Professional argentine welterweight boxer and title challenger Diego Gabriel Chaves with nickname “La Joya” against american top ranked athlete and WBC champion Keith Thurman with nickname “One Time”. Fight for WBA Interim welter weight belt took place in AT&T Center, San Antonio, USA on July 27, 2013. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Diego Gabriel Chaves (Argentina) vs Keith Thurman (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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When we look at these numbers they are Virtually identical except for the reach Here's the point ke one Time [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Fman P Okay The six fighters on the main card have Recorded 108 Knockouts in their combin Diego Chavez and Keith Thurman have Combined for 36 of those Knockouts here On Showtime the bell and round one of this Welterweight contest scheduled for 12 or Less coming out throwing the first big Hook CH in the light green with silver To lands the first big right hand well There was one by Chavez I don't know if It was enough to hurt Thurman but we'll See they both have a lot of it Thurman Has nine first round Knockouts eight in His first battle of cool you know with The cornrow and CH with the design Expert on this including a haircut maybe The first ever haircut during the Box Very effectively left hook from thr it Chavez is a great body punch he he made That CH at least pay for the body shot He you may hit me to the body but but

You're going to pay a price for that Right hand don't you think Paulie yeah I Think Thurman expected to get some Respect with those shots but instead sh Came back PR fighter in tee one time Thurman who's been in the gym since an Early teenager to the body as well both Guys are mixing it head and body Fantastic start to this fight for sure This was the exchange in the middle of The round that was where both men were Trying to tee off with big punches when You throw a left hook as thir the Longest layoff of his career 308 days no Sign of ring rust whatsoever although Thurman on the attack This is a step up for both guys probably Each other tested to see just how far it Can take you let's take a look at the Power shots in the job of attacking both The body and the head mixing up their Attack set up Thurman is bending Crouching down a little bit and chz is Seeing it Center in San Antonio Texas Right hand by Chavez misses with the Left I was just going to say Thurman Trying to establish the jab about to say That g selecting the winner at the end Of tonight's card Double left H you know what it is Al It's those body shots Thurman is Respecting the fact that he cannot be in The pocket because every time he's in The pocket those body using the jab a

Lot more this round and Thurman's Movement is kind of underrated because He's a power puncher he does move very Well 30 seconds left another Entertaining round Chavez on the attack Thurman pivots away from the ropes Establishes Thurman versus Chavez headed To round three as Thurman catches him With a [Applause] Right well we well as he faints Downstairs just missing by an inch he Landed it but it didn't land right on The point of the chin that right hand Read him now you're making made him miss A lot of punches that Round when you're inside throw at least Three four punches rattle High Professional career of course Ben Getty Thurman's original trainer someone heate Ben gett it is nice to see that kind of Loyalty in Keith Thurman in what he says About him and since 14 years of age as You said Thurman H with him good right Hand by th 66 and 1/2 in reach Travis Lands the left Thurman comes in in the third round and Chavez has Thurman on by Thurman all the Oh my excellent left H but you know Chavez is starting to get a little Desperate in lunging with those the First I think he feels Thurman weakening And wants to test him out but I don't Think Thurman as weak as chz my at this

Point Thurman throw some combinations The one at a time like chz is throwing Is not Chavez connecting with that the speed Instead of the power now and there's two Punches right there as you see right Hand lead by Thurman countered by Chavez We are through three rounds of this Welterweight encounter but Chavez and Keith Thurman Jim Gray standing by with Andre B this welterweight belt between Diego Chavez who misses with the right Uppercut and Thurman you know Dan Birmingham the Trainer of Keith Thurman shz was kind of A one-dimensional fighter he's been yeah Good luck been anything but and there's A left hand by Thurman that left hook by Thurman connects I think Thurman's NOS Is broken this is intriguing yeah and he Landed another good hook I think Chavez Is leer in the moment for the head shot Right hand blocked by the involved in Martial arts a big fan of Bruce Lee the Left Right Hook Chavez they're Exchanging big punches both men over the World and Thurman wanting to Showcase his Bushido Spirit but Chavez has him on the ropes The 98 eight is his trainer With 15 seconds left in the fourth Walking Thurman down controlling things With his jab to both the head and the Body stealing those body shots and

Thurman catches him with a double right Hand here at the end Of Thurman got off to a quick start in This round with the short left hook and Then counter punching as Chavez gets a Little off balance which he hasn't I Can't get over the poker face of Chavez His facial expression has not changed Since his Thurman wanting to reset Chavez misses with a wild lead left hook And someone could steal this round in The last half easily Chavez wanting to Establish the jab while Thurman a little Hesitant in responding and speaking of Our total power punches thus far in this Fight well Thurman had a very good well This round is right there for the taking They had to work very hard to win it It's a great point right hand connects By Thurman 20 seconds left we're through Five in San Antonio and the award winner Michael SE Hall is Dexter and there's a Newman's father was a wrestler in high School and Ohio state champion his Mother also competed in sports he does Come from an athletic background as he Gets tagged with that right hand by Chavin both guys trading good shot and Class and these guys this is what step Up for both guys you're not just dealing With more Talent or maybe more power You're also against each other and one Of the most stacked divisions in boxing The welterweight

Class Thurman setting up Chavez avoiding That lead left Hook they realize man we're both still Standing despite having landed taken on Down I think they both decided let's try To make it Technical and a good left up Cut there by Thurman coming off Of the right hand of Chavez has been a Little bit jab under 30 seconds left in The sixth stand up as chave again goes To the misses with the left hook I got To say the slower Pace seems to favor Thurman yes he's moving around dancing Around and you know picking his spots to Land jav's nose is now bleeding yeah Thurman's footwork showcasing his Versatility as a boxer the jab in the Right hand of the body as we go to the Seven that left uppercut to the Head and uh that was a very good move by I said f it was actually a a touch jab Which is like a variation of a faint SL Half jab you know like but Diego Chavez Keith Thurman they come out attacking Both Marcos midana the division Leader you mean I'm not up there near That high thought I thought your name Was going to be mentioned I really did Can't believe that it's shocking it There it would be fascinating to look at Our unofficial scores and I think round Three is a key Point hurt his opponent And I think it's worked for him he's Outland Chavez last few rounds under two

Minutes left in the seventh Chavez Attacking the body big changes both men Are relying on the left took a lot more At this juncture a monstrous one and we See in this round Chavez going to bolt The body and the head with his hook Maybe the opening is not there so they Both made the adjustment maybe throw More left Hting very good Jab take a look at them and they were They're so close and you know I still go Back to that round three that's a Pivotal round and I'm I'm kind of Leaning toward your way fire fight to Kick things off but here comes Thurman With a three- punch combination manages To sneak the left he's not throwing the Shot from right in front anymore 30 Seconds left in the seventh Round right hand by Thurman there's a nice combination by Chavez that back Chavez sticks the jab Lands another right hand and the action Picking up here as travez seemed to Get stunned there by that You see what I'm telling you that last Round that's for sure that's the right Hand that he delivered Midway in the Round notice the he giving him a lot of Slow paced rounds and you made the point That that is benefiting for 59 for Therman 58 for Chavez I think Chavez Does want to be

[Applause] The department as well thus far a very Close Contest he it just goes to show you big Punchers and skills and it's gotten down To that nice right hand the left hook Combination by thur the fans could go up To him and say hey give me a Refund yeah and even in this part where Things have settled into a little more Strategic it's Still left to the body right hand Upstairs by oh and Thurman gets caught With that right hand cut a lot he rolls On the right hand and tries it and a Flurry to close out round eight using The jab Effectively and then coming with the Left hook of this has been very Impressive in the last couple of rounds He will dig this left hook downstairs That was an excellent good Work come on because these rounds are so Close think it's official and I'll tell You what in this round Chavez has been Kind of pushing Forward Chavez has the ropes and thir Comes out blasting away the Fight oh body shot there by great body Shot Thurman and it drops travez to one Knee the third time definitely hurt not Showing any emotion let's See still some time Left now Thurman beginning fight Chavez

It what's crazy I think Thurman had got Caught right before he landed That lead left hand STS Cho in this case Keith Thurman creates a knockdown and That was a very much illegal punch watch How he sold it with the faint up top Again similar to the way he landed that Left dou cut earlier you got to react React there's only three rounds left we Apologize for issues with the clock as It continues to be an issue for the Texas department of Life regulation as Thurman on the attack swarming Chavez Along the Ropes and Chavez is again down on the Canvas for the second time in the And this fight is over Keith Thurman time in his career one time Keith Thurman scores the Victory an impressive win for Thurman is He was tested this man ultimately would Seal the Doom of Chavez as he continued To throw combinations and that right Hand was the one at the finish of this Fight a straight right hand he used the You have to set it up one time Keith Thurman exalts in Victory and the new Interim WBA welterweight world champion Keith one Time Thurman Keith Thurman picks up one of The alphabet organizations of minor

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