We caught up with Ipswich stars Omari Hutchinson and Leif Davis and set them a special challenge โ€“ put together a Championship XI using only under-21 players!

With Ipswich flying high as they bid to win promotion to the Premier League, we felt these two were well-placed to judge the division’s top wonderkids, with Omari Hutchinson impressing on loan from Chelsea following a well-documented rise through the F2 Freestylers and Arsenal academy!

There are some quality fellow loanees to choose from: Chelsea teammate Cesare Casadei, currently at table-topping Leicester; Liverpool midfielder Tyler Morton, on loan at Hull; Arsenal youngster Charlie Patino, impressing at Swansea; Jaden Philogene, also on loan at Hull from Aston Villa and hoping to impress Unai Emery.

And away from the loanees we have future stars like Jobe Bellingham, brother of Real Madrid sensation Jude Bellingham, who has gone off like a rocket at Sunderland!

But who makes the cut? And who are Leif and Omari most excited by? Watch on to find out!

Thanks to FC24 and the EFL for making this happen!


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What's up FD and welcome back to rank The blank it's been a while the first One of the season but today we are at Championship High Flyers ipswitch town And I'm joined by two high flying Tractor boys Amari Hutchinson and leaf Davis thanks for joining us boys and Thanks to the efl and EA for making this Happen um we've set you boys a bit of a Challenge today a Wonder kids 11 as We've got a Wonder kid here in Omari Leaf you've not quite made the cut 23 Now getting a bit old getting a bit too Old but you boys have been discussing Behind camera assistant manager and Manager who's who's taken the the bigger Role here in terms of picking the team Bit of ball No okay yeah to be fair I was very Impressed at how convivial it was Between you two not too many Disagreements no one raising their voice High chemistry with this this One love it I mean you boys have had Great chemistry on the pitch this season Of course going for that promotion so Yeah like I said 21 and under um each Player has to be they have to be from The championship of course as well and The team must include Omari so that's Already one place in the attack taken um We're then going to submit this team to Eafc at the end of the video and they Will give an overall rating to the team

So stick around to the end of the video To find that out let's start with you Omari where have you put yourself in the Attack cuz obviously you are you know You're able to play on the Left Right You've even played in the center before As well well no I put myself right RNG For this one where I feel most Comfortable that's probably my best Position so we're one down Amari on the Right now let's start from the back now Goalkeepers I feel like there was one Obvious choice here right he scored Against them that's uh who I putting Against but H scored against some so we Gavin bazunu yeah he's a good keeper uh Young lad u a lot of potential we could See he was good with his feet as well Throwing a little bit in the Zend Obviously had that that great year on Line at Portsmouth in League one and Then like last year at Southampton in The Premier League quite quite a big Step up for him but yeah definitely Proving himself more in a Southampton Team who are challenging you boys for That promotion spot aren't they yeah Okay let's move on to the Defenders uh Let's start right back quite a lot of Choice here who have you boys gone for There was two I had Brook on coffee and Then there was another one you put you Chose AR gr nice who who have you gone For we went Archie gr Archie gray yeah

Yeah obviously you're a leads boy what Did you make of him like I mean he's He's a few years younger than you as Well like when you were last at leads he Must have still been very much in the You rank he was still in he was still in School when I when I was with him he was Getting taken out of school to come into Training I thought he was my age when I Was training with him when I first met Him I was like nah he can't be that age He was look so just comfortable when he Came in with the lads he was straight in It was mental I was like nah you can't Be that age he was only 16 at the time I He Bo first team training as well Athlete as well best runner I've ever Seen he's going to go to the top 100% in May when you won promotion could you Have imagined that you would have been You know getting chased down by leads in Southampton obviously still in the Premier League at the time like could You imagine that to be fair I could cuz The the team we've got how everyone's Connected as a team it's the best Changing I've been in by far even the Players that have come in like Amari They've um adapted really well it's a Top top bunch of lads and as a team That's why we deserve to to be where we Are at the minute what about you and Mario like coming into that dressing Room did you get a sense of team that's

Like going for that second promotion Yeah straight away before I even came I Messed some of the boys that had been Here previously and they said like you Got to go back no hesitation like pushed Me to to come here and as soon as I came Here they introduced me straight away Like took me out under their under their Belt especially the captain and yeah Felt made me feel like I was at home Nice certainly a Happy Camp this season So let's go on the center backs now a Little bit less Choice here actually who Have you boys gone for i' I chose uh Taylor Hood bis I chose him well he had A good year last year as well um had an Unbelievable season last year then this Year he's you can see why he's a top top Player as well for such a young age as Well so comfortable on the ball you'll Go and fight for anything header tackle Anything that's what you need from a Center half you you don't want a center Half that's just do doesn't want to do The Dirty Work and he'll do all the Dirty work so yeah nice he's got that Grit and he's got that kind of you know Ball playing ability obviously coming Through at Man City playing on the Company last year as well very strong Choice there I think he had to make that For sure um who partnering him uh I went With B hre okay obviously I played with Him at Chelsea he was a good friend of

Mine as well you two made your Chelsea Debut around the same time you both in The same Match Day squads like what was That what was that feeling like coming Coming through with a friend both making The team at the same time it was crazy Because when I first joined Chelsea we Like I was speaking to him and he was Obviously not getting really a sniff When he was under another manager I was Like look you just have to this keep Working hard keep being patient and You'll get your call up and like as soon As gr Porter came in he brought all the Youngsters up and then he was playing Against Man City then we kind of laugh And joke about it that football just Changes so quickly certainly a big Talent only 20 years old still as well Sweet I think that's a very good Center Back pairing right there very quickly Who what formation have you gone for is It 4231 no 433 433 okay okay so going Against Kieran McKenna system slightly Here okay left backs um who have you Gone for uh we've gone with Callum Doyle Okay yeah again good defensively very Strong good in the air and stuff like That so nice I mean he can also play Center back as well so there's that Defensive solidity right so you Imagining in this team Archie gray the One who's flying forward yeah yeah okay Nice nice so there's some good tactical

Awareness in this back line too okay Sweet so 433 that makes the Midfield Quite interesting here who have you gone For as I guess are you going for like a Lone six then at the at the base of Midfield we've gone with Cesar uh Cassidy nice nice um good friend of mine Is always at Chelsea tall powerful good On the ball can score headers can score Long shots everything so yeah I mean is That something that you're looking for In your in your defensive midfielder I Guess like someone who can actually bomb Forward and get get those goals I mean We've seen that with Dean rice at Arsenal this season haven't we exactly Um is that the kind of player that you Want you want in your team yeah I think So skip the other deal it exactly if we Need a goal can push forward if we don't We can just sit off and just hold the Middle nice chz CAD very very strong Choice Um so who's going alongside him then you Put I put Charlie patino at Soni nice Obviously another good friend of mine so He very good in the ball technically Gifted left Foo was he sad to see you go When you when you left Arsenal for Chelsea um I think so obviously we we Were with each other growing up in the Academy from like age 12 to 23s but he Understood it like that's how football Works sometimes and we still communicate

On FaceTime and on social media and Stuff still play on PS5 with each other So no ni nothing's really changed that Leaves us with one left and I mean we've Got we've got so many good options here In Midfield so who's taking that last The last one uh put job oh Jo B okay Nice nice yeah you had to get him in Didn't you when we played against him The first game of the season you could See like straight away I thought like Now he's exactly like he's but he plays Exactly like him um and look where his Brother's playing now World he's one of The best midfielders in the world at the Minute and obviously job's doing well as Well so we had to be be job yeah yeah Fair enough it feels hard to to leave Him out I mean has been recording this 20 starts for Sunderland at the age of 18 already got four goals like you say Plays a little bit like like Jude do you Feel like someone like someone like job Has the ability to get get to the Champions League level you could say so I think I kind of respect him cuz he Wanted to do his own thing and you can See that by how he has his name on the Back of his shirt is his name or not Bing him he's doing well at Sunderland And you never know where the future Would take him as long as he's doing the Right things I think's possible yeah When when we played against him the lads

In the middle were like nah he just Glides around it's for for the age of Him as well he just Glides around how Strong he is as well good he is on the Ball yeah totally is I remember playing Against him um a few when I was on La Bournemouth and he wasn't like that he's Shot up as well like so strong tall now And just so good on the ball do you find That phys ality especially in the Championship do you find tall the taller Players harder to deal with or yeah I Would I would say so like cuz when we Played West Brom uh they were a very Very physical team um all big Lads and We struggled a little bit obviously we We weren't at our best but we struggled A little bit with the with the Physicality B but um no it's it is more Difficult would say so okay so we're Moving on to the forwards now Amar You've taken the right wing position Right yeah let's go to the left left Then we'll pick Center forward last who You've gone who have you gone for we Both went with jadden philene okay nice Technically gifted you know can beat a Player 1 V one even against a 2v one um He's scoring a lot right now at the Minute so we decided to I mean yeah he's Having a great yeah six goals and five Assists as we're recording this maybe More by the time you see this um do you See like you know obviously Jared

Bowen's the kind of the the big success Story from Holland recent years Obviously absy smashing at West Ham do You feel like someone like Jaden Phil Can can go on a similar run 100% um when We played and we had that was one player We had to show a lot of respect there as Well um because the qualities he got um Both feet he came onto my side in the in The second half and I was just like I Might run past but he was tracking all Way he's good athlete everything which Is it's hard to do um but he done he Done the job as well let's move on to Center forward then final position Important one who have you gone for here I'm interested to know yeah we chose at Le Leads yeah he showed a a lot of quality This year I know I think was was it was He the most expensive player leaded paid Or something yeah he might have thought I might have a lot of weight on my Shoulder to sure what I can actually do But he's backed it this season to be Fair I think well leads have been Dangerous this year the front four have Been dangerous but he's been up there He's scored goals he's made goals so and Then he obviously got the call up for For fronts as well didn't he so he's Having a good season like you say Creative player as well so Amari would You be hoping for him to be setting you

Up in this team quite a lot I hope so Hope so if I if I was in the team I Could have I could have given my hand Like it's too old now love it thanks Boys that was a great great team you've Picked um the rating will be on screen Right now thanks boys for joining me Today and good luck with the rest of the Season um and thanks to the efl and EA For making this happen if you enjoyed This video please subscribe to football Daily um and click on screen right now For some more great content See You yeah

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