Professional kazakhstani middleweight boxer and two-time world champion Gennady Golovkin with nickname “GGG” against ukrainian top ranked athlete and title challenger Sergiy Derevyanchenko with nickname “The Technician”. Fight for IBF and IBO middle weight belts took place in Madison Square Garden, New York, USA on October 5, 2019. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Gennady Golovkin (Kazakhstan) vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko (Ukraine) | BOXING Fight, HD, 60 fps

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One and one the one and one both coming Against Canelo Alvarez so again 37 years Old Not an accomplished amiter world class Fighter greatly once before a year ago Here in New York City D yanchenko losing A Split While also creating a mandate to force a Third he believes he won both those Fights with Canelo it Chas at him fre Him out he's prideful he's had a Hall of Fame career and in His Foran Sh tripple K instructions earlier as a reminder Obey my command so Look you can feel the electricity of New York City Madison Square Garden seventh Fight at Madison Square Garden he wanted Canelo this fall he June he steps back Up to world class tonight and his second Fight and really among the elite we're Underway round one here at the Gardenin which is something a lot of Fighters can't do they say they're going To try it but you're going to is Fighting on fire he needs fire and There's 160 lb Li but he missed it just A little bit 160 lb 17.2 lb made it on The that combination but clearly he had Not g chenko put his head down Golovkin Had no choice but to punch down has to

Be a bit discouraging g off to a solid Start then suddenly here on the canvas Surprise knock down in round number one You just talking back and forth and Suddenly I thought all at the uppercut Got him I didn't think the the shot the Shots and he got caught in the perfect Spot just went there he's got to get Some rounds in the back if he hopes to Win and he is already in the hole if They're able to establish what they call A new Rhythm off and now you would Figure all right he's at the camp and Lead Hook from Glovin good body shots counter body Shots I I want to see a lot more of That Final minute of the second round another Lead hook and a body shot but he is Starting to bleed there and there's a Hook off the Triple G as well he is Starting to bloody Deano's face that cut In this fight and you can say he's been Outboxed for good stanza of It that look like a head butt that don't Look like a P that caught him right on the Brow right There I mean he is just methodical and Powerful even with d yanenko expect this To be a really big and interesting run Right here going to be an interesting Run right here got everything going

Against him so far a shot to the body Springs to the side trying to make Things happen to angle on Golovkin he's Going to work he knows the CL he's tough He's experienced he knows this is his Chance Golovkin fires an upper Com get him the inside bang him to the Body and back him up going to the body After the Jabs but he continues to have Success firing off combination on Triple G great action here in round three der Yanchenko you Sergio he doesn't even Have to wind up to hit you hard you know It's just it looks like he's just Placing his shots and he can do damage I Think he will get worse as Golovkin with That jab hits him again right hand the That's what you're aiming for every Single time you go to the Head ability Of a sto it was a clean shot we had a Chance to speak to uh roer and he thinks Is ahead butt he's not sure it was Actually a punch even though our cameras Did show that but he's asking him to Keep moving forward they've got a hope I Mean the first time we saw it we Wondered too could there be a clash of Heads that is not what we have seen over Hand right on Golovkin Golovkin is able to take his Time keep up Obviously Sergio there are a lot of Skills your eyebrows going to stick your Eyebrows down I mean your eyelashes he

Got to keep the guard up as well his Right to Adversity look at those body shots Brian I'm telling you those bodies backing Up good combination by D yanenko we are Starting to hear word there's a Possibility again they get through this Combinations and it starts with a body Punching making golovin Miss just Steve Smer we're hearing that the commission Is ruled that for Them Bri that does change now they go to The It is that close and let me tell you Something if you're Jonathan Banks in Golovkin's corner you have to be telling Him if that's caused by good point it's Good point doctors are going to take a Close look there are a number of doctors Up there on the ring a be a different Matter DB yanchenko is having something Following up the right hand suddenly Things finish what I was saying earlier About how Golovkin is physically he did Miss The first weigh in at the good uppercut By gokin there he's still a dangerous Man but right now D that right hand was Blocked and maybe the judges can as well Renenko goes right back to work he's Able to block those shots that that by Triple G interesting fight now everything two

Three rounds his offense is just tight Sergio look at that and hard shot to the Body Golovkin is wobbled gkin looks hurt Golovkin hurt to the body seeing goov Can Hurt Like This hard body shots by D forward touch Like that see derenko finally land that Left hook right there to the liver Golovin fell if I'm derenko this next Round it's body body body we don't know If Golovkin Is good counter jab fired up feeling the Urgency Up on his toes moving He's Got Rhythm Kovin will try to take it away from him And now we go to work Ronko and champions we haven't even Mentioned it now in this round it's Barely a factor good J Golovkin he had everything stacked Against him you know one thing about Golovkin he has never been a prolific Bodies game here Tonight hard right hand took it well Goes to the body again with the rahut in A bad spot but it has been managed by D Yanchenko corner has been busier in Throwing hard shots as well there's Another one to the Body having a good round lovkin has had Success as well these are tough Rounds hard right hand crowd is roaring The Rings what a Fight breath brother

Relax okay I just need you to Li I just Need you to keep fighting while you Tired that's especially earlier on with That hard hook Buck It that was buckled for Golovkin cuz He's rarely staggered you never see him Hurt right hand to the head by deran Shenko he has had It golovin Is and genady Golovkin pull this out he Is severely tested everything is on the Line backing up to Renko Sergio this is the time to dig Deep you just wonder who has the deeper Reservoir stockier body he's able to dig And he's able to land doing damage Throughout this fight these Jud these Judges are looking at this so closely And these are difficult rounds to score In this building that that can happen That's what Daren jenko and Andre Rosier Expected he Shield the right hand he Shielding the hook not see that ja this All I want you to do great back and Forth action here derenko comes first Backing up Goin which is what you're Supposed to do in and plugging away Around the guard of derenko with right And left hook there you see the eye is Closed up good upper cut by Golovkin to Open up round nine they get right at it Coach JB what um defensive adjustments Have you made well the the go before Toward the left ey only adust he made

Now he got just let his hands go more And and using more of his defense he's Not using it right more he's getting hit More than we've ever seen what what took A reaction are you getting out you see He can hurt the guy he just got to start Throwing more than one punch you need to Go came from to make sure they're awayin Fires BSE so that's where we are right Now now we're in round nine so this Could just go to the cards backing up Golovin not forgetting the body just Incredible stuff by deran jenko and Golovkin there Hurt This has been a war your time champ Whose time is it and they will just go To the judge's cards at the end of 12 Rounds right now Chris manx is giving Multiple rounds to dban shenko and has Him leading and D threw it here in round 10 Golovkin hooks to the Head Golovkin Is Wobbled golovkin's left cheek is readed And starting to pop up this is a man Who's 33 years old he Lovkin fires back that hand there for H Deran shenko fires back straight up the Middle three Jabs in a row Sergey Derenko is fighting like he knows this Is his last Chance every time dkin starts to have Success derenko comes back you middle Belovin even Nodge to him showing him

Respect belovin is firing now Central Good defensive work right up the Middle Another firefight here in round 10in hasn't Run body shots backing up Golovkin it's Easier Set these rounds have a real evid see Having success ganen that Sergey derenko Is going through his hands what kind of Reaction do you get from Him well they think they could be behind Chris and I think that's a natural Thought given that round extremely tight Rounds I don't think they can be truly Comfortable that they've won To Hall of Famer he is down to his last Four minutes and he could be Trailing the trilogy would be looming This could certainly derail that they Piing that off he's got a good chin he's Been able to WEA a number of storms in This fight One everything You fighters to get to round 12 against Triple G Canelo Alvarez well it is the Big drama show but we didn't expect with The Zone has his own promotional company Getting into a long-term deal with the That's key and that was game plan and Strategy on yeah one of the things we Talked about was does Andre Ru have a Blue in a way Sergio I think Canelo Alvarez said a bit of a blueprint that

If you can take make these punches you Can throw a lot more back for us a lot Of these rounds Chris is SW either way Important to note final minute of this Fight deran cenko has made a tremendous Stand I got You but they're Trying uppercut by Golovkin Gan senko Has him on the ropes now they spin out And that's Go do enough did he take enough rounds To offset that the new ibf IBO Middleweight champion of the world Genady genovich thein A a Triple G

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