Professional american boxer and world title challenger Josesito Lopez with nickname “Riverside Rocky” against mexican most popular multiple world champion in four weights Saul Alvarez with nickname “Canelo” (“Cinnamon”). Fight for WBC Super welter weight belt took place in MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, USA on September 15, 2012. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Josesito Lopez (USA) vs Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Alvarez 22 years old 40 And1 making the Fifth defense of the WBC super Welterweight Title taking on the worthy Wearing white trunks with multinational Multicolor trim handing from and Representing Riverside California he Weigh in already 153 lbs with a record Of 30 wins four losses one no decision He has 18 wins coming by way of knockout Ladies and gentlemen here's the former Youth and nabf champ Currently the WBC number four ranked Contender Introducing Foro Lopez and his opponent across the ring The defending world champion fighting Out of the blue Corner wearing the Colors of Mexico red trunks with white And green trim Hing from that Representing ladies and Gentlemen please Welcome one of the dynamic young stars Of box in today The Undefeated WBC super Welterweight champion of the world Aista remember guys I'm fair but I'm Firm Evening the champion the 22-year-old Canelo Alvarez looking for a second consecutive Year their pass were not supposed to Cross but they're about to collide at The MGM Grand hitting a lot of visitors In and out all night meanwhile in Lopez's dressing room it was quiet point

Out I'm oh good right hand by canel They're going ated here in Ron one I Misspoke about the weight bigger than Lopez but it's a story that Lopez Actually is about at the same weight as Alvarez when this fight starts get him Out of his rhythm early polish he does But it seems like he's trying to meure The strength Canelo has he's kind of Sitting on the back foot working off the Jab there he goes combins to the body by The CH overhand right by Canelo that's Not a lot and a little is what at least What he Needs it seems like Lopez is trying to Feel out what kind of strength 140 to 147 to Vanquish Victor and capitulated At the end of round nine and now he's Tasting the power of the champion here At 154 Canelo nice shots to the body There Lopez answering back he's Trying Alvarez is a a combination pun Canelo can't throw combination some People think about him lands a jab and The left hand just misses Canelo is Actually throwing more power in the First early Canelo and his Camp have set It time and again they are set to take On the next level and what major fight In the vik capital of the world lost for Welterweight Championship for Canelo Alvarez seemed to me Lopez in that first Round had trouble finding his distance

Tribute to the the Legendary Boxing and boxers truns and really very Excited to be fighting on this Mexican Independence Day weekend although Lopez Now bringing the fight to the chin has Canamelo on the ropes and he told us in The fighter meeting that's somewhere he Wanted to keep the champion nice nice Right hand with with Canelo and Canelo Alber talks to the body and now putting Together the combin here in round two oh And a right uppercut finds Canelo Answered the call he came back after Getting Whacked great combination the left hand To the body and the left by the champion Canelo Alvarez action is opening up here around Two the ropes not letting him himself Get trapped nice hooken two weight Classes gets tagged with the right hand Comes back with the right but miss and Pass Lopez on the ropes left hook to the Liiver he said I'm going to try it a Couple times and see how I do he's doing It right now well here this is Canel nice to the Leever down Crossing Left Hand he's bleeding inside his mouth he's Bleeding inside his nose this is exactly The same number of punches the Difference this powerful left hook to The body shouldn't Henry Ramirez knew he

Shouldn't but he did and he paid for it I love how Canelo set up that hook to The body he it's it's a throwaway right Uppercut he kind of just touched him With it he didn't throw it hard and then He just to get the momentum to his left Side of his body so he can put some Torque on that hook to the gloves made a Difference and that's the thing Al these It's the barring those things hurt Yep Alvarez again beginning to score at Will but Lopez showing his fight and now Another Body four five 6 Seven8 Lopez maybe stays in the fight Despite tasting the Ferocious pello Alvarez going to the body Jackson jaw With the left Uppercut he doesn't know any other who He knows how to fight when in doubt he Punches here but M as he gave and again Alvarez going to the body valiantly Right hand by Alvarez dicks the jab Another jab goes to the body uppercut Lopez in trouble in the Corner Lopez circling away 1 minute 3 Seconds left in the third round landed An excellent right hand it did nothing To Canelo to be too much for Lopez here as We in the third round again against the Ropes 33 seconds left back with some Good shots of his own at times no one Can question hand but that's

All 10 seconds Left right hand by Lopez another round in the books for the Chick from above he gets great leverage On these body shots a terrific left the Variation Canelo touches up top goes Downstairs goes downstairs and comes Back up top you know way out of here We'll see how much more he can take if He can get Canelo respect here in the Coming rounds he's got to do something To get that careful and methodical as he Normally Is a huge advantage in the power Punching department for the champion and What a and that's a lot of credit has to Do with oh and he touches him again with The right hand sorry Paulie sh sharp Count on the right side variation is the Key to a lot of the offense Canelo is Having success With left uppercut Lopez stays in the Pocket comes forward with a and dropped Twice but he remains in the fight with Aing right back into the Freight more going into the fight but I I've got new found respect for him I me He's Just Lopez doubles up on the jab and Goes down and now it's Lopez opening up But again the champion absorbing all the Shots and really not right through his Offense and to the body and the right Hand

That's tough Lopez had just thrown a lot Of punches he's probably Comination round four is in the books It's All third straight round josito before The knock knockdown this is the coming Back Landing a right hand and some other Shots didn't land them all cleanly but You can see how Canelo came back and With the body attack attack as a staple For the third straight round would send Moving up in Weight in the Whitewood and American Flags on his Truck so you just when you coming out Popping Jabs this round he's trying to Do something but Canelo showcasing as You mentioned second professional fight He's just 22 years of age and again Attacking the body away with the left Hands create these opportunities for Canelo out and Canelo again hands down Taking the shots and coming back with Poed Punches again ripping away at the body As The Slight adjustment when he's on The ropes he's he's moving his head a Little bit more before he was just Putting his hands Up as I say that he stopped moving his Head he might be tired a lot of punches In this round not powerful but landing Them a minute of the fifth round and Lopez catches the champion with a right

Hook and a left uppercut Not not willing to give in but trade and Yet Alvarez again going downstairs with The left hands to the body tattoo Lopez Again along the ropes Alvarez left uppercut misses right hand Connects 10 seconds left in the round And Referee Joe Cortez intervenes he's Seen it the WBC super Welterweight Champion but that last round Demonstrated some of his defensive Liabilities and those just devastating In this fight he like to use that Uppercut to set up that body shot it's The same thing he did in round one the Stoppage happened Joe Cortez looking Carefully in it there's no question Lopez was taking some punishment here Look at it Alvarez Landing that Pulverizing right hand and ripping hooks That one remember Lopez have been down Three straight rounds so good good Stoppage yeah there's there there's Power just wasn't enough to hurt Canelo And as he whales away with that straight Right up to Jimmy lenon Jr for the Official announcement Sael

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