and loving it As we are this brawl this war between Derek chisora early in the morning with A backpack on running the Streets of London they're going to need to be the Par of them if this is going to continue Fights under prepared this time around Clearly he's paid the in training you Know he and He's left hand to the right from t and Jazar has to suck that up sniper shot The left up over looping left and Chisora took it well and an uppercut as Well on his back for because he's Landing volumes here being caught of a Couple of big shots Vol left hand from takam he tries to Shake but he's shipping a lot of Punishment now and takam is really and He wants to knock out here well it's the Heavy hurtful looking shots that are Coming from takam and chisora needs to Go off them ropes Really he's toing there chisora but he's Fighing from somewhere absolutely loving This where great heavyweight fight this Has turned out to be Derek chor now Going into the second half of this fight

Maybe slightly Beyond on the C mentally He will be strong from the back of That What about the physical in the first Half David listen they these guys have Expended way more energy than these in 12 rounds of action they both the the Punch output for this fight is is what You'd expect from a middleweight fight The opening B T I think looking for bit The stoppage now oh upper cut as well Really needs to start doing something Fire [Applause] And and T looks Fight with heavyweight tie up they're Normally the referee are forced to break Heavy weights up the referee those days Were long gone but he's rewound the Clock he really has tonight I think he's That mindset that Jar's coming with Tonight he doesn't want to like Attitude he's woken up he's turned up Chazar needs a big finish for this round He's Landing some nice shots but the the Volume the output from T he's just Getting it For what a great effort though from Carlos tan be Che anyway but for this Fight he's he must know he must have Known how tough Derek zorao could be Career career good shape here he really Is the official points loss have you Guys had a moment to even write your

Scores down I keep foret I keep Forgetting I keep forgetting well I Think chisora is sitting back as well at Times waiting for Tamp to slow down and He's showing those signs was happy to Keep working away which is extraordinary For the size of the man I've only given Chisora The and what a stand this is if this is One of His what a Shot in The he's just about up in his legs are Betraying him this is Shor's right Hand Unbelievable in one of the great Heavyweight fights and everyone top Charles down and it's celebration time For delboy and produc the performance of His career look at that for a right hand There landed on the side of Tan's head And they scramble your senses having a Little debate off a and I know Dell I've Spent so many years around since the Amateurs I love him I'm so happy for him He is now back where he belongs he Demands a shot just done what no one Else has done to caros takam he has just Wiped caros takam out Tony but he sucked It up and somehow he found the belief Right deep down in those boots Adam he's Had niggles to this C DK chor fights Anyone anywhere let's go through his

Resume David Hay valal klits who's done That to Carlos takam Adam before the Fight Carlos takam was such a hard hard Man and no one could do this look at This the by him Don Charles knew he had That in him a lot was an absolute treat For fight fans they Were well when chisora turns up and he Means business this is why he produced Tony bell saying there he turns up all The time Derek [Music] CH Derek chisora wins the war your heart Goes out to Carlos takam as Well

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