Professional cuban light heavy boxer Sullivan Barrera against mexican top ranked athlete and WBO super middle weight champion Gilberto Ramirez with nickname “Zurdo de Oro”. Fight took place in Banc of California Stadium, Los Angeles, USA on July 9, 2021. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Sullivan Barrera (Cuba) vs vs Gilberto Ramirez (Mexico) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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[Music] WBO super middleweight champion of the [Applause] World Got a Gift boxer Chief Second boxer Chief Second all the time so listen to my Commands touch them up back to your Corner gentlemen there's a shared Opponent between Ramirez and Barrera That would be Jesse har Ramirez has F I Spoke to Jesse this morning he says the Key for Barrera pressure he says Ramirez Did not like the jab the key is not to Let Barrera get set Barrera makes Excellent decisions he makes and give Something to think about and now it's Time for the main event without thinking About it now it's time to actually watch The Fight light heavyweight contest right Now zero the Southpaw 41-0 against Barrera the 3 Cuban at 22 and3 with 14 Knockouts Barrera has a fragile chin but He he gets dropped was dropped in third Round by Andre jump on him and Chin Check solivan Barrera yeah it's probably The B weakness in he's got good skill so Top heavy when he comes in faint much he Tells you the truth every single time With the Punches Herrera came in he took no Prisoners early in his career he won his

First five fights by Knock the story lines for these two are Amazing herrer made a debut on the same Night as zero taking down anony adoro Within 57 TKO that was in his hometown Of a slightly quicker time of 41 seconds So these guys go way back [Applause] Zero trying a couple Jabs right now Against Perera both [Applause] Fighters zero became the first Mexican Boxer when he took the WBO title in 2016 That was from the German Arthur Abraham Say he's feeling much better at 175 Become the Secondz the [Applause] First son with golden boys was real Simple Oscar's a legend name like Oscar De La Hoya that kind of impr premature That's why zero wanted back story is Really anything but simple leaving top Rank one the more Odd coming in at 41 and0 is zordo and Listen for decades you know Rocky 490 Career record was what people look to Now it's Floyd Mayweather 15 to surpass That benur at 50 and capture second World title at 175 I like the as a 50 And0 Record several Fighters have zoomed past

50 and0 there is a 501 and0 but that's Not the point other Fighters have gone Past 51 and0 undefeated theyve just kept Fighting you going to quit Then I can't tell this Z at 40 though 27 Knockouts and make a major Push trying to become a Force now in This division a minute In Barrera he's got something to prove He having l t 10 round decision over Overchan man There left right right back slinging Away with right Hooks nor T extremely tall Fighters like Sud boy body shots and uppercut because It makes himself he comes right in and Looking for those shots not avoiding the Fir fight Inside it's interesting normally when You have 41 fights it's near the end of Your Career at 30 years of age I mean it's Because Mexicans don't have as much of The amature back a lot of these Fighters Have so they learn on the job they they Make their bones in their early early Rounds had a great Backyard Barbecue Draws 2 contended We'll get in that video at some point Barbecue balls But say this about zordo he's got these Two guys byred years ago when he Wasa is taking advantage

Of coming into this one look at the copy Box numbers 35% of those are body shot So we'll see if that continues Especially if you can get that Power [Applause] Right hand right there I just think Fighting C he's fighting the older Fighter fight you know he's winning he's Losing quiet rounds but where he getting Hit a Lot Pereira the history listen an Andre Ward fight that Andre Ward's also International boxing all of Fame hasn't Lost a boxing match of any kind since he Was 12 so say this forer at least he's Willing to take the TR and take a Challenge um and he has some positives On that res broke the jaw Jo won that Fight Joe Smith now a light heavyweight Champion so there's Talent within him It's just age catches up opportunity Sometimes maybe some might argue but That's right now is what zordo is Looking for this big opportunity right Now 41 and0 signing what rounds they Will they can actually stay in the Fight because they have that experience They know how to flose FL strong but When you have that much power one punch Can chase This Zero's last 12 fights seen him box Of 10.7 per fight earlier in his career The first 29 later in his career more of

These fights have gone the distance as You can see trying to get inside a Minute left here in round three Competition picked up significantly over The Last nice right up the body of RZ Shook Up RZ back In uppercut there able to evade any Damage pick the back up trying the Combination right now that a body shot Right to the LI that's going was going To go right back down there looking for The sa barell is able to he made that One shot but now 10 seconds left for Suable and this is a knockdown right Here sudo was missing upstairs with the Upper body moving but that left hook Right there right there but we'll see if Sudo wants to go back to that same shot Aasin effect but credit to Barrera he Got up and he he weathered the storm a Little bit right there and his body in The first three rounds only to come back Stronger in the second half of the fin No but we've seen this Before speak in terms of his English has Improved over Time of fight Landing shot I think that Third round probably 8 zerto a guy who'sa in the ring but Also outside the ring open up the Gy English is improved Back to the Future right now where jig he keeps Fighting like this

Nice counter there From same punch downstairs to the LI Wow s and now you see the vulnerability Here of Pereira conserv take advantage In the body as not going to go anywhere And neither is Ramirez yeah he connected With a Straight watch another one the reaction From you can see it palpable oh Man go down and that's it That is it and that's all Z an awfully Impressive performance as he stopped Siiver Pereira punch right there the Pain never goes nowhere K the body the Heads caught him with that left hand Right on the right Side Ramirez coming in had secured back Shots do man late reactions all the time Right there you could see that he want Referee Thomas Taylor steps puts a h to The Your winner by KO Victory and still undefeated GTO

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