Hello and welcome back to Sunday Vibes where today we are discussing the BIGGEST mistakes that Liverpool, Arsenal, Man United, Newcastle, Chelsea and Nottingham Forest need to AVOID this January!

Will Ten Hag fork out on a new striker to help Rasmus Hojlund? Should Pochettino sign another fork out to sign another forward? Should Conor Gallagher be sold by the blues? Is Dominic Solanke good enough for Newcastle going forward? Should Arsenal sign Brentford’s Ivan Toney?

All those questions and so much more are answered!

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12:27-26:40 Arsenal
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44:21-54:30 Chelsea
54:31-01:01:47 Nottingham Forest


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Hello and welcome back to Sunday Vibes Everybody we are actually on the Monday Vib set or behind it but there was People using it but joining myself and Mikey mccuin today we've got Sam Abasi For his first appearance on football Daily of 2024 2024 man how's it treating You so far this new fresh year it's cold That's what it is and I'm not a man that Is good in college you got a nice big Coat though yeah I know but you know It's just not enough really I I need one Of those heated Gilles being The one that you can plug in that's theu Got one I saw yeah yeah the only thing Is I saw a review on Amazon blows up so Um yeah it does seem a bit dodgy that Like a heated thing what did you plug it Into you apparently you plug it into Like a normal socket oh my but there was One there was one where they said they Plugged it in and then the sock it like Blue so I'm not doing that yeah don't Risk it don't risk it which uh random Grind are you going to this weekend R Room oh chil R room exactly I'm going to Need like four layers bro it's going to Be icy bro I am to be fair I'm I'm Enjoying seeing different cities and Stuff like that's that's the main bit But it's just the cold you know you man Know me when we play when we play gos I Was always wearing under AR always have My gloves on yeah you know what I mean

I've got my underarm body hair as well You know everywhere I don't have the Does get very cold I still need Under Armor when I play in the wind to be fair Even with even with body in like Leggings I'm not in leggings now but Upper upper my legs my legs are fine but It's it's the upper it's like I get I Get like um my chest feels really bad in When I play sport and Cold Anyway well I hope everyone else is Surviving the cold as we said on Monday Vibes we're going to give you a little Bit of clarity we're now doing Monday Vibes and Sunday Vibes that is afraid The most we can do with two permanent Members of Staff me and Mikey we are Doing three Snapchats per week though so Go check those out the occasional YouTube short but we are doing other Stuff at Sky as well so we are working As hard as we possibly can oba's doing This out the goodness of his heart so Yeah appreciate that from Oba today we Are going to be talking about the Biggest mistake your Club can make in January me and Mikey had more time on This because obba was doing the football Show this morning on skyports news so Obber might act as sort of Judge he'll Give his own thoughts you basically got Quite a lot of power why didn't you get Me one of those things man I would have Been using that what is that what is

That Called I can't remember what it's called Anyway it's called a imagine Au in the Wig and then uh and then we're off right But we're going to kick off we're Basically doing a few clubs throughout The league uh but we're going to kick Off with Liverpool who are first in the Premier League obviously uh three points Clear of second place Aston Villa five Ahead of Arsenal who are in fourth and We're going to pick out some clubs down The table that might have interesting Janies and and see what is their biggest Mistake potentially this January mccbs Why don't you kick us off yes with Liverpool what were your thoughts on Their biggest potential mistake yeah so I think we we kind of alluded to this About maybe a month or two ago when we Were with Joe doing our kind of signings That you need to make in J or the Signings that the B big six need to make In January um and I've not changed my Thoughts too much actually since then we Filmed that not too long after matip got His season ending Injury um and so I think the focus was On generally was was on the defense um But I still don't know whether actually Liverpool I I don't know whether it Would be a bit of a panic for Liverpool To go out all out and sign a center back This January um mainly because since

Then Geral Quanza has become a very Baller yeah like a very prominent member In the first team now I think he can Absolutely hold his own in the Premier League will he have a couple of stinkers Maybe at some point yeah but he's 20 Years old and he's playing alongside the Best center back in the world right now Um Ibrahim a canate when he is fit and He you know he you know he was this week Um but like you know you know generally Speaking Ibrahim mate one of the best Center backs in the league as well I Think him and Virgil Van DJ when they Are together Probably the best center pack pairing in The league I would say yeah I would say So yeah I would say so um so F the First Choice Center back pairing are Absolutely World Class K quaner I think Is more than capable as a backup Gomez Has covered of course well at left back He then has to go to right back after The Trent Injury um for the carabal cup game this Week but um you know Robertson and Simas Are back in February both of them like Trent isn't out for too long I don't Think I think he'll be out back before The end of the month and also Nat Phillips and REE Williams have been Recalled from loan so um and yes I don't Know Whether specifically ree Williams I

Think it feels like he's probably going To go back out on loan but I would Suggest to Jurgen klopp to maybe just Keep hold of nat Phillips and REE Williams because they did deputize well I know it was three years ago now but When Liverpool rallied to that third Place finish in 2020 21 when they had a Ton of you know inj injury problems Obviously you know that was when Gomez And and Van djk who had been the title Winning Center back pairing were out for The entire season um you know they Stepped up in a big way and yes their Stock has probably Fallen like ree Williams you know I don't think he's Played a game since August um Nat Phillips I think has only got got eight Eight appearances for Celtic this season So they were both recalled um for that Reason pretty much but but I think just Just make do with what you've got I Don't I don't know whether it's worth Liverpool splashing on a center back This January when I think in the long Term Center back isn't necessarily their Biggest area of need it's still Defensive Midfield I think and with Endo Out um at the Asian cup um I don't think Basachic and Thiago are back until the End of February like they are shorten That position and that's a lot of Pressure for Alexis mallister to hold uh Playing at DM um you know in in what is

Quite a crucial part of the season and I Do still think that if you can and even If you have to spend a decent amount of Money then then you know someone like Florentino Louise at Benfica would be Would be great if you're going into a Title race I just think you know Liverpool like this season they do give Up chances but I don't think it's all on The defense I think there is you know Something to be said that that Midfield Because it has changed a lot and you Know it's quite fluid in terms of like You know it's very rarely the same Midfield um three week in week out um You know I think that has played a major Role as well um and I know Trent you Know when in possession moves into that That that position and so you know the Need for a lone six maybe isn't as big As it was say you know two years ago um But I still think an absolute tackle Monster in this Liverpool team I think Would make them title favorites at the Moment I think the city are still Favorites um but Liverpool are are not Far off their level across the the Course of the season in fact I think Liverpool have been better than City so Far this season But bringing in a light out defensive Mid I think would would really transform Them um really take them up a level um So yeah if they have the money to spend

Um and also Florentine Lise he hasn't Played the last three games he's not Even First Choice at Benfica at this Point like maybe they would be willing To you know if Liverpool were like yeah Maybe if Liverpool were like 50 million You know take it or leave it we're not We're not going to go for him in the Summer if if if you don't take this Maybe I don't know maybe that's wishful Thinking but my that's my two cents I Mean before I give my thoughts on what Their biggest mistake could be OB but I Mean a word just on Liverpool like you Know getting over the line last night Against fulam their resources from the Bench even with so many players out They're a scary team they just get over The line yeah they've been Relentless This season and and we were talking About earlier um they just they just Seem to know how to come back in every Any any situation that they're in they Will come back and they it looks like Every challenge that faces them you know Um obviously salah's going to the African Cup of Nations end up out to the Asia cup but then losing Trent and saot Slide their two other main creators to Injury and big up Trent as well cuz the Fact that he played through that injury And got an assist is just incredible but Losing them you'd think okay cool you Would see why they would slip up

Especially with the issues that that m Is saying in terms of not having a a Ready made DM or having a la forl Replacement for Trent who is obviously One of one but they just get it done Like it's not I don't even think it's Just down to anfield because I think in Any other scenario that we've seen in The league they're the only team that I Can say if they go one or two goals down The game is not over until the full-time Whistle has been blown like even if you Give them 10 15 minutes they can still Come back because kloppers just made Them into like these machines that we Saw when they won the league you know When they just were Relentless no one Could stop them regardless of how well They played how many chances they Created they're still creating a lot of Chances now but the first half I was Thinking okay cool this might be an Issue because they've lost all their Major creators and it looks like things Aren't really clicking but then the Players that he's really relied on in Like Curtis Jones Dar Nunes coming off The bench who's I think on now 10 Assists this season like these players Are really stepping up to to be big Players for for klopp and the right back That started Conor Bradley he almost got An assist for Dar Nunes he looks like I Think klopp gave him a lot of Praise but

You could tell that the team just want Him to be successful and that's the Environment that he's built so yeah They're they're doing really well and It's only going to be better when those Players that are injured come back yeah For sure for sure I mean I'm kind of With Mikey I think a month ago I was Like they definitely need to sign a Defender of some sort ideally a Versatile one now it doesn't feel like An absolute necessity because there's Only what three more games and I think Robertson and Simas are back which means That Gomez can then come cover at right Back he can then cover in Center back Which makes such a different option you Know such a difference to their to their Options there but I would say that you Know an injury to canate right now or or Joe Gomez in particular like really Leaves them short especially with Trent Out so if they could I would look at Signing a versatile uh Defender I Thought about Nai mukiele he's being Linked to the move to bar at the moment Uh from PSG I think you know a move back To Germany a place that he's already Lived probably makes sense for him he's Also unlikely to be First Choice when Everyone's fully fit at Liverpool so Maybe he'd think he's got a better Chance at Bayern where they've got you Know not as thin as Liverpool right now

But when everyone's fully fit they have Less Defenders available having said That they have just signed Eric D so That would be an interesting one I mean At PSG he's barely been a regular there Um but he's a useful player he can play At right back he can play at Center back He can even play a little bit at left Back and has been used in a back three And a back four uh during his time at Leig and at PSG as well so potentially a Move to watch out for it feels like he's Probably going to go to barn but yeah I Think there it wouldn't be an enormous Season ending mistake if they don't sign A Defender but that would definitely be My area of concern I just think they can Get away with it in Midfield for a Little bit longer uh so we're kind of on The same page actually know you went DEF where where do you think I I agree With Mike you know I think because of Because of the the rise of Conor Bradley And the fact that the last two games He's played really well and I think Kloppers is going to trust him more and More he spoke so highly of him in in the Postmatch interview and I think because Of that and the fact that Joe Gomez is Playing so well at left back I think He's going to look at his defense and Say you know what I think we're fine if We if we lose out on a center uh on a Center back Joe Gomez could probably

Stop back in or or quzo can can come in And Joe Gomez can stay out wide I think He's still hellbent on having these Inverted um fullbacks as well because Joe Gomez is doing that roll now I don't Know if you guys saw it in in in the Second half especially he was just Chilling in the middle and I was just Like I've never seen you do this but You're doing it well so so fair play so Yeah I think if they're able to get Another CDM because they wanted that in The first place in in the summer we saw How much they wanted to spend on C they Weren't able to get him lavier as well Ended up getting Ender who K obviously Loves but I think they're still going to Need cover for him in the long run if They're able to get a cut PRI still for Any uh defensive midfielder I think They'll probably be leaning towards that More than another Defender fair enough There we have it who do you agree with Myself or mcbs let us know in the Comments down below let's move on to Arsenal really difficult period this in The season obiously for them West hamam Out of the FA Cup as well at the hands Of Liverpool in a game they I mean they Shouldn't have lost it 2- that's for Sure um if they're finishing and being Better particularly in that first half They now Five Points behind leaders Liverpool but they've got quite

Favorable run of fixtur I think their Next game's against Crystal Palace are In a really bad run and then the game After that they've got Liverpool uh so That's a good opportunity to cut the Gap So that'll be interesting I'll kick off This one in terms of their biggest Mistake I think it's signing Ivan Tony For1 million I think that would be a Huge mistake this janary you know every Arsenal fan is going to be thinking what Are you talking about well we talked About it on Monday I mean can they even Afford I don't think they can afford it And even if they could he's 27 years old And there are better Strikers available This summer I would have thought like Victor Osman although most people on Twitter at least seem to think that Chelsea have him nailed down um given The fact he is a Chelsea fan yeah he's a Chelsea fan um a Chelsea man but I I I Still don't think I I can understand why People don't want to see him move to Arsenal because I don't see aan and this might be a hot Take I don't think it is but I don't see Him coming to the premier line it up I've not seen I've not seen Striker from Syria come to the Premier League and Like set the world a light not if Someone can let me know in the comments Then I think very few moved in their Absolute prime um I mean players that

Have thrived in Syria have also done Very well in the Premier League like Ibrahimovic but but that was later on in His career I I kind of get what you mean But this is a 25-year-old who went fit For the last three seasons which is the Big concern and everyone's always like Look at his injury record but some of Those injuries have been completely Freak injuries like he smashed his Collar bone sorry collar bone saying Colone while pointing to my cheek he Smashed his cheekbone open uh and nearly Lost his eye or lost his vision on Milan Scr shoulder a few years ago then did His shoulder dislocated his shoulder Like these are kind of freak injuries And there have been a few hamstring Issues as well there uh but I think if You take out those injuries he's Averaged eight games per season missed Which is a lot but it's not you know When you're playing 40 45 games per Season it's not a massive massive amount When you've got like And potentially exactly and I just think Ivan Tony coming up a N9 month ban you Know we don't know what sort of form He's going to come back in it feels like Arsenal are pretty unlikely to win the League this year and I don't think Arsenal fans would even be you know Absolutely you know demoralized because There's many more years in this team I

Think and given the fact Martinelli Sacka odard particularly Martinelli and Odard have been quite off it this year It doesn't really feel like it's their Year to lose it um if that makes sense So I think they'll be I think they Should be fine with going ahead this This janary without a striker and Instead looking in their defense because Tommy ASU is at the Asian cup Timber's Out till April zenchenko is now injured Not a long-term one um so their left Back options is yakob Kor who I think Looks actually pretty uncomfortable There uh and Cedric Suarez who's out of Contract in June and is likely going to Leave so I I'm not sure that they should Be targeting targeting a strike I think They should look at a left back the Player I'm going to suggest Is a weird one because if zenchenko and Timber are fit you're kind of choosing Your third choice left back it's almost Quite difficult yeah I'm not going to Say Kar I know but I know who you're Going to say I i' be very surprised if You do I'm going for Heron's Miguel Gutierrez I didn't Know he was going to say think I was to Say um fulham's left back Anthony Robinson do like Anthony Robinson do Really like Anthony Robinson I think He's been excellent this year but I feel Like he's closer to Arsenal first team

Then Gutierrez who could be a backup for For 18 months he's only 22 he was at Real Madrid then went to Herona really Really big running threat crucial to Herona success this season they're Obviously joint they still joint top of La Liga with Real Madrid um and have the Potential to go above them this weekend Uh with Real Madrid in Saudi Arabia for The super cup yeah 34 appearances last Time he's their fifth most to used Player this term uh Los Blancos have a 5% or 50% sorry sell on Clause to Herona Who only bought him for €4 million EUR So it's one of those like you can get Him for free but will make most of the Money half the money from this transfer When he does move on I think he he feels Like someone that is so different to Zeno he's more like a Kieran Tini like Bombing up and down that Left Flank Potentially one to look at but I I'd be Surprised if they did it as well mccbs Did you go down the striker route the The defender route midfielder route no I I went down the defender route I I mean I haven't suggested anyone specifically Because I found this really difficult Because yeah like you say it's like You're either recruiting someone who's Going to end up being a third choice Left back Um or maybe second choice left back or Someone who's going to end up being yeah

A second or third choice right back or Someone who's going to be like third or Fourth in the pecking order at Center Back um so I found it quite hard like I Mean in terms of someone who would be Potentially quite cheap like someone Like Lloyd Kelly at Bournemouth his Contracts up in the the summer I've Actually suggested him for someone Another club later down the line in this In this video spoiler um but like Someone like that you know someone who You basically you either want someone on Loan which is can be hard to do in January depending on how you know um What the situation is at their club or You need someone who's running running Down their contract a bit um but yeah I Totally agree I Think Arsenal's forward line is Absolutely fine like if I'm honest like I think I think there's been a lot of I Think there's been a lot of panic over The last three weeks about like the lack Of goals but like last season they did Not struggle for goals at all and they Were and they had fewer you know they You know jayus was out for what like two Three months months middle of last Season like they've got cover in every Position there they've got ree Nelson on The right they've gotten K they've Gotten Kea at Center forward they got Leand yeah for sure they're weaker on

The right wing but you like what's the Like is there a point in signing a a Sacka backup in January I'm not sure I Think that that's the problem with this Arsenal Squad like we look at any other Team any any other top team I say any Other it's mainly City and Liverpool Yeah when you're talking about The Replacements that not Replacements that But Squad dep that come in they're of a Standard that you know can potentially Start but I think what aret has done With this Arsenal side is say Saka is Going to start every game marelli is Most likely going to start every game Jayus is going to most likely start Every game if he's fully fit havs has Now become one of those players that if He plays he's going to start every game With jayus is injured I think that that Is an issue when you're trying to build Um a a a full Squad that can challenge For these titles because we've always Said if you're going to go for the Champions league and Premier League you Need players that can come in and do the Job of the player maybe not the same the The same level but to a similar standard But I think the fact that he plays all Of these players when they're not in Form and not not at a certain standard But he has to play them now because he Hasn't got the cover or when Martin is Not playing well he still doesn't trust

Nelson when havs had the game against Liverpool where he was missing all these Chances and K came on in the 80th minute And he's a player that he relied on last Season that was able to get goals in That that spell exactly so I think That's a selection issue more than Anything else if you're but if you're a Player now and you're you're looking at That Arsenal and obviously they're not Linked with anyone specific but I think That they the biggest mistake that they They made in my opinion and I said it in The team talk that we did at the start Of the season is letting go of Jacka Because I think that position is a Position that is very key to how Arsenal Work like they need a midfielder that is Brave that is under not even necessarily A leader you don't need to be a leader Like Jacka that's a unique um attribute But being being brave on the ball you Have to be in that position odard now Gets almost not criminalized but they Get onto him because he's always trying To do something but last season it Wasn't just him it was Jacker as well More threat do you know what I mean There was more threat hav isn't that Ty Of midfielder trossard when he's played There hasn't been that type of Midfielder so I think I know none of you Have said it I think that their defense Is is I feel like them conceding isn't

Necessarily a problem like that yeah They conceding chances and goals but They're not scoring and they're not Getting enough goals from Midfield They're not getting enough goals from Their forward so those are the areas for Me that they need to improve I do still Think though that yeah I I I do see that For sure they're not they're not Creating at quite the rate that they Were last season but I think still think They're creating enough and I just I Just worry that if there is a ma if There is another major injury in their Defense they could fall apart like they Did last season that would be my yeah That would be my main concern because at The moment they've got four fit Defenders like they got four available Defenders white kval Gabrielle and civa Like that I just don't think that's Enough there's just not not enough People there for for like you know a Title Challenge and yes maybe maybe Tommy ASU comes back early from the Asian cup um I've not included Suarez in There to be fair but I just think he's Going to leave this January of I'm Honest I I don't think alteta is going To going to be playing him um I might be Wrong but um but yeah I just think it's A Personnel thing like yeah I think the The Midfield has on performed this Season yes like Ard in particular his

You know his output has not been Anywhere near as big as last season and Yeah I think in the long term that is an Issue for sure like I think like I just Yeah I just don't think that the forward Line I just I just don't see where Arsenal can improve this forward line Realistically in January like I I just I I it's just not the time for I think go Go out in the summer like CU in terms of Like a defense or even a midfielder like You can get someone who can just kind of Plug a gap or be back up like I don't Think Arsenal are you know I I don't Think Arsenal's next forward signing is Going to be a backup I think he's going To be a starter or at least someone who Could can split time evenly with SE Jus I don't necessarily think they have the Funds to do what I'm saying like the I Tony shouts people are saying it Realistically they're not signing him in Gen for 100 Mil he's staying ATF he's Staying at brenford but what they can do Is look for a player that is able to Just almost like soften the burden of The other players or just be a new Energy in in their front line TR in January last year was a good signing Exactly like those type of signings that It's like oh we don't expect the world But whatever you offer is going to be More than what we're being given now Because all of them aren't playing well

And that is a huge issue for a team that Want they like we're talking about them Not being in the title race anymore but They're still a few point five points Off be careful about fifth place at the Moment yeah but they still want to be They still want to be there you know What I mean so if they want to be there And they're able to get a player Obviously we're not Scouts but I'm sure They're looking at people that can come In that can challenge for those those Chances but for me if I'm a player and I'm looking at that Arsenal team I'd be Worried that's what I'm saying I think That's think is what you're saying is They need to go and sign Connor Gallagher is That because I think he could be quite a Good option in that ja we get on to Gager I just want to ask you OB quickly Before we move on um as a Chelsea fan Who obviously you know watched hav for a Number of years um what do you think is The general sort of Chelsea reaction to His struggles at the moment is there a Sort of feeling of I've seen this all Before or is it is there almost do you Feel sorry for him now or do you think The fact he's now gone to Arsenal and is Not really doing it consistently is is Just a Vindication that he wasn't the Right player for you guys either I said It I said it from the very beginning I

Remember we had like a little debate About it he was like oh is it your Chelsea butas are you like still upset About what he didn't fulfill at Chelsea And it wasn't that like at Chelsea Remember in the chats I used to say that I was backing him and ver I was like They're going to come is very loyal in Thepp they're going to come good I I Want to see something when they left I Was like okay you're leaving to arsal The only reason it was okay with me was Because of the press but I knew for fact That he would not be able to do what They expected of him for where they want To go like if they wanted to maybe stay In that position and and get like a four Every year then maybe fair enough but He's the reason why I think that artet Was really hellbent on getting him is Because he's a versatile forward he can Play a few roles good but not very good They need the very good to kick on they Is injured now they got Dean rice like Do you know what I mean z zenchenko was Was good going forward but defensively Weren't great they got Timar you cannot Tell me Jaa coming um Jaa leaving and Getting havs in or jayus is not scoring Having havs as a replacement is the the Person that's going to plug that hole And that's all I kept on saying so they They're stuck with him now cuz he's There and it's not that I don't want him

To do well cuz I don't necessarily want Him to do well but I don't want him to Do bad like when he was scoring I was Like oh Fair but I've just seen it Before I've seen him spells where he Scores a few goals and then you'll have That Liverpool game and it's just like What's going on feels like you're to Square one it's difficult though I I Just don't I just don't think havit Should play at Center forward for for Arsenal to be honest it doesn't doesn't Seem it doesn't seem to have worked with Him at Arsenal I think he played better At Center for at Chelsea to be honest From what I saw but I don't know like There was still that there was still That period November December where havs Was one of Arsenal's best players for Like a number of games in a row I think I think yeah I think I think let's be Patient with him like I think he's Really patience patient with with with Someone who was signed 6 months ago but They was signed to have an immediate Impact not to Get that's what I'm saying you if you're Signing for Liverpool City or Arsenal You are signed in those positions you're Signed have an immediate impact bro Especially for that price like we was we W we didn't talk about him as being an Option Off the Bench you don't sign a Player he no he was signed to be a first

Team player but I don't I don't think Artetta necessarily signed Tim being Like you are going to be the key player In this side like he just signed Declan Rice as well like I I I think like you You don't you don't have you don't have To be you don't have to be you know Seven eight out of 10 every every game If you've got if you're playing Alongside rice and erard I think the Problem is that you know erard probably Hasn't been as productive well Definitely hasn't been as Productive that's what I'm saying he's Supposed to lighten that burden and That's what jacal was doing last season And he's not doing that yeah yeah for Sure I'm actually kind of more on OB Side I find him a very frustrating Footballer to watch cuz you know like There are games that he looks brilliant And even against Liverpool like so much Of his buildup to the final The crucial Moment was brilliant but he just lacks It lacks that consistency in the in the Big moments right let's move on to man United because we talked a lot about Liverpool and Arsenal there uh obviously Really difficult season to say the least It's actually amazing that they're only Nine points off the top four I think It's because they've not drawn games People say the table doesn't lie the Table absolutely lies particularly at

This time of year like the fact their Eth is is a walking Miracle to be Totally honest uh they' only scor 22 League goals this season that's one Fewer than Luton Town that's 17th in the Division uh it ranks joint 52nd in Europe out of 96 teams they've actually Got the joint fourth best defense Despite all the defensive issues despite The turnover of midfielders in front of Them and despite what looked at the Start of the Season those opening few Games they've got the Midfield balance Wrong there was too much Counterattacking straight through the Gaps uh fourth best defense not too bad But the attack is pretty miserable mcbs You're the United fan I've set you up For an attacking signing there or an Attacking suggestion but maybe you'll go Down a complete different route I'm not Really sure I i' I've actually said um And this is to be fair this does seem to Be the kind General consensus at the Moment um so I'm not you know I'm not I'm not I've not been particularly Interesting here but just making any Signings at all I think could be a Mistake um I I I think just any signing I just well because any signing that man United make right now um is probably Like I mean I think realistically United Can make maybe one or two loans this January that's probably what they can do

Um and is it worth eating into you know With loan fees the kind of budget that United are going to be working with in The summer ffp is still an issue with United I think even after Sancho going To Dortmund like I just don't see like The only thing I could see is maybe a Shortterm loan for like a striker or Like you know I don't think I don't Think even someone like so gessi with His release Clause I don't think Probably going to be in reach of United Anthony Marshal has confirmed that he's Going to stay till the summer he doesn't Want to leave this January how do you Feel about that um I mean whatever like I mean United do still need unit you Know United still need back up to holand Like Marshal you know it's obviously a Sad situation overall with Marshal but Like yeah United seasons are right off But equally United are out of Europe They've only got the Premier League in The FA Cup to focus on I can't kind of Think United just needs to modle through At this point like it it's I know it's a Two season cycle but at least with United now it's there is someone coming In you know Ratcliff is coming in and You know that's going to take I think it I don't think it will be until February That Ratcliffe is fully in place so what Happens if you muddle through and finish 10th which at the moment I think is very

Possible well what's the difference Between 10th and there's literally no Difference I thinking the the minds of Fans like those those places do matter a Bit I think Do they do they I mean you've done it a Few times would you would you would you Have taken eighth would you have taken 10th as opposed to 12th last season Would you have been much more happy with 10th than 12th 100% I think there's a Huge gap between mentality yeah but also But what's the like I I don't really I Don't really see the point to be honest Like in the minds of fans like the fans Perception of what whatever mid-table Place you finish in I don't think you Know warrant spending spending spending Six Mill million quid on a loone fee for Someone who's going to like leave at the End of the season and probably won't Improve the team that much like like United's problem is that the key players Who are already there are not performing Like like rashford needs to start like Scoring goals like that forward line you Know Amad Dio's come back like you know Start spping well I mean yeah will he Like but like but like garnacho and Rashford on the left absolutely fine Like hland through the middle yes Probably could with better backup than Martial but like are you going to find Better back backup than martial in the

January market like feels unlikely um The Midfield has been in bits this year But at least you know someone like Kobe Mayu coming in has been a big boost like Are you are you going to find someone Who's got to upgrade that Midfield right Now like again like injured players Coming back in defense yeah I we yeah That that that's a big boost as well um I just don't see where you realistically Improve this man united team I genuinely Don't I think you will get better I just Think um I think you will get better and I Think performances it can get much worse Yeah that's I think to be honest like There are the occasional good game like You beat Villa like just before just After Christmas and then what lose to Forest in the next game like you don't Have the ability to put out even a 90-minute performance let alone string a Matter of matches together consecutively Where you look like the dominant side It's just quite sad it's uh yeah my Suggestion was you you rub you steal Somehow together 17.5 million pounds and He really um yeah I just think he's Actually worth a lot more than that the Release Clause only is in effect of this Jan and he'd be perfectly good as a Third choice Striker even if you sign a Striker in the summer as well it's not One of those signings that comes in and

Demands a huge fee because I can't well Definitely not a huge fee definitely not Huge wages because it's only at St G and Last year they're in a relegation Playoff battle it's quite a good Opportunity to sign s who could arrive Full of confidence take the the burden Off hland my issue is where you find That money from um and I know Sancho's Left but he's only on loan obviously and I still think United are paying the vast Majority of his wages Hannibal's been Linked with a loan move I think to Severe pester I think you'd be happy to Sell but who's going to offer serious Money for him so I I don't really know How it gets to this situation every year With United where they are trying to you Know rescue a situation in January with Absolutely no money I think it's Probably because you overpay for players Consistently and you you've sold Absolutely woefully for they're so bad At selling like the players that you Just mentioned there pestry Han Obviously Hannibal is going to go out on Loan potentially but pestry doesn't look Like he's got a future at the club like They should know like two months before The window like we need to try and sell This guy so we can get someone in that Can add to our attack yeah I understand Where you're coming from because you're Not going to have the finances to get

The player that you need but there also There's also barely anyone actually like Employed to do that really at this Point director like um anyway no I was Going to say I do think and I know this Is an outside shout and but we've been Talking about him when the transfer Shows a lot yeah I don't actually think True promoting will be the worst person To come in for United for six months Better than than it would be better than Both of them he's proven to have good Spells when he just comes when he just Comes into a team a top team as well Where there's pressure and I think he'll Be able to ease the pressure off of Holand because holand just needs help And I think what martial isn't able to Do off the ball is just it it kills United even more so that's why I Understand why ten hard has to keep on Persisting with chupo moting a Particularly hard worker off the ball Though like I mean His I think he's a good all R forward I Just think um yeah I mean the hland Situations there's so much focus on him And rightly so because he did cost a lot Of money and he scored one goal and 80 He was backing him heavy the other day Who was you was you was backing him Heavy and saying that it was too deep I Mean he does need you know there I'm not Surprised there's focus on him but

People were hammering him after the game Against Wigan when I thought he played Perfectly fine he should have scored Though yeah he should have scored yeah Fine but he should have scored in a lot Of games like I don't know I don't think He's been given the right service but Yeah he can't escape any notice is what I'm saying um and United need to help Him out in that situation you know he's Very an experienc only started 20 League Games in the top five League prior this Year and we did say in the summer the Fee was enormous for someone of that Experience level and he he looks like he Should be worth 40 45 million P Max at The moment which is kind of what we said In the summer so think if you could find 17.5 million or I think it's actually 17.5 million EUR just try and get it Together try and get it together I mean Yeah 17 goals and one assist in 14 League games for Star he's operating Over one XG per 90 it's pretty special Stuff for a season uh that no one saw Coming at all so that's United go that Was miserable wasn't it let's talk about Newcastle they are ninth they are 11 Points off the top four really difficult Patch for them in the league in Particular they've lost five of their Last six League games versus Everton Spurs Luton natian forest and Liverpool They've dropped from sixth to 9th

They've also in that period been knocked Out of all European competition they did Get that morale boosting win against Some woeful Sunderland last Saturday Which is really really Disappointing but okay scratches his Head in disappointment oh yeah that was So bad oh so bad not even my imaginary Hair could could bring bring back my Morale after that um mcbs where did you Go with this one cuz there are still a Number of players out injured and they Do have You know Newcastle fans love to talk About ffp issues but I don't know how They run into so many ffp issues already I think it's again because they didn't Have many assets to sell when the Sidis Took over but uh they might not have the Biggest budget but where do you think That they should potentially look or What mistake do you think they could Make yeah I I think just not investing In the backline I think would be a bit Of a mistake um yes like you say you Know they they've not got tons of money To spend um but and they've had injuries All over the the squad but they do have Wilson willik Barnes and Murphy Coming Back by the end of the month that's a Really big boost for them um you know The biggest area where I guess they've Had a downgrade is probably in goal with Pope being out till April and de Brava

Coming in and they've you know lost five Of six games since Pope has come in However I was looking at it and Deka Hasn't really done much wrong to be Honest that defense has been so so bad Um you know we saw trippier's form Completely drop off a cliff didn't we Before Christmas in particular like Where where were those Stakes like over The last few years all suddenly creeping Back into his game Deka is actually Operating has the fifth best post shot XG in the entire league at the moment so Deka is actually performing minor Miracles Newcastle I think s since December there's an argument that They've actually been the worst team in The league like they they've conceded More XG than any other side um yeah like They they've I mean I mean you're Laughing just how bad was the Sundland it say a lot we will the thing Is like look the evidence that we have Of Eddie how's two years at Newcastle is That they probably will come back and They will perform better like I don't Think this form that they're currently In in the league and they they're worse Tough gam is not a disaster for them Like not necess it's because of what They achieved you can't I feel like you Can't achieve what they achieved and Then go on to finish nth I think that That that will be like blow a big blow

But I do think there are contributing Factors but then you look at you know Chelsea having a difficult season man United having a difficult season new had A difficult last couple of months what Is the overriding theme in all of them Like injuries I think there are so many Injuries affecting all clubs this year And Newcastle you know you know I'm not Trying to just trying to say face after Laughing at them but I've had a real bad Luck with of course they have and I Think we know once players are back and Once they kind of revert to Norm which You know in September October time was Like one of the two or three best teams In the league um I think they will climb Back up I you know I I I still back them Probably to finish above West Ham and Brighton like at I think they're good Enough for that I think you know as a Team they're well coached enough for That um but the defense has been a Problem uh I think they only take I Think only brenford had taken fewer Points than them in that time as well They you know conceded 34 shots against Liverpool they conceded 16 shots against Luton when they lost to them one0 like And they beat us like it's just Crazy just lose to anyone I mean they They we'll probably lose that be huge Bring back as Shan and Dan wck for that One to recreate that that famous Victory

Um but uh but yeah so I I do think That's their area of need Newcastle and It's not even just about the injuries I Think Newcastle fully fit still need Another Center back and yes you're not You're not you're probably not going to Be able to get that Center back in January but um yeah I'm reusing him Lloyd Kelly why not just like get him in From Bournemouth like he's having a good Season um yeah like he's he's having He's he's impressed this season he's out Of contract in the summer I think like I I think he is well worth playing you Know a mid-table to kind of Europa League Standard Club um I think yeah he He'd be absolutely fine to bring him Right now I think they just need another Body but like in the long run I think Fabian sha has been great but like in The long run they need to like because I Think if I'm not wrong Sven botman is The only Center back they've actually Signed permanently since the Takeover Which is you know like in October will Have been three years ago so um so yeah I I think Center back is in general Their biggest area of need like I was Very tempted a montho to be like just do All you can to try and get ramsdale in On loan like I think a lot of people are Of that thinking as well but I think Deka has muddled through quite well um I Think I think he's been absolutely fine

Um and you know popes back in in uh April like I I think de braa can can Hold it down till then fair enough fair Enough I actually didn't go for that Area the pitch I actually went in the Forward line because they have been Linked with a Callen Wilson replacement In the shape of Dominic sank huge and I Think you think they can get him though No that's that's my that's I think it's A mistake trying to get him this January He's got a contract until 2027 Bournemouth are absolutely flying at the Moment he's playing so so well um I Think he's had the most shots in the Entire Premier League I think he's Actually only had I think only mbappe And bonface have had more shots in the Entirety of Europe playing for ball not Massive respect to andon Rola for Creating a system that allows Dominic Salanki to get that much I think also Let's give credit to salanki though Because he was he was quietly absolutely Brilliant last season as well um like I Think uh got I forget oh Gary O'Neal I Think Gary you know I think Gary O'Neal Owes salanki quite a lot quite a lot Last for his performances last season Because I think you know he was a big Difference in in B staying up yeah Absolutely but they are 12th at the Moment they're only three points off 10th what what are they going to charge

For Dominic salanki in the middle of This season whether this contract runs Until 2027 stupid I just think Newcastle Should sign a long time Ken Wilson Replacement who's going to be 32 I think This year um and the player I would look To sign not necessarily in January but Maybe in the summer is Joshua xery uh Now at bologna was previously at Bayern Munich had that really good maybe it was About four months when levandowski was Out a few years ago uh but now he's at Bologo he's playing really really well There really good all around threat Excellent Left Foot Right Foot like 6'4 But moves really effectively you would Never guess his size either and his goal Scoring's been really up this year as Well seven goals and two assists in 19 League games uh 2.5 shots over a key Pass a couple of dribbles in there as Well just looks like he's going to be an Absolute superstar in maybe two three Years time and rather than Target Dom Sanki for I think Bournemouth would Probably charge 70 80 million pounds This January maybe Jo go for Joshua xery Who didn't cost bolog very much I think Buy and have a sell on claw there um and Maybe you could get him for 30 35 Million in the summer um I think that'd Be a really nice move and for now call Wilson's coming back I basic I'm along Similar lines of mcbs I don't think they

Should Panic too much because I think Those injuries will make a big big Difference I mean Auber you famously on Team talk at the start of the Season Said Eddie how could be the first to be Fired which looked ridiculous I thought At the time but do you think he's on on Under any sort of pressure Um depends on how the next month goes I'd say cuz like Mike I agree I think They have been one of the worst teams in The Prem um since December but because Of the injuries it depends on what Happens when those those players come Back but I do feel like sometimes these Teams just need that one signing that Just gives them new energy and I'm Surprised none of you said Calvin Phillips to to Newcastle we spoke about Him on like a few different shows out of The team yeah with tal out will it Coming back from injury but also gimes Being able to do like a different role If he has someone behind him I think That cvin Philips mistake would be not Signing Calvin Phillips yeah I think I Think it's just the perfect signing Would City sell them sell um a player Like him to Newcastle I think they would If the price is right I don't think City Have ever been opposed to selling their Players to um Rivals if the price is Right because pep doesn't really stand In the way of players except from if

It's Bernardo Silva he was saying last Month that he feel sorry for Phillips And he's kind of done him over and stuff Like that exed the phrase done him over You know what I mean he's very honest About how he's treated him and how he's Not been able to fit in the system but I Think Calvin Phillips needs football and He needs it now like he needs it right Now like he he knows that he can start In that England team in the Euros if he Is playing week and week out because G Southgate loves him so all you need is Football and the team that needs you the Most that is playing at a level that you Could probably fit into straight away And it's quite Sim not similar in terms Of like the exact style but in terms of How they press and how the the the Intensity of the team to the lead side That he did well in um under Bosa I Think that Newcastle would be would be a Really good fit for him and I think that He should he's probably not the type of Player to force a move but he should be Asking questions like can I go There no I love that I think that's Actually the best shout obber I like That that's the biggest mistake not Signing Calin Phillips okay let's talk About Chelsea they are 10th at the Moment they're 12 points behind the top Four let's go to the man in the know or The man probably the most Chelsea

Opinions Auber janry talk to me what are You thinking uh CU then we'll give us Our thoughts okay what would be the Biggest mistake or what do you think Chelsea have to do or have to avoid I Think Chelsea have to avoid Signing anyone to be honest I think that Chelsea should not sign anyone unless Putting Todd's piggy bank away yeah just Stop that I think the only the only Thing that I would be happy with them Doing is signing a um a versatile Fullback yeah okay like that is that is It someone that can young someone that Can play left back or right back not Easy to find do you know what I mean kle Walker Peters baby I think I think that Would be perfect but the only reason I'd Say that he might be in issue is because I don't think poch favors a fullback That isn't of a particular size that cuz Matson not getting an opportunity to Play for Chelsea has really upset me I'll be honest I think cwell playing Left back out of position and being Judged at left back when he's not a left Back is just really sad because we know How good he was for Brighton last season I think he only played four games out of Um that would I think he only played Four games out of position last season For Brighton and the other games Obviously was at Center back and he was So good and now everyone's judging him

As a fullback and he just isn't a Fullback so he even said that he said it And he's been honest and open about Obviously you can learn a new position But come on Come on he's not a fullback when's Chell Back uh he's he's back in full team Training okay so he's back even at that When players have been out injured for a Long time I don't give them I'm not Going to predict that he's going to be Starting week in week out until I see Him in the team having 20 minutes 30 Minutes here and there so I don't really Trust in him like coming back so you Need you need cover and also right back As well effectively it's malag Guster And what like Sassi do you really wanty playing at Right back as well like I do think Malago has look really good he he has But he's still also very young and he Has had those type of games where he he Lapses in concentration but he's he's Very young and I think when you've got a Back line that is that young if you get In like you said the kwalker Peters Who's got experience in the Premier League got experience playing in both Positions that it'll be smart to get him In but I just don't I don't see that Happening I don't see Chelsea linked With anyone but I just don't think Chelsea should be linked with a Striker

That everyone saying when Jackson's Going to come back and brard is there to To play like I just does doesn't make Sense to me I agree with you on the Striker front I agree with you I I mean Juste for all their woes in front of Gold everyone keeps on talking about They're eighth in the league for goals This season uh and they're the third Biggest underperformance behind Everton And brenford I don't think the attack Yeah Jackson's missed some big chances But I don't think it's been shocking I Don't think it's been I me he'll end He'll end the season with 10 Premier League goals at least won't he 2 not is It um my thing to avoid this janary was Selling Conor Gallagher oh yeah yeah Yeah like I I just don't think do that Even consider it seems Bonkers to me and I know you've got a history or recent History of actually know long-term History of selling Academy graduates Gahi to Mori Abraham more recently You Know M L's cheek ampadu Billy Gilmore But I I know it's useful for ffp in the Balance books but it can't go on you Know Chelsea Soul which you know was Debatable whether it really existed in The in the first place in terms of you Know what their philosophy was but Chelsea's soul is like being debatable Whether they ever had one did they ever Have a what I mean by that is they

Didn't really have a set structure of How they play and you know a set Philosophy but their their philosophy Was winning and it was being connected To some Academy grads that came through And did really well for Chelsea and they Don't really have that anymore and Conor Galaga has been Captain the season at Points he's their second most used Player he's top for defensive actions He's top for Blocks he's really up there In terms a passing stats as well way Above Moes kaiso I know it's not his Necessarily his role but up there with Cenzo Fernandez and a few of them as Well I think he's played really well This season and has actually improved a Lot I didn't know he had this sort of Campaign in him and I just don't think You can sell Conor Gallagher less so to Spurs probably the side that Chelsea Fans struggle with the most and I don't Think he's even going to start at Spurs When everyone's fully fit either so for Conor Gallagher I don't think it makes Sense I don't think he probably wants to Move but Bly I just really advise Against suing Conor gallaga because if You have a season where you finish Mid-table again having sold your captain Or you know one of your most Recognizable and the the player that the Club relate to the most in January and Then finish in mid-table I think it's

Really difficult I think it's really Difficult I think the fans would turn Against the ownership I I agree I agree I I do think that this conversation Might be a little bit different in the Summer I think that that is something That might be um revisit Revisited Because of the fact that last summer it Was clear that they had almost seen a Future without Connor gallaga and they Just wanted the the exact price and when You look at where he's playing the only Thing that we have seen from him in the Past in terms of scoring goals that We're not seeing this year is that like We don't really have midfielders that Get it get in amongst the goals that They're just they're just not doing it Like Cole Palmer obviously he's playing Out wide he can play at the 10 but he's Getting most of his goals from playing Out wide or in a false nine the 10 so I I I think that that's the only thing and When you look at his stock now if you're Looking at it from a business point of View all the other midfielders are are Fresh they've all just come in the Likelihood of you getting near enough The value that you you'd want from them Is very low with Connor galagar his Value's gone up so that is the only Thing that makes sense but I agree with You because it's January you're not in a Position you want to be and one of your

Most consistent performers is your Captain that your manager has said he Wants to him to stick around and he's Almost your manager on the pitch so you Cannot like even those stories being a Thing like you have to silence them I'm Not saying give them a new contract to All of this stuff but I'm saying po just Say there's no chance of this happening And and giving everyone's mind of rest Cuz we don't need the thing for me yeah Chelsea has been the headline for the Last few transfer windows and it's Probably been the most exciting in the Windows but then when you see the Aftermath of the team's cohesion the Injuries the the players not living up To potential that's when it's just like What is that what is this what is the Point so this one like you said just Don't just leave Connor alone leave the Players alone and and see if there's Else but I don't think there is I yeah There's a there's an element of is Conor Gallager ever going to be a premier League leading midfielder probably not Yeah is he ever going to be good enough To win titles for Chelsea by himself Probably not but is he good enough is he One of Chelsea's best players right now Absolutely and is he homegrown is he a Player that the fans relate to Absolutely so I just don't think you can Sell him in January I kind of agree with

Oba maybe it's one to consider in the Summer uh when you've got more time to Plan but at the moment I just think it'd Be a disaster for morale M what was your Chelsea thoughts uh I was kind of with AUA ob's original thought like probably Don't sign anyone but if you do cover For left back and right back and that's Why I put Carl Walker Peters um I just Think yeah that that's the only glaring Area of this Chelsea team that really Needs to cover at this moment in time And I do genuinely worry at this point About Rees James's longterm Fitness like I I I really do like it's sad like he's Obviously one of the best right backs in The world on his day and um but like Yeah and and luckily you know they do Have gusto in who I think you know will Be you know has the potential to be a Europe leading right back as well um but Uh yeah there does need to be cover There uh but I kind of agree with you Guys I think this Chelsea team like the The undoing under Bley of of of Chelsea Just has been this this huge turnover in The squad um like you you need to have This like one group of players just Being together for a full season I think Is is a start isn't it in terms of Progress at Chelsea just like not too Much changes going on because even the Senior players they brought in last year Like Kabal bang gone yeah like it's um

Yeah I mean it's it's it's been a yeah It's been I mean it's been unprecedented Hasn't it like keep this squad together Keep put there until the end of the Season and then decide what you want to Do like um but but just H yeah just have Some continuity in that dressing room I Think yeah that's what frustrates me Mainly about a lot of the people saying Like hotch out at the stage after every Loss like we we spoke at the start of The Season obviously I had Ambitions Like for what I thought Chelsea could be Because you're seeing preseason and we Spoke about it I think they could finish Top six top seven then you're seeing how The season unfolds the injuries and all Of this stuff and having to change up Things po might make mistakes that most Managers will do or the players might Make mistakes but you can't say after Every single bad result that the manager Has to leave even when people say 10 Hardout it's just like this can't be a Reality in in football where people have Bad results you know that your team is Under construction or going for a Process and you always say manager the Manager should leave it just doesn't Make sense the noise has to end at some Point like also I mean I don't it Doesn't necessarily like sometimes it is The right call to get rid of the manager But it's just like for in the Chelsea's

And United's uh positions it's like sure Yeah sure sure but who do you get in Like and it's just yeah that that's that You know you're only solving you know You're only solving 30 center of the Problem by getting rid of the manager It's like you know you have to have the Right manager in mind and I think as you Know in terms of the makeup of Chelsea's Squad poch is one of the better top Level managers out there to to have a Have a young Squad like it's not like Chelsea haven't played some really good Football at points this season like There are signs that they're doing Something loads of chances um so some Good performances some really good Performances just uh just a bit Inconsistent but I'm not as down on Chelsea as other people um I did take a Lot of flack in the summer saying they'd Finish below Villa but that's A anyway let's talk about naum Forest This is the final team we're going to Talk about we were looking down in the League and we talked about the Relegation sides and who they should Sign to save them from relegation not And Forest probably felt like the side In the lower half of the table that were Probably most likely to do something Because Everton have got ffp issues Having said that forest forest have ffp Issues as well and that's going to be

Revealed I think next week uh but at the Moment they are 15th in the league they Are five points clear of relegation they Have signed 40 players over the last Three Windows absolutely bunkers you can Bet the marinakis probably has something Planned as much as they can cuz they've Got the fifth worst attack they got the Fourth worst defense and I think they'll Be I think they'll be safe from Relegation but they'll be in and around There I would have thought uh mccbs Where did you go for for Forest well Let's see because I think I think it I Think it may be tomorrow as you as People are watching this that they will Find out whether there are any major Charges so who knows whether you know a Points deduction could come in point Deduction for Forest is quite different From a points deduction forever huge I Think a points deduction would Potentially be would be yeah that would Land them in real relegation trouble Depending on how big it is um but as for Forest yeah they've signed so many Players I just can't keep up with the With the forest Squad if I'm honest like It's just a bit ridiculous but I mean Their main problem is they've got six Players at afcon say huge so like baly And it's not like they're just you Squad Players it's like Willie B Ola AA ni SAR And or so two right backs gone like

Luckily um they have like Gonzalo Montiel um so I I think I think just mod Along with montal because you don't want Four right backs in the squad come February isn't it crazy model along with That Argentine World Cup winner SC we Score the winning P pen yeah I know yeah Um and he and he actually has looked he He has actually looked decent at points As well um I mean b and Niar out of the Defense is a is a big loss but again Like you know Joe warl I think is is Fine there like um I think yeah they've Got enough cover I think that's the Thing they've got such a big Squad that I think actually the defense I think Where I would be more worried is a is an Issue that they've had like throughout The season since A's gone um is is Striker is Striker like chriswood yes Seven goals this season you know who'd Have thought that he he'd have got above Five goals this season for Forest but um You know three of those were against Newcastle um you know four of those have Come in the last month month yes he's in Form but I think another Striker would Be good cuz I think an injury to wood Would potentially be quite fatal given That origi has not been trusted this Term um yeah I would I would focus on The forward line in that sense and I Know Gibbs white has played there I know Ala's played there but like's injured

Yeah Al langa's injured and and he's Also a you know a lot lot better on the Left like I don't see why you put a Langer up top already uh entally at Least um so yeah feel like that is the Area where they have the least cover so I I I Target that yeah I think Felipe is Out injured at the moment as well and Rangers and Celtic are both linked with Scott McKenna who's become very much a Bit part player this term um so maybe They'll look at a center back if if if McKenna well maybe that maybe that's the Thing maybe just don't sell McKenna Maybe that's it just keep keep keep McKenna I suggested a four that they Should sign as well I went with Dennis Unav uh who's on loan at stutgart I Actually don't know when a player is on Loan so he's on loan at Stuart from Brighton can forest offer Brighton money When he's on that loan and and Brighton Have to recall him from loan or do St Get a say we've got him to the end of The year I think um there would be it Dep it depends on the loan agreement I Think but effectively I was actually Looking into this because I was looking At at United's kind of like past with Doing this and like V horse last year You know basically he was B yeah Bashas So United paid 2.6 million to Bashas in Compensation and then paid an addition I think around the same kind of loan fee

To Burnley so if it's the same if the Loan agreement's similar to that then um Then Forest could uh conceivably do that Um but again it's like I don't know how Much power the player has in that as Well he might want to stay St I would Absolutely want to stay at stuck up top Four race they actually yeah in in top Four races I say he's only started eight League games this season but he's been Absolutely brilliant in the minutes he Has played jassi missed some games with A hamstring injury it feels like his Future you know if they sell gassi this January there's no way they're going to Get rid of Dennis so it's kind of tied Into that he's the sort of player they Should be looking at would Brighton sell To notum Forest potentially um in the Summer maybe um they're not really Direct Rivals at the moment Brighton Obviously you know going for Europe Every year Forest just trying to survive You know fair enough it's only their Second year back in the Prem so yeah Maybe Striker I mean Auber do you think Are you worried for Nuno spirito Santo In that if they get a points deduction And you've just joined this new club Like that is gutting for him yeah now That will be that be a stinker for him But at the same time I was actually Going to say they're one of the teams That I think don't need to do anything

Like I know that I know that you're Saying chriswood will he be able to be Consistent and things like that but the Worst thing that could happen in their Situation is them knowing that something Is around the corner and them now more Money spending more money like when they Actually have a big Squad anyway like he Likes to deal with smaller squads we saw What he done at wolves and and the Reality is if if he's getting results With these players and that he's Building their confidence I think he'll Be fine like I don't I think it even Looks better as a a team and for him to Tell the players that look not signing Anyone I'm trusting you guys the players That come in back back from afcon we we Already know their situation like let's Let's almost come together and and see What we can achieve this season I think The worst thing that they could do is Try and get another player in that might Not hit the ground running cuz not many Of the signings have not under him Obviously because he was there Previously but I don't feel like he Needs to force a move I think their team Will be fine like if the deduction Doesn't come in I think they they they Will be in a good position and they've Got good results since he's comeing and He's he's almost used to being in that Situation when he when he first came to

Wak dck he almost what's the word he um Overachieved overachieved so he can he's In a similar situation where people Aren't really expecting too much from L And Forest so I feel like that's working In his favor if he starts doing too much Then maybe the tie will will change so Yeah don't do anything yeah I think Almost he almost got like two bonus wins Over Christmas in against Newcastle and United cuz no one really I mean United At home's not a very difficult game to Be fair but you know on paper people Would expect you know United to get Something from that game so he's almost Got off to a perfect start and I think You saw postmatch like he's like hugging The players the players look really into Him they're thaning him a lot like it Already seems like they've really Started getting along well so let's see What Forest can achieve but yeah we wait With baited breath to see what goes down With that potential ffp punishment you Guys might know before this video goes Live on Sunday but thank you so much for Watching Sunday Vibes for this week guys Thank you very much to Mr Sam Abasi Coming out of his busy schedule to drop In and drop some knowledge bombs as Usual uh myself and Mikey will see you Tomorrow on Monday Vibes and as we said At the start of the show go check out All our content across Snapchat as well

We are eager beavers over there at the Moment guys have a great weekend we'll Catch you on Monday bye-bye

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