Professional american middleweight boxer and title challenger Terrell Gausha with nickname “Terrible” against australian talented puncher and top ranked athlete Tim Tszyu with nickname “The Soul Taker”. Fight for WBO Super welter weight belt took place in Armory, Minneapolis, USA on March 26, 2022. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Terrell Gausha (USA) vs Tim Tszyu (Australia) | BOXING fight, HD

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Against the star who's come across the [Music] Seas zoo and gay presenting first Fighting out of the Red Corner wearing The white red and gold trim he weighed In 153 and 1 qu lbs the 2012 us Olympian Holds a professional record including 22 Victories just two defeats one draw 11 Wins coming by way of knockout from Cleveland Ohio the former World title Challenger Terell KET and his opponent fighting out of the Blue corner he wears the white with blue Trim weighing title Contender from Rockdale New South Wales Australia introducing The Undefeated T [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Zo and protect yourself at all times Touch gloves good luck to both of you it Is the young Aussie and with the eyes of The boxing Worlds for Tim [Applause] Zooo Ben Damon here in commentary in Minneapolis Position Shay through with the right Hands he's a sharp puncher oh Niceo For accurate with his punching and he's

Shown that here and he Jabs well through The guard of zoo Again one two yes Zoo one two back just With that left eye as he goes down hard To zoo he goes down hard in America right ter G comes forward and Goes to the body of zoo and now we see What he's made of he takes a right hand Right now is G presses forward on him Gone at this stage he's just trying to Punch his way out of trouble oh that's What he's doing who's shown us already His world class oh just was the big Right hand clearing he takes another Right hand shave it's a big 10 out Round and that's the shot he was H the One oh there's that right hand it's the One two everybody us just throws the jab The jab with him this go puncher oh he Wasn't able to there the accuracy of That shot was zo now the big question is Going to be the right hand you know had Success with it so it's going to keep Coming so Kim's going to come over with His own oh big overhand right overhand Right from G as zo continues to Blink it Away the tight guard and a big right Hand again that's better make the punch Miss that's Better now he goes to the body right Hand to the body from Zoo Right hand G through His hooking his zoo into the body go Zoo Stands in front of him tries to go to

The body but Des sees that it moves back And over got his hands up really High Zoo just trying to Misses with that Wild right hand and to the body goes G covers up wel Gisha overand right he's hook Tim zooo Good shot G saw the second of them Coming now G against the ropes and going To plan at this Stage here he comes oh nice hook there As well variation it's nice a really Nice hook there one and Two CS now as he covers up against This up a cut from g off the ropes The hands just came down for a moment of Terrell G Tim Z way back against Wade Ryan came back to win that Fight Zoo establishing a bit of dominance in These really good jab straight on the Chin from G now Z try and one two and keeps him Away and gets that right hand through Again I'm not sure what he's saying but I'd be I'd be always get to the center Got I mean listen if if he can do 10 Rounds this we we one a huge up Here when he was hurt badly boxing well In this fourth round right hand again From gash and again and zo looks for the Uppercut hand Again down the Middle well there Tim zoo and G goes

Down he Hur him to the body the body Shot hurt him he Could now here comes Zoo one two and Three G rocked back for a moment to the Body as well and he pulls over the top Of his right Hands now he's showing his power as he Gets through with the work thing he's Going to do now CU Tim's going to come Around that that jab with that right Hand and he's going to go to the body as Well cuz he knows and the momentum has Shifted in Minneapolis there is there's That body shot from And over the top big right hand from zoo And down goes g no he stays up Zoo put Them Kay looked just about to touch the Canvas but he stayed up somehow and he Sits on the ROP since last one he's just Punching just a bit of heart now h on Minute 50 in this round I don't think It's going to go there I don't think It's going to finish body shots an upper Cuts from Zoo B [Applause] Oh touch the canvas but he's now leaning On these ropes again the body shot hurt Him back comes G and the zoo is a big One right hand again through the G both Boys oh big body now in his own Corner Again is G big right hand from G but Zoo Counter stra to eat the clock body shots Both he stay up they are looking very Good now for Zoo but he doesn't want to

Be on them against Zoo who's throwing Shots like that very well could have Been a dominant round to try to knock Him out he needs to land that right hand Again through them now he's lost that Energy he's lost that spark he's lost That early around one and two now he's In the corner through these shots now There's a hook from G is a good one but Zoo continues pressing in proving Elusive here as he takes another body Shot left hand from Zoo wies Out Zooing again that Terrell G has never Been dropped or stopped and undefeated Australian timzo he's never been he Exposes himself upstairs to finishing Over the top big Punches Zoo wants the body shot behing yeah he's Desperate he's G The storm Remains and doctor in the Ring body straight to the body Go trying to work him out and countering With that right hand and he just touches Downstairs the right hand but oh there It Is right hands he's trying to land his Own right hand body shot Zoo right hand over the top but he's got To beware of that Trying to evade as he throws it right Hand a good one two to G accurate he

Does it oh tried again tried the roll Fourth I you think was going to be there The fifth or sixth showing Amazing Courage great courage from both Fighters Martin Nelson is not happy About it on the ropes zoo looks over the Top he'll look for the one two Zoo Tim has P his hand punch at the Moment arm punches no shoulder no legs Behind it that's better four but it Continues here into the Eight oh there it is [Applause] Again right hands against a man who at Stages has been on the back of a Combination from G Zoo comes back with his [Applause] Own Zoo just watches and does doesn't Overc commit right hand from Zoo back on the ropes like he likes to Do right hand G first from Zoo one two and three from Zoo toade Just covering up body shots again heads Came together again that's happened Several Times over the top right hands a good One gets through [Music] Again and here comes Tim Zoo Three times body shots off the back of It zo goes to the body but he can't just Keep taking he's got one uppercuts a big

One from Zoo CET with a right hand and Uppercut Round big shots to PA of them an Outstanding round of Action his opponent down but Terrell G He's quite luy this guy power has gone From the first Round that big shot he got a hook after It that right hand was from zoo and it Got through jabbing his G right hand G again but Zoo wore that One well and just Rod zoo with a right Hand of his own and the against the Ropes but working Hard body shot from Zoo he misses over The top the tries to dig to the Body right hand just snuck through from [Applause] Right hand from timzo Over the guard of Gay and to the B hand again from G goes To the body G Hooks nice Jabs and right hands to from Gay as Zoo pours in his right hands one Two gaset oh they big shots the head Rocks back of G it's that left Hook right hand he turns around the Guard Now G just stood there Frozen for a Moment But he stood there C from zoo and right Hand got through body shot as well gay Is trying to shots to the body he throws His own right hand but Zoo shrugs it off And goes back

Downstairs left hand to the body and Again [Music] Z Oh body shot counter right hand there For him even though he's taken back into The center of the ring but zoo is just Not allowing it and he continues to find Those shots hand is a good one t got a Great CH body Shot one two from Zoo 10 seconds the Australian Again he comes back with his right hand Bravely to despite all That let's have a Listen good yeah he'll go for it oh he Hooks around well to zoo he would love Oh Big Shot both good left hand from sh All the way to round number two what Else does it have for us body shot from Zoo that hurt him again G lights going To switch off he comes and Go oh two big punches right hand Again oh left up B works hard right hand From Z over The top yes looks for his Own right Hand this is big Left scored with two hands on and tries To go to the body left hook again from G And it goes the distance what a' seen a Spectacular fight Terrell gashay well He's better than most as they come Together and Embrace and defeated Tim so Tim Zoo gets The decision Zoo in a brilliant fight he

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