Professional russian lightweight boxer, WBA and IBO champion Khabib Allakhverdiev with nickname “The Hawk” against american top ranked athlete, WBC and WBO champion Adrien Broner with nickname “The Problem”. Fight for WBA Super light weight belt took place in U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati, USA on October 13, 2015. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Khabib Allakhverdiev (Russia) vs Adrien Broner (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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And I referenced the weight for Adrien Broner and it's very important because We talked about at the top of the show The fact that introducing to you first On my right fighting out of the Red Corner wearing white trunks hailing from Derbent Russia he weighed in at 139 lbs And has a record of 19 wins one loss With nine wins coming by way of knockout In his fourth world title bout please Welcome the ibf number five ranked Contender And the former WBA super lightweight Champion of the world introducing khabib The Hawk [Music] Al and his opponent across the ring on My left fighting out of the blue Corner Wearing black trunks with orange trim Fighting out of and representing his Hometown of Cincinnati Ohio he weighed in and at a trim and Ready 138 and one2 lb his record stands At 30 wins two losses one no contest With 22 wins coming by way of knockout Tonight seeking his fourth world title He is currently ranked the wa number two Introducing Adrien the Problem Broner and I referenced the we for Adrien Broner and it's very important Because we talked about at the top of The show the fact that the trunks are

Good we want protect yourself at all Times Ohio athletic commission has junor The task of overseeing this scheduled 12 With five wins inside the distance two And one in Championship affairs with one Win inside the bell and round one Broner Sporting the colors of his hometown NFL Since it samples out a minute 30 left in That debated to this day by Broner he's Trying to punch land that punch in the Landing a left hook in the 12th and Final round all about business in boxing Here tonight Al verv going Verv is getting closer he's getting Closer but he can't Bank there's thrown on the ropes where Gives you the body and Paulie landed Many body shots nice to that close shelf And he's not able to punch off that Broner will play that with you all day And he's good at that he's good at it This is the pace that Broner wants Clearly and there's nice bodyw work By ver he likes to PO shot you and keep Those single shots going so if you're Going to beat him he's very good at it Would you like to see him throw Combination those little counters in There nice right uppercut by BR verab Has been successful in scoring to the Body with that left angle upper cut come With the hook put your combination down They have a couple of moments where you See him ping with the the jab and is

Able to get the straight right hand in And then go downstairs in the last round Using the uppercut very effectively on The inside that's a going into hostile Territory coming off a career long Layoff nice right hand by Alec verab has An issue on the [Applause] Inside finding Jab land that first and second shot it's Going to be very difficult to do That there's a nice jab from Broner what Do they say about sleeping dog and this Pot shot game Bron will play with you For 20 rounds if you want to go at it The southp verv going over the top with A right the right hook the right hook is Going to end up being he gets inside the Work is good he to keep working going Going to the body end up being a pretty Good round for him unleashing that right Hook now he's working TR for another Right hook but Broner was able to land The straight right hand and that's a Punch for a certain trinket at 140 Lbs nice counter another for yeah but Here's the important Point aggressive in Terms of his numbers so far in this Fight he's only throwing on the last 20 Seconds consistent stinging counter Right hand by Broner ask shoulder roll a Lot of people wish he wouldn't to that Third and fourth punch in the [Music]

Combination oh Another just a piston likee right hand His power was at 130 135 another Stinging right hand by Broner Alex Ver throw it you know what I'm saying Give me that water give me one more Which is the straight right and of Course against the South Pole who's Attacking and has not been doing much in This fight that right hand will get There now going to the body counter Shots though from Broner that right hand Continues to find its Target punch Against Broner he goes defensive so Nothing's going to come back at you Exactly but Broner doing a good job of Blocking the majority of those shots by The left hand and now going UPS But he seems to be you're right hasn't Paid the price yet shotting Broner and There's another right cross under a Minute left in the fifth you kind of Mesmerize you with these different looks He gives you he gives you that Rhythm You just got to KN jab right hand lead By Broner then he eats a short right From M verv now working the Body good counter right and from Adrien Broner PB and Porter taking to Instagram to you Force Broner to go defensive not only You force him to go Defensive Broner almost seemingly

Putting himself in that corner there e a Short left but again trouble up with That right hook a lot there it is to the Body should have come with It To The Head he's capable now Brer picking up The pace in terms of output they're both Exchanging here this has been is Crea You're going to stay in range of Broner Either you get off or you come and you Or you step back not been a punch he has Used a lot in this fight and great There's a right hand from Broner it's round six the fans in ciny Enjoying every good [Music] Stuff even on their feet after those Fistic fireworks there would be a Firefight broke breaking out and both Men Landing throwing and Landing Big Shots the uppercut a huge weapon for Broner by Alex verd but he did land them And then later on Broner coming forward Landing the Big Mo five rounds to one For Broner the right uppercut is clearly The best pun psychological standpoint Al Veria right now is not in a good Position of with that shoulder mid you Can't throw these single shots there It's a nice shot then the hook is Important and now you just to set up the Hook Absol yes precis be creative in the Ways you're going to set up your hook And set your traps for it in round seven On theity of going to the body coming in

And that's part of the reason oh nice Those punches are beginning to show Signs of the Adrien Broner we've seen in The P just picking off with the J so pun He's got more problems than lacking Power he's also Adrien Broner with 22 of His 30 wins fans of Cincinnati but like Ver again has never and now he's now Broner's talking to Paulie melagi here In Ringside a lot of it turns a lot of People off but when when the Adrian is Inis chant of USA I thought it was Disrespectful out we saw in the E There's a left hook countered by Al verv Still on the attack and yet Broner now Asking other people at ringside what's [Applause] Up right there at that point well he He's been telling him to move his head And throw combinations you're not sure What I'm telling you he is getting Marked up you never know he's coming Back it lands and now here he is but a Lot of those shots blocked but again the Problem is he's got to use the right Hook in the midst of combination Punching I agree but he's got to that Punch But he obviously has heated the advice Of his we talked about it at the Beginning chopping left hand from Broner Al verf chases him Oh even while he took the walk stop and

Throw the next combination like Steve Farhood said that right uppercut has Been his bread and butter when it comes To his power shots and like ver working The body well I I wouldn't go that far He said Fatigue a minute remaining in the 10th And again Winding up with the right uppercut lands The jab droner the pace the crowd Building for shendo sensing something But there Al verv showing what he's made Up once Al verdev pushed him back he did Not punch and then and and the thing About Al verd Attacks right hand lands for [Applause] Broner where you're At so here at the US [Applause] And they exchange here with barer of Adrien the problem Brer the 11th you can't question the heart of Alec Veria but 28 days away from now Here the head movement's really good for Mal FM that's the that's the thing we Were looking for him to do a lot right Hand to the body and Mal verv now left And ther on the verge of verv and yet Al Ver Standing To now especially at this point in the Fight being tired throwing more arm a

Soup and now with 10s all Adrien the Problem Broner with three minutes Remaining in this fight good right hand By final round but he needs to show oh Forv is one and one in 12 alphabet Organization He's 48 and0 with two Knockouts guys Yeah heard he's a pretty good boxer Regain some luster with some pretty big Names and yes I think Broner against Going to beat all of them but he Certainly has proven that at 140 he can Be the Fight Adrien Broner close the show in Front of his hometown crowd good body Shot hand left H right uppercut Broner That's enough the referee Harvey doc Junor stops the fight and Broner Improves to 31 andion and the new WBA Super lightweight champion of the world Adrien the Problem [Applause] Broner

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