Professional russian boxer and WBA Super light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol against mexican top ranked athlete and WBO super middle weight champion Gilberto Ramirez with nickname “Zurdo de Oro”. Fight for WBA light heavy belt took place in Etihad Arena, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on November 5, 2022. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Dmitry Bivol (Russia) vs Gilberto Ramirez (Mexico) | BOXING fight, HD

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Well ladies and gentlemen here we go one Of the biggest fights of 2022 it's our main event for the WBA World introducing first the Challenger He fights out of the red corner there's The white trunks with the back and Silver trim he scales 79.2 kilos this Southp boasts a perfect professional Record now here is the undefeated WBA Number one rank Contender and the former WBO super Champion the [Music] World [Music] Ma [Applause] Ramirez and his opponent across the ring Fighting out of the blue corner he is The Undefeated defending world champion He wears Navy with white trim he scaled That already 79.2 kilos his perfect one 20 fights 20 Victories 11 wins coming my way of Knockout tonight he makes his night Defense in his world Title Here is the Skill the proident the reigning the Defending the undefeated WBA by Heavyweight champion of the world Dri [Applause] B having a clean match okay good Lu God Bless You despite the level of competition 44

And0 as a professional boxing boxer is Almost unheard of here we go from Abu Dhabi the champ B in the black Combinations if way he gets him against But I mean bar we talk about the weight Of Ramirez we'll see that tonight when a Southpaw fights an orthodox fighter that Front foot will get tangled up to move In the ring and he does years ago Joe Smith back him up pretty early on but by The second round Demitri bble is in the Middle of the Ring zero has wanted this Fight for so long he sees Something C little opener but I still Think that Ramirez got to throw yeah and He throws long left hand is there that Did one effective there he fell over the Front thr but he saw that long left hand From range and hits theall for him nice Right stiff Jab oh beo with a nice crisp right [Music] Hand It was a s of a cage opener I thought But right at the end of the round there So ignited it didn't here but but he's On the balls of his feet so he's and the Hands are always high he's got great Footwork and he catches punch three Straight punch combination there for and He'll land heavyweight division 5 and0 Five Ko's and that exit left hand [Applause] Scores

He around here isn't he Ramirez Reasonable expectation I am a little bit Surprised to see people Advancing for the [Applause] [Music] Mexican [Music] [Applause] One straight left seem to splp the guard There b pressure on be trying to force Ramirez to throw and Ramirez is not Taking the Bait good body Shot such long long reach the last half A step packs [Music] Not oh striking that rattled zuro a Little bit he's backed against the Ropes jumps up the way it [Applause] Has about you're right about the absence Of body Shots left hand There good short left see the front foot He St over the left over the right foot There of r good solid Defence from bille And that's touch it oh boy two or three Big and he's not using It and now be on the front foot he's Measuring [Applause] Zero good shot there from rire Ramirez He's bending that's a lovely little

Combination there still keeps the Distance but he makes sure he gets that Three-o combination off just pushing Biv Ramirez back Ramirez change here after That last round ball really took over That's not important to me money is good But Legacy is better he wants to Unify right hand from beille scores Something Here canelo's strategy was just to pound The arms but if he can back you got to Back him up don't he I think that's the Thing He there was a body shot on the inside From Zero really good run there for for Beevil really good run he found he Haven't up the gear as much he just gone Up another Gear with the hands the time Is a bit Better and Tak a bigger step with the Back foot and he's out the Range two or three punch combination Beagle's done it several times got to Apply more pressure got to do more but We're not seeing it so Far the thing is every time every time He makes a move oh good shot the left Hook there from beevil yeah Beeville Stepping on the pressure let's see obser Make him rush their Work [Applause] Just see here now just making

Making again RZ when he tries to make an Attack cuz he's throwing single shots Just making it too easy let his hands go Here People Was zto just not fast enough and you Know when you're 44 and0 you never Really been in this position Before be ball starting to te off [Applause] Block that's what I'm talking about Ro Okay an Escape Route he will take use His feet and get out okay we got to have Traps ready for him when he spins out That way you got had the success himself Then he pushed him back for the first Time in the fight yeah and that's what Julian Chu in the corner forz was kind Of glaming on to there fight and that's What Beil [Music] Does forward and Ramirez not throwing The kind of combination punches that We're used to seeing him [Applause] Throw he's getting to ring is he's there You're there right now go for [Applause] [Applause] It even now he's not really sitting down And then do that when he did there take The step to the [Applause] Side coming

Forward start Unbeaten light heavyweight champion of The world Dimitri [Music] Viil okay he does not like it okay well Marino are trying to back him up and Then all of a sudden then Beil KS up With this blistering combination fting Back again from a different angle and Ramirez was Ramirez was in plenty of Trouble he took some really flush left Hand that last round it almost felt like Bble was letting Ramirez punch himself Dri bble Ramirez has had his moment in The last couple of rounds but is lined Up to face Anthony yard in the first Quarter see another stinging combination I wonder what Canelo Alvarez is thinking Right now watching his fellow Mexican at This Point are we sure Canelo wants be ball Again need something Dramatic and it's hard to do when You're Good left yeah great left up to the body Round for [Applause] [Applause] Bol not enough at this Stage but it might give him the Confidence not to push Forward there's a body shot from zero Yeah he's really ratcheted up the body Attack the last couple of rounds here

His corner cheering for it they want Those types of punches you were calling For he needed to invest in those from Wrong one didn't he really good shot That sign lead right upper cut there From [Applause] Ramirez good counter right from [Applause] Bille [Applause] One listen got it let's go sordo you can Do this idle baby let's go like I said Immortality is through that guy you get What I'm he didn't he didn't go all Goods firing in that round but I didn't Think he made the real effort to try and Push B through that but he made the Effort second out 12 and final round Knockout here in the 12th Round he's got the power and the tools But can he get in the position to let The punch go in his Feet changing the distance range he's Had to [Applause] Breathe good right hand for [Applause] Ball into that corner that he was on the Receiving end of a tough [Applause] Combination 90 seconds [Applause] Left looking for The Knockout he might

Get it here in the 12 he's unloading he'll get some Openings so accurate with his Work right here this is where Ramirez Has to dig keep pushing [Applause] Back for that big shot now Ramirez Looking for [Applause] It they'll Slug It Out to the Bell a Master [Applause] Class for me I thought it was a Fantastic dis He's still undefeated and still the W Life heavy word champion of the World Dri B

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