Professional russian boxer and WBA Super light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol against brittish top ranked athlete and IBO champion Lyndon Arthur with nickname “King Arthur”. Fight for WBA Super and IBO light heavy weight belts took place in Kingdom Arena, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on December 23, 2023. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Dmitry Bivol (Russia) vs Lyndon Arthur (England) | BOXING fight, HD

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Arthur here's our tale of the tape one Of the best pound-for-pound fighters in The world today is 21-0 33 years Introducing to you first fighting Tonight out of the blue corner he comes To the ring wearing black with white and Wave in officially at 1742 lb coming to us from Manchester England he brings a professional record Of 23 wins just one defeat with 16 of His 23 wins coming by way of knockout Tonight in his first world title defense Here is the reigning and defending IBO Light heavyweight champion of the world Lindon King [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Arur and his opponent across the ring in His champ Championship contest fighting Tonight out of the Red Corner he comes To the RNG weing gold trunks with black And wait in the same as his opponent 1742 lb a native of Toac 11 of his 21 wins coming by way of Knockout tonight in his 11th World title Defense please welcome the reigning and Defending WBA super light heavyweight Champion of the world Dri b W You're Expecting both you be Lyndon Arthur telling us yesterday two training Sessions that's how dedicated he is to His craft bble in the gold TR knock does

He need the knockout B coming out this Aggressive as answering those questions His last knock out was this is a lot of Pressure being applied by Dem Beil it's Some heads make a real Statement and then you got pressed on The front [Applause] Foot but he's not committing to any Punches so that's just pressure that's Just physical pressure that Beil is Applying like B's already in a position To to really hard like in the power Position as far as his foundation his Footwork we saw Total Domination With good press up the body then fire Back upstairs with the shot one two Opening up now gets him off balance That's going to bring the hands down That's going to make an opening for a Hook like that he says the only way it Won't hurt you is if you stay completely Calm and relaxed if you're Ted I'll take It's and I love this [Music] B yeah I mean that everything is set up Behind the beautiful jab and you see the Right that would have been trouble for Arthur you don't want to get hit with Right hands like that this early in the Fight but this is a game of inches well Darren if Canelo Alvarez couldn't Figure and Chris Canelo Alvarez speaking

Of who Canelo was a shot caller still is And if he wants that fight you got to Give Arthur some credit he is he is Doing what he has to do to try to keep Beil off with that Jack but the onsa is Too much the the accuracy of those Punches was giving ISS he's unloading Here catch with the the jab setting it All up L trying to smile his way out of This right now B's looking to counter Something big he's just Bing his time PA Talking about against the ropes cutting Arthur in half boom right there that's Going to open up all the other shots you Can expect more consistent J he throws It more just caught him with the left Hook it's almost as if he's trying to Walk onto his shot but I love the Pressure look he's just you know find a Way to land a punch there's that right Hand I'm talking about to the gut yeah I Noticed that too you're bound to get Caught with an overhand right by keep That exit he can't move to his right so He's Forcing Out not only that but they fought before Not only as amateurs but fight Long excuse me go the thing about B like That in front of your face looking a Counter and exhausted shots raining in From all angles all Directions if they're not Landing Cleanly just they just hting any part of

Your Body bit of a slip there from ball he Through that Jab different Sergio yeah and you know What I got to give credit to Arthur man I really see that he's still in It right hand and I'm I'm not going to Challenge you he's still trying to find A win you get you see what I'm seeing Right B look this is a very bble esque Performance it is strolling with the jab He's throwing good combinations is more To not get knocked out than it is to win A fight I don't Think Orthodox but there's a big foot Battle Front foot battle between these Two there of just putting the shots out There nicee right hand though zero in on That right Hand it's a fence looking for that right Hand Yeah you wonder what's going to happen If Bol hits him with MLS Major League s some excitement in Here well look he's dominating right and He's pound-for-pound talent but yeah Whenever you undercard be by knockout Exciting knock out you know it gets good To you you want to see more of it Separating himself from the ropes a Little more trying to creep forward Think it's got to be a raising Tempo if you're a fan of bivo saying

Look raise the tempo put your foot on I think if anybody is to up the pace This make the referee make a decision When a fight is this One he has he has two gears right but Those two gears AR enough he's that Talented it's the jab it's a winning Formula he is putting a little more Pressure here on Lyndon the IQ the intelligence knowing That you know I'm dominating but Something still going to head hunts That's the one thing that there's body There you go look at how heavy it was Stopping him in his guard he needs to Throw more of those people that was a Nice shot he met L as he threw the the Jab right hand straight over the top Right through the god of Offer yeah Arthur has here from the Champ good hand there by Arthur you Needs to build from this though off a Good yeah best punch of the Round [Music] Again there were signs there better Signs for ARA but the work to the body Was better from B we see here the Pressure behind the jab the right and It's that left There I'd like to see the the right to Theou but also you're actually giving The credit now for surviving Absolutely overhand right trying get

Those gloves to come down goes Down a few rounds behind do you agree With that no I just got the first part That he's doing pretty good you got to Give Arthur some credit so that's three Former Champion yeah the the the the Dominant fight fight's on the front foot But right hand yet to really just play Some Fire again just get a little close right Here where be should be unleashing with Uppercuts and body shot that's what Anthony yard had success when he stopped L Arthur he's got to bring his right foot Across Bivol need to get around that left side Of Arur good jab right there by Arthur Catching be on the way In nice jab right there by Arthur and That's what I wanted to see more lefts And rights both sides that's actually Going to open up the head shot that he's Been looking punches you got to go Around the guard now switch it up if You're Arthur nice right hand lower body With his foot positioning he puts you in The place he wants you not the place you Want to be rounds 76 landed by bevil 35 For Arthur and that's basically what the Stats said coming in just want to see Him up the tempo how would Arthur react Lovely jab that was a Shar

Jab Midway that shakes Arthur the round so far do you think Maybe one Chris manic have you given one To Arthur not at this point it's not He's a really stiff Jabs and now he's Backed Arthur up pounds his chest say Bring it on B that's what we were Talking about both these Fighters have Good Jabs but one has a great jab and That's what's actually doing the damage Right here with lynon Arthur in my opinion the goat he did he Picked up Knockouts that way though Stopped your fou Peter ran Fredo that Way that's the only way I Got come on now can he raise the tempo Can he get the Finish bival we see how I Felt we touched on it here when he had ARA backed onto the ropes it was a good Flur you know a lot of eyes on this C That maybe wouldn't watch Boxing Normally they the performance of Daniel Du I'm sure fans can't wait to see him Back in the ring ja opaya can't wait to See him back in the ring yeah but I Appreciate this as a boxing purist I I I Appreciate for the the armchair fan for Entertainment value I understand the Dramatic from what bivel does you know He's a great Tech technician Tactician but I think that's why you Want to see more cuz you know it's there It's not like we're asking him to do Something cost him sometimes I get what

You guys are saying man you want but Will it cost him in this fight will it Cost him you know we we're seeing every Single shot in his Artillery he's in Control when whenever he does start to Really Force the P very much ahead of Big Baby Miller but in that last seconds Left got the Finish good that's a good Point let's see if Bol can do the same Still some time to go there's a Difference between the spectacular win Like B picked up and favor he was Expected to dominate This the only question was can he get The Finish punches this is good work is He going to let beol work she to let Arthur off the road going to work that Body shot that's what I've been calling For the body shots sometimes when you Can't get the head shot go downstairs Anthony yard stopped them so bbo gets The knock I can't Imagine fans are certainly hoping that's The case to the referee taking a close Look this is what you asked for Chris Manx he's letting his hands right there Left hand from bille the referees having A stun Look this is a great onslaught of shot Well he's recovered pretty well he Looked like he was in real trouble yeah But that was his chance to get the Stoppage and we got to give credit to

Man he touches him to the body again There it Was and here he goes recharged his Batteries as Chris said 15 seconds to go To his credit is going to go 12 full Rounds with we got to give a little bit Of credit to lynon Arthur I mean this is One of the Dri Ball well guys he made it look easy and Won every single round on all three Judges scorecards yeah an exceptional Fighter very very good Fighter has brilliant fundamental every Shot in his Arsenal the footwork we spoke about on Point

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