Professional сameroonian heavyweight athlete, UFC champion Francis Ngannou with nickname “The Predator” in boxing pro debut against brittish top ranked boxer, unified, and now WBC and The Ring champion Tyson Fury with nickname “The Gypsy King”. Fight took place in Boulevard Hall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on October 28, 2023. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Francis Ngannou (Cameroon) vs Tyson Fury (England) | BOXING fight, HD

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[Applause] Introducing first fighting out of the Blue Corner wearing black trimmed with Gold officially weighing in at 2004 and Representing his native nation of Cameroon the former UFC World Heavyweight Champion the predator [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Francis and across the ring fighting out Of the Red Corner wearing green trimmed With gold His official weight 2777 lbs his professional record in the Ring 34 fights 33 three victories Including 24 wins by not defeated WBC Heavyweight champion of the World the Gypsy King P [Applause] Per you men receive my Instruction so here we go then as an Event this is in a competitive contest We're all curious as to what may happen The Cristiano Ronaldo at ringside Alexander using behind him and Tyson Fury straight out to meet frany with the Jab and just box it distance and have a Look at his opponent and G got B on the Fact that he could be facing olander usk

Before Christmas how he goes about two Rounds it's the first time he's ever Boxed in there double jab Tyson Mike Tyson was famous for that double jab Closing the the distance a single shot That's why he's doubling it up there is There look with his feet in and that's That's when he's got to close the gap Down to throw of course the experience And the technical ability of the two of Them could actually be PS apart this is Like the table tennis world champion Having a game against Novak jovic at Wimbledon and he said he's got to head He's work thinking about his Approach and he connects with who took It well from both of them fighting fire With P Rous and over excited this Francis zanu can set up opportunities to Discipline for him and can he keep it Going that will be his problem long Range right hand there just set up with The left hand first and then the right Hand came Over Fury trying to pop out that Responding with a punch to the body now Fury doesn't want to be in the corner Like that because he does land but at The moment ando's not taking the B so He's not coming forward over his th foot And that's why Tyson Fury Know both of them landed sh Fury being Safe For got to get to him if he

Can little bit of damage you hear me Caused it Richie let's have a look here Might be the shot yeah I think you're Right go and lose if he can do anything Tonight shock in my opinion in boxing History goes the better he gets he's Starting to land shots also the He's just really warming up Tyson Fury And Just to come over the front foot but It's not [Applause] Happening keep switching from Orthodox To Southport inside the final minute the Third Round go Go the big shot and the heavyweight Champion So Titan Fury there trying to land that Right hand look at it from this angle Tried to land and there it was just on The side wasn't it he made the mistake Didn't get his hand back to that Ong Guard position and gets caught with that Left Hook and is going to be full of Confidence Now who knows he can be still not Settled keeps going from Orthodox to Safe that's a a little bit better from Fury but he got him looking to rookie B In there listen to the Crowd that's have done a word from Fury Nice and accurate and G

Took can't work out yet I'm boxing Me Round he's got to get working and he's Got to get working 18 don't stop Regarded as maybe the greatest sensation In the history of the heavyweight Championship been Good tyur the man at this stage of the Fight and he's just not so accurate with His work and there was an example there Just misses with that aler cut so he's Trying different man who's fighting at This level as all that's better that's a L better from Fury signes at the end of The round that he might just be Fury Hasn't been his night up to to yet but That last round then working better with Long range Punches Fury don't know towards the back End of this fight how France is in but At the moment he's perfectly fine he's Got a clear head and plenty of gas in The [Applause] Tank Fury back to Orthodox he's been Switching between Orthodox and southp All night try to minutes ago in the Six see that's what T Of [Applause] Incredibly impressed with Francis Inu Days foru right now nothing past this Point as he's he's been focusing

On certainly get the the rest of the Way yes he's got a expect he's probably Little to There hard to actually sus him out what He's Thinking Fury that's the point that Dan Made between rounds he doesn't have to Do a great deal now he can box his fight Has been out of the ring for so longan In terms of The slipping over There good as a safe for as well as an Orthodox boxer U so he's got to been a Talent Also U coming forward right at the end Of the round there's the B that's what He's got to do get some been at the ring For so long know been in the ring more Often so he's got to raise it go through The gears and really going to test the Stamina of Francis andu whether that Time out done left hand good left hand Get into the corner solid shot the fury Took well yeah good shot Corner yeah there's that right up to go Again for Fury there's excitement in Witnessing Also I think everybody spoken the week About what if and they made the one if Very Changed still in there firing good Combination Fury launching the upper but Missing with him Fury comes back tries To come back with an

Uppercut garu seems to be getting the Better of it punishes go Fury looks Tight Fury will goes in Tyson Fury has To dig deeping forward no answer at the Moment from Tyson fur is no answer but You could there's a look of belief in And who he thinks He I've never seen tyon Fury look so ragged As he's coming forward he's putting Tyson Fury under more and more pressure That these punches again for Tyson Fury Nobody thought he was going to be like This bang you try load up on every damn [Music] Thing you all right guys UT from Tyson Fury Francis angano just replies with a Good left hand there and pushes Rather but nevertheless he's pushing Your man back and two or three shots Going in there There but he was in dire St against Deontay Wilder that was so yes he Probably needs that stoppage on Look G want to be the Aggressor there's never really been a Stage in the fight reg where Fury's been The dominant no all these G what Everyone expected this is course in Heavyweight boxing things can change in A second so has there been enough Urgency from Tyson Fury in this round Richie few one two simple one Two pleas with what he's seeing I should

Imagine I don't think they thought he Was going to last like this either Richie if they're honest yes I think Most of your fans of UFC thought they Probably had a good chance in those First three or four has been doing it And again sitting back not coming Forward much is he G just being patient With his work He him a mile behind after four rounds Dan hard going through Tyson's mind but Surely he knows he hasn't performed well Here he's got to do something in this Last and G ripped his te to he jump Tyson Fury regarding LS right well there's the Final B we're going to go to the Scorecards and who knows the angu corner Him in that corner there but Francis Enanu you got to give him a immense Credit there for that 10 round I think He's won it of course they Are whether he's won it or not it's a Moral victory for him tonight and you Know he's he had the conditioning to Carry it through he boxed in the way on Here I think even Tyson Fury and not Many boxers can do that cuz Tyson are Very clever he got a great ring guq but Francis andu there has boxed out of his Skin from Francis aaru the calaro flags Are waving all around the Arena and all the celebration coming From the inaru corner the inaru

Supporters there it is there that's that Left up the Tyson he said he was a bit Inaccurate with his work let's have a Look at it Here there it was there leaning Forward falling into his opponent akes And just get caught with that left up That's the shot there look at the Crowd moment well you could sense it in Here no one could believe what they were Indeed at the [Applause] End Alan kreb scores it 95 94 a one-point decision on the third Card winner by Split Decision still undefeated from the United Kingdom the WBC has got the decision by a split Decision the D tyon transition G will be Heartbroken Richie what are all your Thoughts I think that he's been very Lucky there hasn't he Tyson few let's Get it right let's put it into Perspective very lucky indeed and the One judge that had it for what cut my Range for Tyson I didn't agree with that So yeah he's been luy split decision he Gets away with it but um yeah

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