On today’s Monday Vibes, Dougie and Michael react to reports that Kieran Trippier and Miguel Almiron could both leave Newcastle, with Trippier wanted by Bayern Munich and Almiron linked with a move to the Saudi Pro League. Callum Wilson is also wanted on loan by Atletico Madrid…

We also take a look at the latest action from the Premier League. Does Arsenal’s 5-0 win over Crystal Palace make them strong title challengers once again? Or did they just catch Roy Hodgson’s side at their lowest point? And what does Liverpool’s 4-0 win over Bournemouth – without Salah, Trent and Szobozslai – say about their title credentials?

And does Bayern Munich’s latest loss mean Harry Kane won’t get his hands on the Bundesliga? All this and more on the latest episode of Monday Vibes!


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Palace on current form are heading for Relegation if it continues at this rate I still feel like City and Liverpool are A Cut Above in this title race I don't Know whether a club has be interested to Hear people's thought ever had a more Successful summer window or any window Than levero hello and welcome back to Monday Vibes everybody where we talk About the biggest results and talking Points from across the football weekend Lots of discussed today I'm joined by Mikey mccbs how are you yeah good thanks Duges good thanks I was actually at the Brenford on Saturday yes uh which was Good fun some fun content yeah filming Some fun content uh will be yeah on your Screens probably this week on Sky Sports Premier League um and yeah brenford F Obviously very very happy uh it was my First time at the brenford community Stadium or the Gtech as it's known um Yeah it was cool it was cool nice Stadium good atmosphere everyone was Just really happy to see Tony back Despite his comments last week um about You know basically wanting to leave um But uh uh but yeah like you know fun fun Goal from him to to equalize in the First half as well um so yeah all yeah Good good all round it's funny because It's a small stadium but it's you know It's like it's designed not too Dissimilarly from say like the Spurs

Stadium in terms of like the actual Fan Experience and they have you know a very Like American light show you know before The game and everything like that so it Is very you know is very modern in sense How about yourself digs it was good Thank you good lots of wedding planning It's under a month to go now and uh yeah Last night was yeah probably the Highlight of the weekend going to the Football writers association tribute Dinner for Emma Hayes what an impressive Person she is she did like a sort of 10 15minute monologue about her journey and I didn't realize that she L actually Lost her dad in December as well so it Was it was quite emotive um lots of her Family were there Frank kby did a great Tribute to her as well and Carly tford So it was a it was a special evening uh But let's get into today's video really Let's get into the Hot Topic really Which is newcastle's transfers MBS Because it has been a quet transfer Window I think there's been two moves For over 20 million so far there was 13 In the entirety of the window last year And that's probably quite unsurprising Given the Premier League is really sort Of hardening its stance on ffp breaches But Newcastle again another club that Are trying to stay within the confines Of ffp are supposedly facing interest From really top European clubs in number

Of their players most notably Kieran Trippier yes Kieran trippier I mean on That by the way duges thought it was a Qui window but then Ben Ben B and Diaz Pops up and scores for Sheffield United On the weekend I did not know that that Move had happened that that is the that Is the move of January so far I think Ben Barett and Diaz on loan from V Royale whether it'll be enough to keep Shef United up as is another matter Probably not but we'll see but yes this Trippier story does feel like it's come Out of the blue a little bit um by of Course have already secured the services Of Eric D who was an unused substitute This weekend in their loss to Verda Brayman um uh but yeah tuckle seems to Be just still keen on on getting English You know Premier League British players In wanted well supposedly wanted mctom In the summer didn't he um not sure how Much uh you know how much power there Was behind that really but Sky Germany Now coming out and reporting over the Weekend that Newcastle demanding around 11 or 12 million to sell Kieran triopia To Bayern Munich my gut feeling is that They'd want more than that in reality um That seems like a lot of money uh a very Small amount of money to sell one of Your key leadership figures maybe your Key leadership figure and probably over The last 18 months your most consistent

Performer someone who has really Embodied newcastle's rise under Eddie How um even if he has had a bit of a Dodgy couple of months um Florian Penberg of course the kind of Chief kind Of transfer Guru at Sky Germany is Reporting that while nudy melli um melli Sorry was their first choice U talks Have reached a bit of an impass uh PSG Are insisting on an obligation to sign Him permanently following an initial Loan um and I guess tripier in terms Of uh you know what what they'd be Getting as a bit of a more known entity Has played a lot more football over the Last two years even if mckiel has great Bundesliga experience of course for his Time with RB leig um and Sky Sports News Are reporting that trippier is Apparently open to a move uh to Germany again not overly I mean I kind Of thought he would maybe be a bit more Loyal to Newcastle maybe given just kind Of given what what they've Achi Especially what they achieved last year And how Central he was to it but at the Same time a move to Bayern Munich where You would be a starter straight away in That Bayern Munich backline um I I can I can see why he would want it Um for sure um but duges I mean it does Seem a little bit mad given that Newcastle will be wanting to go for at Least a Europa spot again this season I

Think champions league is out of the Question probably at this point um I Mean and also trip is not the only one Who who could be leaving right yeah Absolutely there's interest in a number Of players which I'll touch on in Du Course but it does feel like Bayern and Tuckle are really or tuckle in Particular is really as you say really r English players I forget they tried to Get kyl Walker in the summer about to Say yeah really tried really hard to get Kyle Walker in the early part of the Summer obviously for Newcastle this is Pretty Unthinkable to sell probably your Best player in January at least your as You say most consistent player um Especially just in the midst of this Really terrible run they've lost six of Their last seven games they've slipped To 10th they're now 14 points off the Champions League spots and whilst it Felt like it was going to be difficult For Newcastle to finish fourth or above Once again this year uh given the Strength of of other teams and the Strengthening of the likes of Liverpool Etc um it it you know this season has Been a huge disappointment really to be To be 10th at this stage is is is not Good what whatsoever uh trippy is 33 Obviously so he's probably one of their Higher earners as well they're TR They're trying to raise funds to

Strengthen a Midfield because tali's Been banned Joe Linton needs surgery you Know that is not an ideal situation Whatsoever they do also have liento who They spent what 32 million pound on in The summer but he's just such a Different player to trippier in many Ways like he's obviously much more of a Sort of end to end boxto boox uh running Threat whereas trippier's got a lot more Gu to his game much better set pieces And despite that dip in form Tripp is Still really crucial to Newcastle I mean This season he's got the most assists in Their squad with seven most passes most Passes into the final third passes into The penalty area crosses into the Penalty area and tackles an interception So selling him in January feels a little Bit Unthinkable but as you say it's not The only player that is gaining or Garnering interest from around Europe I Mean Atletico Madrid was supposedly Considering a move for Callum Wilson Anel career is in talks with Al itad Over a mov to Saudi Arabia uh he's Obviously been a bit part player at atti For a number of years now but has been Useful on occasion but I think Callum Wilson doesn't feel like a move that Atletic you're going to go for anymore They're now looking at moisa Ken from Juventus and a loone deal who has had Just a bizarre career if he gets a move

To atletic as well like that amazing Season at PSG but Everton juu then ATL Madrid you know hasn't really kicked on As you'd expect for a 23-year old and Then just before we started shooting Ben Jacobs is reporting that al-shabab are Looking at Miguel alaran so it feels Like there's you know sort of a lot of Interestes in Newcastle players all of a Sudden all these players who are getting Towards the end of their career let's Say to be polite uh but I think trippier Of all of them feels like the biggest Loss having said that you know they've Had issues up front with esack and Wilson When neither of them had been Available there's not that much depth in Forward areas I wouldn't want to sell Kell Wilson in Janu I wouldn't want to Sell Elmer sell El they've had upwards Of 10 injuries at points this season to Be fair I mean they do have a number of Players due back none more so Harvey Barnes uh but at the same time Anthony Gordon has been that has been their most Consistent attacker this season and so Left wing is not necessarily their their Biggest area of need um and I think Generally their you know their depth at Center forward is you know having two Players the caliber of isach and Callum Wilson is is great but obviously both Have had their injury issues at points Especially Callum Wilson um and almeron

Yeah there just isn't really a top you Know there isn't a top replacement for Almeron or top backup for for almeron in That Squad either um how has obviously Had to you know rely on on you know Players like Miley you know players from The academy um liento has had to fill in At left back and right back at points um So yeah uh it's not the most yeah it's Not the most deep Squad and given that They've spent I think 400 million since How came in um you know there is there Is work to do that they will have to be I think yeah cleverer in in the transfer Market even though so many of their Signings have been hit um the tanali Situation I think is has exacerbated Things you know that was you know Something that you they they couldn't Have foreseen um in the summer um so so Yeah it's an interesting one for Newcastle I agree with you duges I just Don't see how they can afford to sell Those top players at this point I kind Of think you know they have been able to Make they have been a able to make do With that Midfield so far the Joe Linton Injury I think you know I guess changes Things a little bit but at the same time Is it worth selling someone like tripier Or selling someone like on just to be Able to get in someone in the Midfield Who like a 20 million yeah who won't Necessarily improve things there whose

You know main role will be just to fill In for that that loss of Jo Joel Linton Um I'm not so sure I feel like the real Kind of major surgery has to be done in The summer and yeah are you going to Neglect your your your entire right side Um just to try and fill a temporary hole In the Midfield I'm not so sure but let Us know what you guys think in the Comments below can you see any of these Moves happening do you think Newcastle Are due for a far sale in the final week Of the January window it seems very Strange doesn't it with you know someone Like Dan Ashworth there like that Newcastle would be I don't know almost In a position where they might have to Make a panic by um in January haven't Really seen that from Newcastle um under Their current ownership so it'll be Interesting to see what happens there But duges let's get onto the um Premier League action over the weekend cuz we Had two of the big title Rivals um you Know playing this weekend obviously only What four games happened over the course Of the weekend obviously what um the Game tonight too um let's start at Bournemouth Liverpool winning 4-0 in the End duges I mean Jurgen klopp was not a Fan of their first half performance but They yeah but they really turned it on In the second half didn't they um yeah Like what what did you make of this game

What do you what do you think it says About Liverpool's title credentials They're of course still top of the League yeah absolutely they're Five Points clear I mean City do have a game In hand um which shouldn't be forgotten But at the moment it just feels like Liverpool while they might not be able To put in 90minut performances week on Week like they are just finding ways to Win week on week and you know their form So far this season just that one defeat Is pretty remarkable to be honest and I Don't think they've been anywhere near Their best and this was supposed to be a Sort of transitional year I think when People saw that they didn't get kaiso That they didn't get Lavia that they had To make do with wato Endo that this was This is not going to be their year but Actually the closer and closer you get To it and you look at the way they're Handling the absence of Salah the Absence of sabosa the absence of Trent Probably their three or at least three Of their better players this season I Think is really really impressive the First half as you say pretty miserable It was really bad weather uh at the Vitality stadium and it was seriously Windy I think that might have had an Effect the quality of football played by Both sides uh but this was really Controlled from Liverpool I mean

Bournemouth only got one shot on target Their best chance fell really late on to David Brooks when he was through One-on-one with Allison he sort of tries To chip him and it goes wide but it was Really nice to see Dio jot you know two Excellent finishes but I mean the first One is absolutely beautiful at the near Post and then the second one he sort of Skies it or sort of Shanks it and then Reconnects with the second I think I Think he meant that do you think yeah Yeah tease himself up um and then Darwin As well I mean he's now got 10 goals 10 Assists in all competition so far both Really well taken goals really nice I Mean I think last year he was on 15 Goals and four assists so he looks on Track to well he's obviously improved as Assist tally already um but yeah Absolutely excellent I mean this was Just the second time since August that He's overperformed as XG in a game um But yeah I mean .9 expected goals per 90 He is exceptional at making Opportunities for himself and his Tenacity and energy and Relentless Nature the sort of press that he brings As well is just going to carry on Getting him opportunities and I think he Will just score a lot of goals for Liverpool he might not ever be a 25 goal Per season plus Striker but I think he Could comfortably gets close to 20 every

Year yeah I think so too I think so I Mean look at the way that that Liverpool Front line used to be when you had Salah And mané both both scoring around 20 Goals a season I don't see why with Another year of that forward line being Together why Nunes can't yeah can't hit Those kind of heights um like obviously A very different kind of player to Mane But plays in similar positions to him Plays through the center as well like Yeah I I can I can see that happening um And like you say d like a lot of those Assists were for Salah as well so when Salah comes back into the side we might See Nunes um you know maybe become Slight less of a goal threat and and and Kind of AC in service of Salah again um But certainly great to see um you know Jot in particular I mean J's record this Season is just outrageous given the Given the kind of limited minutes he's Actually had um and probably should have Got a penalty as well not really sure Why that was could have also been sent Off yeah that was a pretty nasty Challenge I think it was an accident but It was still pretty nasty still it Doesn't really matter about intend as if Yeah if it's it's deemed to be dangerous But um but yeah so it could have been Even more for Liverpool absolutely Electric second half performance let's Talk about Arsenal then um who on

Saturday of course played Crystal Palace Beat them 5- nil at the Emirates um you Know they were coming off four games Without a win weren't they um they Really needed that three points um and It was a pretty complete performance I Think from from the Gunners really Dangerous from set pieces of course Through Gabrielle um with the first and Second goals um bit harsh I think not to Have given him that second one with the Own goal from Henderson I guess it Technically wasn't on target it looked Pretty On Target to me it was so close Um so close to the goal uh when he got His head on it um and then two goals in In added time from Mar obviously great Great goal from uh TR as well um but Yeah I mean 3.5 XG to palace's 0.3 uh most they've created a game since Their own 4-n away uh away win at Bournemouth earlier in the campaign um So yeah looked looked pretty comfortable Having said that they were playing a Palace team who had had nowhere near as Much rest as Arsenal Arsenal hadn't Played in about almost two weeks yeah I Think it's 12 days um been in dubes been In dubes P yes P Canadas warm weather Trading um whereas yeah Palace had yeah Not had that time off um and you know The fans beginning to turn on Roy Hodson Now which is pretty worrying stuff um 15th there're only five points to go the

Relegation zone now Luton have a game in Hand on them as well um yeah it's it's Pretty tough times for Crystal Palace Their home form has been abysmal this Season as well hasn't it you kind of Thought before Christmas with that draw Against City with that narrow loss to Liverpool that maybe there was some Momentum um starting to come back into That Palace team um but yeah uh 5 nil Away at the Emirates um you know not Doing much for the confidence there and Arsenal's next game in the Premier League away at Nottingham Forest next Tuesday I mean dude like for me I don't Know what your thoughts are on This I don't know whether this win it Was a great win against Palace one that They needed but I still feel like City And Liverpool are A Cut Above in this Title race I know Arsenal are not too Far off them and so if they Do improve consistently um then I could See them getting back into the title Race but I just think uh you know a Slightly understrength well an underst Strength Liverpool going away to an Inform Bournemouth and getting that 4-nil win is markedly more impressive Than what Arsenal did to a a Crystal Palace who are almost Rock Bottom I feel At the emirats um what are your thoughts Would you yeah I totally agree with that About which result was more impressive

Especially I mean bourou record prior to Their game against Spurs I think they'd Won s of six and seven I think they've Been absolutely remarkable whereas Palace have only won two of their last 13 I think only Burnley have taken fewer Points in that time they're in the Relegation zone so people might be like You know why are Palace fans complaining You're 15th in the table but you know They're pretty tight to Luton and Luton Have a game in hand in 18th so you know Palace on current form are heading for Rel ation if it continues at this rate So they have every right to complain and I think there's been a sort of slight Lack of foresight on their front uh Their side about what their their issues Are I mean someone a Crystal Palace fan Who I've just started following on Tik To I'm sorry I can't credit you but he Made an excellent video about palace's Right back situation over the last few Years and he said they bought Nathaniel Klein in about or they had him coming Through the academy in about 2008 20078 They then replaced him with Joel Ward When Klein left Joel Ward then got Replaced by Aaron rasa when Waka was Sold he was replaced by Joel Ward and Then they brought back Nathaniel Klein To replace Joel W and it's like they've Only had three right backs in for for Pretty much the majority of the 21st

Century that is bizarre which is pretty Mental um but I thought that was a very Good way of summing up just like Palace's slight lack of inventiveness at Times but anyway in terms of the title Race I agree with you I think this score Line slightly flattered Arsenal to be Honest I mean it was two goals after the 94th minute in this two setpiece goals As well but they are seriously effective At set pieces I think it's nine goals Directly from Corners this season 12 From set pieces in general that's Excellent particularly when your forward Line hasn't clicked in the same way it Did last year but for Martin come up to Come off the bench and double his season Tally that was really impressive thought Both of his finishes were excellent but As you say just a really really flat Crystal Palace lacking any sort of Energy and sort of ambition on the ball So yeah it was very one-sided I feel Like Arsenal need to make a big Statement in one of their big games Against City and Liverpool Liverpool I Mean Liverpool's coming up in two weeks Time absolutely because they' got They've got n and Forest then they've Got Liverpool at home in the Emirates You win there and I think the sort of Energy and the mood and everyone's Thoughts around Arsenal slightly change But you know it really has to be a win

There I think um and then I'd start to Believe a little bit more but that's What's what went down in the Premier League but we've got to touch before the End of the show on the bundes league in MBS cuz this felt like an absolutely Massive weekend in the title race huge Weekend huge huge weekend I mean first Of all Leusen um what a come coming back uh to Win away at leig on Saturday uh coming Back from behind twice um I mean what a Game this was I mean Leipzig were Clearly the better team in the first Half Javy Simmons I think with one of my Favorite goals of the season I mean just He's just a magical player isn't he Javy Simmons I can't wait to see him at like A boss or Real Madrid future I mean yeah I mean Arsenal would be pretty Outrageous I mean I did that well I mean I yeah I mean he he he's certainly Worthy of of that level um yeah it'll be Interesting to see where he goes next But but anyway I mean yeah went in one Nil up at halftime Nathan terer then Replied at the start of the second half Um Leipzig then caught them on the Counterattack Lois appender um with a Great finish um to make it 2-1 and then Jonathan tar headed in from a corner After that Pier H capier then finishing Off the comeback in stoppage time Alex Galdo with another two assists to his

Name there was a great it was actually a Great ball across the box to Nathan Terer although Nathan ter probably Should have been picked up um and then a Great cross in for H capier um Alex Galdo I think Europe wide surely signing Of the season on a free on a I mean Can't be to 15 goal involvements in 18 Games couple of great free actually Marcus to ram on a Ro tram's great as Well but in terms of like someone who Yeah someone who who has been able to You know kind of you know help make up The you know the the deficit that you They lost with you know dib in terms of Like goal involvements someone who yeah It was is able to provide an even bigger Threat goalwise and assist wise uh from The opposite flank to Jeremy Frong I think also just the fact that He's a bit of a Maverick the fact that He can score a screamer the fact that He's so good from set pieces Um I think is just yeah I I I don't Think like lus are in the position they Are right now without I might um Actually tweet this cuz I'm interested To hear people's opinion I don't know Whether a club has be interested to hear People's thought ever had a more Successful summer window or any window Than Leverkusen you look at Jaca Hoffman Galdo bonface as a window I mean I'm Sure I can't remember maybe there's some

Other deals in there as well but given The fact they lost probably their best Player of the last few years Musa AR and Replaced him with that load of quality And they've all been such incredible Hits I think it says a lot about shabby Alonzo as well but and their recruitment Team it's just been magnificent yeah I Mean certainly very efficient in terms Of those four players all having an Impact um bface of course as well you Know not due back until April um yeah Lus are just they're just absolute Clutch at the are you starting to Believe I'm starting to believe well I Mean we'll get on to it but I mean Bayern Munich have uh Union Berlin on Wednesday that is their game in hand um So they're seven points off that's their Game in hand if they win then they're Four points off them and I still think It will be very very tight because Harry Kane not good against Verde bremond We'll get on to that now we may as well Get on to that now but um lero also not Great against Verde brayman but Generally speaking they're both having Like career defining Seasons Um like uh that that bar Munich Squad is Still is still brilliant and is still Deeper than Lusen um and it's Bayern Munich But if they don't get a result against

Un if they don't win then I think lusen Have to be heavy favorites um I mean They've looked so good they've already Dropped points in three games haven't They they've still yet to lose this Season they're on for a record-breaking Points tally aren't they um and I guess You can look at say like Arsenal last Season who were also on for I think 98 99 points around this time of the season And then had that drop off it is Possible it is possible with a with a With a squad which is only challenging For a title for the first time which is Still have the Europa League as well Still have the Europa League Of course And also have you know our up against a Side which psychologically will always Have the upper hand just because of the History the recent history there in Bayern Munich um what is it are they on For it's 12th 12th this season 12 just a Casual 12 just a casual 12 in a row for Bayern Munich but let's get on to Bayern Munich cuz I mean duges I mean they Absolutely crumbled against Vera bremond I mean they they created more chances But a lot of those came late in the game When they were already one nil down I Mean what yeah what do you make of this BN team and this performance well a Little bit troubling as well I mean There was a goal correctly ruled out for A foul um but he had so much he had

Acres of space Justin uh Zinman jinma I Think is how you pronounce it um but V Ruled it out because muala was fouled in The build up but he was running through With sort of 60 M of space and Del was Trying to chase him down but that is Just feels like I've seen that b trying Well they didn't actually concede a goal On that on this occasion but I've seen Them sort of almost concede so many Goals like that over the last few years And then the actual goal Alonso Davis Has just got to do a bit better he's got To be a bit stronger there um and Michel Viser who used to play for B Munich to The curse of the former player Absolutely roofs it into the uh into the Top of the net um Bon of course created More XG as you'd expect um but their Best chance fell to do Tupa maano who Was like in a striking position that Particular moment um but they just Didn't click as we've expected them to Over the last uh sort of months or so And and given the fact that the previous Friday against hoffenheim they played so Well and it was so dominant and so easy And it felt like you know with bar lusen Having some absences for the afcon with Some injuries picking up as well for Them as well it felt like okay yeah We've seen what's happened in the first Half but this is going to be a different Story so this you know leipsig are a

Really horrible opponent to play uh Always carry a threat even when they Don't dominate the ball that you just Can't switch off for a second because That counter press is just absolutely Lethal and they will just go straight Through you um but yeah to get through That game with the injuries they've got With the sort of sort of feeling at the End of that game as well it there is an Element of you know Arsenal around this Time last year there was a lot of Dramatic late winners a lot of sort of Energy expanded and I just wondered Whether that slightly sort of came back To bite them towards the end of the Campaign like you don't want to be Having to push this late in every game And that's what two in a row for Leverkusen with late winners so I'd like To see a bit more control early but I Think they can mix it up really Effectively um yeah Arch Rin who's an Excellent pitchside reporter for ESPN he Was asking John Fant after the game like What's levu and style if you had to say It was a music uh like genre of music is It all Jazz and tar went no no no it's Not Jazz sometimes it's a bit rock and Roll and then some really hardcore rap Anyway he was basically like implying That they don't have one set style that They don't need to dominate the ball They often you know sometimes when they

Have the ball I think they almost look At their weakest is when they spring on Those counterattacks that I think They're so effective so I would love to See it happen because of my reputation As a curse I don't want to say it will Happen but I would absolutely love to See it happen I think most people Europe Would as well yeah absolutely Absolutely um so yeah by lus it on Jazz I mean I think they do need to go back Because I think it has been a bit rock And roll a little bit hardcore R in the Last couple of weeks um dramatic I think Bring back the Jazz like a little bit More controlled nice Improvisations um yeah like you know Tricking the opposition into thinking That uh you know you're not in control And in fact you absolutely in control But palasio going off injured that's a Big one yeah Jonathan tar suspended for The next game that's a big one as well Although pi hinke as well who I Recommended for Liverpool on Sunday Vibes although they don't need him they Got Joe Gomez um but he had an excellent Game obviously um scoring the winner as Well but a real crunching tackle I think It was on Benjamin cesco in the first Half as well really really nice uh yeah Palasio big big Miss though yeah back Mid-February I believe so that's that's The thing if they can if they can keep

Winning games with without you know that Their number one strike up front as well It's you know yeah they're yeah Squad Wise they're they're in a tough position I still say they're underdogs but I'm Enjoying it yeah let's see what happens On Wednesday between bar and un let's Finish off quickly I guess with I Alluded to it earlier actually probably Don't need to speak about it too much But Ivan Tony coming back um for Brenford after a week of flirting he Wasn't too tired yeah wasn't yeah wasn't To flirting with big clubs all week uh But I don't understand why brenford fans Aren't more frustrated to be honest but To be fair he backed it up he yeah he Backed it up massively uh with that goal Slightly controversial he moved it twice And moved the foam around the ball as Well I've never seen anyone do that uh And then he said in his postmatch Interview you're allowed to move the Ball half a yard either side I've never Heard of that well I mean if you're if You're not allowed then V just didn't Pick it up to be fair he's worth the Shot I think yeah I mean to be fair I Haven't like maybe we should have Researched whether that's actually a Rule but it it would make sense because Where a foul happens on the pitch it Doesn't happen on one spot does it it Kind of happens in a it kind of happens

In in a two three yard area yeah but I Thought when the referee they definitely Used to As Long you're not moving it They used to spray around and then drop The ball in there and then go out and Spray the line so by my logic I'm like You can't take it outside the originally Sprayed Circle Line yeah I don't know I Don't know I don't think they I think if You're moving it surely if you're moving It further forward or further back it Would be a bit more of an issue but side To side feels I think side to side was Was quite a big one on this occasion oh It definitely was a big one on this Occasion the ball not set up correctly Either because there is also what's Callum Hudson Ado doing just standing There why he why is he being put in that Position yeah it wasn't clever from Nosan forest but brenford as you say They really needed this as well they Lost five in a row uh and it felt like Such a a huge moment for Ivan Tony Obviously I think he's he's such a Casual relaxed player he didn't almost Seem that bothered that he'd you know Not been able to play for eight months Uh or he didn't feel like there was a Lot of guilt on his shoulders judging by His interviews he doesn't seem to a be Very contrite about his gambling Problems uh or you know the influence That could have on young kids Etc and

Obviously there's a lot of sympathy that You know should go to any footballer With a gambling addiction when they are Playing in a game that you are so Surrounded by betting well yeah I mean That that was one thing we noted it was Like you know there was there was a big Light light show for Tony's return while That light show is happening you've got Betway being you know Whatnot and I mean we're not you know We're we're not innocent in this we've Done you know sponsor content before With with with with with betting Companies before but it is but it is Like is that is a weird jarring thing Where it's like you have footballers who You know probably correctly are you know Face big bands for for gambling Offenses um but the problems that lead To that um all the all the pressures That lead to that are not being Addressed within the game I know that There is going to be a ban on front of Shirt sponsors for betting companies What is it from the 25 26 Season if I'm Not uh I might be wrong on that but it's It's either two SE from two seasons time Or three seasons time uh but that won't Cover sleeves I I I don't think that Covers you know betting uh you know Sponsorship around the stadium the so It's not yeah it's it's probably not Doing enough um but but aside from that

Yeah big win for Brenford uh yeah I was there yeah was Saying earlier NE M winner Neil M's Winner was just absolutely brilliant um Also shout out Chris Wood great header Yeah I think Chris Wood could actually End up with 12 plus Premier League goals This season which like Glenn Murray 2018 Is I was I was literally thinking that On the day I was like is this Glenn Murray all over again you going do a Late oh he's he's he's kiwi he's a kiwi He's a kiwi um can you imagine late Minute transfer to England scho yeah uh So yeah shout out Chris Wood and also I Was impressed by oral oral mangala from An oan Forest perspective I think he's a Really a really good midfielder and Should be playing I think at a I think He gave away the file that um that's how He scored from you know yeah let's so Let's so I think more more on the ball More on the ball he's not the the most Amazing defensive midfielder from a Defensive standpoint I don't think but On the ball he is he's really good to Watch nice yeah and k m is balling for Um beautiful the header was really Really nice really low but also just Perfectly placed L it yeah love Yeah to Be fair yeah would didn't need to do all That too much he just needs to get a Little little flick on there but that's All we have time for on Monday Vibes for

Today uh let us know your thoughts on The Premier League title race on the Relegation battle as well we did touch Upon it briefly there too and the Bundesliga title race um and uh yeah I Think that was basically everything Covered oh yeah New Castle transfer Business do you think there are going to Be any big moves between now and the end Of the season and the end of the Transfer win sorry uh because uh yeah I'm losing faith a little bit um but uh Yeah hope you're all doing well have a Good week and we will catch you on Sunday Vibes um oh yeah also go and Check out our interview with Omari Hutchinson and leaf Davis at ipswitch we Set them a challenge um to name the best Wonder Kids XI in the championship uh That came out on Sunday so uh Saturday Sorry so go and give that some love but Uh yeah thanks for watching guys and We'll see you next time

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