We have a very special episode of Sunday Vibes today, with Dougie and Michael battling it out in a January Signings Draft Challenge!

Each player takes it in turns to construct their ultimate January Signings XI, but once one player has been picked, that’s it! Who gets Haaland? Who gets Suarez? What about Vidic and Van Dijk? And why are so few goalkeepers signed in the winter window? Watch on to find out!


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Welcome back to Sunday Vibes one and all Hope you're doing well at home and Having a nice weekend today it's just me And duges the Dream Team back on your Screens how you doing duges yeah good Thank you we did ask Joe we did ask Sam We asked Belinda we asked Harriet who Works on skysports news but Unfortunately no one was available but I Think we've got a really good show lined Up I'm really excited about this contest Uh this you know cold conversation I Think is going to be pretty epic so stay Tuned I think it's a good one how are You there Mike yeah I'm good thanks dude Good thanks um yeah I Echo your thoughts Um let's face it the January transfer Window has yet to truly deliver who Knows everyone's counting the pennies Everyone's everyone's counting their Pennies uh you know points deductions Potentially for everon and Nottingham Forest it's yeah it's all a bit Depressing really it truly is uh you Know a proper blue January but um but so We thought that in the absence of any Really juicy stuff going on the absence Of any real meaty rumors um hopefully You know the transfer news will pick up In the next seven days maybe it will Have by the time you're watching this But we thought we would go down the more Historic Route and set ourselves a Challenge it's the January signings

Draft challenge now big one um if you Haven't seen this I think we probably Did something like this maybe a year ago Or maybe even two years ago to be honest On Sunday Vibes um a draft challenge Basically myself and duges will take it In turns to build a team of the best January signings ever but we are not Allowed to pick the same players so we Have to be quite tactical about which Positions we go for first which Positions we're prioritizing what our Backups are in each position if we don't Get our number one choice and then you Guys at home can decide in the comments Who has got the better team we'll get Them up on screen as we go as well as We're building them um so yeah should be A good one um so without further Ado Duges I think you're up first okay what Are who are you going for first it is a Really difficult one I think there's Three ones in the Premier League that at Least stand out and I don't think There's as much depth in this position As other positions so I'm actually going To go for Bruno Fernandez benica to man United okay now sporting CP to man United sorry sporting CP already already Made that mistake how in did I mess up Anyway sporting CP to man united yeah Huge error there for me um you know Brilliant at sporting was linked with Moved to Spurs man united got him and

Despite the current discourse that he Needs to be sold that he needs to be Moved on I just where is that coming From I just really I think it comes from Certain creators on Twitter who I do Really enjoy following uh but I just Don't understand the logic of it I think Man united without Bruno over the last Few years it's a pretty disastrous place To be um obviously he did cost a Considerable amount of money a lot of People thought it was slightly risky at The time despite his form for sporting Um given the fact he'd had to change Position a few times in the past that he Had a couple of injuries early on in his Career but he's barely missed a game Since and for a 47 million signing I Think he's probably been the best man United signing post Fergie definitely um Yeah I think he's been really really Solid I mean 70 goals and 59 assists in 23 games for Man United that's 0.6 goals And assists per game uh his goal return Per season has gone 12 28 which was Exceptional 104 he's on six this year Which is a bit of a lower but you know Man united have been AIT bit of a mess Particularly poor going forward but his Chance creation levels and his expected Assists are still extremely high um yeah He's in the top 1% of midfielders for Non-penalty XG and expected assist per 9 So everyone just saying he's pandez it's

Just not factually accurate you know This guy is a Serial chance Creator I Think he could play for any side in the World uh I think he would pretty much Improve any side in the world as well And I just don't understand why he's not Given more appreciation by Man United Fans I think it just having played there For a while and for Man United to have Been pretty poor pretty disastrously Poor for most of his time there lots of People just associate that oh it must be The best player is not good enough when Actually I think it's the the floor of The team is not good enough to match him And potentially rashford on his fully When he's fully fit and on form level as Well it's not really the the ceiling Players you know to build a house you Build it from the foundations up and I Just think man united have too many Players that have drifted uh in that Side uh and too many players that should Have been sold long time a long time ago That they haven't um so I think he's Been absolutely exceptional uh even this Year 2.5 shots 2.8 key passes per 90 he Makes things happen yes he loses the Ball in dangerous areas yes he can be Found wanting almost through trying too Hard at times but I think in terms of a January signing given the period that He's been at man united I don't think it Could have gone much better for him so

He's my first pick yeah fair enough Duges I he was also my number one pick So I I'll have to I'll have to go for One of my Al yeah uh yeah I agree duges I think Yeah I think Bruno Fernandez is easy He's an easy player to give stick Because his level is normally very high But when United's you know in in poor Games for Man United he he does Sometimes go missing and you know There's a lot of talk about him not Being the ideal captain in body language Etc and being a bit petulant um but the The fact of the matter is man united Have qualified for the Champions League Twice since he three times since Bruno Fernandez was signed and if he hadn't Been Signed I guarantee United would not have Qualified for the Champions League in Any of those Seasons um so yeah I think The the importance of of of that signing To to United's recent history is um is Yeah I think a bit underappreciated I Agree with you duges um I'm going to go In a position which I found quite tough To to fill as well or at least I didn't Have much depth there And bit of R chat so I'm going for a 433 I don't know what you've gone for yeah We should clarify I mean to be fair like If if any of us if other of us are Really struggling we can change

Formations in order to make it work a Bit more but I might have to drop a 10 In at some stage okay a 10 so what so When you say a 10 oh what as in in a Player 4312 okay right yeah yeah fair Enough would would Bruno Fernandez be That 10 if he do that okay interesting Okay we I struggled in one area of the Forward line but we'll get there so I Was struggling a bit at left wing um and So I've gone for someone I'm I'm Building this up bit tactically here and I am getting a big hitter in there early Luis Suarez on the left wing get why Not front front three I'm putting Lis Suarez there just because I've got a lot Of Center forwards right well I've got a Few Center forwards the drop off between Luis Suarez my only other pick on the Left wing was Lis Diaz um and Lis Suarez Did play the left at Liverpool at Times uh so yeah I think it's Justified I think it's Justified um but this is His move to this is his move this is his Move to Liverpool sorry yeah this is his Move to Liverpool January 2011 26.5 Million EUR from Ajax you know he ended Up going for 82 million just three years Later to Barcelona 31 goals and 12 Assists in that final Premier League Campaign I mean the impact that he had At Liverpool was was really really Astounding um and also you know the Profit that they made on him you know

Was a was then you know set them up well For what was you know Jurgen klopp era You know he only jgen klopp only you Know arrived at Liverpool just over a Year after Lis Suarez left it feels like Kind of feels like in hindsight that There was a long gap between those two But actually Luis Suarez leaving uh and The end of the Rogers era was actually How long's been there as well yeah Exactly um what 2016 so yeah so no sorry End of 2015 um so yeah and I think just I mean the the instant impact that he Had there there and then you know that Season you know long um you know well Documented as one of the greatest Individual seasons in premier league History um and also just the the player That Lis Suarez I mean continues to be I Was looking at his Gro stats from last Season I think it was like 17 goals and 11 assists in the league for Gro last Year like he saying that he's finding it Really difficult to get did you see Those quotes he's finding it really Difficult to get out of bed every Morning uh can't play football with his Son in the garden it's really quite sad In a way yeah I mean I guess I mean he Is what 36 37 now but uh but yeah I mean That's pretty mad and um you just goes To show how how high his footballing IQ Has remained um you know even what was It in the 2122 season scored 20 21 goals

For Atletico Madrid um so yeah what a Remarkable stri great transfer as well I Love that transfer brilliant um so uh Did they get him on was it on a free That got him it was some ridiculous deal Wasn't it and then they won the league And Barcelona yeah it was it was a Disaster for Barcelona yeah pretty Pretty bad stuff but um but yeah I just Think 26.5 million EUR for uh for Someone who would quite soon become one Of the greatest uh you know forwards of All time um it is is pretty crazy stuff And also the fact that it happened in The same week that they got Andy Carrol Through the door for more money um just The comedy of that is is just brilliant Um and yeah the fact they they you know You know sold Torres got Suarez in for For half that price as well yeah just Everything about that transfer I think Is great I know it's a bit of a bait one But wanted to get that out there early Because I felt like my left wing Position could have become a little bit Hairy later down the line loves LS Diaz And I think if he stayed injury free uh In that 22 23 season we'd be looking at A player who who you know very much one Of the best in the Premier League if not One of the Best Wingers in Europe at This moment in time but I think that That injury did did impact L Diaz didn't It um and I think he's still kind of

Trying to get back to his best form on a Consistent basis um so yeah that's my Left wing position sorted where are you Going next D I am going for the striker That Bruno Fernandez will be feeding and I'm going for earling Harland at Dortmund okay from RV salsburg joined in January 20 I thought when you said Bruno Fernandez will be feeding us like what What transfer have you got like okay Yeah no Harland up top as number nine in A Dortmund Shir joined from RB salsburg In that January you know man united Wanted him I think Juventus were close To him as well but chose Dortmund and What a move it proved to be for his Career I mean his numbers there are just Insane 86 goals in 89 games for the club And he missed a lot of games there with Injury as people are now talking about Because last year was one of his only Sort of really injury free hit years uh And what difference it made you know 50 Goals I mean but you know at Dortmund he Arrived and there had been a certain Amount of turnover of players they Consistently sold their best players for A number of years you know aubameyang Pulic Etc uh but him Sancho Bellingham Sort of really put Dortmund it was one Of the funnest Dortmund teams I've Watched as well and given that record For a club of dortmund's caliber and That's no disrespect to Dortmund but

Those are the sort of numbers you put up At a at a true super club that is Winning the league every year so to do It at a challenger who never got over The line in his time there great record In the Champions League and a great Record in the Champions League as well And only yeah 15 and 13 European games For them as well only won the dfb pel Cup there but then was sold for 60 Million EUR obviously they could have Sold him for far far more but there was That release clause in his contract but It couldn't have really gone better that Move to be honest yes he could have won A league title there but he did Everything possible uh and I think the Concept of Bruno Fernandez and Harland In the same team was a great start to my Draft so yeah that's my second spot I Like that he was also obviously my first Choice at Center forward so I'll have to Go for one of my backups there but we we Are on the same wavelength here um I Feel like might get a bit more Interesting further down the line um I'm Just wondering whether to go for another Big hitter or do I go for cover yourself At the back maybe I think I might cover Myself at the back I mean there's a lot Of good options at the back um there are A lot of good options at the back so I'm Actually going to leave Center back for Now okay um I know some people might be

Screaming at home because there are a Couple of Premier League picks but I'm Actually going to go for goalkeeper here I want to cover myself we me and D were Talking about this before in general Goalkeeper they don't move in January They don't move in January they don't Get substituted mid game unless you're R Aletta or in his dream future and they Don't get sold in January I mean it's Not I guess it's not too big a surprise But equally I just would have thought That there would have been more times That clubs were crying out for some Cover at goalkeeper in January doesn't Seem to be the case um in terms of Premier League ones all you know pretty Much Martin de bravas the only kind of Real starting goalkeeper um who's kind Of moved in recent years um and and to Be fair that was a really good pickup by Newcastle look at you look at the job He's doing in place of Nick Pope at the Moment he's doing absolutely fine once Again um has had his hairy moments but Um but I actually stumbled across this In my research I was not looking for a Goalkeeper Necessarily uh but I was looking at Leon Um in the 2000s because I thought surely They you know great team in the 2000s Surely they got some they they got a Good deal during that time turns out Most of their their business was in the

Summer so they didn't really make many Signings there but joh Michelle being Organized yeah exactly yeah very Organized man but in the late 90s they Were looking for a new goalkeeper um who Would go on to win all those titles it Was Gregory Coupe in the in January of 19 Jan in January of 1997 they signed Him for 1.4 million euros uh maybe maybe Slightly adjusted for inflation I'm not So sure from sanen I don't know whether They were looking for a starter back Then or whether they were looking just For cover or some to split minutes in Goal at the time um but yeah I mean I Guess it was in the in the kind of Building stage of that Leon side they Were yet to truly Mark themselves out as As the force in French football about You know four four or five years before Their um their first title but yeah Gregory hoe through the door very Quickly became their number one um ended Up making 541 appearances for them Before leaving in 2008 which was the Last time that they won the tit at all Probably not probably not probably not I Mean that season as well actually that 20078 season he was out for half a year With injury um and so I think in the end You know he wasn't getting any younger So I think it kind of felt like the time To move on um but I think they ended up Actually selling him for a small profit

Although at the same time you know 10 Years after a decade does that really Count you know with inflation and Everything uh but seven consecutive Titles between 20012 and 20078 Um you know he was also part of you know The France squads in that time you know Part of the France Squad that that made The World Cup Final in 2006 um so yeah what a career at Leon That guy had um yeah I couldn't really Think of anyone well I couldn't find Anyone better than that in the Goalkeeper position like like we were Saying it's it's pretty slim pickings Down there um so yeah so I guess I guess I guess if you haven't if that wasn't Your first pick Doogie then you can Probably save goalkeeper yeah I'll save Goalkeeper I wasn't I wasn't on those Lines i' I I'll save goalkeeper for Interesting um yeah I found a it's quite A niche one but I actually really like It um next up I will go to left back Okay I assume as a man united fan you've Got you know the option of a couple of Man united alltime great Defenders to go For uh but I actually want to go for Alonso Davies oh okay nice Vancouver White Caps to Bayern uh in January 201914 million EUR obviously signed as a Left Winger signed as a really really Exciting left Winger um but converted by Niik Kovac initially uh into a left back

In the 1920 season because I'd actually Forgotten it was because luuka Hernandez And Nicholas Su were out with long-term Injuries at the same time so they wanted To move David Alber into Center back and They needed a new left back and Alon Davies just just instantly looked Absolutely exceptional he it was like he Was the best left back in the world from The from the get um and yes he did maybe Have a slight dip was it last season um But I just think in terms of an all Round left back there's almost no one Really like him I think he's been Absolutely exceptional and you know in That 1920 season they obviously go on And win the treble uh they had a really Tough Champions League run as well uh They beat Frankfurt they beat Leverkusen And the dfb pcal I think they only lost I think they only dropped points in one Of their final 19 games that season as Well from about December time because They were quite bad under kovat then Hany flick took overover uh and they Were just absolutely exceptional and Everyone thought that Hy flick was the Messiah hasn't proven to be the case but Some of those players he was for That Season Thomas Miller did that with Alonso Davies um I can't remember who Was filling out right back at the time As well was Kimi having to come back Into or maybe maybe pavard was back by

That point I think pavard was back and I Think that's when the kimich gareta duo Just really took on to a new level um But yeah they were absolutely Frighteningly good that year and Alonso Davies has been when fit I think the Outstanding probably all round left back In the world I think te Hernandez is Probably a better attacking threat these Days um and has actually filled up Pretty well at Center back in the last Uh couple of months as well but yeah Alonso Davies I think with Andy Robertson taking a dip in the last few Years understandably after so many years Being you know f one of the first Choices in that team Sheet one of the First choices in the position in the World it's not the deepest position in The world either but I think his people Underestimate how good Alonso davies's Passing is which is really not what a Winger is supposed to be exceptionally Good at coming through um and he's Obviously got incredible speed saves him From so many situations but you rarely See any goals that are really Alonso Dav's mistakes um he's just incredibly Calm in possession he picks up the right Moments to attack he's a good all around Great great presser great energy I think He's been phenomenal for BN and you know If he goes to b b Munich if he goes to Real Madrid this summer which is being

Heavily talked about I think that's a Really really exciting signing for a Club that signed Bellingham last summer Davies's this summer potentially mbappe You know Real Madrid in the next five Six years it it's just potentially quite Imagine alons Davis reunited with Al milit they're Looking at potentially right Back down the left a it's a it's a a Nightmare for any La Liga coach anyone In Europe actually um so yeah he's my Left back Choice okay nice nice um yeah I think that's really strong he was he Was one of my he was one of my backups Actually I'm going to get on to left Back in a little bit but you actually Haven't picked my my number one you Might be surprised who my number one is Actually um well you might not be so Surprised but um but if you're talking About man united it's not necessar a man United player at left back um I'm going To go for another big hitter then uh Actually oh where am I going next where Am I going next you know what Actually I might regret this but I'm I'm Going to go to to my central midfielder Not my not my attacking midfielder so I'm going for a bit of a 4-33 with a DM An eight and and a 10 um I'm going I'm Going to go for my eight cuz I I think My eight is my favorite pick in the Whole team potentially not necessar the

Well he is one of the best players Actually in here and I think the deal is Just so good and that is a good thing to Mention actually we're not just going For for a player's ability it's it can Be a very good inclusion for a good deal I think so far I've only mentioned Players that were very good you know Players for the clubs but I think good Deals is quite important yeah good deals Are important and and you know and kind Of what they meant yeah what they meant For the club and everything and and I Think at Center back there are some big Ones there are also some really good Bargains in there as well so I'm going For my central Midfield Wesley Schneider to Galatasaray wow love That 2013 January 201 exactly yeah just Tribute to you dudes um but 7.5 million EUR from inter to Galatasaray January 2013 in fact the same January that they Signed did Drogba um when galatas really Were kind of pushing those kind of Hollywood Heights in terms of who they Were getting in um and yeah like it's Easy to forget just actually how big an Impact he had at Galatasaray and how you Know this was Wesley Schneider at 28 Years old um and I do remember it Vividly you know he kind of went from You know being one of the best widely Considered one of the best players in The world in kind of 2010 you obviously

Won the treble with inter you know Dragged the Netherlands along with I Think Aran Robin actually no sorry Aran Robin was more more 2014 when he had the Big impact for the Netherlands dragged The Netherlands to the 2010 World Cup Final um and obviously famously missed Out on the podium of the balandor one of The biggest robberies big old robbery That big old robbery um But only two years later you know there Was so much talk about him being past it He was having injury problems wasn't he In his final year or two at inter inter In general just dropped off didn't they Post Mourinho um they they just became An absolute Shambles um so this was just such a what What amazing price for for Galatasaray To get Schneider and even you know even Though this is over 10 years ago now 7.5 Million euros for for a player of Schneider standing um and you know in my Research I kind of forgot that you know Chelsea were interested in him Liverpool Were interested in him and okay it Wasn't the Liverpool of now it was the Liverpool of 2013 um was that instead of Coutinho must have been I suppose I Guess yeah I guess it would have been I Guess it would have been and coutinho Another another a name who might might Come up in this conversation as well Later down the line but um but Wesley

Schneider um was was Keen apparently to Go to Galatasaray um to become because he Wanted to become a you know a club Legend there um and he felt that you Know a move to the Premier League Perhaps didn't afford him that kind of Opportunity he really wanted to make his Mark as a club um and challenge for Titles and that he did he won two League Titles three Turkish cups three Turkish Super cups it was was also a time when Galatasaray were a force in the Champions League um you know they they Came up against Real Madrid in the Quarterfinals of the Champions League That very same year that he signed um And they lost 3-0 away but then came Back to win 3-2 at home obviously on Agregate still lost but he drove that I Think he scored the opener in that game If I'm not Wrong um just so many memorable moments You know he had a screamer in him he was Great for him set pieces ended um his Career at Galla with 45 goals and 175 Appearances got 15 assists in his final Season and and during this time as well Was when you know the the the kind of Financial problems at Galatasaray were Coming to the four as well they withheld His wages I think he they witheld Something like1 million euros of his Wages at one point they finded him €2

Million EUR once for getting too many Yellow cards in a season um and so there Was a point where the gala hierarchy Were kind of trying to get rid of him uh To to balance the books um and so even Amid those disputes you know within the Club and the bad blood that existed There Schneider still performed on the Pitch um and just became yeah became a Club Legend um probably one of the most Gifted players to to play there um and I Think in his second season they even got Through the Champions League group ahead Of Juventus I think he scored the winner Against Juventus in the game that got Them through so um so yeah and that was Was that was a you know a seriously good Juventus team you know that was Antonio Con era U um so so yeah I think the Impact that he had at Galatasaray Although you could argue that you know In the long Term you know what he represented at Galatasaray ended you know ended up with Them you know um getting into those kind Of financial problems but on the pitch I Think it's hard to argue there I didn't I couldn't find many other I know he's An attacking eight but generally Speaking I couldn't find many other Eights who were quite on that level of Schneider um Edgar Davis was one of my Backups going to uve michetta was in There as well I don't know whether you

Had anyone else Dukes but uh yeah wish Schneider love that love that what a Player what what an absolute Legend okay I'm going to go back to my forward line Now okay I've got Harland in the middle And I wanted I think left Winger as you Say is quite difficult I thought about Playing Bobby firmino out there for Transfer to hoffenheim not deal but he Was going to be and you having a go Mez Left it's GTH Crooks okay he was going To be my sort of you know how I Mentioned a number 10 behind two Forwards he was going to be my potential I didn't realize he went to hoffenheim And yeah I mean for like peanuts and and He was great he was brilliant at Hoffenheim slsh start and then I think His second full year I think he scored 16 League goals one of the top scorers In the Bundesliga one breakthrough Player of the year which is a really Nice award that they should probably do In the Premier League um anyway was was Brilliant there but actually I found More of a natural left Winger and I've Gone with Memphis depai from man united To Leon nice nice I really liked Memphis Dep pie at Leon I mean as anyone that Watch football daily in that period Could tell we really liked him at Leon I Think he was our recommended like how to Fix on the left wing for anyone Milan in Particular I think very P honestly it

Must have been four transfer windows in A row it was just Relentless U but yeah Struggled at man united obviously seven Goals in 53 games there was a sort of Victim of Louis van Hall's football in Many ways had a few injury issues uh There was some supposed commitment Issues and attitude problems so much Whatever whatever I mean it's a it's a Well trodden story but in January 2017 He joins leyon for just 17 million Initially his record there 76 goals and 55 assists in 178 games for the club so Good in his final year it's almost like Juan Mata in his 12 13 season at Chelsea Which is like one of those forgotten Campaigns but his final year at leyon Get this 22 goals and 12 assists in 40 Games in all competitions for Leon Unreal and that was the year I think That they oh no maybe that was the year Before but they reached the Champions League semi-finals then lost to that uh Bayern side that went on as I said Earlier to win the treble but Memphis Depy at leyon free kicks long Rangers Creativity bravado Charisma he honestly Had it all the lion yeah he was he was I Mean for someone with such a big ego it Was the first time in his career that he Really backed it up at a big club uh or A club bigger than PSV anyway I mean he Was uh yeah he was playing exceptionally Well for the Netherlands in that time as

Well um and yeah he moved to Barcelona On the back of that form there didn't Really do it that well at Barcelona he Struggled for for for Fitness really at Letti I think he still had some great Moments there but yeah for a player that I think he's still only 29 um which is absolutely crazy when you Think about it um but yeah Memphis depy At Leon was was phenomenal and so so Consistent and I thought it was a good Fit for left wing so I've got Harland Uh in the middle depay in front of Bruno Fernandez and who is the other player That I've got already in oh Alonso Davies at left back so you got a strong Left side there left side um nice shout I was I was considering me across the Forward line to be honest I was kind of Considering Memphis um yeah I do really Like that shout okay I'm going to go I've got to go Center back now I've got To go to Center back I've got to take Virgil vanz I've got to do it I'm going To take that I'm going to take him Pointer yeah I mean he is a different Probably probably the best January Signing in premier league history given What he's achieved at Liverpool now I Know he was very expensive but he has More than paid that back just a little Just a little and and also I think the Fact that I know it gets talked about Too much now but the fact that Harry

MaGuire 18 months later went to man United for more money I I think you know In the minds of many fans makes that Seem cheap now what what van dijk went For in 2018 hasn't played that many Games for sampton like I think he had One injury free year and then one quite Injury injury affected year um but yeah I mean what what a signing that's proven To be yeah and and it was you know it Was a bit of a gamble you know he hadn't Played he hadn't played at a Champions League Level Club I mean he' not even Well no sorry he had played a Champions League level he played at Celtic but Um but yeah like it was it was a lot of Money to put up for for a player playing At at you know at Southampton um and especially the fact That there was that bad blood between Southampton and Liverpool from that the Summer of 2018 where they kind of tried To tap well they did try to tap him up Um the fact that Michael Edwards and Joggen klopp were willing to go that Extra bit you know they were willing to Persist with Van Dyke they were so Convinced of him and were willing to put Out that that kind of money um obviously Assisted by the the Philip coutinho sale To Barcelona as well um yeah I think is You know it's one is one of the best Transfer a transfer business of premier League history um you know

Instantaneously had an effect there Didn't he I think he scored the winner Against Everton in the FA Cup on his Debut in the last minute um and then From there you know helped them on the Way to that Champions League final Helped them gain Champions League Football That season as well um and it Took Allison coming in that summer to Fix the final problem that klopp had but Klopp did have defensive issues before Van djk came in some quite major Defensive issues especially defending From set pieces um and Van dijk was able To not only sort those out but also give You know jogen klopp at the time the Best ball playing Center back in World Football um maybe still the B best ball Playing Center back in I think it's I Was going to say because I obviously Going to mention if I if I could I Should say but I think his passing is Really underrated like really underrated People was just talk about how unruffled He looks and his reading of The Game and His recovery Pace but I actually think His passing so good I mean his longrange Passing his his looping balls into the Final third are yeah I think I remember That one that set up I mean it was an Amazing finish from sjo mané but that One that set up Sago man I think it was Against Bayern yeah it was yeah oh my God just and they won the Champions

League that year was that was that the Same year 201 and then 20189 was also The year that he was not dribbled past Once throughout the entire season and I Think this season he has yet to be Dribbled past as well so he is rolling Back The Years a bit this season um and I know yeah I know like last year was a Down year for him but six months I think He finished quite well he finished well Yeah the first six months was was Particularly was particularly poor and Then Liverpool did pick up in general Didn't they but aside from that van dij Has been basically Flawless at Liverpool Um what a player he is um so yeah I mean There's there are lots of good Center Back options knocking about dud you Going to go are you going to go there or You going to go somewhere else um yeah Why not why not why not um No I think I think now is the time now Is time um I think on I basically had a Few shouts that I wanted to mention in This area actually I don't want to Because I might take up some of yours if You're going for van dijk I want n Mana Vidit okay I think it's a tap in Obviously um what a what a pairing they Would be what a pairing they would be I Know I know opposing teams but vidit had Been chased by man united for two and a Half years PR to signing and he actually Hadn't played that many games for spart

At Moscow beforehand and I hadn't Realized until doing research today that Fantina had a transfer agreed with him And they'd filled up that their non-eu Quota or the they basically couldn't get Any more non- Italian players into their Quota so man united hijacked the deal at The last minute and what a what a Signing it proved to be I think I think It was secured on like Christmas day or Something ridiculous Christmas Eve I Think that's when it was agreed and it Was January 2006 and he didn't really Play that much in his bad originally as Well I think I remember watching him in I think when United lost to Liverpool in The FA Cup Peter Crouch scored the Winner in that game so that's a blast Pass in fact the same the same game in Which Alan Smith got broke his leg from From from uh from RE from rea's free Kick um if anyone remembers that that's Really a blast from the past at this Point but um very much Blast from the Past literally uh but vid I think vidit Actually started that game or at least Came on and really really struggled St BL I mean yeah but I mean yeah dodgy First six months uh actually I think They won The League Cup that year and he Gave his he gave his medal to jeppi Rossy because he thought he didn't Deserve it like that was where he was at Really I mean I mean the League Cup

Finals in what February so he'd only Just arrived either way um didn't really Feature that much but then at the start Of the next season so what 20067 him and Ferdinand locked down that Partnership and for the next three years It's in the conversation with the PK Pooles of the last and you know uh Pepe And whoever you want to pair him or Pepe And Ramos probably as the best center Back pairing of probably the first Century and maybe Kini BAGI bonucci as Well but it deserves to be in that Pecking order of of Center back pairings Terry Carval as well of course yeah yeah But that that three Pat the Champions League final in in 2008 as well the run I think the following year in 20089 of 14 consecutive clean sheets in the Premier League that's a record uh that I Think won't really be broken for well Who knows but it doesn't feel like it's Going to be broken like that Chelsea 20045 defensive record season I can't See that being broken 14 clean sheets in A row is absolutely ridiculous crazy um And yeah it's he was just an absolute Monster in that season particularly in 20089 so that's Ronaldo's final year at Man United and vidit is nominated for PFA player of the year they actually Ended up giving it to Giggs in that Weird period where everyone started Giving gigs Awards cuz he'd been there

For 20 years like he was never really Sports Personality of the year he W Sports person I mean it hasn't aged well Obviously obvious reasons but yeah vidit Doesn't win PFA Player of the Year in 20089 but wins man united players Player Of the Year and man united fans Player Of the Year at the end of a three Pete He then wins another two Premier League Titles I think only Roy Keane Dennis Irwin and olyan Sola have won more Premier League titles for players not Born in the UK or Wales interesting so He is right up there in Premier League Legends and whenever he gets mentioned On X or Twitter whatever you want to Call it everyone's like oh Fernando Torres gave him nightmares Fernando Torres that that time was one of the Best strikers in the world maybe the Best stri and Absolut destroyed man United on more than one occasion like There's no real embarrassment there and Yes maybe he wasn't as smooth as some Other Defenders but if you wanted Someone to match anyone physically in World football at that time and there Was some absolute monsters around at That time like physical Strikers that Can do everything you know the likes of Zlatan Etc I would want vidit in my team Yeah and yeah I think he is the perfect First center back to have as my pairing Nice very strong Choice very strong

Choice he would have been my partner for Van dijk but uh I'll take that um yeah I Think it's notable that Fernando Torres Was the only Striker who ever really Gave him nightmares that was what was Notable about it was that he was you Know he was there also one of those Goals he falls over like slips like Sometimes you do just slip I think he Also did pick up a couple of Reds as Well in games against Liverpool so he Did you know in that sense he didn't Like Liverpool no he did not but um Although Liverpool those Liverpool United games at that time like people Forget like how good those games are They were feisty epic I remember Paul Skulls getting a red card for going to Punch jaby Alonzo and Missing violent conduct no connection And is J then getting sent off what like 10 seconds after coming off the bench a Few years later I think that was his Last ever Derby but those Man United Liverpool Derbies even though man united Were better than Liverpool so much in The previous 10 15 years I think those Man united the class of 92 game the Class of 92 hated Liverpool so much more I mean you watched Gary Neville soccer Box they all talk about it they that was Their big game and it still and yeah in That L late naughties with Alonzo Mashiro Gerard Torres Liverpool were had

A very good side and they were epic epic Games it was kind of peak Premier League Rivalries it really was I think it was As close as United and Liverpool came to Being at the same level um either side Of that United were always good and Liverpool weren't so good obviously now Your Liverpool are great it's probably Second to United Arsenal in the late 90s As like alltime Premier League rivalries I think yeah maybe United Chelsea as Well yeah I think and I I think Liverpool man city as well to be honest Last few years in terms of the actual Quality level we're going for there's Not enough bite there's not enough if We're talking about bite I'm I'm Thinking P quality yeah yeah I know Young klopp and Pep Guardiola like each Other far too much um okay in public I Wonder uh yeah true okay uh that that Makes it sound like we know something Other people don't who knows um all Right I wonder whether to go next I Might just do I just complete my defense Here do I just complete my defense um I Might do to be honest I might do um There are a lot of good other options Here I was thinking like ier Cort going To man city um Martin skirl and Daniel Ager both signed in January as well we Wanted to make it a little back line coo Tor went to Arsenal in January 2002 but I am going to go for sorry I'm just kind

Of giving giving you options here um Have any of these on my list I was think I was thinking leport but then quite a Lot of money you know ended up being Sold at a loss and also inj as well yeah And he was he he was yeah he was out for Pretty much a whole season um and yeah Like had anaz you know was one of the Best center backs in the world maybe the Best center back in the world at one Point um but yeah just the the longevity Just wasn't quite there um so I have Gone for Andrea Bagley at Juventus January 2011 300,000 he cost from wulfsburg 300,000 um wins the scudetto in all of His eight full seasons at the club he Leaves what in 2018 2019 maybe first to Go wasn't he of the first to go of the Three although bonucci left and then Came back um but yeah obviously formed a Part of one of the greatest I think one Of the greatest back threes of all time With bonucci and keini obviously makes Two Champions League finals um but yeah He comes in I think what six month Months before Antonio con as hard by The Club at a time when Juventus is still Recovering from the coply Scandal still Building themselves back up in Sera um Do they finish 7th in 20101 I think they Might do or at least they finished I Remember the year before con they Finished they finished seventh so he was

Part of this rebuild project where um Yeah Juventus were kind of trying to Find their identity again they were About to move into a new stadium as well Um and yeah to get Bagley at that price Just a year after they got bonucci Through the door as well keini of course Was already there very quickly formed That partnership with them yeah one of The best defenses in Europe for a number Of years they obviously go unbeaten do They in their first season under Con like yeah I just I can't I can't Really look past him I know he's not Playing in a back three in this team he Is playing in a back two with Virgil Van Djk but I think van can I think yeah I Think the you know he's he's the kind of Brawn to to was always the guy in the Middle wasn't he so he was always the Wider Center back yeah he was he was um I think yeah just a br yeah just a Brilliant player and I think his ball Playing ability as well was was quite Underrated um yeah uh yeah Andrea bagle I just think at that price um the Service that UV got out of him and yeah It kind of looking back it feels Inevitable that UV were were that Dominant in Italian football but they Weren't you know they they really Weren't they they they built that team Off very very very good you know very Very smart transfer business um they

Didn't necessarily have the recovering From the Scandal yeah they didn't have The funds that other top clubs in Europe Like barn and Barcelona and Real Madrid And the Premier League clubs had and They were still able to get two Champions League finals um yeah so I Think he he embodied that that rebuild That that you was so successful for you There shout out mexic Leger for his work This season as well yeah doing really Really good stuff there right I've got a I'm going to complete my forward line Got Harland and Memphis dep pie you got On the right in front of uh Bruno Fernandez I've got Riad mahrez oh did You want this one no I complet I this Completely it's another bares one real Bargain guys £450,000 he cost Le City From laava uh on the 11th of January 2014 this is when they were still in the Championship right yes I believe so and He'd scored two goals in 17 League games For laav up until that point in January In League du so it's not like they you Know it was if someone did amazing Scouting work I actually remember Reading the article of who it was but I Can't remember the name so I'm not going To try and guess but anyway five years At Leicester 48 goals 38 assists leaves For a huge fee for Man City but Obviously you can't talk about MZ and Just not talk about that 15 16 Season

That title winning season he was just Unbelievable you know they don't win the Title probably without kante they don't Win it without Fardy but they definitely Don't win it without mahrez either they Absolutely don't 17 goals and 10 assists Uh goals in big games as well Spurs Chelsea Man City and Chelsea and man City were the sides back then as well so Really really impressive PFA uh fans Player of the Year PFA Player of the Year just absolutely electric to watch And given the fact that a few years Before no one knew who he was no one was That you know he's playing in League du In France for laava who do have a Reputation for an amazing Academy but Have never done really anything that Special in league for for quite a while Um I think it was just one of my Favorite transfers of all time flare Goals technical ability the everything That he showed at Man City he was Already doing at Leicester and I did Think he became slightly more clinical At Man City at points and bit more of a Team player but in terms of Entertainment as well mahrez had it all At Leicester I thought he was such a Such a good player uh and just part of The greatest story that the Premier League will probably ever see um and Yeah I just absolutely loved it so Mahrez completes my front three on the

Right I love that I love that uh mahrez Just did not I I just didn't even think To look at Lester's business uh so that Was a real blind spot for me there uh But yeah I'm really jealous of that That's the F that's the first pick I'm Really genuinely very jealous of Harland Was it Memphis Harland and Memphis Flair and go That's a really difficult forward line To to match up I've got Suarez that's All I've got so far we need to kind of I Think we need to ride through these a Little bit um okay I'm going to go then You know what I'll do my right wing spot As well I I thought I was going to I Thought I was going to win win the Battle here in terms of impact I went For Sebastian giovino to Toronto from Juventus in 2015 on a free um my my Other option was K FC Spurs but that's a Bit boring um MLS MVP in his first Season breaks the record for most goals And assists in a season in his first Season finishes 2015 as the top scorer And top assister in the MLS makes the MLS uh 11 three seasons in in a row W uh Makes the MLS Cup Final in 2016 wins it In 2017 first in Toronto history uh There you go Sebastian Gino one of the Maybe the maybe the greatest MLS signing Of all time fair enough that's all That's all I'm going wory of mention Quite surpris you didn't mention Jared

Bowen for West jar Bowen yeah I didn't Again I like in my research I just did Yeah I was going you MLS I also like to Give a you know good show out for the MLS it's nice to talk about someone Different yeah you you know nice to be a Bit more Suarez is doing a lot work up There he is doing a lot of leg oh mate Don't don't don't uh don't underestimate Jure you he went he went there in his Prime um so yeah I'm going for him on The right wing um yeah I also just Didn't consider Jared bne there were Just a few clubs I didn't look at West Ham and leer being being two of them um So yeah that was that was an oversight For me there fair enough where are you Going next D um right I'm going to go For my defensive midfielder now I think There's quite a few good choices Actually I've gone for very much a deal Signing rather than playing for the I've Gone for Moses kaiso to Brighton Independ de de I think that's how you Pronounce it the equadorian side 4.7 Million pound I think he was um yeah and United wanted him at the time United Wanted him at the time loan out to bear Shot was only recalled in January 2022 Because there was an injury crisis in Midfield played a season and a half at Brighton looked good obviously but sold For a British record 150 Million Brighton kind of

Complain with that can you I mean what's That after 45 or so Premier League games They make a 100 million P 111 million Pound profit I mean as a signing it Doesn't really get much better and he Was very good for br played for them as Well um now struggling somewhat in a in A Chelsea side or at least not Justifying that fee just yet don't want To be too harsh on him I've said it all Season but I think he's been Underwhelming Chelsea fans some of them Disagree I'm going to give them time but At the same time for Brighton to scout That player develop him so so much that Not just Chelsea wanted him Liverpool Were prepared to pay over 100 million Pounds for him as well just shows what a Good job they did for him um and you Know hyping him in a system that really Showed the best of him last year and Yeah he struggled without Brighton but Yeah as a deal I don't think it can Really be topped yeah um and and he was He was massive for them last year as Well wasn't he uh or for two years um Yeah that's hard to argue with from a From from a you know business standpoint I think there's lots of good cdms in Here I was thinking about Javier Mascaro At Liverpool but he actually got sold at A slight loss to Barcelona in the end And was amazing in that side but my team Is very Liverpool heavy at the moment

And I think I've gone for someone more Impact at the club also a great deal as Well but more for for their impact at The club at defensive Midfield Marcelo Brzovic to Inter Milan from Dio zarre in 2015 a janary one he was he was A3 Million euro loan with option with Option to buy um yeah I think he's he's A modern int Legend is he um Interestingly mat kovic had been signed By in two years previously um in January As well so um this was kind of a period Of of quite good kind of transfer Relations between iner and Di Mo Zagreb Um obviously kovic ended up going to Real Madrid as well and you know where He underwhelmed and um then kind of Found his best form again at Chelsea uh But brzovic from the word go really Really important player at inter marked Him out during a difficult you know Period for inter as well um as one of The best deep lineing Playmakers in World football 330 appearances for them In the end 31 goals one Sera of course In 2021 you know he kind of bridged that Gap he was part of that rebuild Um you know at a time yeah like I said Inter had been out of the champions League for a while um you know going Through you know some interesting Managers you know the liks of spetti uh Um you know but they didn't really Mark Themselves out as as the main Challenger

To uve really until kind of Napoli Started dropping off towards the end of The 2010s um captained them in the end in The Champions League final last year That was his final appearance for the Club and you know it came during a time Where kind of sadly actually haakan Shanan Ugo was was starting to take Precedence over him in that position and Of course you know chanon oglu has Really come into his own this year and Um I think under simonan zagi maybe Brzovic just I think maybe was declining A little bit and maybe you know he just Wasn't inari's man as much as he had Been for for previous managers C but Yeah his record is is brilliant you know Yeah two coppers aalia in there as well For for Internationale um yeah absolutely Brilliant and also he was so loyal to Them as well you know there was lots of Talk about man united wanting him other Top clubs wanting him over the years and He was always very committed to in During that time before eventually Leaving um so yeah I think what eight Years there in the end or seven and a Half years there in the end um yeah Marcel brzovic it's a great shout I saw He actually got two nominations I think By Roberto manini and Roberto Martinez For FIFA's best player of the year 2023

What over Highland and Messi really Absolutely mad that is yeah and um yeah I think Lyall Foster or L Taylor of Monserat voted for Dean rice some people Just shouldn't be allowing was that just Because he was like inter captain in That final absolutely no idea absolutely No idea absolutely Bonkers those FIFA Best Awards anyway uh right I'm going to Complete my Midfield so I've got Bruno Fernandez got Moses kiso and I'm looking For one more sort of attacking Eight I'm weighing up I did think long And hard about Deli allei for Spurs for From enk Dons but I think the end of his Time just didn't end well I'm actually Going to go I thought about Dominic Sabosa as well for leig okay yeah but I'm actually going to go with Martin Odard at Arsenal uh initially signed on Loan from Real Madrid had a difficult Spell in the final six months at Real Madrid didn't really get a look in after That really excellent season at ra sad The year before linking up so well with Alexander isach I actually saw that Highlights uh together the other day What a du that was in that season that's The year that isack I think scored 16 La Liga goals but odard for Arsenal you Know slowish start in his first six Months but his next two full years were Absolutely exceptional I know he's taken A dip this year

But I think it shouldn't go unnoticed Like what he did last year uh 23 goals And assists in 45 games in all Competitions in in 20223 and without the signing of odard Going as well as it has I think Arsenal Aren't in contention definitely not like As good as sacka is like I think it Needed another player to be of that Almost of that level uh almost just Below that world class category I think Saaka is probably closer to world class Than odard um but odard I think will get There one day and everyone has a Different definition of that for me World class is top five players in your Position in the world probably um and Odar maybe just below that but that Shouldn't go underestimated like his Weight of pass his understanding of Where to be his manipulation of space I Think is already at that level he's just Needs to be more consistent and at the Start of the Season he's had a dip he Was actually better around Christmas Period um and but he needs a big second Half of the season because Arsenal Really need them because you know at the Moment they're in a top four race at Because it is incredibly tight and they Should be in tit of contention Especially with Man City having a drop Off up until now so I think odard Couldn't really have done much better

Aside from that first three months of This season I think he's been absolutely Exceptional so yeah he completes my Midfield so I've got Moses kaiso Bruno Fernandez odard behind toai Harland and Mahrez gosh okay um I I've got some work To do here I've got to pick I think I've Got to pick my cam and I got to pick my Striker as well and then I got to pick a Left back and a right back then I think I'm done um all right I'm I may as well Go for my attacking midfielder as well Oh I say I don't want to be too Liverpool heavy but I think I do need to Bring in another big hitter here and I Think I'm going to go for Philipe Cino To lipo um 13 million EUR from inter in 2013 sold for € 135 million EUR 5 years Later covers the of ability side and the Deal side yeah it covers both um yeah Like I think you know in 20134 I think He's you know talk a lot about s Coutinho was a massively important part Of that side that almost won the title Um Yeah like I just you know that that goal That winning goal against Man City and That 3-2 just before they messed up Against Chelsea the Geral slip um Will'll live long in the memory um I was Living in Liverpool at the time I Remember watching it um on on a friend's Laptop in a living room which is how I Watched pretty much all my football back

Then um but um but uh that yeah that That I just yeah that just lives long in The memory um but yeah just in general Philipo coutinho was yeah for that price Even at that time time I think was you Know really exceptional uh for Brandon Rogers um his setpiece delivery his you Know ability score from set pieces Ability score from Ranger was brilliant And yeah I think just generally speaking The money that they got for him in the End for Barcelona you know then funded Van djk and Allison as alluded to Earlier so yeah filipo coutinho for me In that position um duges where are you Going next nice yeah I will up the pace As well right back um I was really tempted to actually I won't Say that in case you go I was tempted to Go with Jeremy frong okay Celtic to by Lusen but I'm actually going to go with K and trippier okay um you know I take a Lot of flat from Newcastle fans these Days who think I'm sort of Public Enemy Number One um I don't actually hate Newcastle it's just fun fun to wind them Up from I mean you do hate Newcastle Let's start position of Championship Mediocrity no I don't because I didn't Grow up in the area I don't hate them in The same way that I should but you know If you're going to respect any Newcastle Signings over the last three years you Pick out Bruno G Mirage signed in janary

Was tempted to include him here and Kieran trippo who similar to odard Except for this slight drop off in form This year has been pretty faultless you Know he arrived in what January 2021 uh 2022 sorry he broke his foot that February but from the start of the next Season so the start of last season and The start I mean last season he was Right up there in Europe in terms of Creativity I think only Bruno Fernandez Created more chances than him his Progressive passes were right up there His passes into the final third he was Arguably the outstanding right back in Europe last year year uh at a time where You know Trent wasn't probably as as Exceptional as he's been so far this Year ree James was injured hakeim Etc You know up and down in terms of form But trippier was absolutely brilliant at The age of what he's now 33 so the age Of 32 I think he's been yeah absolutely Sensational for Newcastle I don't think They do get into the Champions League Last year without him I don't think they Are you know considered a a growing Force without Kieran trippier coming in And Performing as well as he did almost Instantly when he was fit so yeah I Think he's a he's a really really solid Pick for for right back yeah strong Choice um I guess I better go for right Back as well M Jeremy frong also an

Oversight from me I had originally Picked branislav Ivanovic um you know what I'll stick With branislav Evanovich I think Jeremy Frong could prove to be the the the best Um you know the level that he's shown Over the last two years is is absolutely Frightening um and if he doesn't gone a Huge success at lus then he will Definitely Garner them a huge profit in The transfer market wherever he goes Next um I was also thinking if we're Going to go for deals by the way Sheamus Coleman 70k from sgo Ren to Everton in 2009 and I mean what a Ser when you type In best J deals that's the one that Always comes up on me understandably I Mean he's still playing for the club in 2024 so M you like that that's that is Pretty but I just that that I think That's that's hard to argue with but I Think I'll go with Banovic um heard Sam Abasi talking about Him as one of his favorite January Signings ever on scar sports news the Other day and he you know made a good Point you know scored the winner in the Chat the Europa League final was a Pretty was a pretty good goal threat Actually from right back and also a Really really tough right back to get Past you know he was a real yeah yeah Versatile player very tough I mean yeah He's someone who now would you know who

Would be able to switch between a back Three and a back four very very easily Would probably do a job as a wing back As well um so so yeah 2008 2017 377 Appearances you know won the Champions League with Chelsea won B multiple League titles with them under various Managers um so yeah going to go for him At right back and I think I know that Almost completes my um yeah I've got two Things and you got one I think yeah okay I've got my second Center back um I Thought about Ivanovic as well but and I Thought about Gary Cahill bonela as well I'm actually going with J stones Barnesley to Everton again a real good Deal one um loving the deal I love a Deal signed for3 million in January 2013 Obviously sold for close to 50 million I Think when he was sold he was actually The second most expensive defender of All time behind David Louise who'd gone From Chelsea back to Chelsea to PSG or Yeah py back I can't remember which one Was the particularly big one but Jon Stones was was awesome for Everton um You know did have the odd mistake in him As he was sort of learning his trade and That sort of style of play hadn't really Been seen that often in the Premier League by a center back as well um That's but not an English Center back For sure I mean he was nominated for the Golden Boy award in 2014 um in his first

Full season there um then the following Summer CH Everton rejected three bids I Think from Chelsea I mean what a Potentially irid defining signing that Could have been for Chelsea really Carried them through although Chelsea Did obviously have that really good Spell under Mourinho and then and then Conte of course as well Um but yeah I think for Everton you know He wasn't the player that he is at Man City but there were signs that he was Going to become it and it's a shame What's happened to Jon stones in a way Like his his injury issues have held him Back but whenever he's on the pitch I Think he's an awesome player to watch And I absolutely love him yeah I mean Made the FIFA World 11 didn't he the the Kind of one real Stand Out Center back Well along with Ruben Diaz in that kind Of weird back three that they decided to Employ um with Co Walker but um but yeah Um I mean I think I think now it feels Like Jon Stones really is getting that Kind of international recognition that He probably has deserved for you know Probably since kind of 2017 2018 Interational tournaments have been Pretty much faultless always faultless Yeah yeah um always brilliant yeah and That that you know that's a big plus as Well the fact that you know his his Partnership with Harry McGuire for

England um okay so I've done my center Backs already um I might as well move to Left back then get that crossed off the List Patrice Evra was very tempted by But a year later oh a certain Brazilian By the name of Marcelo moved to Real Madrid in January 2017 similarly to the Alonso Davis one Actually the deal was basically done the Previous summer but uh Marcelo was not Actually a Real Madrid player until January 2007 made his debut very quickly Um I think took a little bit of a while I was kind of reading up on it actually When Marcelo first went to Real Madrid I Think it might have been burn Schuster Was the uh was the uh manager at the Time And yeah Marcelo initially kind of Struggled a bit and then um about a kind Of year in was was starting to settle in A little bit more because he was um I Think he was basically told to re in the Attacking play and become more of a Defensive left back and so for a while He he kind of had to yeah like abandon His attacking instincts um and it wasn't Really until kind of under Mourinho was It um that he really came into his own And he was incredibly Young when he First moved to Real Madrid let's let's Remember you know that's that's no shame As a as a left back but you know to go On to become one of the greatest

Attacking left backs of all time um yeah I mean I I haven't got how many trophies He won at Real Madrid written down here But but you know you all know you all Know I I think and if if one performance Is going to stand out for me actually I Think that 2014 Champions League final When um when Angel D Maria was was an Absolute Beast um and I think was the Man of the match in that final he was um Marcel so afterwards yeah so sold for Big big money to man united wasn't any Less said about that the better but um But Marcelo in that final as well was Also an absolute bouth um was AB Absolutely brilliant um was was highly Influential I think in many of Real Madrid's Champions League WIS I think 2017 as well on Route was was just Brilliant um so yeah Marcel 6.5 million Euros from fluminense that January um And also that that January as well they They had a real field day with South American signings gonzala higu signed From uh River plates Fernando Gago as Well signed from bcka Juniors that's a Blast from past they both signed for Considerably more than Marcelo um but uh I think K was signed for something like 20 million euros and yeah never never Made it at Madrid um but anyway uh yes That's my left back that's one of the Ones I'm really jealous of actually the Marcelo one yeah um yeah I be two I

Would be two right should I wrap it up My final one uh yeah I I need to do Center forward still actually yeah but You yeah your who's your final my final Pick is goalkeeper okay yeah uh trailed The internet for ages to find Mark Schwarzer moving middle that's a good One that's a good actually signed in February I think it's before the January Transfer was actually introduced so it's A little bit of a cheat code uh from Bradford City but yeah 446 appearances For the club actually at the time was The most uh appearances for one club by A foreigner in premier league history uh Beating Dennis Burham for Arsenal um was Awesome for Middlesboro I mean was just A very solid Premier League goalkeeper That naughties period with like Brad Fredel Paul Robinson there was just some Great goal there were some great Goalkeepers at Mid taes Club yeah They're all still kind of Premier Le James as well just sort of bumbling Around the mid table Schwarz when Schwarz went to Fulham was that when Fulham made the the the Europa League Final I mean he played 10 consecutive Seasons of Premier League football with Middlesbor then played another five with Fulham um and was awesome at Fulham as Well and yeah he's now I think he's now A Bundesliga commentator actually heard Him the other day anyway yeah he's third

On the Premier League All Time clean Sheet list behind Czech and David James Great guy um excellent goalkeeper loved Him great that's a really strong Choice Actually that's a really strong is Difficult I thought you going to be Scrambling with dka there and I would Win out but actually Gregory Coupe Versus Schwarz is a pretty tight battle People think maybe so closer than I Thought when when you said Coupe yeah Yeah absolutely absolutely um just Doesn't have the trophies I guess that Coupe had but win the league cup he did Win the league cup bar the UA cup yeah It's true that's true well got the yeah Got them to the UA Cup Final didn't he So um so yeah although I think they did Leak quite a few goals there I think it Was MIM and macaroni who got them Through those those comeback tires in uh Anyway enough enough of my you want to Also hear my other Niche nautis one okay Yakubu to Portsmouth o from makab H yeah What in what 2001 2002 or something like That n years there lo goal anyway nich That's very Niche that is very very Niche I was also thinking you know Jermaine def to sundland in January 2016 Or whenever it was that very disastrous Return and gave up after about a month Oh yeah well anyway that's all right uh 15 15 Premier League goals two seasons Running for Sunderland not bad at all um

Well that does leave me with sensor Forward and interestingly I'm also going For a 90 signing someone who did sign Actually uh he actually did sign for Man United in January 1995 but it was before The January window was a thing but Nevertheless a January signing um yeah Andy col to man united7 million P 1995 um yeah you know came from you know Newcastle who at the time I guess were Not necessar you know it was man united V Blackburn That season that was the you That was the real title um rivalry uh But you know came from a a future you Know well the T the main title robes From the from the following year Obviously Newcastle go on to sign Shear With that money that summer but Nevertheless Andy Cole goes on to you Know win the trouble with man united Form that famous partnership with Dwight York um never scored as many goals in a Season for United as he did for Newcastle I think he what did he get Something like 30 well 33 34 in 34 Game Season in 1994 I believe um but was Still you know a brilliant brilliant Strike for Man United um yeah he he's in My forward line I was thinking about Julian Alvarez I was thinking about Gabby jayus I was thinking about Jermaine defo as well and new Coop's a Great shout as well but uh but Andy Cole Finishes off my team so let's let's run

Them through so yous yeah I've got so Gregory Cooper and goal brand slovic Right back um ver van djk and Andrea Bagley uh as the center backs Marcelo at Left back CDM Marcelo brzovic in front Of him Wesley Schneider in front of him Felipe coutinho Uh in the forward line Sebastian giovino Andy Cole and Louis Suarez that forward line is absolutely Rogue um but I quite you know what I Think Lis Suarez and Andy Cole would Would would uh dovel quite nicely Actually in their Prime um doy go mine Is less Niche I think um Mark schalter And goal Kieran trippier vidit and Jon Stones which could be a lovely that's a Great pairing left back Alonso Davies uh DM Moses kaiso Midfield Bruno Fernandez And odard rightwing mahrez Center Forward Harland at Dortmund and deie at Leon that's a lovely forward line that's A lovely forward line and lovely in the Comments but come on I think I think my Back line wins I think your Midfield and Forward line the forward line Sebastian Jing he was great thought he going to Come up he was great at Toronto what can I say I was struggling for Wingers I was Struggling for Wingers um but yeah let Us know uh who you think's got the best Team in the comments below and thanks For watching this bumper episode of Sunday Vibes if you've made it to the

End um I really enjoyed that DS I didn't Know about you I think it was one of the Favorite one of my favorite football Daily videos have done in years oh wow I Really enjoyed it that's really saying Something that is saying something um Yeah likewise I do love a challenge um So yeah thanks for watching guys and we Will see you on Monday we will we will See you on Monday have a good weekend we Having a good Sunday

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