Professional kazakhstani middleweight boxer Gennady Golovkin with nickname “GGG” against american top ranked athlete and title challenger Vanes Martirosyan with nickname “The Nightmare”. Fight for IBO, WBC and WBA middle weight belts took place in StubHub Center, Carson, USA on May 5, 2018. Spectacular boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Gennady Golovkin (Kazakhstan) vs Vanes Martirosyan (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight

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Genady Golovkin and vas Mar roian you See the four-year age Advantage for Mar Roian he's an inch and a half taller Than golovin wearing tonight white Trunks with multicolor trim he weighed Officially 159 and 1 12 lb in 40 professional bouts His record 36 victories just three Defeats one draw 21 big wins coming by Way of knockout here's the two time Light middleweight World title Challenger from Glendale California by Way of Aban Armenia here is the nightmare Bud Mar Roia and next his opponent across the Ring finding out of the Red Corner Wearing white trunks Trend in Black he Weighed in 160 lb even as a professional He has unbeaten 37 victories including 33 Knockouts no def fats and one draw From karaganda Kazakhstan ladies and Gentlemen here is the unbeaten unified WBA super WBC ibf IBO middleweight champion of the World Triple J genady genady evage Go Love K once again referee jack ree with the Final Instruction right here right here for Now guys want to exchange the Flags okay come Here Edmond just want to remind you

Please listen and follow my commands at All times protect yourself at all times Fight Hard fight clean good luck to both First time they heard about this monster Triple G last fight was on pay-per-view And here you can just watch him on Regular H Triple G has his reputation Cuz you were guaranteed see if he has One of those moments in him tonight and KN you Mentioned it's hard to find that in the Sport yet or still at this hour but here Don King promoted fighter in against Genady Golovkin Mar Rosen flashing a Nicean the Jab can land Left oh my Russ is Hur kovin known for his scary power in Both hands and like to remind that after His last couple fights that's what Happens again when you fight rosian Considered a level below that yeah he Thrown a good jab already here though Max po glet his head back a couple times Back one time so we're getting some good Exchanges in early the bad thing for Bon Is that that 24mth layoff is going to Later in the fight he'll get back Comfortable and get a position has been In the gym Roy and he says he's been in The gym for the last 17 months fairly Continuously for a long time almost two Years in his instance are you more Suscep drains so much energy from a

Fighter as most Fighters know secondly When you haven't been in there the Little things the timing the making a Guy missed by a Hairline they say the last thing to Leave a fighter as his Punch seen Fighters age and lose that Knockout snap You think Triple G still has that we Always talk about Triple G being 36 Years old but Triple G is an elite Fighter an elite fighter at 36 is not a Bad fighter still6 is not an old fighter Especially when you haven't taken a lot Of Punishment and for those who haven't Seen him before we talk about made the Point that you expect to see knockout Power from Triple G but comp box counts Him at 10 Jabs per round nobody else in Boxing has done that and he's landed 14 This s up hard right a little bit I Agree and he and he hit him with a good Right hand B by a good jab Yes Hain landed 15 Jabs on the round but Only one hard power shot rosian hit him In the mouth with right hand that might Have been the best punch of the r your Defense okay everything's working do What you're doing you're doing Everything come in with a jab a right Hand and Triple G thought it was over Then all of a sudden Bing that goes Another jab and that's what knocked him

Off batt for the CL yeah I thought it Was the right hand that had stunned him A little bit it was the follow up Rosan came up in boxing in Southern California lot of Mexican and he thinks Uniquely prepared for Golovkin Mexican Style but those are some moer cut by Golovkin andosan grabs and holds On really good shot he held on to Golovkin long enough to avoid being Called for though his knee hit the Canvas that Greese ruled it a throw by Golovkin Jim he turns it up right now he Can get him out before pun and he better Do that because Fage is throwing some Really big shots but the ring rust is Still really affecting him right now Seen this all Before that's not good we a fighter that Acts like you don't want no part of this In the early rounds while he's powerful Until you get used to singles of his Punches then you can act like it doesn't Really matter right now it does matter Because they're a little tight and it Does look that way as though Golovkin Got a lot of weight on his shoulders Outside the ring stuck and he gets hit With the right hand again by marosia oh Oh hard Left right hand L another left hard left To down goes M Ro he collapses five as Reese picks up the count seven eight N9 10 second round knock out for

Goop I would have got disqualified I Would have got disqualified I don't Think Triple G should be disqualified For that but that was exactly like the Punch that you got disqualified for in His in his desire to score the knock was Uh if anything overzealous already Down and that n finishing shot pretty Close I'll have to look at the replay to See whether Marty roian actually was on The canvas or was in the process of Going down I I wouldn't DQ a fighter for That nor should you have been DQ but That is but technically I believe he hit Him when he was down we'll See either way he's got a new knockout Streak One here's another look once again the Uppercut that caused the problems early Hit him right on the chin with a Beautiful uppercut doesn't get it better Than that [Applause] Jim now you see him coming in for the Attack overhead right over the top which Fin ATT got caught with several time Before he comes back with a jab another Jab a a good jab to set up the right Hand again whether Marty roen actually Was on the canvas or was in the process Of going D a fighter for that nor should You have been DQ but that is but Technically I believe he hit him when he Was down we'll see here's another look

Once again that uppercut that caused the Problems early hit him right on the chin With a beautiful uppercut do now you see Him coming in for the attack overhand Right over the top which fin got caught With several times before he comes back With a jab Big left hook and that pretty much Finish bu right there followed by right Hand but bu was out at that point Another hook boom and up so wasn't that Bad I don't think his knee had reached The canvas but the glove may have Technically He's are or down right I think guys that Was a clean knockout even if it was a Little um uh a little messy at the end Jack Reese is one of the very Best and here's re As the and Golovkin seems to let out a Little air relaxing finally after round Number two referee jack reace reaches The count of 10 for your winner by KO Victory he is still unified middleweight Champion of the world Triple G genady Genady Evans Go [Applause] First round wasn't his best second round Was a Wipeout ultimately the result is What most ringside observers expected And early to Middle rounds knockout for Golovkin final comp box numbers Golovkin Closed the show Landing 11 of 15 power

Shots Roy Jones With His Brilliant Analysis of the power barrage that Ultimately put Marty roian away he Doubles Marty roian in landed punches he Throws 11 more he lands at a 43% overall Connect Rate he reinforced his reputation as the Number one jabber in the Sport as he lands 16 out of 30 power Shots 53% you know what we've told you Over the years about a fighter who lands More than 50% of his power shots he Lands 20 Jabs in less than two complete Rounds again I feel great I come back I Come Back Gennady vanas came over to me a Moment a go and said that is the hardest Puncher I've ever Faced do you feel like you had your Power back tonight why weren't you able To do this in your last two fights Excuse me give me a chance just I want To First thanks thank you very much Thank you very much my friends from Kazakhstan my family and of course my All fans of the world thank you very Much it's huge Support and of course yeah vaness he is Very good fighter he ped me couple times You know just after first round I Understand this is serious business this Is serious fight that's what it looked Like it looked like he got your Attention at the end of the first round

And you came out all business in the Second absolutely this is my second Second round is all business first round Just I'm look him just his strategy Because I know his team where is a good Team at the end of the first round and You came out all business in the second Absolutely this is my second second Round is all business first round just I'm look him just his strategy because I Know his team very is good team congrats And just you know just second round this Is true Business given the date at which Canelo Had to pull out of tonight's fight that Was supposed to take place in Las Vegas you had to come up with a last Minute replacement opponent vonis has a Name he's a good fighter he's a known Fighter he has a pleasing style so it's Understandable that he's a a replacement Opponent but now this fight is over the Middleweight division is chalk full of Opponents who suddenly seem willing to Fight you what do you want to happen now I want everybody 15 power shots Roy Jones With His Brilliant analysis of the Power barage that ultimately put Marty Rosie in a way

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