Professional bulgarian heavyweight boxer and title challenger Kubrat Pulev with nickname “The Cobra” against brittish top ranked athlete and olympic champion Anthony Joshua with nickname “AJ”. Fight for WBA Super, IBF, WBO and IBO heavy weight belts took place in Wembley Arena, London, England on December 12, 2020. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Kubrat Pulev (Bulgaria) vs Anthony Joshua (England) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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If you don't believe in yourself going Into a fight then you know it's very Difficult for you to pick BR to see Sweet Caroline you know this time last Year we were in Saudi Arabia and Joshua Did exactly what he needed to do in that Fight against Ruiz introducing first the Challenger He's fighting out of the Red Corner with His head trainer even KAS he wears the red Trunks and stands 6' 4 1/2 in tall he scaled 17 Stone 11 Lb 11 ounces his professional record 28 Victories against one defeat he has 14 Wins coming by way of Knockout of Sophia Bulgaria here is the Former European ibf International at WBA InterContinental heavyweight Champion kubra and his opponent across The ring the defending Champion fighting Out of the blue Corner with with head trainer Rob McCracken he wears the white Trunks and Stands 6' 6 in tall he the heavyweight Fighting pride of all the United Kingdom Here is the reigning defending unified Heavyweight champion of the world AJ Anthony Joshua Joshua Of this very important Tape yeah I think the most important Thing now for

[Applause] AJ what happens next to experience this Up close a thousand FS have lacked up The chance no longer so vital in the Early exchanges trying to find that Range trying to establish the jab 100% For this opportunity he didn't want to Just take the money he's got that Ambition good jab from Joshua size each Other up one mistake at this level get Their time in nice left hook there from PV right hand from Joshua partially Blocked that makes the trio now the Joshua [Applause] Trying to find the Distance red and green he'd be so World Titles back to Bulgaria perfect Performance executing the game plan to Win the belt new time for AJ look at this with a hand Speed wild and woy from Pool yeah But Joshua controlling the distance jab Single Jabs are no good he needs to Double that jab up or trying to so Confident that he's going to up you can See he's trying to Edge closer keeps Nudging forward with that front just Keep back the he's going to try to R yeah lovely jab there from Joshua jab To the body he's trying to Edge closer All the time good defense here from P Joshua to get closer he keeps edging

Forward with that front po left trying To and we know about banana skins and All take his eye off the ball he's Totally focused here on p 11 and so he Should be that's right all the talk was About Deontay Wilder Then the judging of distance crucial With this right hand from Joshua who's Coming looking for that lead left H with Joshua from Joshua in the third round And pulv took that but he was hurt by Joshua and there's plenty of time in the Round but remember the third in the go B up from Joshua beautiful punches from Anthony Joshua B see and the referee Goes in and he's in the corner C with The ropes holding him up just over 50 Seconds and the power of Anthony Joshua Is there for all to see and the uppercut Is work the uppercut brilliant the right Hand that started it was an absolute Peach he timed it perfectly think he's Going to get the knock out here he's Going to go for down goes PV And he's in R heavyweight champion Almost in stopped him in five can Joshua Do it Quicker to take that first right hand That he walked on to never seen it Coming Joshua timed it and has since Then landed several swing BL left up it Came over the top of the jab there just Slipped outside the jab beautiful right Hand bang on the chair

Joshua after that landed a couple of Really vicious uppercuts on PV turned Away a different angle of [Applause] It yeah there's that Uppercut been a brilliant shot for Joshua yeah See you know now everything you when You're in great condition you do recover Better from the shots and for the Several Hard uppercuts as well you know And he he he more sparring Rhythm work Right hand from pulv who might just lead As well pulv Now So there is that air of vulnerability Which adds to the Ex providing and utilizing with a Spearing left has been good up close Want to become predictable or readable With that jab so he wants to maybe set That up faint jab the Body they again see Joshua trying to Count up now his head clear so Joshua Just has to settle down this third round What can kubra p do [Applause] He's he's in a much better place Tonight G their return to the Jabs yeah I think P's trying to jab the That was a good one from Joshua pev takes this world Title P has taken I think he would have Not most heavyweight out good right hand

There from pulip more he lands that nice Kind of screw shot right hand through The middle Well there's a spring to his step Isn't Okay Now lovely jab there from Joshua Snapping the head back shot but it was At the end of the punch we see pulev Stepping in after that as well so PV Starting to open up more now let his Hands Go the tables kubra Pulv a comeback hasn't it to boxing and You just we have a crowd here tonight But there has been no crowd up until Tonight And Joe Joyce as well trying a lot of Faints here pev I think he's trying to Faint the jab many sparring partners He's had up in Sheffield one fight to Vladimir Klitschko he's a mandatory Challenger he Was a fantastic amateur well traveled The head says the South African referee Deon [Music] DTE up to the last minute walk on that Lovely right hand over the top of the Jab there again just fell short that Time but pulev doesn't always want to Commit but kuat pulv remember it was a Temple shot that started the problems Against Vladimir Klitschko of course and

Had to sort of reset himself Joshua but What a Heart yeah moving well again Joshua That's what Robert McCracken and Angel Fernandz and joia gain a smile from [Applause] Pul Yeah nice movement there from AJ just Sliding out from [Music] Pulev just yeah just seeing it there Again just throughout a career that goes Back to [Music] 2009 Here Comes Joshua I thought there was a definite Willingness on PV to commit more in that Last round he was stepping into the Shots he before that the home favorite Of SPV tries another right Hand and an uppercut again from Joshua That from Joshua W right ham but again Looking for the uppercut and he's Planting his feet now and he's trying to Himself that's experience good job Fury Was telling us that that was the danger Right hand nice one too PV can get that Bit closer with his well to keep the Fight at this Distance Tyson Fury will be watching lontay Wilder one of the Great Performances Joshua's looking for a good one here pet Fury Peter how are you see and just to

Flip it on its head if you're in the What are you saying to your man keep Pressing keep working the jab and just a Very K wait for the wait for the Response just as we go down the stretch Now yeah it can it can end in any moment But like I said he he needs to just step On the gas because P's there for the Take him really to hear the thoughts of Peter Fury cuz he's getting close isn't He pulv and maybe last man standing Right hand from pulv was a almost seems That he needs waking up at times Joshua As he goes back and now mixing it Up it's exciting though isn't it yeah But he's keep putting that jaap down There keep him busy keeping Thinking JS to the body in the eighth Round looking for the right hand as well Still there still a hard man to ship Closer a special Occasion yeah there's that right hand That P of L so there was no power in it Then at that point the Stinger complet Move a littleit move there don't let him Just stand in front of Joshua's career Started in October 2013 [Applause] Joshua Bou trying for some of the big Bulgarian sporting St but Joshua boxing Well here and looking for the upper cut Jab faint the jab hooking up it SC and He's reaching with the shot and he's Falling off balance as the upper cut

Again doubles it trebles it and again What a Warrior what [Applause] A a c from Joshua and that one really Hurt kubra ping in the ninth round 30 Seconds remaining he's the Bell will Joshua let him off the hook shot and That is it Bels and remains on that road to Undisputed Bev who was ultimately outclassed a Performance that they could be proud of Back home in Bulgaria but it was josua Honey punches his pet punches the right Upper cut and you know but you're right Adam I think it's been exciting he puts Sh but he knew that when it wasn't there Because pulev what a solid Shin he had When he had to step back and he's no wi To get back onto the boxing I thought it Was a really good performance and and Carry's power later on in the fight and And conditioning wise dragging himself Up and he's getting a lot of respect From the crowd he trying to be ashamed About at all that right hand beautiful Finisher yeah absolutely bang on the Chin re at that point I think you know Had that fantastic chin from which he Recovered in the third round but you Know that was a shot there I don't think He even properly recovered from that and I don't think he seen that right hand

Coming pulv took it to him when he could Tried AJ Eony [Applause] [Music] Joshua

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