Professional new zealander heavyweight boxer and title challenger Joseph Parker with nickname “Lupesoliai La’auliolemalietoa” against american most effective puncher and top ranked athlete Deontay Wilder with nickname “The Bronze Bomber”. Fight for WBC International and WBO inter-continental heavy weight belts took place in Kingdom Arena, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on December 23, 2023. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights

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Joseph Parker (New Zealand) vs Deontay Wilder (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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6'7 but only 214 lbs but he is a lean Mean fighting machine that's introducing First fighting out of the blue Corner Wearing white with burgundy official Weight 2453 PBS his record 36 fights 33 Victories including 23 big wins by Knockout Auckland he's the heavyweight Fighting pride of new The number three ranked heavyweight in The world by the WBO former WBO Heavyweight champion of the world Lup the only only Mala AKA Pig Joseph Parker and across the ring his opponent Fighting out of the Red Corner wearing Black and gold officially weighing in at 213 lbs and he brings an outstanding Record consisting of 46 fights 43 Victories 42 by knockout Victory against Two defeats the WBC and WBA number one ranked heavyweight in the World the former WBC heavyweight world world champion the Bronze bomber Dr sleep Deante [Music] [Applause] Wild all time touch good to both Conventional wisdom says Joseph Parker Should but his trainer Andy Lee said Listen we're here to Fight Fire with I

Hope parker brought a pillow and a Blanket I'm going to I think a shootout Would be a bad decision for Joseph Parker you got to pick your spots that May be his reason nice right hand there From Parker P land's the first coner Third fight against Tyson Fury and also The lanky the lankiness like Wilder has The side of Wilder to try and cut the Ring Down Parker on the other hand fighting For the fourth time this year and Oh there with the right hand Parker Wisely getting inside trying to smother That punch which is the kind of stuff You see from Phantom weights and not Like Deontay Wilder so he's clearly Looking for one big shot and one big Shot is what Parker was just looking for Deontay Wilder is a natural explosive Puncher one of the most things that Fierce mentality fighter mentality that Waral so the fight's going to explode Any minute I think you know the one is Going to take away from from the legs Especially when you're not a mover You're not accustomed to being a boxer And using the entire ring as Wilder Moving to his left but that's what we're Waiting for that explosive one two it Was a 32 from Parker and now the right Hand lands from Wilder and there get Touch he's going Toed again and then Wilder throwing a

Chopping right handly now creeping a Little bit more he's looking for that Right hand Again that's what I'm talking about Right there that that you get the Feeling you know you get the feeling of Boxing you're just not backing Find the right hand and and you look Like you're actually trying to find an Open that was one of them but miss and Now Parkering like a good attempts on Moments nothing really landed cleanly But yes he's getting closer and closer And so is Wilder the reason this came up Short is because he didn't have his left Foot in the door you know he's a little Bit too far wild hasn't thrown anything This point you see Joseph Parker being The aggressor more over these not Countering he's not setting up anything It's Parker that's trying to set up Something is Parker on the punch here so He can't change too much and there is a Right hand from Parker again he's scoring the point Double jab he needs to double faint step In twice then look for the right hand Almost he's looking for one Shot an overhand right from Parker seems To graze Wilder round and there's so much more You can do he's breaking down in that Corner would be thrilled the way that

Parker started like say winning the Rounds you know he he's taking the space Away from Wilder he's trying to make Things happen not looking for The Knockout you have to said one negative Thing about Wilder where hasn't Attempted to do anything Plan B is plan A B is plan a Exactly devastating punchers you know They usually don't have a plan B because They've been so successful knocking out Everyone Parker's getting closer and Closer there's Wilder now starting to C oh yeah and into the body for Parker Who's gaining more and more confidence But that could be a double incredible it Is Breathtaken was enough to give it to Parker he's just Landing the cleaner Punches they're not coming in get a Foothold into the contest getting Bullied taller leaner Fighters oh There's a right hands tries to follow up On it that's what I want to see more of Though that explosive speed There it is the right hand from Parker As Wilder stumbl back a little Bit just came up right There Miss B Shot and Wilder ends it love those three Jobs right there up down up That's Wilder hurt holding on right now It's Parker who set up for for The

Knockout it's certainly doing so here in The eighth round Wilder swinging at Ghost right now Wilder's got to hold on Here the referee's close there's that Big rain shot you the wild that overhand Right is going to land but throw a shots To the body then come over the Top T Wilder is damaged goods heading Into the ninth round n with the flurry Boom wow that's exactly what you said Duck so far has fought a brilliant game Plan over guys he's going to land again I don't like the open up rounds he he's Still big left hand yeah caught him Against the ropes Wilder just leans back Over that top there cocking up that Right hand Wilder has to dig deep find Something somewhere Somehow now on the front foot moving Forward and he needs to build from it Wild a little worried about letting his Hands another bull rush there from Joseph Parker he going to think that Deont strategy little his Hing off he's Moving his head oh over right and there Was that uppercut that I said he's got To try and win the fight now that's Going to play into your hands okay when You got Parker and the over you guys Said so do you expect Parker close to Getting that upset ripping up the Scripts I'm making a real Parker he's Accustomed to power he's accustomed to Fighting big strong men that wasn't

Defens backing up fighting with the game Plan executing that game plan Deontay Wilder remember of course while got that Dramatic 12th round fight he's going to Need some late druming as he's down big On all the judges scorecards you would Think you know I I like how Joseph Parker is reacting when he sees that Throws the upper and he throwing that Overhand right when he's dipping his Head in that chest that's a game plan And you can see anytime Wilder's looking For that big right hand throw in his own There getting the legs look slightly Unsteady Wilder and that was to The it is Again Parker's able to avoid because Deont ofing he's stepping into it and Giving Parker enough time this is this Is more an exe Wilder's Corner urging Him to go after Parker to push the Pace put Parker there grabbing wild very Smart that's very smart that's uh Hector Kamacho is you know you kill Time look at Parker still intimidating Not throwing it just letting him know It's right there [ __ ] and ready go yeah It's there he's letting him know this is Good good work start dipping to his left Now I don't like how close Wilder got Home from Parker who's just beaming with Confidence one to Go here in Riad Saudi Arabia this has to be

The from this man you know I thought it Was notable in that corner the loudest Here's Chris mx's Scorecard sh 11 rounds to none in Favor is this smart by against M but This is a different cat fish and or when Wild froze his shots just dips down we See it again there so late respect and That right hand right there that's Exactly why I leave it so late beating Joe Lewis but he went for The Knockout And he lost Will Parker make That and the reason I say par it is Because he has better t walk him back Now just walk him back kill the time you Got a minute left and you shock the World Parker I'm taking a knee big right Hand right There taking manic Parker thinking about The exclamation point now it's time for Parker to Back and Joseph Parker the New Zealand seemingly beaten The bronze bomber and did it in dash I'm Not too sure why Wilder is RA raising in His right hand smart performance from Parker I don't think we can call it Anything other than that it was spot on It was smart responsible discipline Perfection that's beautiful boxing right There we seen another shut off there is No way in in a million years Wilder has Won that contest and he'll kick himself Is there any way Wilder's right and

We're wrong absolutely not this was a Joseph tried to close the gap Wilder he Tried to land some right hands inside But every time he did so Parker was Firing back with his own shots and he Wilder through the right hand nice left Hook and there's the position of the Head working the body a couple of little Low but just show this is what happens When you only fought one round in over Two years and when Parker who fought all This was his fourth fight fighters Dangerous had a draw with Tyson Fury in The other One How surprised are you Darren by the way This fight unfolded yeah I mean to be Honest I I'm impressed I feel very let Down by Wilder I wanted to see more from This man here to beat this man let's Send it into the ring now and Mr Michael Rad season score cards Michael Alexander Scores it 118 New Zealand he is big ch Parker Joseph Parker delivers in the Biggest fight of his life and now the Heavyweight division is his oyster what Does he do next who does he take on Perhaps it's the winner of our next Fight AJ versus aov volent well to me That would make sense we we kind of Pitched this as two Semi-finals Parker's won the first one Over to AJ and one in

Now What Performance Andy Lee over here shaking Hands with Darren Barker and Sergio saying I Told You So and boy was He

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