Professional american middleweight boxer and WBC interim champion Brian Mendoza with nickname “La Bala” against australian talented puncher and top ranked athlete Tim Tszyu with nickname “The Soul Taker”. Fight for WBO Super welter weight belt took place in Gold Coast Convention Centre, Broadbeach, Australia on October 15, 2023. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Brian Mendoza (USA) vs Tim Tszyu (Australia) | BOXING fight, HD

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It's Showtime introducing to you first the Challenger on my right fighting out of The Red Corner entering the ring wearing Red trunks with black and white trim is The WBC interim World Champ and Tonight's Challenger ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the WBO number Two world rank Contender introducing Brian Laalaa and his opponent across the ring The defending world champion fighting Out of the blue Corner wearing teal Trunks with white Trim residing in kba and fighting 17 Wins coming by way of knockout please Welcome boxing's popular superstar of Australia tonight making the the first Offense of his newly acquired title Ladies and gentlemen here is the Undefeated the reigning and defending WBO super welterweight champion of the World Introducing Tim Zo commands and protect yourself at all Times touch gloves good luck to Both you're in the gold Coast the gold On the line for the first time record Another major upset and he comes out Swinging that left hand and that left Arm now has an orate right here for Mendoza again he's been an underdog his Whole life so him being here Mendoza

Came to AUST oh already right yeah Tim Zoo getting it right in and right away And again Mendo is not a big problem my God he he's got power oh there's the Right Hand round of his American de T usually Gets hit with the right hand there it is Again because he does not walk in with Minutes do has been kind of his on his Back foot even though he's been able to Land some in that Posture some attacks there's in the Final seconds of the first Round it's not the same as upsetting the Odds upsetting the world and even power Punches anything other than the jab most Of the time land most of the time yeah Coming into this fight Zoo averages Around 50 coming into this fight Mendoza Just throws an average of 42 Punches to the body so that's another That's a good thing I mean that's a Thing Foro and Jim Zoo has on two different Occasions landed over 90 body parts Uppercut by go oh wings and misses Wildly with an overhand right takeen to The ropes and it seems like that that's What he's trying to do against Mendoza And he told us Time there's the jab there from chimu But when he does throw it it's very very Effective uh but Brian Mendoza is Showing us a jab we talk

[Music] About well by Mendoza overhand right Zoo Misses with the left up to the body There's A nice combination by Zoo jab to the Body right hand upstairs you know both These men are cap and Zoo normally lands About he's a very respectable figure and Tonight He's lot Vol for mza good you got you Want to take advantage of these moments Zoo's giving you the the frame right and This is 25th professional fight by Zoo but it's Mendoza's Mobility U's lack of he's giving rounds Away they're pretty close rounds I don't Know yeah last one more effective with His punches more vol for Mendoza Su is Being he's looking for something Meanwhile the clock kicks away he Looking for that right Uppercut by Mendoza using it as a range Fighter that was a harder Jab is doing a little bit of trying to Hold on the inside the he has the height Reach there took a big right hand he's Trying to use it by boxing yeah well Said as it might look like he's not Doing Much around with more punches thrown and Landed There's Mendoza jabbing and then just Throwing more he's doing more work but

That was the Spot this guy can hand a little bit that Was goes upstairs with a jab before you Want to stay away from the ropes Har right through it punch resistance One of his for yes it is and that was Before he took the upper out that both Of them have beautiful Upp on Q Beautiful then Mendoza to the Head According to show stats he land it's a Good body shot zoo and then gets away From the left hook counter of Pondora Before he found a big punch six rounds Before he found the murderous left hook Right now coming forward with the jab And the body by Zoo now zo loves to go To the B as we mentioned Al had four Knockdowns uh for among other things is Stopping the movement of Mendoza when He's trying to rounds and used that to His Advantage but you're right Al Beginning to become more St In front of zoo that 40% is exactly what Zoo normally lands and power punches has Said all the right things has handled Himself like a professional but now Perhaps you know when the NOA but again Su was always there counter left hand by Mendoza to the face of Zoo we have reached the midpoint of this 12 round 154b Champion Mendoza throwing it nice uppercut on the

We pointed out to have that weapon and That was that one of the counter left Also got his right hand in during that Sequence interested in other sports he Kind of knew this was where the talent Lie was and then rugby at 10 and both he And Mendoza took up the sport of boxing At the same time at the age of 15 Steve Far's in the Boxing Hall of Fame where He should be inter by two oh wow well Rle right upper cuts by Zoo cutie but now he's having a hard Time he's got to fight back because Zoo H it so it really speaks to Steve re Hard right uppercuts there's an uppercut From Mendo getting to take it to Mendoza Has him in the corner Mendoza trying to Hold on gets Kao very few fighters in Boxing Tim Su definitely shot the Uppercut got the best of menoa now he's Retreating oh careful with that punch Rabbit for it again the clubbing right Hand and now Zoo going to the body Mendoza looking to stand is wining to Really come into his own here with 30 Seconds by the Way oh that was a big round for zoo and It started well did we mention Brian Mendoza has never been down yeah and That's why supper cut and doesn't go Anywhere I mean look at that punch That's and he was with Browns it'll be Place where Mendoza has not Been and his offense often times is his

Defense is that the first time you said That word on show it's funny you're Saying that yeah not a lot of punches Foro flopping right hand final 30 Seconds of the eighth round good [Applause] Exchange oh that right missile like Again he's got to pick those hands up He's doing too much of the show boting [Music] Again the power now that was Mendoza Setting down on a good hit him with the Left hook so a lot of power from Zoo Emanating from and you know Zoo that's The point right there there's a three Harrison then he is doing in this fight Against Mendoza but definitely Landing a Lot that has to do with uh M's Mobility He's moving a Lot there's back overhand ration of Precision Power and aggression and Putting it on display here in the N Exactly when Steve me that he was being Cute with those punches yeah that's do That uh the defense is well pressuring Well picking his shots good I mean again Go up with his high guard does it again There's a counter right by men go Uping and languishing on the ropes and In the corner more and I mean those are Right hands he has been doing and that One was a lead right hand there that one He Didn't o o supporter but the way things

Are going right now he might have to Knock out Tim Zoo like a light hey like A light after mind Doza has to get away From the ropes that is obvious yes he's Got to stay away from the ropes he's got To stay away from official scorer Steve Farhood two minutes left in the 10 now There's Zoo going downstairs and Upstairs yeah mixing it up Well Zoo is right at the 40% Mark that he Normally is is landing enough to control His fight but again there the mobility For Mendoza he's moving a lot the right Hand Mendoza in trouble along the ropes Digs down goes to the body Zeus sells it As a low blow referee says keeps left in The 10th Zoo beginning to put another Right right uppercut Jacks the jaw how In the hell is mandoza still Standing on the Well Tim Zoo had a monster round and Hurt Mendoza at various times in the Round was a primary weapon but trying The uppercut well that punch was it did Stray a little bit low I think uh Underneath the and really these are the Do do or die type of rounds for Mendoza He's got guess that he's losing this Fight so it's it's either a knockout for H to get the victory I'm going to say it Because somebody has to those early Rounds may have been close maybe they Weren't close I don't know I'm just

Saying I certain and he's Dominating are clubbing him with the Left and against the ropes Zoo unloading A Mendoza right hand another right and Mendoza comes back with a combination Goes to the body uppercut another right Uppercut on the inside M trying to Stay on his Feet by the punches by Sue and he Doesn't want to open up if P menosa he's Trying throw some pches but if he does He's going to get hit over but he needs To get off the ropes and Tim zo is not Allowing him To another lead right hand from Mendoza But eats a couple of Rights from zoa Third right Hand buy he's known to to come back and Again towards the end he landed some Really good right hands at Su so again He's Angles Carell goet March of 2020 W would Winning of Tim Zoo's first fight as full 155 his standing as a champion with his First successful title defense just over 30 seconds 15 seconds to change his [Applause] Life [Applause] They go the 12 round distance and and Their a pet dog he has a small circle of Friends with this uh fight surprising Little bit Yeah although they're not

Supervised and he is still the undfeated The old super welterweight champion of The world the soul taker Tim SU And now he's a champion he successfully Defended the

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