Professional sweden light heavyweight MMA fighter and Bellator talent Karl Albrektsson with nickname “King” against czech top ranked athlete, RIZIN and UFC light heavy weight champion Jiri Prochazka with nickname “Denisa”. Fight took place in Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan on December 29, 2017. MMA fight video with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Karl Albrektsson (Sweden) vs Jiri Prochazka (Czech) | KNOCKOUT, MMA fight HD

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[Music] Apparently uh they don't know that they Have to get their announcements Done Yet Frank the announcer's like you guys just Go back to your corner for two seconds [Music] [Applause] Eat Ing [Applause] Okay okay This way Right now He's like yeah yeah let's go whatever We're here to fight I don't want to hear Any more let's go Listen to his grandpa shut up Dan I'm Gonna get ready Here we go This is one of the fights I've been Looking too forward the most [Music] Yuri has a loss to um Got knocked out a while ago But has Yuri's had an incredible Incredible run going on right now and Literally one of the next guys that they That could be a superstar here in Japan If he wins this fight tonight Um Carl on the other hand just because No one really knows that much because Only has seven fights it's very Difficult to see what he can do with me Both these guys are super slick Fighters

Fantastic look for Yuri's jumping knees Look for Albertson to try and close the Distance get this one down to the ground And use his ground game Foreign Into the first round that there hasn't Been some explosiveness here these two Guys very intense really want really Understand they want to get rid of the Other guy Anyone's radar at Verizon Oh wow nice nice Movement by Carl but You're doing a good job of getting out Of the way and a really good head motion Even though his hands you look how Yuri's hands are always kind of down but He's still very difficult to hit There it is this is exactly what Albertson wanted he wanted to get this Fight down on the ground he's got plenty Of time Plenty of time here to suck the wind out Of prohaska slowly but surely Methodically move up the guard move past The half guard Try and get the side controller into Mouse Carl does not have a very tight game on Top it's a very strong game though he's Very he's got a lot of Leverage a lot of Flexibility with his top game but he's Not like a smothering top guy that's Gonna suck a lot of energy out from you But what he does do very well he's very

Sneaky with his punches obviously rotate His shoulder over he's catching the top Of the head or he's throwing an elbow End so you can't ever rest even though You're not being crushed and being Smothered you can't rest down here Because he's gonna hit you with Something that's going to either cut you Or do a lot of damage [Music] You already gotta get his legs involved He wants to get out of this he's right Now he's feeding the air he doesn't have Anything planted oh Carl's got his his Hand contract yeah wow Who was it back way back way way way Back I think it was Tank Abbott against Hugo Duarte he had the hand trap that Just fed him fed him the punches or uh Vladimir manishenko every time we would Go together in practice yes Shut up I can't get out Get here Albertson in full control Slowly but surely trying to make Yuri Eat some punches You're doing a somewhat okay job of Defending here needs to be a little bit More careful A lot of times for Carl to be on top of You you got down there was eight and a Half minutes That's the 10th third by prohaska trying To explode out of there but see how he's Exploding where his feet are up in the

Air Joe he's got no pressure usually Everything of his upper torso he's got To put his feet on the ground and use His hips get his hips involved right now He's expending a lot of energy which is Helping Carl out because it's making him More exhausted without having to really Worry about him getting out of there Just about four minutes gone in the Opening Round Here scheduled for two First run 10 minutes second round five Minutes Carl Albertson on top of Yuri Prohaska Frank said Yuri's positioning is it Correct here but he tried to Buck to the Right side which is the smart thing to Do but yeah I believe Frank you need to Buck and hip Escape if the buck fails You're ready to do both and what we're Seeing is a lot of one time let me hit This one time explosive position let's See what happens as opposed to hitting And it took me a very long time to learn This is that you can't do one position You have to do a series of super small Ones until you can get a position change Where that one big One's Gonna Get You Completely out uh Yuri stepping all the Way up to the final and not getting away Little old school here Elbow dragged across the face Obviously we didn't say before the Fighter or during the intros albums are Allowed both both Fighters have agreed

The elbows in this one And to be honest we've had a lot of Fighters tonight agree for elbows we Really haven't seen that much damage Done with elbows at all obviously under Under Japanese uh MMA Rose they're the Head stops the second picks we haven't Seen very many tonight you're right we Saw the one knee for the finish uh Earlier but it was already done before The knee even came in came in the factor Um and then he barely didn't really land That well I mean obviously It was already done and didn't throw Full force into it so there we go Brasa Gets out a good job defending himself Down there four and a half minutes to go In the opening round here he was able to Survive with Albertson wanted to do with This fight was to get it down to the Ground and punish Yuri didn't do much Punishing in my opinion Frank and now It's really good for Oscar to really Pick up the pace here to try and get This finished the stand upwards this is Where he wants it Each other [Music] Trying to ensure that this is not a Target you're gonna hit it's a movie Target S Foreign He needs to use his length a lot more

He's really not using his length he's Really trying to step inside because he Is explosive he is strong so he needs to Use a lot more of his length in this Position because if you let a car on the Inside he's gonna take you down again Wow lazy I like those lazy kicks you Don't know where they're coming from the Timing is generally off and boom [ __ ] Across the head but here's opposite Saying you're not doing that again we're Going to the ground I thought uh you're Gonna be able to turn the corner on him As he got him thrown and put him on his Back instead he gets caught down oh D oh Look Carl's bleeding yeah she got hit With something I didn't see what uh what caused that uh Uh I don't know if it's a cut of his Nose Leaking The referee's taking a look at he Pointed to his mouth [Music] Okay that's the nose I wonder if it was that kick the way he Had it so I saw the referee tap his Forehead as he was talking so I assumed It was his head was bleeding but it's a Head Bunch so it was a twice as Incidental class waiting when he jumped Into the show okay and caught him on the Nose Just over two minutes ago on this

Opening round Albertson has it where he Wanted now and I'm sure there's a sense Of urgency realizing that that is my Blood that has fallen on top of my Opponent and I'm on top of my opponent I Gotta blood him up now you never know How bad you're actually bleeding when You're in it all you see is blood Everywhere and you realize it's your own Do not be like okay if this goes to the Doctors this might stop I might lose This fight I've got to keep moving I've Got to keep trying to get this get this Fight in position where I can win but Unfortunately for Carl right now he's in A spot where he could win this fight but Yuri's so good from the bottom that he Is stopping him from being able to do Any kind of real solid damage Saw the look from the referee's angle The referee the referees here at rise And do wear cameras [Music] Still working away here just over a Minute to go here in the opening round As you saw there Frank Yuri just kind of Opened his hands going like are we gonna Still be here for a while or because You're not doing anything well the thing Is that on the bottom is not taking any Damage it feels like there's really Nothing going on there's nothing Happening but as we can see as you guys Can see at home that there is a lot of

Action going on Carl keeps battling to Keep on top he keeps moving every time He really tries to get out of half guard And put some batteries Oh there's some shots being landed there Now we've got the elbows that Frank Drake was mentioning Why he stopped I don't know for the Position but he could have kept going Frank absolutely I mean oh Good job by year to keep getting out of There fantastic job by prohaska I know there's there was the jumping the Attempt there that was mentioned nice Left hook landed by Albertson now [Applause] Drops him uppercut 15 seconds to go in The opening round picking up the paces For Huska bobbing and weaving his head Is Albertson taking the shots here Flying everywhere Before the final Bell prohaska after Surviving the ground up on the ground Emerges Victorious To defeat Carl Albertson with seconds to Go in the opening round That's incredible he was completely Getting schooled on the bottom was in a Very bad position never allowed any kind Of damage to come down there when the Damage did come he took advantage of it Because when someone sits up he's been Holding him for all this time he sits up Gives you damage he's now let you go and

Usually what happens is everyone Supposed to panic and they get punched And get elbowed and then you jump back Down and hold him again the moment he Was able to shift the position once he Got a little bit of damage done to him From the top side he moved himself out Of it got on top took full advantage to Finish the fight Very puzzled am I to be honest with you With Albertson the way he was finally Able to land those Hammer Fists punches And then stopped Proska got up and then said that's it I'm gonna finish you off here and this Was seconds to go seconds to go at the End of the round wow great job here and He he can be a superstar he can be one Of the one of the guys that ryzen pushes And becomes one of their main guys he's Got the look he's got the attitude and When he fights like this where he's Getting beat he is getting beat he was Losing the fight to this point to come Back in and get a stoppage Thank God guys Thanks thanks for thanks for accepting It was hard like I thinking In this fight but yeah Must be hard Thanks for everything good good Ground from car But Winners I winner am I thanks and say

Hello to krokop thanks for everything Reason Um [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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