Professional mexican lightweight boxer Isaac Cruz with nickname “Pitbull” against american top ranked athlete Thomas Mattice with nickname “Gunna Man”. Fight took place in 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, USA on February 14, 2020. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Isaac Cruz (Mexico) vs Thomas Mattice (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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One in the lightweight division Scheduled for 10 Rounds it features the Return to Showbox of Thomas gunam man Matis introducing to you first fighting Tonight out of the blue Corner he's Wearing blue with white and weighed in At 135 lb coming to us from Mexico Consisting of 18 wins just one defeat One draw with 14 of his 18 wins coming By way of knockout ladies and Gentlemen Please please welcome Isaac Pitbull Cruz and his opponent across the ring in This Main Event fighting tonight out of The Red Corner he's wearing red with Silver and weighed in at one piling from Cleveland Ohio he has a professional Record consisting of 15 wins just one Defeat one draw with 11 of his 15 wins Coming by way of knockout ladies and Gentlemen introducing Thomas gam man Mati the boxers and Chief I want to remind you to keep it Clean protect yourself at all times obey My commands at all times Club good luck To both you this time our main event of The evening and uh as you point out Steve there's no secret to how this Fight is going to be fought the bronze Medal in the in the 2014 Nationals USA Pro experience you see fairly even crw Able to especially in comparison to Other Showbox fights the size of the Ring he's going to use it he knows he Has to keep it

Distance yeah he said he's never fought An opponent as short as him in the Pro pretty short and compact for the W Over the top right hand from The first half of the fight and he Always turns it up in the second half of The fight I would think the plan is to For a right uppercut lead with his back To the Ropes and we talk about Cruz's size he's A little body work again by Cruz he's a Little Guy again three more shots the bite Those a hard shot Let in the here great amateur good Pearl Too that's some B fighter I Mean pece in the corner stop putting Your ear muffs on I'm telling You that's where he theight I mean He's getting in close and he's scoring And even if see like what's going to Come next because he's very busy so far This is a busy guy in there he comes Over the Top yeah that's right but said I'm not Going to get hit by that shots are you Kidding me come up the middle now how About come up the middle a lot of wide Shot are here you go has Advertised some of think you Fu he's almost like a little Mike Tyson he's really heavy his mother's Side of the

Family stay off his head stay off his Head stop the next two rounds bar take a Guess I'm going to guess it's about 7 or 8 to one uh 27 to3 So no surprise there that Cruz would go Mostly for the B always shown on Showbox they were really on the te to Stay at long range he's showing R now He's not throwing up punches they keep Trying to motivate him in the Corner This is just Punch no facial expression at all look He keeps the same Face the better round for matis so far I Say that got the right Hand know as long Asu's pounding a body that way that Was and for the first time Cruz goes Backward something big is going to Happen if they keep banging like this Made it a much closer round didn't it You stay standard that's why he caught You you're not list three he was going Backwards so now let's see Cruz even a Little bit that would make a huge Difference in this fight cuz suddenly Cruz will be at the range with that Stick Stop your card Steve is Who with one shot but one only this Time now M so he can take advantage later in the Fight back to the right to the body and

A right to the Head takes the right hand From matis your hand your Hands left hand again from Cruz he was a Little short with That Time let's go coaches let's go coach Round fight and it's been a pretty Dramatic change since round three and The number fight but kind of dictating The fight right Now Out Cruz has been ate several Times how much space there is between The two Fighters time the extend that Jab but the shot from matis stop Something to look for as we approach the Halfway mark of this fight will the Pressure mount and take a toll longterm On M Cruz just keeps on coming right back Up against the Ropes moments in this round Yeah there's a body shot an uppercut From Cruz it's really turning into an Interesting fight very tactical Fight go to work sometimes on the inside He's got to keep doing that Cruz that Last round and with no conviction Frankly and for Cruz what did do it again repeat it Repeat it that's exactly what he mean Cru Cru fall in he counters again right

Hand uppercut angle that that's the Problem I there're staying too much on The ropes but now he holds them another Aggressive Fighter oh Dutch over too Dutch over Trust me the more the fight goes the More it's going to affect matis but Cruz Has to stick to him stay On two good left hands from the you see Who throwing on both sides body it Doesn't allow not only does it hurt to Put good impact On and K's uh he's very young he got That baby face only 21 years I think he Looks younger stop come on man you got To stop holding on to for Cruz I got Cruz like two two two Points and of course we know there's Always Drama of Course your Hands fight nice uppercut that time by Cruz that was left hard right to the Body super white shot but it ending yeah You heard the Sound get a right hand of the body CR Damage Cruz keeps coming left hand back Cruz stagered it now Cruz has him Against the ropes Cruz threee punch Cruz Rather ma into the Ropes says headbutt yeah mati should Just cover up and get out of this round Up again final seconds Cruz with a big Right hand St him again and matis in big

Trouble at the Bell Round of the Fight flush on the on the Chin it wasn't just the one punch wow Look at that over can really not afford A giveway rounds I was just thinking That Barry on the cards going into that Last round there a close AR I didn't Score it that way either that was a left Ended I'm still not sure Ma's legs were All the way back yeah I Agree there's a right hand sharp right Hand hand every time Cruz hits him he What makes Cruz tough to fight you don't Know if he's going to let left hand of The head the right hand of the Body three punches to the Head left to the body left to the head Right up the Middle so far good shot from matis and Overhand right from Cruz I think M needs to land something Big he can't get that respect from gr Look at that two body shots Right hand just missed at the Bel is that Cruz not much variation you know he's Just going to be throwing punches Ination for Cruz to do what he Does and he's done it even throw more Punches than the first round he's in Great when you throw every punch with Everything on it but he

Hasn't easy easy Made the point earlier it's not always Easy to break uh cr's will you know you Know he knows about this opportunity He's hungry he just dodg You by four Punches that was two Jam From Stop's been a decent comeback round but Did he do enough to win it I don't Know there's a left hand from Cruz maybe That's You thr one shot Man now we have to say Thomas M is not Beond basically whatever you expect from It going Get the goods are there this time up up Looking to Dr in good right hand from Matis and then a right hand and another Good right hand from Matis left that caught Cruz and he kind Of stumbled a little bit There oh could he do it again man matis Is out of a good last round Yes top to the Head Hey hey pick up say what you want about Mati he's always sh and once again we Get something we weren't expecting from Ma he is having a heck of A ping out Here well that's it big last round from M they won but yeah me too and I think We did get there in different ways Isaac Pit Cruz

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