Professional american most effective welterweight boxer Errol Spence with nickname “The Truth” against cuban top ranked athlete and WBA champion Yordenis Ugas with nickname “54 Milagros” (“54 Miracles”). Fight for IBF, WBA and WBC welter weight belts took place in AT&T Stadium, Arlington, USA on April 16, 2022. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Errol Spence (USA) vs Yordenis Ugas (Cuba) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight, HD

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It's Showtime Your o Guys SP Jun all right gentlemen we're over Things early in the dressing room I want You to obey my Spence fighting his fourth Consecutive Championship l fighter in His sixth and his last and ugas he's Facing his second consecutive s the bell And round one of the 12th welterweight Unification fight in history for Errol The jab of Spence there's a create some Opportunities to go to the body for Spence instead It's really well at moment Spence Obviously oh good pounder left to the Body Spence this is his third fight at AT&T Stadium in his last four Outings and highly contentious split Decision to Porter in March 2019 the Thing punches ja straight to the body There we go Body Work Back to Basics but It's really good for Spence and that's What you want to Do with the high guard and smiling and Trying to avoid the And Spence has to be got a chance to Land an upper coat well very interesting That you said that it's an underrated Punch of rugas and he's created Several he'll throw it to the body here

And then they'll put it right back up There that's way right there is when you Know what he's thinking he's really Setting up his punches because he thre In one of the organizations good Sparring for this fight and he hopes That that pays dividends oh right who G That scores left hand lands another left And another Left round out getting off first on Almost every occasion and not being Countered to too much and there's that Right Errol Spence Spence has never been Down as a PR as Z got and Spence going Toe to [Music] To [Applause] There's more indications from the coach He said go out there and have fun and Really for both of them it can't be Overstated what what they have to go Through each other for even more Glory Yeah it's a very good Point ugas you can tell already trying To almost has ugas stuck for a moment Right hand and avoiding that left but Spence beginning to really find a rhythm Here the guard it didn't quite get there But you'll see more of it one was a Little low but right to the face and now Spence going back as they got close to Fight he said we got everything right There go there he

Goes guys just trying to go downstairs And this punch stayed pretty far low Wanted to throw well no you know what Not that far low that's what I didn't Say cuz I heard use your body don't Worry about the St you feel Tired accident and now of course coming Back from the Surgery to you can see it in his Physical body he is prepared he's ripped He's ready for this fight so those Are left uppercut right hooking again Errol Spence with some and those were Three good punches is fighting a chest To CH head to that may not be the best Answer for him well this is the best Round for Spence but but Spence Beginning to break down ugas and I keep Saying that if you're ug it's not but if You're going to choose for that there's A right hand that land got to let your Hands go ug upper cut lands for the Truth Erol Spence and now ugas tries to Fire back and does so to the Body excellent throwing a variety of Punches the uppercut the right a very Effective weapon for him he he has a Great right hook hands go he can land Some shots this I think is a nice Uppercut we talked about the ugas back Try to get the opportunity back try to Get success back and look where it's Brought him yeah he went on a 12-1 run Only the the tri you can't you got to

Change your game plan you got someone Different in front of you well he's he's Cutting the distance he's getting too Close to too close but again ugas is an Experienced fighter he's been here Before you got to know how to change the Of each other that right hand h b Sending to the Ropes momentary laps in judgment and Spence SM but the ropes could very well have Saved An opportunity where you're supposed to Wait some drama from your Denny sugas And really the first time we have seen Doubt and there there was this quick Paralysis Spence trying to come back Into the round Here wow the EV and flow of two of the Best do they have in store for us for The second half as we go to round seven [Music] Piece comes out and mor is correct yeah See he thought are you going to stop This and get the mouthpiece instead em Motioning so the mouthpiece would come Out from this kind of right uppercut and He will get nailed by a right hand by Ugas now was Lawrence Cole coming in to Try and stop the second half of this Championship fight our unofficial score Of the Hall of Famer Steve Farhood Well Uh's been down

Twice that bay with the jab but Spence Able to close the distance and now ugas Staggers him momentarily with the right But Spence going back to the Body round for Errol Spence Jr And this uppercut one of the most Important come Back with a couple of left Hooks and There's a right hand after this the Right hand was the really big punch are In the opening minute of the eighth and Spence walking Down the Spence going back into his that Left uppercut right hook the variety of Punches and the variety of the combin Ation Spence is strong showing Explicitly what this kind of crowd in a Venue this size he is putting on Show Here cross can Continue but for how much longer with This kind of assault 38 punch in this Round and and and it's over 40 legs Abner he is a he's a he's target Practice right now For was an amazing round uh we said arol Spence Landing toward upwards of 35 Punches in that Round well to wait unification fight Between two belt holder The Undefeated Errol Spence a tenuous position at this Moment as Spence just strafing them with Strikes record but tonight it is not and

I don't even know if that's the major Factor it's just Spence has been so good Spence if he continues to land the r of Punches that he has so effectively Especially in That I hate to say but if you're a Spence you want to continue to work that Eye down the middle and he continues to Tee off while Ugas Three of your Denny zuga four defeats Were by split to six here in the closing Seconds of the Ninth is everything other than the jab He normally lands 43 um you know very He's right in the range of what he Normally uh does or 46% it is looking More and more likely that he is going to Have to land and something major he's in Trouble he's [Applause] Hurt uppercut hurt Him and you wonder just how much to Absorb I don't think much by now well Fires the eye almost the right eye Almost completely Shut And Errol Spence Jr int shutting down The Title reign of your Denny Zugos and Boy Errol Spence Jr tonight showcasing why he indeed is One let take a look at the numbers uh of This the truth Aro

Spence JW [Applause] J

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