Professional brittish high skilled athlete and olympic silver medalist and WBO champion Joe Joyce with nickname “Juggernaut” against ukrainian heavyweight boxer, olympic gold medalist and undisputed cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk with nickname “The Cat”. Fight took place in London, England on March 1, 2013. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Oleksandr Usyk (Ukraine) vs Joe Joyce (England) | BOXING fight, HD

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Jo Joyce needs to deliver perhaps the Most important fight of his career to Date to try and give [Applause] [Music] The so here we go Richie 26-year-old Southp London 2012 Olympic champion World champion in season One on points one by a TKO this is going To be a tough contest for Joyce Representing British Li J well the London boy has the fans and Crow on their feet this is a 27y old on The W TKO to his name and Richie for me Every time he steps into the ring with Him the D phip pic was probably his best Win of this tournament he's had four Ladies and gentlemen this Isley boxing out of the blue Corner Wearing the blue color shorts Trimm with Yellow his WSB record currently stands Two contests two wins one of those wins Coming by way of Knockouts his Incredible achievements proudly Representing Ukraine aons [Music] Alexander [Music] Rui Joe Joy shake your hands and good Luck so Joe joy in the Red Corner and Red shorts for the British Lion hearts

For the Ukraine blue corner with a Yellow strip you can clearly see and the Chac around his neck at the EXL Arena But the young man the shape and form of Joe Joyce could cause the upset of the Evening and could give the line to to Toe and tries to have a war an Olympic Champion with those skills that he's Got well the boy from Southwest London Has traveled to the East End each other Up it's going to be difficult for Joyce Working Against us very sensitively look not Getting involved staying Center and and Joy's problem is's going To be closing that Gap safe ball sits Back which which umk is doing that and That's right Jo is just falling short a Little bit got to move it terrain the Battle of defeat as the Orthodox boxer Looks to get inside the southp stance to Put in the punch but believe you me the Moment that those big punches will hit The target usk will mow it look as soon As he hits the ropes he moves good shot From musk as well that left hand is in And out coures for courses at the end of The day and he knows that by boxing at Distance that's the Way trying to close the angles down Joyce For the uppercut as well as a straight Punch Combination 20 seconds left on the clock

In the First that's better from Joyce got to Get to his Man got that right hand a little bit low But it's a good round I think for the Olympic champion at that Round so here we have it Joe Joyce fall Just fall short with the OD shot here And there there's that right Just missing the Time but usk very clever on the ropes Then he moves knows that he shouldn't be There and there's that [Music] St takes the first Round so little more urgency in the work Here now and Jo Kathy zus and knows it Change of tactic from the British Li Heart Oh start for the corner of sim get on That front foot close that gap down he's Just got to keep that right hand a Little bit higher as he's walking Forward cuz he keeps walking oh there's No question that Joe Joyce has got the Bigger punch Here look at the look of Grimace on the Face of usk he's feeling those punches From Joy Joy is a little bit too low so As he's coming just peering through the Gloves look looking to land that left Hand there it is again there he's got to Do no Nick he's double up the jab double Jab it's very difficult combination to

Actually defat and then throw the right Hand a bit more to be quite honest That's be from Joyce he's got to wh the Tempo come on Joe Joyce keep them going And again whip that right up a cut Through there he is there he's Definitely going to catch usk better From Joe Joyce looking for a fight here And [Music] [Applause] Usk Joe Joy still looking good shot there From us losing focus as he's coming Forward and there's that left hand again For Lu keep the guard of Joe see as he's coming forward Nick There's the right hand it's too low That's why he keeps getting caught with The straight [Applause] Left getting here Now and with just a few seconds left a Very Good yeah a terrific round There as Joy is coming forward really Going for it at the start of the Round Here call shot the Olympic champion Recovers quick his guard is up he know And he's still boxing at range and Towards the end of the Round scoring with that left down this Was right at the end of the found a good Finish for musk otherwise Ukraine will

Go three up for the second time this Season come on Joe Joy see if you can Pull this one out of the fire actually Defending and blocking the shots as he's Coming forward and he is absolutely spot On because as he's coming forward to to Joyce but the Heat of the Moment that's When you've got to think as a fighter in In in the thick of the action and he Defense as he's coming forward JoJo don't write him off just yet There's a good left hand straight Combination keep out of the corner he's Been on his feet since the start of this Bout good jab work here from that great Jab musk is just um stepped off the gas A little bit here and that's allow SC With that [Applause] Jab a little bit more he's trying to Counter attack he's trying to actually His opponent to the shot and he's an Example of that With that fast Jo can put one of those Big right hands on the chin oh could so Quickly turn his way just under a minute Left in the third round this is a better Round for Joe Joyce isn't he with the Movement Joyce is actually struggling With the movement of usk that's the Problem if he was to hold his feet a Little bit more he's got good head Movement see how he's coming forward now He's actually trying to him to the to

The punch but he's taking more risks in Coming forward he Yeah slightly quicker to the punch isn't He there you go there was an example There just beating Joe Joy to the shot a Good B you the Quicker good work here from usyk coming Forward taking more Risks and there's the uppercut from Joyce that's what we've been wanting to To throw But faster punches from the Ukraine Boxer good head movement also and at the End So Joe Jo need's try and stop this fight Now he's gaining confidence a little bit More here usyk I think he knows that Joyce hasn't quite got the technical Skills beat to the shot but I'll tell You what he has got he's got plenty of Arm super heavyweight that usk will Actually meet extremely fit got a great Engine Joe Joyce Joe Choice isn't even a Podium boxer yet he's not even in the Podium Squad he's being looked at and He's as you quite rightly say Richie he's given an olymp money here Tonight usk now on the front foot the Low left hand of Joyce there it is again And starting to really go to T go to Slipping and then he's counter punching Counter punching on the front foot here Us turning to Southport

Oh well there you go former world Champion get three four punch Combination from Usk Joy when he throws he must hit the Target usk's looking for that big shot He needs his opponent to lead and Miss Round yeah some good work here for Lu What a soup that was to the body just Switches downstairs on the front foot And there's that right hook over the to He looking for joy and watch this for a Left hand over the top Bang there it was Didn't work usek here again looking to Draw the opponent Lead already beginning their cbra then Leaving himself Open but again the Footwork oh lovely lovely Boxing well usk starting to leave Himself a little more open as he comes Forward slipping from side to side and He's looking to land that left hand Counter give him more problems [Applause] [Music] Oh lovely little right up from Joyce That was better us getting confident now As he's coming forward but making Mistakes Himself well show moting from the Ukrainian but Joe Joy holds his form Sticks to the original game plan Uppercut has been effective for Joyce in

This so again he's got the speed of a Lighter man he's not a fully fles just Been a little bit too much for Joe Joyce In terms of that beating to the Punch oh lovely combination it's Describing in the Game he wants Joyce to Throw Joyce clever don't just throw and Be be Wasteful well counting down now from 15 Seconds in this Fifth and final round And usk has got the Olympic Champion Joe Joyce has done the lion heart's Crow Here there's the respect from both Boxers record is gone and Usk Continues last August and here today It's the win in the WSB and it's also The B win the British lineups by far the Biggest Bowsman Joe Joyce's career no Question he's up against an Olympic Champion and uh he's done very well Indeed C great shots what a performance And he's not even in the podium Squad Yet so hopefully win a goal medal Richie That's the beauty of olymic status and Wouldn't it be great to see Joe Joyce go Up against Ukraine Al [Applause] [Music] Alexander A as Joyce is coming forward really Going for it at the start of the Round

Here Co shot the Olympic champion Recovers quick his guard is up know And he's still boxing at range and Towards the end of the Round scoring with that left down this Was right at the end of the round a good Finish for musk some good work here from Usk coming forward taking more Risks and there's the uppercut from Joyce that's what we've been wanting to To throw but stand faster punches from The Ukraine boxer good head movement Also yeah some good work here for Lu What a super that was to the body just Switches downstairs on the front foot And there's that right hook over the top He looking for Joyce and watch this for A left hand over the top Bang there it Was but it didn't work usk here again Looking to draw the opponent's lead and Then work with the counter

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