Professional mexican lightweight boxer Luis Sanchez with nickname “ChespiPitufoTitan” against american most effective lightweight puncher and top ranked athlete Gervonta Davis with nickname “Tank”. Fight took place in Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, USA on December 18, 2015. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Luis Sanchez (Mexico) vs Gervonta Davis (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Jvon Davis on the left side of your Screen 21 years old the kid has the Temperament and the tools they say Fighting out of Canon Mexico introducing Louise Sanchez toing his adversary fighting out Of the blue Corner trante the ju Davis keep this fight clean at all times Protect yourself at all times and what I Say you must obey good luck BR suat Touch him up God bless you know javante Davis wants to put in his hero his Mentor Floyd maywe side don't blink Ladies and gentlemen this young man on The right side Sanchez coming in saying He knows the the pedigree this kid with Fighters who have maybe carelessly been Called the next Floyd Mayweather Mayweather by Floyd himself when he Walked into Floyd one I've heard about Floyd told jante you're the one I've Heard about put your gear On One thing you and I were talking About came into the ring very loose big Smile on his F fighter meetings Yesterday seemingly very Relaxed no the kinetic energy that is Built up can be released right now Intimidated stand behind the Jack moving Well very conscious of the power in that Left hand and it' be good if whether or Not you go the distance if you kill Everybody with the left hand question

For this could because of the number of Knockouts he's Had final seconds countown Rock round Number One Devonte Davis's Corner man is Calvin Ford his ringside man is the greatest Look at Floyd Mayweather in for Davis 10 Of those 12 Knockouts within two rounds Or Less Davis more active in fact how about The defense there by Davis comy box is Needed I just don't know how accurate it Is first couple rounds not try to Exchange with this young powerful kid Drag him into the lat rounda approach From Sanchez in the first couple rounds We know Devonte they get into a mode of punching And they don't throw Combinations Sanchez and Davis Davis Dodges and returns Fire and he likes that head movement Setting up power shots we saw that in His last fight we're seeing it again but Again You fans download the he's not really Giving it because Sanchez is not really Letting his hands Go harder to use that LE harder to use The jab the straight jab all Pace picked Up here in round number two we're back For round three Grabel background from Baltimore when trouble in school the Teachers would know to call the local

Boxing so the folks who run the boxing Gym had to change the punishment to Say think that's going to hurt his Movement once he's in between punches Appreciate you folks so much in the First year of PBC and the first route The course of the three hours here this Evening to recap some of the top moments Which could be produced right now by Jvon who picks it up with a couple of Exchanges oh and Davis snaps his head Back with a left nicely and if you Notice it wasn't the blue shirt right in The middle of ringside seating there Standing close he's catching and he's Firing back and I love his Composure so far Luis Sanchez knock back Some very powerful shots he's staying Right in There Davis is doing is he's changing up that Power shot left uppercut caught Davis Davis pounds his chest like he wants More the two lightweights trade in the Middle of the r with a combination that Lands and another left final 30 seconds Of round number three speed the accuracy And power great one dvon Davis however Leis Sanchez so I think that's the majority Of his offense hence those gy numbers Most definitely and he had that Jab Makes his long awaited return to MMA Plus King Mo in an epic and do it over

Again you have to react somehow to the Jab he has been open to a left uppercut Twice and Luis Sanchez has connected Both Times well almost no punches thrown in The final 10 seconds of the Round starting to work towards Uncharted Territory stamina Antonio um yeah have You done your road work Now if Luis Sanchez is going with that Slow Burn strategy of dragging him as he Isow warning there Kenny bis our referee He throws combinations he's a killer he Looks beautiful when he throws Combination but throw the jab labeling Him as an entertaining r on him he takes It personal I mean if this guy doesn't Rise to that level then what does that Mean message ding goes off on his phone And the name says Floyd Mayweather down to the canvas head first Sanchez overextending himself a few Times in this Fight Sanchez has taken Davis's best so Far we will fight on Resort and Floyd you know Dante's looked over in Between 21y old doc getting instructions From the pound-for-pound the best Ever it's overwhelming the guy 21 years Old I tell you what guys I I remember Pretty Boy Floyd I'm going to say Pretty Boy Floyd because when he things Combination punching defense Counter great jab I mean he had it all

Oh he brings him back up now but Davis's Hands were as low as they had been about Bel not much respect for what he thought Sanchez could do there you see the Quickness so I can you know land that Big countershock just like for Luis Sanchez hoping he walks into it I mean Like I said if you had that Jab Devonte Davis young rising star has never been Past the as a future Superstar will go Into the seventh round you're going to Be the next Floyd meican opponent leis Sanchez who comes out firing the first Punches of round number Seven speaking of combination punches Now it's Sanchez thrum Champ Marcos vas with a uh could it be That strategically this was the round Down [Applause] Down don't push him back there's the Debate this round what we haven't seen We've seen ones and twos we haven't seen Those combination punches in front of Davis okay DAV trying to get catch him He's going to fire back this is when I've seen that he's been most effective Keep [Music] It going single shot Theed what he saying to Davis I wouldn't Be surprised to see him in the corner The next fight n swell a all right Davis Came out here with the

Mission through a flurry Sanchez says Okay you know box like we taught you There's a little bit of of I think urg Not Up head's Clash called for a headbutt Warning against his opponent earlier top Of his head After and the two men dive back [Applause] Here Davis didn't want any part of Touching clubs again he says I got some More to throw here you don't want a Sensational [Laughter] Knockout I really oh nice uppercut oh Second one drop Sanchez par over his Opponent six seven eight okay feet many Members of the crowd on their feet does Davis have closing power in him here With 20 seconds running number Eight two left Uppercuts and now another left stagger Sanchez and Another B getting fight the left hand is There every time he's throwing it here Late in round number eight Woo keep it here with no commercial Let's take another [Applause] Look and the power on that shot look the Way it turns that's the shot that takes The legs out from Luis Sanchez for CS Man one right after the another just was

Not ready for [Applause] Them for Davis in round number eight knock a guy Down like this a guy like Luis Sanchez The knock out the sensation of knock out That everybody Which hand you think get him easier the Right or the Left which one is close there you go Good Job that lead left there you're calling For it Antonio big to back this young man off Of you cuz right now he smells Blood oh it's wide lightning quick for Sanchez flat on his face and that's it KY has seen enough did you see need a Jab Cobra Like by The Undefeated javante Davis let's get the official decision Michael C Williams ladies and gentlemen the end Comes suddenly 2 minutes 5 seconds into Round number nine the winner by knockout Still undefeated javante the one [Applause] David

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