Professional japanese boxer and undisputed bantamweight champion Naoya Inoue with nickname “The Monster” against american top ranked athlete and title challenger Antonio Nieves with nickname “Carita”. Fight for WBO Super fly weight belt took place in StubHub Center, Carson, USA on September 9, 2017. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Naoya Inoue (Japan) vs Antonio Nieves (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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The tail of the tape now for our next Televised fight now inway against Antonio neevis and you could see the Six-year age of difficulties of tropical Storm Irma uh he started out in mixed Martial arts Andre W beating and wanted To be in mixed martial arts made the Switch to boxing and that's what brings Him here he CAU he caught his first loss Of his career wins one loss two draws Will be looking to come up with a giant Upset here tonight karita [Applause] Neis he is going to have to neevis is Going to have to fight better than he Has fought in the P unbelievable Punishment over 12 rounds from veteran Miguel Cotto kamagi was one of a wave of Boxers who made their Mark for Japan now Here comes the guy who some believe Jofrey for Joffrey's only lawon of his Of his career at the time they were Calling Joffrey the next Sugar Ray Robin Monster Ino In way [Applause] Side getting your instruction addressing My command all time good luck and that's What tonight is about here is the Introduction to the monster and he's Called the monster Andre because of his Knockout any other top fighter in the

World and lands the second most per Round of any top fighter in the world Exceeded only underlines the fact that Power is often set up by the jab Absolutely I think he hides the power Behind the jab like you just mentioned So behind the jab on a classic one two There's the classic onew again he says He and he hasn't uncurled that one quite Yet just missed with one you can n is Quite aware that he's up against a guy Who's regarded as a monstrous Talent he Said of course world has their eyes Peeled right now on this fight because In no way those who have seen him saying Such glowing Things this being his American TV debut People want to see what they have Already we've seen one that some Fighters wait a long time to learn Reputation is a great job so a couple of Times na leads with the left hook taught Him well he's fundamentally sound and That power he has behind those Fundamentals don't hurt at all I see he Has an idea of what he wants to do in There which is he wants to punch when uh The monster he's trying to time him in Between whenever no takes a little break He's trying to punch with An saying all the right things I just Don't know if he can translate that Physically tries to deliver the body did A great job of blocking it with his left

Elbow comes back with a series of Punches of his own watch in way faints And faints and tries to punch with in Way to get his shot in there first in The ring with one good hard counter left Shot it landed on in where Ino has had His way so far so he wants to make him [Applause] Uncomfortable the jab Maximum Impact now Ina appears to be everything Would Be very nice very nice okay breathe Ina Wants to wait a little bit to punch Sometimes punch in between when he's Waiting or you wait with him to land his Own Shot good one two by Ino as obviously You can get caught with shot Good shot from right hand by neis to the Body and he stairs it's not a good idea To punch with a guy unless he's punching Wide and at times been a little bit Wide but you can see the force that in Throws with the power is obvious in an Amateur fight so he has had one Knockdown scored against him although he Says wasn't because of a Punch bobber asked for body shots Haven't seen him this round now he goes Downstairs and comes back up and fires The left hook to the body with the th He's 115 pounder boy he's going you can Hear those shots from Ride that's a

Compliment that won the first Bight for Juan Francisco Estrada it was having his Feet flat on the canvas and maximizing The power in his punches and that's the Same thing you see with inway always in Position to punch regardless of what Opponent tries to do I think he bothered Yis with that hard right hand off the Jab yis trying to come waiting and he Launches again the other guy's coming Down from 122 Lbs you know the guy coming up defensive Fighter and given those circumstances The question here is can in Impose left hand to the body than power Now Combinations 10 second 10 second oh the Second warning clap and it with the belt That's sa me is right There the official Tim keeper here Tiffany Clinton the way she claps the sticks With 10 seconds to go on the r that Isn't the first time that we've seen but That's a long story about Thailand and Family names when he heard that sound And thought that the round was over Tiffany's doing a job not surprisingly Has Nowa winning the first two rounds NOA is trying to pick up where he left Off he knows abz was hurt in that last Round and he wants to test to see how Hurt he still is you see why he's called The monster when a guy has fast hands

Just did something you occasionally see Genady Golovkin do saw traveling through The air to give it a little bit lift Over the top and get it down to the base Now there's a perfect uppercut straight Back from punches sometimes he uses Athletic ability to avoid punches and Doesn't always use kind of classic Technical defense talking a lot about The power of inway but as we mentioned Earlier in the broadcast it's the jack And his opponent previous to this night He has an it's a heavy jab meaning his Weight comes out over his front when he Throws it oh and it sets up power shots Like that which are just end of the last Round and you can see ne's confidence Just go down a little bit as in Domination listen when you're getting Hit with the game plan can go out the Window Quick all of a sudden it yeah excuse me Jim all of a sudden it doesn't come Worth it to extend yourself when you Didn't hit heavy with heavy shots To The Head and the body like and part of the Key to his ability to do that is balance And timing he seems always to be in the Right position on his feet and he throws When he want punch he'll throw a dab He'll throw a lead right hand then he'll Throw a two or three punch combination He's steady but he's respond to an Opportunity punch until he gets his guy

Hurt and then he throws in combination I Like that opportunistic Jim as you said This is just a brilliant round this this Was a one sided pile and go to the Angles get off first now every time you Hit this kid and you turn you're getting Some good stuff Off trainer's willing and the trainer Believes can's eyes was an indicator That he Believes it's amazing his accuracy uh I'm talking about inway when he throws a Punch man he don't miss accuracy see That I mean He's Got His Hands Held Amazing job he's doing really nothing Inway what's impressive about inway is Out wrong because of what inway is doing What's the trainer supposed to tell him You want to throw in the T but the game Plan's not working but come up with a Better one right now I mean the trainer Is doing what he can do NE is a tough Kid but he is taking a lot of punishment Right now talking as Though his fighter has a chance as Though he's not taking a beating in that Position because when you're in the Position that Nez is in again it's just Really appeal to his heart do you Motivate him and it's a tough and un Enviable position like you just Mentioned to be in well win or lose it's A big as his banking career goes forward And he said I'm never going to give up

My day job boxing is Big it's a big part Of my life but in inway it was round off To allow neis to throw some punches I Think that was by Design I don't know if Inway was resting or if he was trying to L the the punishment from the previous Round I think he was trying to lure Nevas into an exchange where he wouldn't Have to try Nas's defense he could just You know catch him with in an exchange Oh what a hook I mentioned that box has Him throw his SP an average of 37 coming In he's throwing 41 Jabs per round here [Applause] Tonight nice Nice so many of them over the years and Some of them have been among uh the the Sports most fam I mean ideally I think It's a great thing but I think from what I've seen they either I think that's a Great Point has to put neis away here in This round or next because it's a Lopsided fight but in the mature their Imagination and really look devastating Mak some water cooler Buzz the next you Know on Monday at work maybe he can do That but what is just a kind of samess To every round at an extended fight and Now trying to find somewhere to hide in The ring and he can't find it as inway Continues to track him down pin him Against the ropes and slip away to the Side slip away to the side and inway Just keeps walking him down gets him

Into position there where he got Authority one or two more of those he Could end this fight Jim inway hasn't Ready to go to the body y there it Is first time down as a pro for neis First time in the ring with a fighter L The body if you're in exactly the in a Body right now he'll protect the head But the body can't Move 54 seconds to go in the round inway Stalking there it is another body body Shot with the left hook right back but I Literally don't think you should throw Another punch other than a hook and There's another One and there's another One enough authority to change anything Another left hook to the Body anyway listening to what Max Kellman and Andre Ward said to the body Another left hook to the body in a way Trying to finish the fight with exactly The prescription offered by to the body Most effective boxing I don't care who You are fighting where you've been Brought up took to the body it will win You more fights than any other weapon He's about to win by stoppage but he's Only throwing one hook at it listen to Me we know that we have an opportunity Now you know I'm not going to land Beautiful body shots all night here we See another left that lands right by the Solar plex Nez hesitates and then

Decides to take continuing because it's Not a contest anymore we're just waiting For the final hook to the body to end Berard Hopkins against Oscar deoya arti Against Leonard dorin how many times Have you seen it you land beneath the Waist the whe goes away in knows he has Wounded prey in front of him so he's Going to continue throw that left hook To the body and it's a damaging damaging Thing to do like how why does he Experience from inway only having 13 Fights good right hand right there Hiding the fact that he wants to throw That left to the body so Nez has guard Against that shot he's got to switch it Up throw a right to the body maybe a Right to the head and then a left hook To the body and it wide open looked at Him like wait a minute you're allow left To the body listen to the sound when Those left hand body shots land all over The arena here at the StubHub Center I Know he's not dazed in a way like he's But why does he need to keep taking this Punishment over and over and over the Sledgehammer left to the body you can See to his side right there that's why You got to switch it up if you want that Shot you got to go away the chance to Put on a show now inway is doing so as He lifts his head I know fin a star You're going to see me in the ring come To me come to me I'm ready for The

Knockout right Now keep a close look on the is in a Minute he may have to save him from Himself yeah this corner said hey I'll Stop now do you need to see your guy Unable to rise from the canvas the Contest was one and two his first loss In the last fight was a decision with Which he disagreed he is getting laying It looks like he's still in the fight But if you know what you're looking at He's had enough it's a lot of punishment That is And it's only going to get wor as this Fight [Applause] Proges the nose is bleeding now and who Knows what's going on internally in his Rib C another left of the body to finish the Round and neis where trainer Joseph dely Has a decision to Make and he has made the Decision so it'll be a technical Knockout at the end of brown In 14 Fights and we were told to expect Something special that was quite a Show a lot of Corners would have let the Guy go out again I wish he would have Stopped it around earlier in a way Champion of the world NAIA Monster in

[Applause] Norway final copy box numbers in the Blowout win for

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