Professional brittish light middleweight boxer and WBO champion Liam Smith with nickname “Beefy” against brittish most active athlete, WBA and IBO champion Chris Eubank Jr with nickname “Next Gen”. Fight took place in Manchester Arena, Manchester, England on September 2, 2023. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Liam Smith (England) vs Chris Eubank Jr (England) I | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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[Applause] Let's meet the Fighters First [Applause] Li and Chris you Make J of losing to the other it's fair to Say No love lost can Eubank J the bigger man In there who the red and white and Liam Smith the black with the pink band and As ever wearing Autism some really fast Jabs to start The round here from yank junr and that's Second believe just a superior Boxer job superb though so far here from Eubank Jun good job to the P there he brings it Back low yank you see Smith earlier on He he just sort of of that well it's all Out the window now that doesn't Matter that's better there from Smith Good head Movement just head hunting though there Should have been aiming for the chest There when yank Was he's closed the Gap a little bit in The second second half of this round Here Smith a good right hand There but the Jabba 's been fantastic so Far in this round [Applause] So who had the upper hand Barry Jones in That first round I'm not sure the second

Half of the round certainly the last Minute for Me I just thought the jab certainly in In the first half [Applause] Of round two say he never said he does But he does dip to the left quite often More often than than anything else you Bank did fire that up but go through the [Music] Middle shot Smith still with that guard Argued against that in a certain Way that's good from Smith just keep Walking that left hand you Bank in the week who obviously Bo Bank Obviously got beat but he was saying it Was the reach of yank that that was a Real hat you Could there that In the round [Applause] [Music] Beforei decent job again from Smith just Fainted with the with the attack and Then got close Jones giving advice to Chris Eubank J Ronnie Davis in that corner as well And have a present with the Eubank Family of course we Understand Great Character Ronnie Davis You ever get to spend the night with Ronnie Davis real real fun guy really Understated presence yes with [Applause]

Yes chest there a right hand as Well and just sliding out the Distance that was the wor about the the Match up the roal Jones he's going to do That weing him with the Left [Applause] Shot jab there from bank Again he's look to try and take his Smith and fire off it but I think it's Just a little bit too too hard for [Applause] Him good body shot there the left hand Missed but a good right hand at the B [Applause] Pick up the points e those left Hands oh got up again from EU Bank J and the Uppercut and G really now just trying to find his Group Chris Eubank is having some Success be careful this Smith takes a Good shot we got to be careful there cuz He cut and those upper cut oh a lovely Shot from EU bank but with a high guard You can't see those shots as Well until they're too close to brace Yourself for them Sh don't stay in the oven do you Understand Me echoing your thoughts Really quite echoing my thoughts I don't Think but he wants to take the shots and Try and fire off him but I just think

The Jabs are a little bit too sharp Cover up but those uppercut you take Those uppercuts there they rip your skin As well those Shots so it's certainly just edging Ahead but nothing in it really of course At this Stage lovely ja really Is if you get it right AIT a bit of a Taller fighter we'll be able to step Inside for the right hand on the top and He could be in Trouble shot Smith going to Work Eubank goes down oh eubank's all Over the place his legs have gone that Attack from Liam Smith this could be a Sensational end in the fourth round and He catches him coming in eubank's in all Sorts of trouble Liam Smith's going to Stop Chris Eubank by Victor Lin and Smith has made the statements of all Statements and I think Chris hubank Thinks that was literally the only Scenario that you couldn't thought would Happen is you is not only Smith stopping You but stopping him in r fall right Hand that's that he had him in the Corner he unloaded he just went to Pieces Eubank Eubank with the Fantastic Chin she's shown Time and Time Again by The Way well the legs were completely gone The assault from Liam Smith and it Looked fairly innocuous but Eubank J all

Over the place after that initial Assault and then obviously Liam caught Him with the first shot after the Referee Dean Eubank Jr fit to carry on And that was it he was gone absolutely Gone I don't think Eubank J realized the Fight have been stopped no he didn't but I think he even though he got up the F And and he fin he was already done was He clearly he didn't know where he was And the referee so I had to let him Continue but he was but the shot of Anything you who said it was open was Tight but he was just nicking the rounds Ear his doors that's what it seemed like Schooling and technique world class Top Class amateur that he was I think I Think I see I want to see it again I Think he just stepped him with the right Hand and maybe chopped on with a shot And then a left hook Followed well remarkable drama in Manchester Liam Smith has backed up well He never said he was going to stop him In the fourth round but he backed up his Prediction that he would make Jun eat His words but yeah that is horrible Looking damage to the right eye of Chris Eubank Jr but the legs have completely gone After that first attack from Liam Smith That's CRA sorry that's sorry that's That's massively big that is I'm not Sure that might be a bone or something

That's Crazy crazy he can't believe it himself Can He well again lot said in the build up To this that the fresher man was You kept maintain that distance didn't Bring his feet too close hits him with The right hand to start it off but he's Already gone before then that up gets Caugh get H look at that the refere Should have and wanted to stop it there You could see it Victor he Has oh that's not that that's horrible That Is well that is L Smith at this is Obviously this is almost the fight was Done by here already done youan was on Steady legs before the Foram really is this is the Finish but Really the fight's already done was done Before that the fight was finished in The corner in that that barage of was This an early an early stoppage here From Liam Smith and conclusive stoage no Real tough guy can take a great shot and And we keep coming I thought that's why I thought he was going To [Applause] Li

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