Professional american middleweight boxer Demetrius Andrade with nickname “Boo Boo” against top ranked athlete and WBC champion David Benavidez with nickname “El Bandera Roja” (“The Red Flag”). Fight took place in Michelob Ultra Arena, Las Vegas, USA on November 25, 2023. Spectacular boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Demetrius Andrade (USA) vs David Benavidez (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Yeah let's look at uh the tail of the Tape now for Demetrius Andre up in wait Introducing to you first on my right Fighting out of the Red Corner wearing Black and gold trunks joining us from His home of Providence Road Island he Weighed at a 167 and 1 12 lb he is Undefeated in his campaign of the ring With a record of 32 wins no losses with 19 wins coming by way of knockout ladies And gentlemen here is the former US Olympian the former two Division Champion of the world and the current Undefeated WBC number five world rank Contender introducing the acclaimed Demetrius boo Boo Andre and his opponent across the ring On my left fighting out of the blue Corner wearing green white and red Trunks fiding out of Seattle Washington By way of his home of Phoenix ARA time Wwc super middleweight champion of the World The Undefeated hard-hitting Current interim WBC super middleweight World champion known as the Mexican Monster introducing David and Monro Ben Back up back up back up back up okay Corner man protect yourselves at all Times listen my commands touch them Up 585th professional fight for benitz Bic since he stopped Dennis doulin in

The 10th round 12 fights ago in 2016 in His career he's the betting Underdog and he has scored thir the batt In round one Andre used to starting Explosively tends to lose focus in the In the Bara with Victor KY and KY told Us that there would be no way that an Time will tell and benef is is aware That he didn't come on his to against Plant and he feels he can do better Early in this fight is a dangerous Fighter yeah fast enough but not too Fast you don't want to put yourself in a Position been seven years since Benitas Had to face the salt pum but that's one Way to try to get into the first hunting Too much looking for one shot power Shots you got to go back to the old David Benas 73% of Ben ofers thrown Combinations our thrown combinations are Jabs so again the boxer versus the Puncher go and that's person something Andre doesn't want to see to the body From Andre keeping Ben is that Reach there's a body shot from benas 30 Seconds left here in the first Andz lands a higher percentage than Anyone else in boxing of his overall Punch we'll see if he gets near that Percentage and Andre one of the best Defensive Fighters against them in each Round left just over five Prett oh nice Combination to close the n's trained by

His father Jose second round scheduled For 12 Andre on the attack just you have To accept and there's Andre doing good Work you have to know that these are Rounds May well be very Close minute gone here in the second Benz overhand but there's that left hook From benitz that he has to be wary of And you know just a reminder that last Lefty that Benitas had faced so in few Rounds even though they've been SP blistering combination By Andre countering benas effectively Very physical on the Inside making benas mother definitely Throwing benas off by doing that pushing Him back with the jab there where benas Feels that he has an advantage but B It's the fast speed from Andre benit is Trying to get that jab off and that Would be a weapon that would help him uh Andre lateral Movement right uppercut miss out a range And usually he's at the range he wants To be where he's able to able to do so Thus far here against Andre good start For right There let me get a little vasel you stay Calm that's good job good job Good awkward action in the last round But it is the kind of action that it's Surpris with him then the combination Work that we Saw you know nice uppercut double left

Hooks and some of those got through by The way Mike Tyson and christening benav Is a Mexican monster almost created an Internet or so she would have a little Love so he is only the monster from now On he's Mexican even Mike Tyson shouldn't do Iter than than where he is right now Because that's the distance that Andre Likes we're used to this it's Andre That's delivering so far and we've seen It out of him in the back yeah but and These early rounds Andre expected to win Some of these early rounds I'm telling You yet bham which we set in the keys it Does take him four three or four rounds To really get it going there's a left Took for Doesn't diminish what Andre's doing Andre best Abner mentioned he's Smothering Benitas he's not giving them Room to establish distance even Clos Inside churning him I mean just Brilliant so far from Fromo what said there is that butt right Utilizing lateral movement Benitas Wanted to needed to cut off the ring Unable to do he's so Talented former Olympian and the the 20 Foot impact on this because as this Fight goes was on and again a reminder Andre doesn't always done trying Starting to pick up the pace Offensively less than a minute left sits

Down on that right hand Nails him with The CH fight one fight Chang things and We could feel the power making a Difference trainer Steven Bradman Edwards said it was a body shot in the Six that really started to take the life Out of three Ben and is already picking Up yeah good opportunity to get that jab Going once you get let him get that jab Going is going to be more Difficult comes being controlled for the Last minute let's get more on these two Undefeated Fighters so it's it's been a While and we saw benas round by far the Best round for Benitas and that Was Inal Right good now now we're back to the Fight and again vanav is trying to close That Gap trying to go back to you know Himself the bully the monster Is now pushing him on this much more Nice upper and that what he wants to Do Andre unloading combinations great Speed goes to the bers the question will Be can Andre do this fight like this Right uppercut on the inside by Benz one Of his money punches and by the way Andre's got a nice uppercut as well and He keeps turning benas you want to keep Doing that and continues to invest to The body minute and a half let you get The feeling that this fight is one punch For I'm not suggesting it Andre's not

Doing the referee wasn't buying what Andre was selling and I don't know that You know it's going to do that but it it Feels that Way that's something we haven't seen in The past the double jab left hand has Been effective for Andre hasn't been Able to unload the double jab much That's talking to what Al's mentioning Benz is breaking down in the fourth Round his body language seems different We'll see you know it might not be as Dramatic breaking you down walking you Down yeah he's going to take a shot here And there but eventually he'll get one Of those shots in Andre has to watch out Doubles fourth round coming on although Andre still there as tries to deliver The jab left hand of The four punch combination by Andre oh heavy right hand down goes And K hey look at me come to me you all Right all right give me Go Deus Andre down for the third with 1 Second left in the fourth Frame we said it's felt like something Was going to happen power and it did That right Hand look at it here just I mean put it Right the left hand was up for Andre but He placed it perfectly yeah there it is And Boom right in the face of Andre and Definitely heard him put him down the

Power five Demetrius Andre was knocked Down against Atlantis fox in 2017 it was Really a slit down against bonis Mar Roian a left hook in the first round and Down here tonight against benas big Uppercut by benas and I don't think Andre looks all back hasn't recovered From that era oh and another Heavy R That rocked Andre Benz Unloading and Andre trying to keep him Off with landed a bunch of good punches In the first com was a 154 pounder Coming up and he I just a second fight At 168 lb exactly thing problem is he's Not doing enough in this round to keep He's just pulling back he's pulling Straight back I should correct myself Originally a 154 of course he at at Using the jab trying to help clean out The cobwebs on minute 45 left on the Inside Andre has not landed a punch up Here in the show yet another uppercut by Another uppercut by Benz he's heard he's just trying to Protect himself he he feels that if he Throws one punch he's going to be get Hit with the big Shot Andre hanging on for dear they Finish the fight here in the Fifth oh Andre lands a c of combo but Then there's that Blistering the monster is on the Prowl a minute left in the

Fifth body sh Benitas well Andre landed a real nice Punch and didn't do anything to Ben cing Right hand there's the overhead right Left up left up right hand by benas Andre Wobbling shots are Amazing I mean left hook lands for Benito up Bernstein you said once the Volume machine starts rolling it's hard To stop unloads another Combination and fighting Valiantly come on in come on in come on In has excellent Uppercut and he's used it very Effectively in many fights you know the Variety of his punches and there's the Left hook which we've seen a lot of he Didn't abandon the body during the Course of that round there's another Beautiful R just and the uppercut a Variety of punches I think he said we're Going to have to stop this if you keep Fivey ringside that 10th round where he Spit out the mie after being Dro twice By fight I have ever seen full St yeah really and here we are again a Huge Edge for not an edge a huge margin For a couple of rounds you know he's now Landing 34% of his power points as Everything other you jab after about a Round half only you know now it's all Slowing and it's not maybe a lot he's Landing effectively and he's got Andre

Literally on the ropes uper gendre Trying to block trying to defend the one Of the best defensive think coming back Offensively trying but from Andre and Again may be this beautiful body shot And this is where he wants him go down Again oh left up right left right upper Right up here comes more than that Mouthpiece has been knocked out again by Benitos David Ben uppercut left hook Stop stop stop right hand by Benitas we have reached the Midway point The Benitas Show I'm not going to watch that again All Right David benitz remains unbeaten 28 and0 With his 24th sters of this generation To his first Loss the monster one and still the Interim WBC super middleweight world Champion the Mexican monster David El Monstro benav Is

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